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The Year of Kerry.. A Tribute to Kerry on her 40th

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Kerry Washington has led a charmed life. Today is a milestone for her as she turns the big 4-0!  She has had an incredible year professionally and personally. She is an icon for the modern woman as an artist, humanitarian, political activist, designer, lover, mother, and spokeswoman. Shonda Rhimes said that her character Olivia Pope has been on a journey .The journey has included her own personal growth as well as her personal relationships. Well, Kerry has been on her own journey.  This year has allowed her to have many firsts as well . Come on the journey that Kerry has come and relive some of her moments.


In September of 2015, Kerry began her special time with a cover story talking about her Scandal character and her creator, Shonda Rhimes. Here she is pictured with her leading man, Tony Goldwyn and former First Lady Bellamy Young

Yahoo News/ABC News White House Correspondents' Dinner Pre-Party

Always the fashion icon, Kerry actually has been to the White House many times during the Obama White House. Here she is with Shonda, Guillermo Diaz, (Huck) Cornelius Smith Jr. (Marcus), Scott Foley (Jake) and Katie Lowes (Quinn) The ruffled dress is from Victoria Beckham.


Wanting to commemorate the famous scene in the Rose Garden on “Scandal” , here is Kerry and Tony as Olivia and Fitz in the White House Rose Garden


Kerry made her mark on the world of beauty in a big way this year. She worked with the people at Neutrogena to design a make up shade line for women of color. Millions of women now use Neutrogena because of her and not only that, she uses the make up when she walks the Red Carpet .


She also was responsible for designing and naming  15 new shades for OPI . The nail polish line reflected her “Scandal” character.


Kerry became her own producer with the HBO movie event “Confirmation”. Her portrayal of the history making Anita Hill who brought down the nomination of Supreme Court judge, Clarence Thomas . The role brought many nominations for Kerry in the course of the year.


Kerry was nominated for “Confirmation” for an Emmy and it was a fun night when ABC decided to add her co star and friend as a presenter. As you can plainly see, another event this year was when Kerry gave birth to her son Caleb which is why there was a six month hiatus for the “Scandal” crew. Kerry’s dress was designed by Brandon Maxwell.

2017 Weinstein Company And Netflix Golden Globes After Party - Arrivals

Kerry was nominated once again but was defeated by Sarah Paulson for the “OJ” movie. But Kerry was not a loser when it came to her look. That hot gold dress from Dolce and Gabbana.


Kerry celebrated an anniversary as the spokeswoman for Movado and Elle magazine and Movado threw her a celebratory dinner to commemorate the anniversary.


Kerry got a chance to be political just like her character this year. All of the “Scandal” cast helped with the election and nomination of Hillary Clinton . Tony spoke at the DNC and Hillary herself showed up on the “Scandal” set when Scott directed.


Kerry made a politicial statement at last night ‘s Screen Actors Guild awards. It was concerning Trump’s ban on the borders and Muslims. She still looked great in her Cavalli Couture



Kerry shares her birthday with her castmate , Portia Di Rossi ….they both were born on Jan 31


But there isn’t anyone that loves Kerry more than her baby , Josie

welll maybe there is….


HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY Kerry!!!


Washington Seems at Home in Political Drama – Confirmation


The nineties are now considered a part of history .”Friends” t shirts are considered retro wear that is worn by kids that weren’t even born when the show was on television. “Grey’s Anatomy” is the only true medical show to the millennialĀ  before the surge of shows like “Chicago Med” and “The Night Shift” . Millennials also have embraced the current events of the nineties as well. This is evident by the nominations of the Emmy awards this year. Shows like “The People vs OJ” and “Confirmation” were acknowledged as well as their actors. Kerry Washington has taken herself out of the fight between Viola Davis and Taraji P Henson. Her only real competition this year is the scary Sarah PaulsonĀ  in “The People vs OJ.” Both are experienced actresses who have been acknowledged by their peers as well as having regular roles on prime time television. This has been Washington’s year as she has graced many covers , worked with some of the biggest names in cosmetics, and prepared for the birth of her second child. Another first for TV’s sexiest fixer is producing her first project with “HBO” “Confirmation.”

“Confirmation” is the perfect role for Washington since she has firmly planted an image of a woman who has the Capitol at her disposal. Political drama seems to be her milleu. The hardest thing that viewers might be able to accept for her in this movie is the difference between the shy Oklahoma law professor and the very sexual Miss Pope. No skin flick in this one . Washington does play the role with the same conviction as her portrayal of Olivia Pope. Wendell Pierce shines in his portrayal of Clarence Thomas. The movie shows Thomas as a man who really doesn’t think he did anything wrong . The biggest irony was how Washington fixer, Judith Smith aided in the confirmation hearings. Coincidentally, Smith was one of the original producers of “Scandal” and also the real life counterpart of “Olivia Pope.” Greg Kinnear and Treat Williams add to the star filled cast playing Congressional players Joe Biden and Edward Kennedy. Oscar award winning Jennifer Hudson also adds to the stellar cast as witness Angela Wright. Not one actor in the production disappoints. This is truly a piece of television history that any one who is a political show junkie or fan of Miss Washington’s will be glad to purchase. Added features are real news clips from the period as well as clips from popular shows of the period thatĀ  addressed the topic.My favorite was a clip from the Linda Bloodworth Thompson classic “Designing Women.” It’s funny how this show is still popular two decades later. Kerry has worked with Annie Potts and on a regular basis George Newbern and Tony Goldwyn, who had all appeared on the CBS comedy. Other features include Kerry Washington and Wendell Pierce discussing their roles as well as other actors from the movie.

Was he guilty or innocent? Did Anita tell the truth? These are questions that are still being pondered almost two decades later. The HBO production and its wonderful cast will have you pondering these queries as well. This movie is especially relevant in this special election year . The movie is available now and on hbo.com.