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24 Legacy Star is Author Too…


Dan Bucatinsky is a renaissance man. He is a husband, father, actor, producer, director, screenwriter, Emmy award winner, gay icon, and author. Just like a few actors who have finally gotten their shot, Dan has been all over movies and television for years. Dan really came into his own when he was cast as the gay husband of Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) on “Scandal”. It was a breakout role because James and Cyrus were the first gay couple in the halls of power. Alas James was murdered , and now his widower is poised to be the new President. Dan’s performance as the naive journalist won him an Emmy Award for his role on the ABC hit. Now Dan is on television again in the new Fox series “24 Legacy.”

Along with his projects, Dan wrote a book. It doesn’t talk about what its like to be on a hit series or the joys of coming out. With his wry sense of humor , you can tell you are going to be laughing as you read it. Even the title is funny, “Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?” Dan addresses his life as a gay parent. His accounts of his romance with director, Don Roos will make you believe in love again. It also demonstrates that gay love is real and makes people feel warm and fuzzy . It also demonstrates that gay couples are just as insecure as heterosexual ones. It is ironic that Dan talks about him and Don wanting to have kids. This is just like Dan’s character on “Scandal.” James didn’t feel fulfilled without a baby and that when Cyrus wanted to get him to stop snooping , he got him what he wanted “a big , fat squishy baby.” Dan tells of the process and pre-moms that the couple went through before they got their two kids. The funniest part is when Dan describes the types of parents that they encounter when they socialize with their kids. It is a hilarious testimony to La La Land and parenting with the rich and famous.

I also love how Dan gives all the people in his life in the book credit for the parts they played in them. He talks with love about his kids, his husband, Don. He gives a new meaning to the term GBFF with the relationship he has with his gal pal, aka Lisa Kudrow. (You might remember her from a show called “Friends.”) They have worked together on projects and movies. He also gives credit to the lovely lady who gave him the best job he ever had, Linda Lowry and also her hubby Jeff Perry. Trust me, the relationship between these two actors is real and as a gladiator , we miss James and Cyrus together. Dan embraces his heritage. I can almost picture him on the balcony of the Casa Rosada , arms stretched out as he sings “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.” He is very open about his sexuality and his belief in God. There are quite a few differences between Don and Dan. There is the obvious age difference, sometimes the kids like Don more than Dan. (Dan is Daddy and Don is Poppi) , Dan is Jewish, Don is Catholic and neither of them practices their religion. Dan embraces his Judaism more than Don. Don denies his childhood religious up bringing.

If you are completely lost in the sea of gay parenthood , I totally recommend this book for you and your partner. I also recommend it if you are just plain having a bad day, it will make you laugh. I also recommend it for the many gladiators . You will get a view of one of the sweetest characters in the midst of the lying, murdering , and cheating world of the Capitol. It also might be the introduction to new fans of the wonderful actor as they watch Andy help the team on “24 legacy.”


Here is Dan and his husband , Don Roos. The book is mostly about the adventures of being parents to Eliza and Jonah

cyrus and james scandal

Here is Dan in his Emmy winning role of James Novak on “Scandal” James had it rough married to the Chief of Staff of the POTUS. Cyrus had his share of secrets and James lost his life keeping them. Cyrus is holding Ella at her christening.


Love Is In the Air.. TV’s Ten Best Gay Relationships

gay heart

Everyone loves a lover , especially on television. We all have our favorites Castle and Beckett, Meredith and Derek, or Fitz and Olivia. But we also root for those couples who love whoever they want. We all know about NPH and David , Portia and Ellen, Dan and Don Roos, but for the first time in television history , we ship couples who are in gay and lesbian relationships. They represent the new normal and tell the world that they love who they want. So for gay pride month, Chitownstarconnections is proud to present OUR favorite gay /lesbian television couples

cyrus and james scandal

Cyrus Beene and James Novak- (Jeff Perry and Dan Bucatinsky )  Scandal – Jeff Perry may still be straight , but he has given one of the best tormented gay performances on television. Cyrus held in his secret for forty years . Two relationships came from that fateful trip on the Trail, one was Fitz and Olivia and the other was these two. James tried to advance his career and he found a friend and lover in Cyrus. Cyrus would give him little bites and their relationship led him all the way to the  White House Press Secretary’s office. But every little relationship has its dirty little secrets especially in Washington. James had the potential to explode two stories that would shatter the Grant Administration . Cyrus played his own little game and pacified James’ curiosities by giving him little Ella. On the day of her christening, two of the guests were having their own party in the White House. But unfortunately, this love story did not end happily. James had found out that the VP murdered her husband and had Cyrus cover up the murder. James found out  the truth and disguised himself as Publius . Unfortunately , James was shot while Jake Ballard stood over his bleeding body . He talked to  him as he slipped into  unconsciousness  . Is James really dead or in the hole ? Well it will be quite a surprise for Cyrus when James would walk in to catch his husband in bed with his new husband, Michael.

