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TV’s Hottest Men


Television brings to us every week some of the most gorgeous hunks. They make it a pleasure to watch and drool at their ripped bodies. There are so many of them to choose from as well. There are firemen and cops, detectives and doctors, musicians and politicians. There is even a President in the mix. Jen and I had fun with this post and we hope it will entertain you. If your faves aren’t here, let us know and then we can do a second article .


My pick for the hottest guy on television is the POTUS on “Scandal” . Fitzgerald Grant or Tony Goldwyn. Now that he is divorced , there has been even more shirtless scenes in the White House as he explores his new freedom. Hopefully we will see him with the love of his life , Olivia Pope again in Season Six. Tony has also starred in the movie , “The Belko Experiment.”


Jen’s man is that man about town and space, Nathan Fillion. Nathan is currently doing a recurring role on another ABC hit , “Modern Family” . Rainer Shine is the local weatherman and he is dating the daughter of Phil. Nathan has also starred on “Castle” and “Firefly”He has also guested on “Brooklyn Nine Nine and played himself on “The Big Bang Theory” Nathan is also a voice in “Cars 3” for Di


Jussie Smollett is the smokin hot piece of chocolate that plays the gay son on “Empire” , Jamal Lyon. Talented , sexy , and gay …we don’t care he likes the boys. He is still great to look at.


Bryshere “Yaz” Grey is the baby of the Lyon family, Hakeem on “Empire” . He is a rapper , a fighter, and a lover. He actually became a daddy very recently.


Olivia Pope has had a difficult decision for about three years now. Scott Foley is part of the Presidential love triangle on “Scandal” as Capt Jake Ballard. Will she choose Jake or his buddy, Fitz?  Jake is also now poised to be VEEP to Mellie Grant’s POTUS. Who will rule the Oval?


How can a guy be sexy as a gay man and a daddy? Well just ask the star of Fox’s “24 Legacy” , Dan Bucatinsky. He is an author , producer, and Emmy award winning actor. Dan is the computer geek Andy Salowitz that helps the team. Before this, Dan won his Emmy for playing sweet, naive James Novak , hubby to political monster, Cyrus on “Scandal” .


It’s been a rough go for Justin Chambers as Dr Alex Karev on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Alex is one of the two original interns of the show. He is leaning toward being with his fellow classmate, Meredith. He has been her person since Cristina left and Derek died.Now Alex is fighting his feelings for Meredith.


It has taken viewers a while to warm up to Cornelius Walker Jr as Olivia’s newest gladiator on “Scandal.” He started as a community agitator on “The Lawn Chair.”  Eventually , he made his case and was brought on when Olivia was trying to defend her image during the whole “mistress” arc. There is one person who has managed to steal Marcus’ heart and that is the former First Lady, Mellie . He and Bellamy Young’s love scenes steam up the screen.


 Jen and I first saw Ed Quinn when he was the futuristic Capt Max on an episode of “Castle.” Ed is now the on again off again boyfriend of Max on “Two Broke Girls” , Randy. Ed was a former model and we hope he will be the guy that sweeps Max away but lets her visit Han and the gang at the diner.


Jack Falahee sizzles up the campus with his scenes on “How to Get Away with Murder.” His love  scenes with his lover, Oliver , have made them the new hot gay couple. Connor definitely belongs with the other ‘boys” in the Keating Five.


“Once a gladiator, always a gladiator.” is the motto on “Scandal.” Abby was the true hero concerning Liv’s kidnapping. She called Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick)  to come and rescue her with the men who wanted to auction her off to the highest bidder. Stephen managed to accomplish the one thing that Jake and the gladiators and the White House couldn’t do, he liberated Olivia and brought her safely back to DC. That’s a real hero.


Kevin McKidd has long been a fixture on “Grey’s Anatomy” ever since he came in and literally swept Cristina Yang off her feet. That’s a real man and so is Owen Hunt.  He is an Army man and was a surgeon over in Afghanistan. Kevin is also a singer and he comes from the land of my ancestors, Scotland. Love to hear that sexy brogue.


There is nothing hotter than someone who risks their lives daily and for five seasons , Taylor Kinney has been causing women to sweat when he fights fires in the Second City on “Chicago Fire.” As Firefighter Kelly Severide, he has been through quite a few personal traumas as well as professional.


Eric Dane was first known as the on call room romeo as Dr Mark Sloane on “Grey’s Anatomy” . But then Eric fell victim to another Shondaland death and Mark was dead. But we can still enjoy Eric on TNT’s “The Last Ship” . Every girl loves a man in uniform.