arizona and callie greys anatomy

Arizona and Callie- Grey’s Anatomy( Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw ) – Callie had just ended her marriage with the late George O Malley when she found out he had slept with BFF Izzy. She had discovered one other thing , she liked to sleep with women as well as men. There were a few relationships along the way, including a budding one with her male bff , Mark. But the one woman who had captured Calliope’s heart was Dr Arizona Robinson . She was gorgeous and best of all she worked with babies and kids. What woman wouldn’t want that?Apparently , not Dr Robbins she had no desire to have her own family.  But then Arizona trotted off to her fellowship in Africa and left Torres. The end of the relationship resulted in a drunken night of sex with Mark which got her pregnant. Arizona returned to find out that Callie was expecting Mark’s baby. Quite a shock needless to say. Arizona prepared herself for this unconventional family and together they took care of Callie during her pregnancy. Caught up in the baby madness, Arizona proposed to her and on the way to the bed and breakfast the two of them ended up in an accident. Calllie was severely injured and Sophie had to be taken from her , so they could concentrate on saving her life.. On a warm spring day the couple was married by their friend Miranda, when the priest was in a car accident. The bride’s parents were still having trouble accepting their daughter’s relationship and granddaughter born outside of wedlock , so they bailed on Callie. Mark stepped up and gave away his best friend. At the reception, Callie was surprised by her father who said how he dreamed of the day he would dance with his little girl on her wedding day. The trials continued for this couple. Arizona lost her leg, cheated on Callie with a resident, lost interest as she advanced her career, and many other things. Sadly the couple divorced and now Callie is on her way to NY with someone else. Hopefully it may not be too late.

carol and susan friends

Carol and Susan-  Friends( Jane Sibbett and Jessica Hecht)- The song goes “if she would have been faithful, if she would have been true , I would have never known real love, I would have missed out on you. If Carol would have stayed married to Ross, there would have never been a Ross and Rachel. Carol married Ross and the two were madly in love. At the same time, Ross was pursuing a Phd and spending time with his roommate Chandler from college. He was also spending time with his sister and her friends. Carol discovered something, she found out that she loved women. She started spending time at book stores with Susan and one thing led to another. Carol and Susan even tried to let Ross enter their bedroom in an effort to save her marriage. Finally, Carol admitted her truth and divorced Ross. This proved to be beneficial to Ross because at the same time, his childhood crush , Rachel , left her groom at the altar. Ross was still trying to save anything left to his marriage, including seducing Carol. This seduction resulted in Carol giving birth to a little boy , Ben Bunch Willis Geller. We assume that Ben is enjoying a healthy relationship with his father, his stepmother, and his baby sister.

connor and oliver htgwm

Connor and Oliver- How to Get Away With Murder( Jack Falahee and Conrad Ricamore)  Connor needed some info for a case and he knew that Oliver could help out with a case by allowing him files. Unfortunately just like with so many relationships, it began with Connor using his charm to get the files from Oliver. Connor tries to get the info by flirting with another guy which ticks off Oliver . Finally, Oliver gives him the files and as a reward he sleeps with him. For a while , the couple goes back and forth. When Connor comes back from burning Sam Keating’s body , he lays it all out to Connor. He tells him that he uses sex as a weapon and also of his drug problems. One other thing,  Connor is beginning to fall in love with Oliver as well.  Oliver has been dating another guy and Connor is told in no uncertain terms that it is none of his business. Oliver has more bad news , he is HIV positive.  Connor and Oliver makes the next step and then move in with each other. But once again Oliver has aided Connor and the Keating 5  and now he might go to jail. Such is the trials of true love.

will and vince w and g

Will Truman and Vince D ‘ Angelo  on Will and Grace

(Eric McCormack and Bobby Cannivale )

This has to be one of my favorite gay relationships of all. What makes it so great is that the two actors that portray this couple are both heterosexuals. They are also truly soulmates in all sense of the word. Their story started on a day that Will was summoned by Karen to give her driving lessons. Karen got fresh with a cop (Vince) and then Will was forced to go to court. The case was dropped because Vince didn’t sign the ticket, but the two found out that they were supposed to go out with each other. (Joe and Larry fixed them up)  The couple settled into a relationship that included Grace. Vince had trouble keeping jobs and was getting depressed . While he had job losses, Will was getting more success and he couldn’t deal with it. With all these problems, Will suggested that they “take a break”. Sadly the two broke up. When Will lost his dad, Vince showed up in support  Then the couple got back together and planned a future. But more trouble arrived when Grace found out that she was pregnant by her ex Leo. Grace had made a plan to let her and Will raise the child with Vinnie helping. Leo found Grace and was overjoyed at the prospect of being a father and then asked her to go to Europe with him. A few years later, Will and Grace made up . Vince and Will got married and then they had a son, Ben.  Talk about kismet. Ben grew up and got married to Lily, making Will and Grace in laws.

robert and sol grace and frankie  Frankie and Grace- Robert Hanson and Sol Bergstein (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson) Martin Sheen will always be remembered for two things. His crazy son, Charlie and playing probably one of the best portrayals of a President on television.  Here he is a man who is in his twilight years who discovers that he is in love with his law partner, Sol played by Sam Waterson. The victims here are their wives who are complete opposites and have decided to live together as well. If you haven’t seen this delightful Netflix comedy, please do. Oh and did I mention it was created by Marta Kaufmann who also  created a little show called Friends.


kurt and blaine glee

Glee- Kurt and Blaine  (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss)

Kurt had made any efforts to fit in at McKinley High. He wanted to make his father proud even to the point of being a member of the football team. But Kurt loved fashion and singing popular songs in New Directions. Finally he came out to his dad, who was trying since he was a single dad. Kurt wanted to make sure that the boys would win in a boys vs girls competition. . While with the award winning boy group, Kurt fell in love with one of their members. Blaine. He demonstrated his love by having the group sing “Teenage Dream” to Blaine. He realizes that he is also in love with Kurt and transfers to Mckinley to be near the one he loves.  Just like all couples, Blaine and Kurt break up for a while. Amid a huge “Beatles” production number to the song “All You Need is Love”, Blaine proposes to Kurt. Then the couple has to encounter one of the biggest problems that couples have, a long distance relationship. Kurt graduates and then moves to New York and leaves Blaine to finish his classes. Once again , the couples separates. When their friends Santana and Brittany get married , the couple decide to join their friends and get married also.


Nashville – Will and Kevin (Chris Carmack and Kyle Dean Massey)  In this show, almost all of the romances start because someone wanted to collaborate with someone. This couple is no exception. Luke fixed up Kevin and Will because he thought that the two could make some great songs.  Kevin is openly gay , but is perfectly glad to stay hidden since Will was still in the closet. The two are caught by cameras and this makes Will think that it time to come out . This turns out badly for Will . No one wants a gay country singer. He begins to feel sorry for himself and then Kevin can’t take his self loathing so he breaks up.  Will tries to embrace his new persona as country’s newest “Gay” singer. It has been hard for him because the Christian right wing has taken pot shots at him and some concerts have gotten down right violent.  Now that he has finally accepted his sexuality, Luke has gotten him and Kevin back together. Will seems sad because he hears that Kevin is happy with his new boyfriend. The reconciliation is a success and the two realize that they both have feelings for each other and kiss. I will be very curious to see how their relationship will continue when it returns to its new home CMT. this fall.


empire  jamal and d major

Empire -Jamal and D Major (Jussie Smollett and Tobias Truvillion)  Lee Daniels has received many kudos in the creation of the character of Jamal. In the Black culture, homosexuality is less tolerated than in White culture. We have learned the history that this character has had and how his father has treated him because of his gayness. Along with his acting ability, Jussie has proven to be a real cash cow to the show for his voice. I myself have several of his songs on my phone. He is an excellent ambassador for the show. D Major or Derek is the latest of boyfriends that Jamal has had. At this point, he could be the one . Both of them share a love for music. At this point though, the two of them must stay low. I am very anxious to see how this relationship progresses. Jamal deserves to be happy . Someone on that show does.


brittany and santana glee

 Glee- Santana and Brittany  (Naya Rivera and Heather Morris)  Brittany and Santana started out like so many teen girls do. The two Cheerios were besties . But after a sleepover, the two realised that they loved each other. They were so cute with their matching backpacks and jewelry and their special little pinky lock. I am also sure that many a young boy felt something with this special relationship. They also encouraged young girls to be themselves and come out like their heroines. More things that these girls did before they came out was to date a boy and also be worried about their reputation.  The girls relationship is tested one more time when Santana goes to college and Brittany has to repeat her senior year. Once again, modern culture uses the term “on a break” to describe a separation between characters when they stop seeing each other. Soon after, the two reunite, go on a vacation together and then move in. The twosome were later married in an elaborate ceremony with all their Gleers, including the two who also get married, Kurt and Blaine.