David Boreanaz started life as a vampire on “Angel” then he graduated to the FBI and Temperance ‘s work partner and eventual  love interest on “Bones.” As Seeley Booth, he helps Emily Deschnel solve crimes. Sadly, this is the final season of the forensic drama.


Peter Crause is the suave and sexy con man Benjamin Jones on “The Catch” . He plays a dangerous game as he woos Alice . But she is never sure who he really is . He is sexy as he is slimy. “The Catch” is part of ABC’s TGIT line up.


All of the Lyon sons of “Empire” are gorgeous. The oldest son, Andre, is the troubled and manic depressive one. You have to feel sorry for how bad he is and want to hold him. Trai Byers plays him to perfection. But hands off ladies, Trai married his co star back in December, Grace who is the temptress “Boo Boo Kitty.” Andre is currently embroiled in a plot that involves getting rid of his father and taking over Empire records.

ryan from quantico

There are men and women everyday who fight for justice and defend our country against enemies of the state and terrorists. They are the FBI agents “Quantico” Jake McLaughlin as Agent Ryan Booth fights  and romances the exotic Alex .

guillermo diaz

It’s been touch and go and he still isn’t out of the woods for “Scandal’s” Guillermo Diaz as Diego Munoz or “Huck” . He has such a sweet face that hides the heart of a trained killer. But he is also a sexy Hispanic man, who loves Madonna . In other words, sorry gals like Jussie and Dan, he has a devoted man.

deacon claybourne

Charles Esten plays the typical country music star , a songwriter with a broken heart . He has had enough tragedy in his life between his alcoholism and his wife’s tragic death. But Charles is also an awesome and sexy guy in real life. Deacon of “Nashville” works with a cause dear to my heart, “Light the Night for Leukemia.”

ben feldman

 Ben Feldman is a Jewish hottie and I love a little kosher in my men. First , he was heavenly as “Fred” , on “Drop Dead Diva” , then he went back in time on the super hit, “Mad Men” . Now he is glad to serve you on the NBC comedy, “Superstore” as “Jonah”

avery on nashville

We first saw Jonathan Jackson as the son of  soap opera icons “Luke and Laura” on “General Hospital” Today he plays the devoted hubby and producer Avery Barkley  on CMT’s “Nashville” which was renewed for another season.


 Harvey had a good friend  like Jon Huertas when he was on “Sabrina” and the gang on TGIF. But Jon made a bigger splash when he was cast as ex Army “Javier Esposito” on “Castle” .  He would accompany Rick and Kate on almost every case. But now Jon has a new role on the runaway hit , “This is Us” as “Andrew”

koothrappali on bbt

Geek is the new “sexy” and that is exactly what the boys on “The Big Bang Theory” are is a group of overgrown geeks that are scientists. Kunal Nayar is the Indian astronomer , Dr Raj Koothrappali . With that smile and those twinkling eyes, what woman wouldn’t want to gaze at the stars with this man.?

matt mcgorry asher

 Matt McGorry kept the peace on “OITNB”. Now he is the confused law student  Asher Millstone as a member of the “Keating” five on “How to Get Away With Murder” . He is the perfect entitled , spoiled preppy boy who is so adorable.

mon el and caraIt can get lonely when you are galaxies away from home, whether it is one planet or Krypton. But Mon El can find comfort and love in his girlfriend, Kara on “Supergirl”. Hey we can all use someone to rescue us, and if it is someone as hot and cool as Chris Wood.

jackson avery

Jesse Williams is not only an actor , but an activist. He plays the rich boy surgeon, Dr Jackson Avery on “Grey’s Anatomy”. He is also sweet and sensitive , the best kind of guy.

jason george ben

Jason George is one sweet piece of chocolate . He is also the man who swept Miranda Bailey off her feet on “Grey’s Anatomy” Look at him, that wasn’t hard to do. I think we would all like to have him to do that to us.


And last but not least is the very handsome and sexy patriarch of the Lyons clan on “Empire” ,” Luscious Lyon  “Terrence Howard is an older man who is still virile and active. Plus look at those clothes, nothing sexier than a sharp dressed man.