Seven Days till OMG…. Scandal ‘s OMG Season!!!!

scandal poster

Alright Gladiators! It’s seven days and counting! Everyone is scrambling to watch those final episodes. Magazines have been flying off the newsstands with our faves on the cover and ABC has been spreading the gospel of Olitz. But let’s not forget where we started before the balcony scene , the kidnapping, back to the beginning of season 4. So before we are watching Washington’s hottest lovers, let’s take a stroll back down memory lane from a season where it all changed.

harison's funeral;

Olivia and her gladiators mourn Harrison’s death. Her and Jake have returned from the island of Zanzibar for this funeral. Jake wanted Olivia to leave Washington  following the funeral but she was asked to help someone . But while she was in the Capitol, she runs into a familiar face

the walk through

There is no way she leaves now!!!

fried chicken mellie

The usually ambitious First Lady is now mourning the death of her son and has become crazy Mellie. Here she is enjoying her fried chicken on the Truman balcony. She pulls herself together with Abby’s help for the State of the Union address

the state of the union

Fitz praises his wife at the State of the Union address. It is the first time that him and Olivia talk . She proofreads his speech.don't ever leave me again... i almost died

Olivia is to the rescue again when Karen is caught on a sex tape and needs her help. It is also the first time that Fitz has Liv alone in the Oval again. He tells her that he almost dies without her. She tells him she didn’t go alone. He is crushed.

the key

Tom is arrested and confesses that he was given the order by Jake to kill Jerry. Jake is immediately arrested and pleads his innocence to the President. Jake chides him on about his real issue , being with Olivia. Fitz beats the crap out of him.

fitz beats the shit out of him

the phone call

Finding out that there is indeed hope for them… Fitz makes one of the hottest phone calls of the year . He tells Olivia what she can expect if she would come over to the White House.

helen of troy speech

Olivia tries to save Jake and visits Tom in prison. He tells her that Fitz tried to kill himself and she is floored.

winter finale

Tired of trying to get her father, she dances to her independence and tells Jake she wants to make love on the piano. But then she is abducted

vp and kidnapping

Andrew tells Fitz that Olivia has been kidnapped so he will declare war on West Angola.

And here is the winner of the best speech of the year … from Where the Sun Don’t Shine

bitch baby

Yes? I need you to listen to me very carefully because I’m going to speak to you right now the way the Cyrus Beene I know would speak to you.
When did you decide to let them ruin you? Excuse me? So your life’s unfair.
So what? That’s how it is.
So, they’re mean-girling you in the press, they’re calling you names that hurt your little soft spots deep inside? Well, so what? That’s how it is.
So you lost someone you loved.
You lost the one person who felt like family.
Well, guess what grow the hell up because that is how it is! The Cyrus Beene I know doesn’t hide in his half-empty closet and wet his pants like a little bitch baby.
The Cyrus I know is a patriot.
He bites the bullet, and he does what it takes to serve the Republic at all costs.
So, I want to know, right now, in this moment, who you are.
Because the pathetic shell of a person I’m looking at right now doesn’t deserve to stand on the presidential seal in the oval office, let alone tell the president what to do.
– Who are you, Cy? – Liv.
Who are you, Cy?! – Liv! – Who are you, Cy? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Who are you!? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Oh, yeah? So, you’re not a bitch baby? I run this country.
I’m nobody’s bitch baby.
I don’t know.
You still sound like a little bitch baby to me.
I am not a little bitch baby! Then show me! Prove it to me right now! Show me who you are, Cyrus Beene!

run a bra saves

Olivia is kidnapped and held hostage. Using her bra, she tries to escape


While she is kidnapped, she has dreams about Vermont and being married to Fitz..

fitz declares war

it works ! Fitz declares war

steven rescues olivia

Stephen rescues Olivia after he bids to win her back. Once a gladiator , always a gladiator

fight with fitz

There is no happy homecoming . Olivia blames Fitz for her kidnapping and yells at him for declaring war. She throws her ring he gave her at him.

the lawn chair

“The Lawn Chair” was a timely episode about a father whose son was shot because he was black. Courteney B Vance played the father.

vice president

Fitz gets his third Vice President in Susan Ross. She is picked by Mellie as she begins her climb to the White House

put a ring on it

Cyrus looks back on his past weddings as he gets ready to be married. Olivia puts back on the ring and hope is alive again.

finale scene one

Fed up with all their games, Fitz cleans house by throwing out Mellie and firing Cyrus . Mellie is now the junior Senator for Virginia .

quinn shoots huck

Quinn realizes that Huck was the one who killed the jurors and she threatens to shoot him.

finale scene

With Mellie and Cyrus gone, Fitz goes to find happiness and finds it.

What happens now?

promo onepromo two

to be continued

Guess Where You Saw Them Before – Scandal Edition

cast picture season 4

We found some great shots of your faves from Scandal…maybe now you might remember where you saw them before they were gladiators !

kerry in ray

Here is Kerry Washington in the Oscar winning movie “Ray” as Jamie Foxx’s wife….so prim and proper


Here she is gorgeous as ever as fixer and the love of the President, Olivia Pope

dan bucatinsky friends

Here is Dan Bucatinsky who played Cyrus’s husband James when he guest starred on “Friends” He was a waiter when the gang went out to celebrate Phoebe’s birthday. Dan also appeared on “Frasier” “Grey’s Anatomy ” “CSI Miami” and a blind date for Will on “Will and Grace”

Cyrus and James wedding

Dan won an Emmy for his portrayal of James. Here he appeared in a flashback in the recent episode “Put a Ring on It.”


Here is Jeff Perry  who plays Cyrus, the President’s Chief of Staff.Previously, he was known for his portrayal of Thatcher Grey, father to Meredith and the late Lexi Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”  Jeff is also one of the founders of the world famous Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago.

A Family Affair

Bellamy Young was a love interest on “Criminal Minds” to Thomas Gibson ‘s character. She also appeared on “Castle”, “Private Practice,” “Frasier” “Scrubs” and many other series.

bellamy young scandal

Today she gives a phenomenal performance as the troubled First Lady , Mellie Grant.


Jon Tenney has been around as well. He starred in a movie with “Odd Couple’s”  Matthew Perry called “Fools Rush In” and also appeared on “Will and Grace.”  Today he plays two roles, The good cop , Fritz Howard on “Major Crimes”


Scandal fans will remember him most as Vice President Andrew Nichols. He was in love with Mellie but he let power take him over and was partly responsible for Olivia’s kidnapping.


Darby Stanchfield made quite an impression as the mother of Alexis and Richard’s first wife Meredith on “Castle” She has also appeared on “NCIS” and “Mad Men”


But here she is with her true love David Rosen as Press Secretary for President Grant. She is also Olivia’s best friend.


Joshua was previously on the classic “The West Wing” . He has also been seen on “The Big Bang Theory”, “Grey’s Anatomy” “Stargate SG 1” “Bones” and as a psycho child molester on “Law and Order SVU.” He is now the Attorney General of the US. Coincidentally he had previously worked with Tony Goldwyn in “From the Earth to the Moon.”

kate burton

Daughter of the late great Richard Burton, Kate Burton has made her mark on the stage as well as the big and little screens.She is best known for her role as Dr Ellis Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” She also played mother to a young David Schwimmer on “Monty”


Here she is arguing with Cyrus as Vice President Sally Langston .


 It isn’t the first time that Scott Foley played a killer. He was the killer in “Scream 3″ .He has also appeared on “Felicity” “Grey’s Anatomy” “Scrubs” and “Cougar Town”

grant ballard

Now he plays Captain Jake Ballard , Navy buddy to Fitz and his romantic rival for Olivia’s affections.

guillermo in half baked

Guillermo Diaz  played a disgruntled stoner in the movie “Half Baked” He has appeared in many movies and tv shows like “ER” “Law and Order” “The Sopranos” “Third Watch” and a regular on “Weeds”


But he has shown his loyalty, finally reunited with his family, and continues to be Olivia’s gladiator. Huck seems to be torturing his friend and girlfriend “Quinn” played by Katie Lowes


Here is Katie Lowes when she guest starred on ABC’s other hit “Castle


Here is Columbus Short when he was aspiring comedy writer Darius Hawthorne on the late show “Studio 60 0n the Sunset Strip.”


Here he is as fixer Harrison Wright .. a gladiator in a suit

khandi alexander csi miami

Here is Khandi Alexander in her role of Dr Alexx Woods on “CSI Miami” Khandi was also in the acclaimed movie “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and “Poetic Justice” as well On TV she was on “News Radio” “A Different World’ and Peter Benton’s sister on “ER”


And here she is as the terrorist mother of Olivia Pope – Maya Pope / Marie Wallace


Joe Morton first came to our attention as the love interest of Whitley on “A Different World” He has also appeared on “M*A*S*H*” “Sanford and Son” , and many other shows and movies.