Joe Minoso -Role Model and All Around Good Guy


Look down any of the streets of Chicago and a common sight is a film crew and actors. There are more shows shooting in town now than ever. It seems like our city is turning into another Hollywood.  There is one show that started the trend, and that show is now entering its fifth season. The show did so well in the ratings that it spawned three other spin offs . Dick Wolf had told enough stories in New York, so now it was time to move the narrative to Chicago. Instead of the law, Wolf focused on the stories of firefighters. In a media windstorm in the fall of 2012, Chicago Fire premiered. The show changed a lot of people’s lives and one of those people was Joe Minoso. It gave him a role that showed him as a hero and it found him the love of his life. Coming from the streets of the Bronx, Minoso has taken his love of acting and theatre and made a career of it.

I got the privilege this week of getting a chance to chat with Joe. This was lucky because on Sunday, Joe will be getting married to Caitlin Murphy Miles. Love found its way to the Chicago Fire set when Caitlin was hired as a make up artist . The two became fast friends and the friendship blossomed. Family is very important to Joe because he values the relationship he has with his “Chicago Fire.” family Naturally, the “gang” from Firehouse 51, will be when he says his vows. After four years, he thinks of his cast members “as close to family without being blood related. ” Joe stated.  His values are related in his character , Joe Cruz. Cruz has a close relationship with his younger brother as he tries to get him away from his gang life. He maintains a close relationship with his brother despite his returning to the gang in an effort to help Chicago PD get rid of the gang permanently.

Minoso has a lifetime love of acting and theatre. Passion is the only word to describe his love for the theatre. Minoso graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and continued on to get his Masters at Northern Illinois University. He got most of his theatre training at Chicago ‘s own Teatro Vista , which is the largest Latino theatre company in the Midwest. Minoso treasures his Latino heritage and background. He also thinks it is an honor to portray a positive Latino character. In a media that stereotypes Latinos as “gangbangers” and “drug dealers” , says that he welcomes the opportunity to portray Cruz as a family man and a firefighter. Minoso has also been honored by being nominated for an Imagen award for his role in “Chicago Fire.” This is the highest honor that a Hispanic actor can achieve .

Joe believes in giving back to the community . He is the national spokesman for the Shriners Hospital . He frequently goes to the hospital to visit young patients to encourage them to get well. Joe has also worked with Joe Trainor Jr.. “I have learned a lot about PTSD from Joe. I wasn’t aware that police officers and firemen suffered from PTSD as much as soldiers in the field.”

I asked Joe about what he thought would be his dream role. Without thinking, he answered “Othello, it is just the best role ever. He felt like the world let him down.” Feeding into the “Hamilton” frenzy, he also admitted how he could picture himself as Aaron Burr also. Obviously Joe is at home here in Chicago. He is one hundred per cent behind our Cubbies. “It is a legal right for a Chicagoan to be a Cubs fan . What they have done is extraordinary .”

Heading into the fifth  season, we are excited to see what is in store for Cruz and the gang at Firehouse 51. But in the meantime Joe will be hanging out at his favorite eatery , MadSocial. After Sunday, Joe will take on the most challenging role of his life. He will take on the role of husband. We wish Joe and Caitlin the best and we’ll keep on watching Joe on Chicago Fire Tuesdays on NBC.



A Salute on International Women’s Day- Prime Time’s Strongest Women


Today is a day of celebration. It is a day to celebrate being a woman and being a survivor . We are all survivors, no matter the battles we have to fight. We are all shapes, all colors, all ethnicities, and also sexual orientations. Today is truly a day to be proud. On this special day, Chitownstarconnections salutes the women of prime time who are our heroes, our role models, our sisters.

kate beckett

Stana Katic as Captain Kate Beckett from “Castle”

Kate Beckett has spent her life trying to fight for justice. She became a cop to get justice for her mother’s murder. She is the hot cop with the gun who has risen through the ranks to become a captain in the NYPD. On the way she has been tortured, shot, and found the love of her life, Richard or as she calls him “Castle”



Julianna Marguilies as Alicia Flores on “The Good Wife”

Alicia had the perfect life and a model politician for a husband. That is until her husband was framed in a sex scandal. Her life was turned upside down. She was now the breadwinner for her family while her husband was sitting in prison. After many years, she took her law degree and went back to work at a prestigious law firm in Chicago. She stood by her man despite these setbacks and continued to support him in an unsuccessful run for the Presidency.