He won an Emmy for his portrayal of the evil, maniacal father of Olivia , Eli Pope

arrested development portia

Portia Di Rossi was known for Ally Mc Beal” and her role on “Arrested Development” She is also the wife of funny woman Ellen Degeneres.

lizzie bear

And this year , she has made her appearance as Elizabeth North, power woman of the RNC. “Lizzie Bear” has hitched herself to the new rising star , Mellie Grant

brian letscher  the wild rover castle

From “Pretty Little Liars” to “Castle” Brian Letscher usually plays a role that gives him range

brian letscher scandal

But on “Scandal” , his job as Secret Service agent Tom is to guard the President and all his nasty little secrets.

yeti friends

When Rachel on “Friends” needed to get over Ross, she found a Yeti named Danny. But then she dumped him because he took baths with his sister. George Newbern has had a long career from “Designing Women” to “Hot in Cleveland”. He also has done voice work ,including Superman.

George Newbern in ABC's "Scandal"

But he is now Cyrus’s guy and B-613 operative Charlie

and last but certainly not least


His career has been long. On TV he has done everything from “Designing Women” to “Frasier” as Roz’s hot boyfriend. In the movies, we never expected the evil Carl Bruner from “Ghost” to end up looking like this…

vermont is for lovers

Writer, director, producer, actor Tony Goldwyn plays the very sexy President Fitzgerald Grant , the true love of Olivia’s life. Tony has also voiced the voice of “Tarzan” in Disney’s “Tarzan”

TV’s Current Jewish Actors and Actresses

menorah decoration

Every year we do a salute for Hanukkah for our Jewish friends. This year we salute the many actors and actresses who are of Jewish decent. We found them on our favorite shows and others and are proud to present them and wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah

noah wyle 2

Noah Wyle has come a long way as the baby face John Carter on ER , now he plays a man with a mission in his new series , “The Librarians” on TNT .

eric dane the last ship capt chandler

Eric Dane once strolled the corridors and on calls rooms of “Grey’s Anatomy , now he commands “The Last Ship” on TNT

david eigenberg chicago fire

David Eigenberg first came to our attention on “Sex and the City” as Steve. Now he is one of the firefighter heroes, Christopher Hermann on one of our faves “Chicago Fire” .

lisa kudrow the comeback valerie cherishLisa Kudrow was one of our favorite” Friends “, now she tries to make her comeback in the hilarious HBO series “The Comeback” as Valerie Cherish

simon helberg bbtSimon Helberg makes us laugh with his nerdy friends on CBS’ hit “The Big Bang Theory” as Howard Wolowitz

andy samberg brooklyn 999Andy Samberg steals the laughs on Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine Nine ” as Detective Jake Peralta

dan buckatinsky marry me the comebackWe mourned him last season when his character , James , was shot on “Scandal”. But Dan  Buckatinsky is back doing two series “The Comeback” and NBC’s hilarious hit “Marry Me” .

paul leo on scandalPaul Adelstein formally was on “Private Practice”  but now he walks the halls of power as Leo Bergen on ABC mega hit “Scandal”

josh malina scandalAlso not far from the West Wing, Joshua Malina stays in Washington as Attorney General David Rosen on “Scandal”

tony goldwyn scandal fitzA true son of Hollywood , Tony Goldwyn governs the country and romances the fair Olivia Pope as President Fitz Grant on “Scandal” Tony is also an accomplished director who has directed his own series a few times.

julianna marguiles the good wifeJulianna Margulies first came to us as Doug Ross’s girlfriend on “ER” , now she fights for justice as Alicia Florek on “The Good Wife”

shamyMayim Bialik is the girl to steal Sheldon’s heart on “The Big Bang Theory” as Amy Farrah Fowler .

debra messing  the mysteries of lauraShe was the one to make us laugh in “Will and Grace” but now she keeps the streets of the Big Apple safe on NBC ‘s new series “The Mysteries of Laura” – Debra Messing

jeff garlin the goldbergsChicago native, Jeff Garlin , kept us laughing on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Now he plays dad Murray Goldberg on ABC’s new wonder years “The Goldbergs”

george segal the goldbergsGeorge Segal plays the cool , swinging grandpa “Al” Pops Goldberg on “The Goldbergs”

scott caan h50Scott Caan helps keep the peace in “Hawaii Five O” as Danno

adam levineHe may not be an actor  but one of our favorite TV personalities, its the front man for Maroon 5 and judge on NBCs “The Voice” Adam Levine