Ellen Pompeo as Dr Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”

For twelve seasons, Meredith Grey has traveled a journey that began when she met her new boss in a bar and slept with him. But on this journey, she has learned a lot and finally healed from her toxic childhood and gained a new family filled with sisters, brothers, children, and a husband. Meredith will never be alone and she will have the love around her forever . She is truly a survivor for everything she has went through.


just a memory

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on “Scandal”

Olivia is one of the world’s best fixers. She has created a President, solved the problems of dictators and queens, but she can’t fix her biggest problem, her life. She has survived kidnappers and lived to tell the tale. Her parents have proven to be her biggest enemies and have definitely left a trail of damage in their wake. Someone needs to teach her how to love but the problem is there is a man who is willing to show her, but she is too blind to see it. He has definitely moved on, let’s hope its not too late for this woman.

cookie empire

Taraji P Henson as Loretha “Cookie” Lyons on “Empire”

Cookie was raised on the mean streets of the ghetto. She sold drugs and then met her soul mate, Lucious. The two married , had three sons, and then Cookie took the fall for her man and was sentenced for 17 years to prison. Recently she was paroled and returned to take her own piece of the “Empire” .

two broke girls

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as Max Black and Caroline Channing on “Two  Broke Girls”

These two girls prove that you can be strong without shooting a gun or yelling at the President. Caroline was an heiress who lost it all and then she found Max who showed her how to survive. Max has lived a hard knock life and the two are a modern “Laverne and Shirley”. With Max’s cupcakes and Caroline’s business savvy, these girls try daily to make all their dreams come true.

cristina yang

Sandra Oh as Dr Cristina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Yes, Cristina is no longer on the show and we sure could have used her. (For her twisted sister when she lost her husband and and also for her man) But no character has made more of an impression then Yang. Frenemies from day one, the two surgeons have had each other’s back numerous times. Cristina stepped up when Meredith’s husband , Derek , was shot and operated on him while Gary Clark held a gun on her. She is truly a rock star cardio goddess.

gabrielle dawson

Monica Raymund as Gabrielle Dawson on “Chicago Fire”

Gabrielle started out as a paramedic at 51. But she knew that she was destined to be more and then started her course to become a firefighter. With the support of her brother , Antonio and her fellow firefighters, she managed to become a fire fighter . She has survived her partner’s death and a very risky surgery that took her child’s life. At least , she still has her man , Casey.

miranda bailey

Chandra Wilson as Dr Miranda Bailey on “Grey’s Anatomy”

You have to hand it to Shonda Rhimes, she may create characters that you want to kill her for pairing and torturing, but her characters are definitely endearing and touch the viewer’s heart. This is the reason why two of her series, “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” are represented by more than one character here. Miranda was first called “The Nazi” because she wanted to scare her interns. Bailey ended up as their mother and friend and has had all of her babies on her “table’ for various reasons. She gave birth while her ex was in surgery and a bomb was in the hospital. To save her life, she lied to a gunman and said she was a nurse. But she did it for her child, not for selfish reasons. Today, Bailey runs the show as the Chief.


Emily Deschanel as Dr Temperance Bones Brennan Booth on “Bones”

It is the classic love story. Someone is paired up through fate to work with someone . They usually don’t agree or get along. In the course of time, love finally wins and the couple stops fighting their feelings and give in to their passion. Temperance lost her parents as a child and fought finding love. She fought the odds to become a famous anthropologist and become a leading expert in forensic anthropologist. This is when she met her soul mate , Seeley Booth while working on a case. Today the two continue to solve crimes , as well as raise their children together.

stay strong mellie

Bellamy Young as Senator Mellie Grant on “Scandal”

Some people would argue that this woman was not strong. For twenty some years, she was married to a man just for the sake of power. Her father made a deal with Big Jerry and a political super couple was born.Fitzgerald and Mellie . The union provided the couple with three children. But if you consider what Mellie had to endure , a father who left her mother for another family, a rape from her father in law that left her to question if her son was her husband’s or his brother. One thing endured in the back of her mind, one day she would be the President. Mellie is no longer in her ex husband, Fitz’s  shadow. She has made her mark with a historical fillibuster for women’s rights. Now she is on her way to the White House again. But this time she is doing it on her own.

erin lindsay sophia bush

Sophia Bush as Erin Lindsay on “Chicago PD”

Erin is truly a survivor since she grew up on the streets until she was taken in by Hank Voight and his wife. Inspired by Voight, she became a Chicago cop and then a member of the Intelligence unit.  Because of her troubled childhood, she had reached out time after time to help other kids in trouble.


Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan on “Scandal”

Abby used to be a victim. She was brought on as a trophy wife to Charles “Chip” Putney for his political career. Charles had one little problem , he liked to beat his wife when angered. Abby had enough and drafted her friend , Olivia to take care of the man. Olivia took her in and made her one of her “gladiators”. Today thanks to her friend, Abby is the voice of the White House and can consider herself fortunate to call the President by his name, Fitz. She has come a long way.

analise keating

Viola Davis as Professor Analise Keating on “How to Get Away With Murder”

If anyone could be described as bad ass, it would have to be Analise. Fighting poverty and sexual abuse, she left her sad childhood behind to attend Harvard and become a law professor. In the courtroom, she is a shark and she hides as many secrets as cases. She is a mentor to her students and she has brought her students into her complicated life.

Guess Where You Saw Them 2015 Edition!!!

star pic art

It’s fall and that means time for the start of a new television season. In the next few weeks, we will look back to get caught up on your faves. We will also give my opinions on the great new box sets that have recently been released. You can also count on me to be there when the shows return. Another fun thing that we do is we is salute the stars of the new series by looking back on movie and television roles they did before now. So let’s go down memory lane and at the same  time get acquainted with the new shows.

Blood and Oil… I am a little leery of this show because it is a show about oil and money. Hey if America wanted to watch oil barons and feuding family members on television, “Dallas” would have survived. Still ABC, home of tragic doctors and horny Presidents wants America to watch. The patriarch of the family is Don Johnson.. yes that Don Johnson.

don johnson sonny crockett

Don was a fashion icon of the eighties as the dapper Sonny Crockett on “Miami Vice” He also starred with another ABC star in the show “Nash Bridges.” One of his cast members was Jeff Perry aka “Cyrus” on “Scandal cast.

nash bridges cast

blood and oil cast

Here is the cast of “Blood and Oil” including Don. The other familiar face in the cast is Jeremy Sisto. He has done many shows including the original “Law and Order’ and also played Jesus. Don plays Hap Bridges the patriarch.

jeremy sisto clueless

Jeremy is also remembered as Elton in “Clueless.”

ken jeong as dr ken cast

 ABC is bringing the funny back to Fridays with “Dr Ken.” There are quite a few television vets in the cast, including the good doctor.

role models ken jeong

Ken Jeong was the King in the hilarious movie “Role Models.”

 dave foley and sean hayes

Dave Foley (hey not to be confused with hunky Scott Foley) played Jack’s boyfriend on “Will and Grace.” In this show , he plays Pat.

tisha campbell martin gina

Tisha Campbell Martin  who plays Desdemona will be remembered as the love of his life in the classic “Martin”

angel from hell

Ever heard of a guardian angel?. Well no one ever had one like Amy( Jane Lynch)in the CBS show “Angel From Hell”

sue and mr shuster from glee

Here is Jane when she was the mean cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on “Glee” She is pictured with Matthew Morrison.

life in pieces james brolin dianne wiest

Nobody’s family is normal and that is the message of “Life in Pieces.” a CBS comedy which features James Brolin and Dianne Wiest.  Brolin plays John Short.

james brolin marcus welby

Brolin first was first noticed on the seventies show “Marcus Welby MD.” as the dashing Dr  Steven Kiley.

as castle' s dad

Most recently , he was the CIA absentee father of Richard Castle on “Castle”

dianne wiest the bird cage

Diane Wiest was the political wife in “The Bird Cage.”

code black

It’s a show with the rush of “ER” and the drama of “Grey’s Anatomy” It’s “Code Black” .CBS’s new medical drama. Academy award winner , Marcia Gay Harden leads the cast as Dr. Leanne Rorish

how to get away with murder marcia gay harden

Here she is as Sam’s sister coming to find out about his disappearance on “How to Get Away With Murder.” with Viola Davis.

bonnie summerville friends

Cast member Bonnie Summerville will also be remembered as one more woman to come between Ross and Rachel on “Friends.” She played Mona.

SMASH -- Pilot -- Pictured: (l-r) Raza Jaffrey as Dev Sundaram, Katharine McPhee as Karen Cartwright -- Photo by: Will Hart/NBC

Raza Jeffrey last appeared on “Homeland” . Here he is as the diplomatic Dev on the late NBC series “SMASH” He was also man servant to Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City 2”

nothing like the holidays luis guzman

Luis Guzman starred in the movie “Nothing Like Home for the Holidays.” that was filmed here in Chicago.


An all star cast is on board for the latest comic book entry with “Supergirl.” Supergirl even has a celebrity daughter on their writing staff. Anna Goldwyn, the same daughter to “Scandal” star , Tony Goldwyn.is one of the writers on this show that is bound to be a hit. The girl who plays the heroine herself is Melissa Benoit.

melissa benoit glee marley rose

Benoit was the girl with the plus size mom, Gwen on “Glee”.

Others in the cast include

supergirl calista flockhart

Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant

ally mcbeal

She will be best remembered as career girl, Ally McBeal

chyler leigh supergirl

Chyler Leigh returns to television as Alex Danvers

chyler as lexie with eric dane

She melted our hearts as Dr. Lexi Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” . Here she is with her man, Eric Dane of “The Last Ship.”

dean cain and helen slater

Helen Slater and Dean Cain as Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers have super roots of their own.

helen slater as supergirl

Helen has played the gal from Krypton herself in the movies.

dean cain and terri hatcher

Dean was the heartthrob of the nineties as the man of steel in “Lois and Clark, the new Adventures of Superman”. Here he is with Lois. (pre” Desperate Housewives”) Terry Hatcher

dr daniel charles chicago med

The latest entry to the Chicago trilogy is “Chicago Med” . In this spin- off to the popular Dick Wolf trilogy, Oliver Platt plays Dr. Daniel Charles. His character first appeared on “Chicago Fire.”

ready to rumble  oliver platt

He has done numerous roles in shows like “West Wing”, and movies. Here he is in the movie “Ready to Rumble” with David Arquette and “Hawaii Five O’s ” Scott Caan.


What is more traditional than John Stamos with kids? John Stamos is “Grandfathered ” on Fox

full house

Here is John as the adorable Uncle Jessie in “Full House”

Two tv vets play brothers who will make you laugh in “Grinder” Fred Savage is Stewart Sanderson and Rob Lowe is Dean Sanderson, a Hollywood actor who moves home to take over the family law firm. But his brother Stewart and his father don’t think he is qualified since he is only an actor.William Devane returns as their father and head of the law firm.


SH06E143WESTWING May 9, 2006 _ Janel Moloney, Bradley Whitford and Rob Lowe star on "The West Wing." (SHNS photo by Mitchell Haddad / NBC)

Rob was  Sam Seaborn on “The West Wing” . Here he  is with Janel Moloney and Bradley Whitford

kevin and winnie

Here is Fred as the adorable Kevin Arnold on the classic “The Wonder Years”

dean sanderson jr  william devane knots landing

William Devane will always be remembered as Gregory Sumner from the tv soap classic “Knots Landing” Remember the naked croquet game with Nicolette Sheridan?

fargo cast

We finish up with “Fargo” . Even though the show is in Season 2, two very important additions were added. Jean Smart as Floyd Gearhart and Ted Danson as Hank Larsson . Danson just wrapped up his stint on the original “CSI” .


He will forever be known as the love em and leave em bartender in the place where “everyone knows your name”, Sam “Mayday ” Malone. Here he is with Diane (Shelley Long) on “Cheers”

jean smart designing women

We finish our salute with Jean Smart in one of my favorite shows. Smart had previously won an Emmy for her work on “Frasier”. Here she is with her girls on “Designing Women.” as Charlene Frasier Stillfield .

“As Real as it Gets” -an interview with David Eigenberg


The other day I had the pleasure to chat with David Eigenberg. David is originally from Naperville, but he is back in town filming scenes from the new NBC drama, “Chicago Fire.” Prior to this, he is most known for playing Steve Brady, Miranda’s love interest on “Sex and the City.”

On one of his breaks last week,  Steve took some time out to tell me a little about the show.  He informed me that he was wearing about forty pounds of gear. “That is one thing Dick Wolf insists on is authenticity.”  He was referring to “the ” Dick Wolf of Law and Order fame, who is producing “Chicago Fire.”  “We have real Chicago firemen all over the set and we also have gone on ride alongs with them as well. They are really great and we have a lot of fun joking around together.”  Quite a different world from the fashionable  streets of Manhattan where David played the lovable bartender for most of the series.  But don’t get David wrong, he loved being around intelligent women . After all, he grew up being raised with five sisters.

David also didnt mind returning to the Windy City.  It is where he was raised and he also loves the people here.  “Chicago is filled with people with huge hearts and a great edge. They are a little bit more edgy in New York and I also like the cold.”  He also enjoys seeing all the different people that they have used as extras for filming.   He thinks that adds color to the series.   “It still amazes me that young girls come up to me and all they can do is talk about the show. ” I reminded him that “Sex” was an iconic series of its time . Probably one of the last great comedies of our time.  He corrected me by calling it a “dramedy”  . “After all , there was some drama , some comedy, but no one liners.”  he added.  He did love playing Steve and admitted that he was a fun character to play.