hank azaria simpsonsFrom “Friends” “Mad About You ” and a host of voices on “The Simpsons” it’s Hank Azaria

saul homelandMandy Pantinkin guides Clair Danes character on Showtime’s “Homeland”

kat dennings two broke girls maxKat Dennings serves up the laughs as Max on “Two Broke Girls ” on CBS

defiance premiere 101108As Hollywood fixer “Ray Donovan” or SCREAM’s Cotton Leery its Lieb Shreiber

milaShe may be the voice of frumpy Meg but in reality she’s adorable and a new mom Mila Kunis

seth greenOn “Buffy” , the creator of the hilarious Robot Chicken, and the voice of Chris from “Family Guy” Seth Green

mark feursteinKeeping the Hamptons healthy on USA’s “Royal Pains” its Hank Med himself Mark Feuerstein

laura prepon oitnbLaura Prepon is nothing but trouble as Alex Vause on the mega hit “Orange is the New Black”

natasha lyonne oitnbNatasha Lyonne made us laugh in the Pie movies and now she is rocking the cell block as Nicky Nichols in OITNB

kevin pollak momKevin Pollak has returned to television as Christy’s dad on “Mom” He is the love interest of Allison Janney

alex borstein family guyShe is the hot little momma to Peter on “Family Guy”its Alex Borstein

julia louis dreyfus veepRounding out our list is a television legend … forever in our hearts as neurotic Elaine on “Seinfeld” and now governing the US as “Veep” its Julie Louis Dreyfuss

Guess Where You Saw Them 2014

tv clip art Hi there, It is Fall 2014 and that means our annual ritual of looking at tv’s newest and remembering where we saw them last. There are a lot of actors who are in new series . Some of them have made such a name for themselves before that the networks are hoping you want to see them again. We also have a few actors that are returning to tv in new roles on returning shows. Come with us down memory lane as we remember ….

katherine as izzy  greys Katherine Heighl will always be remembered as one of the original interns on “Grey’s Anatomy” Izzy stole our hearts with her love of Denny and her cancer . She returns this year in “State of Affairs” She is the head of the CIA to POTUS Alfre Woodard on NBC.

katherine heigl  state of affairs

kate walsh private practice

Kate Walsh enchanted us as the ex wife of Derek Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy” then she went to LA to find herself in “Private Practice ” Now she shows her fun side as the judge you don’t want to meet on NBC’s “Bad Judge”

bad judge

w and g

Sean Hayes and Debra Messing have returned to television this fall . Sean Hayes is now on “The Millers” He was also in his own  series last year that sadly was cancelled “Sean Saves the World” But here is Sean on Broadway in the musical “Promises Promises” singing a duet with that musical POTUS Tony Goldwyn


sean hayes on b way promises promises

the mysteries of laura

Here is Debra as a detective for the NYPD . Her boss is her ex husband and her sons are demon children. Mom  and cop mix for hilarious results in “The Mysteries of Laura

quantum leapDean Stockwell and Scott Bakula teamed up to right the wrongs of the past on the sci fi classic Quantum Leap. Bakula also was one of the Enterprise capt on “Star Trek Voyager” Now he stars on NCIS New Orleans

ncis new orleans

roseanne laurie metcalfLaurie Metcalf has done the rounds since “Roseanne” where she was her sis Jackie. She has performed live at Steppenwolf in “Detroit” , played the killer in Scream 2, and is delightful as Sheldon’s mom on BBT. Now she is mom to a fun  family on CBS “The McCarthys”

the mccarthys

friends photo FRIENDS was one of the classic shows of all time. Two of its stars have returned. Matthew Perry is Oscar Madison in “The Odd Couple ” on CBS and Lisa Kudrow returns to television in HBO’s “The Comeback” Lisa was awesome last year on “Scandal” as Josie Marcus , failed Presidential candidate. This is a comeback for “The Comeback” because it was originally canceled.

the odd couple

the comebackHere is Lisa as Diva Valerie Cherish ,accompanied by her Publicist Billy played by the Emmy award winning Dan Bucatinsky. As well as “The Comeback” Dan also appears on the NBC show “Marry Me”

marry  me

But the role that Dan is best known for is the husband -journalist and father , James Novak on “Scandal” Last season he was tragically killed by that bad guy Jake Ballard. Here he is with husband Jeff Perry and their daughter , Ella


hand twin Thomas Lennon plays Felix to Perry’s  Oscar, Here he is on “Friends” as Joey’s hand twin . Pictured with Matt LeBlanc Perry and Lennon also worked together in the movie “17 Again” Lennon also worked together with Sean Hayes as his boss in “Sean Saves the World”  last year.