I was anxious to hear about his new character on “Chicago Fire.” He described, “Christopher” as a real stand up guy, kind of like Steve.  Real down to earth . He was once the young guy and now he is the old, cranky guy. He kind of is the one who keeps the young fire fighters in line.”

Watch David and his co stars on “Chicago Fire” Season 4 this fall on NBC

120511-tv-weddings-satc-cynthia-nixon-400Here is David with co star Cynthia Nixon. He is still amazed that young girls still recognize him for Steve.


On a warm summer day, David is dressed in his fire gear as “Christopher” . Talk about burning up.

You can see David and his cast mates when Chicago Fire this fall on NBC


“Thanks Chicago” says “Chicago Fire” Producer


Right now our city has so much to be proud of.   We have two teams that are very much alive in the playoffs, our expanding  fashion community , and a network series  shooting right here in town.    The streets of our city have been shown to the world once again thanks to NBC’s  “Chicago Fire.  The series has gotten some great news , they have been picked up for a second season.  This is indeed good news for our economy and artist community.  Recently  I got the chance to have a chat with Danielle Gelber , Executive Vice President of Wolf Films and Executive Producer of NBC’s “Chicago Fire.”

“I can’t say thank you enough to the people of Chicago for their support.  Everyone has been just great!” she gushed.  “The crew is fantastic and all the business owners, restaurant, and store owners  have been welcoming and cooperative as well. We also thank Mayor Rahm Emanuel for his support as well.”  I mentioned that one of the cast members, David Eigenberg was from here as well. He was so great when we interviewed him last fall.  Actually all of the family from Firehouse #51 are all great characters and I complimented her on their creation as well. ”

Our secondary characters  really drive the show and it has been great to have such committed actors to portray these characters.”  she stated. I also pointed out the great story lines of the major characters like Casey and Severide as well. Severide aka Taylor Kinney has proven to be the very visual man about town thanks to his girlfriend, singer  Lady Gaga.  “We are very happy with Taylor. We had about about thirty guys come in and audition for the part and he blew us away.”   When asked about the direction  the series was headed in Season Two, Danielle  couldn’t spill all the beans. She did tell me that the season finale which airs next Wednesday will contain some intense cliff hangers. “In a fire house things change , people come and go. We are based on real situations rather than contrived ones like on a sitcom.  We are blessed with talented actors who bring these characters to life.  The characters have a tendency to bring their emotional baggage with them as they go on each call. Each character has so many layers and we have just scratched the surface.” Gelber added.

Danielle is no stranger to television herself.  Before this , she worked at the cable network “Showtime” She was instrumental in developing such shows as “The Big C” , “The L Word” and “Episodes.”  She welcomed the chance to work with television legend , Dick Wolf.  “We have been friends for years and when the opportunity arose to work with him, I felt it was the perfect next step. He’s a great guy.”  she stated

As for Chicago itself, Danielle couldn’t say enough about what she loves about it. She commented on how beautiful the architecture was and how great it was to utilize it for the show.  She wants to spend more time at one of her favorite places the The Art Institute of Chicago.  When I mentioned how we cover the fashion scene as well, she said that would excite her daughter who has an early interest in fashion.   Danielle raved about a couple of her favorite eating places, Rosebud and The Publican.  Her husband can’t stop talking about hot dog emporium Hot Doug’s.  The one thing she can’t wait to do is just to take a walk by Lake Michigan. “It’s the best.” she simply stated.

Chicago Fire returns for season 4 in November

chicago fire season one castAn early photo of the cast from Season One

We Salute Television’s Dads

father's day clip artAt this time of year, we think of those unsung heroes and for the most part, the first man we had a relationship with. That’s right DAD… we salute all those television dads whether they are lawyers, surgeons, cops, writers, or the President of the United States. We love them all and in honor of Father’s Day..

mark and derek as dadsBoth of these dads are no longer with us, but we can’t start off a father’s day tribute without mentioning them. Dr Mark Sloane (Eric Dane of The Last Ship) and Derek Shepherd (remembered as the death of the year , Patrick Dempsey) were two awesome dads. Mark had found out that he had fathered another daughter, Sloan and add karma that Sloan was pregnant as well. Shortly after Sloan left, Mark had a night of passion with his bff Callie which resulted in her and Arizona’s daughter , Sophia. Derek adopted a girl from Africa named Zola and he also has two other children, Bailey , born on the night of a storm and Ellis born eight months after his death.

don draper as dad“Mad Men” may have had its last hurrah but we will long remember super Dad , Don Draper (Jon Hamm) . Here he is with his children Sally, Bobby, and Gene. Sally was scarred when she saw her step mother have sex with Roger Sterling and her father with a neighbor lady .

Photo from the episode

Here is Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn  Walker ) of “Chicago Fire” holding his new son with his wife and father who is none other than (shut your mouth, Shaft) Richard Roundtree

EMPIRE: Lucious (Terrence Howard, second from L) gifts his sons in the special two-hour “Die But Once/Who I Am” Season Finale episode of EMPIRE airing Wednesday, March 18 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Also pictured L-R: Jussie Smollett, Bryshere Gray and Trai Byers. CR: Chuck Hodes/FOX

 One of television’s newest hits is Fox’s “Empire” . The patriarch of the Lyon empire is Lucius Lyon (Terrence Howard) . Here he is with his three talented and smart sons. Hakeem, Jamal, and Andre.

some people never grow upRick Castle of “Castle” (Nathan Fillion) became a dad when his wife Meredith became pregnant. Alexis was born and then Meredith left Rick to raise her alone with Martha’s help. Now Alexis is all grown up even though it seems Dad has a problem with that. Hopefully Kate will make him grow up in time for their kids.

ari-gold-and-daugtherIn honor of the release of the “Entourage ” movie, we present another awesome daddy and that is Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) . Here he is at the Bat Mitzvah of his daughter . She only wanted one thing, she wanted Vinnie Chase to come to the celebration. Mazel tov!

poppa-pope-eliJoe Morton of this summer’s “Proof” is the winner of the father of the year on “Scandal” Joe is Rowan/ Eli Pope. the father of Olivia Pope. Rowan by day is a paleontologist at the Smithsonian but at night is the head of B613. Eli has murdered and besides  that he had kept Olivia’s mother prisoner, killed Olivia’s lover’s son, and just caused mayhem. Here he belittles Olivia.

maddie and deaconChip Esten is Deacon Claybourne the “Nashville” dad who found out the love of his life’s  daughter was his. Maddie worships Deacon and has inherited her dad and mom’s talent. Will Maddie lose her dad since he was going under the knife?

christeningOn “Scandal”  . Cyrus Beane and his late husband James Novak, (Jeff Perry and Dan Bucatinsky) adopted a little angel by the name of Ella. Here they are on the day of her christening, Ella has special godparents since one of them is the President of the United States. Maybe years later Ella will find out what happened between Aunt Olivia and Uncle Fitz that day.

danno and  gracieScott Caan may be looking for the bad guys on “Hawaii Five O ” but first he is a dad to his little girl , Gracie .

goldbergsMurray Goldberg is a man of the eighties. Jeff Garlin is the very real dad of the Goldberg clan. He rules his castle from his Lazy Boy throne wearing his tighty whities and nothing else.

blackish with dreAnthony Anderson  is “Dre” the man who wants his children to embrace their heritage on “Blackish” . The problem is he is raising his kids in the middle of suburban LA.

Tom Selleck has returned to television in “Blue Bloods” As Frank Reagan , he is father to his police officers and his whole family.

stabler of svuOn “Law and Order SVU” Christopher Meloni as  Elliot Stabler works to preserve the rights of children and sex abuse victims. This is important since he is also a father to his children.

lindsay and hank chicago pd Lindsay has a father figure in Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) on “Chicago PD” . He also has a son and acts as the father to his cops in the Windy City as well.

juliette avery and babyJoshua Jackson as Avery on “Nashville” has recently become a new dad with his daughter . Both mother and dad continue to shine on the Opry stage as they balance parenthood.

the chief and maggieDr Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) embarked on an affair many years ago with Ellis Grey. Richard was married to Adele and Ellis to Thatcher . The affair resulted in a daughter , Maggie who returned years later to Seattle. Richard has also acted as a father figure to his interns , especially Meredith Grey.

teddy and fitzFinally we end with a man who is the acting father to his kids. He acts as father because he isn’t sure they are his. Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) is the Leader of the Free World and POTUS on “Scandal”. Despite how happy he looks, there is only one person who brings him any joy and that is Olivia. We all hope that Olivia will make him a father again very soon.