the last shipOne of the biggest hits of last summer was “TNT “The Last Ship” Both stars are no strangers to television.

fireflyAdam Baldwin was Jayne on the sci fi cult classic “Firefly” Here he is pictured with the star of “Castle” Nathan Fillion as Capt Malcolm Reynolds . Baldwin also did a guest appearance on “Castle” as Det Slaughter.

eric dane  greys anatomyHere is Eric Dane when he was Dr Mark Sloane aka McSteamy . He is pictured with Kevin McKidd and Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey on “Grey”s Anatomy”

blackishOne of the new hottest shows on television is Blackish. It is about a modern black family living in LA. Many of the stars have been seen in other roles ….

girlfriends8 Tracee Ellis Ross who plays the mother , Rainbow  was one of the stars of the UPN “Girlfriends”

yara shahidiYara Shahidi who plays Zoey has a special role that she played. She was the young Olivia Pope on the “Scandal” episode “YOLO”

guys with kidsAnthony Anderson as Andre was on a short lived show from last year called “Guys With Kids” He has also appeared in such movies as “Barber Shop, Scary Movie, and “Scream 4”

lawrence fishburne blackish Lawrence Fishburne appears as POPS the lovable grandpa. He has also been on CSI and appeared in many movies including his role as Ike in “What’s Love Got to Do With It”

how to get away with murder tom and violaFinishing off Shonda Thursday or TGIT is “How To Get Away With Murder” . There are three familiar faces in this cast. Here is Viola Davis as Analise Keating with her husband Sam played by Tom Verica. Tom is no stranger to Shondaland as a director and one of the co producers of “Scandal”

viola davis law and order svu

Here is Viola Davis from “Law and Order SVU”

will and grace tom verica Here is Tom as Danny on “Will and Grace”

lisa weil how to get away with murderLisa Weil as Bonnie will played a huge part in the first season of “Scandal”

lisa weil scandalHere she is with Olivia and Quinn and Gideon Wallace. Lisa will be remembered as Amanda Tanner, Billy Chambers spy and Presidential plaything. She was a major part in Season One until her murder.

JUDD HIRSCH, IOAN GRUFFUDD, ALANA DE LA GARZAWe wrap it all up with the new ABC crime drama “Forever” It stars Ioan Gruffuld, Alana De La Garza, and Judd Hirsch.

forever guy on castleIoan previously appeared on an episode of “Castle” He tried to come between the crime fighting duo and failed.

OITB Yvonne Vee ParkerLorraine Touissaint or Lt Joanna Reece is better known to tv audiences as “Vee” in the smash hit “Orange is the New Black”

DVD REVIEW: Shondaland Favorites and America’s Favorite Crime Fighting Duo

abc studios logo

 Just recently we got a chance to spend a whole weekend with our favorites at ABC. It was perfect timing since we were anxiously awaiting premiere night and wanted to catch up before the new season started. We would like to thank Maria Barazza at ABC for the box sets.

castle season 6

 America’s crime fighting sweethearts come back in Season Six for Caskett fans. This DVD is loaded with some really entertaining and informative features. Cast members talk about their favorite scenes and moments from the season in “My Favorite Things.” It is cool to hear the actors talk about scenes that have meant something to them or that they just thought was plain funny. Beckett takes you along as they film the nail biting season finale . Love to hear her talk about the dresses she wore and the jewelry. Commentaries include Seamus Dever and Jon Hueves as their characters describing a typical episode. Always entertaining is the bloopers and deleted scenes Fans will also be thrilled to see the long deleted scene from Season 4 ‘s “Always”. This is a must have for any fan of the series, especially if they are following the history of the couple.  My fave was Seamus showing off his talents in “Way of the Ninja” in a cut of him singing at the club “What I Like About You.” There needs to be a musical episode with this talented cast…


Det Kate Beckett finally has closure as she arrests the man responsible for her mother’s murder , Sen Bracken

grey's season 10 dvd

Grey’s Anatomy

Season Ten was a special season for people who have been fans of the show from the beginning. This was the Sandra Oh season since the actress had announced her departure from the series. Shonda had made the show a monument to the character she created. This was evident in one of the extras “An Immeasurable Gift” Cast and crew members sing their praises to the award winning actress. It is a wonderful trip down memory lane as she spotlights defining moments in the character’s development. Cast also talk about their experiences with procedures in “Medical Medical” The extended episode is “Do You Know” , which chronicles the decisions that Cristina has to ponder . Season Ten also spotlights the special 200th episode with fun features like Patrick Dempsey juggling and riding a unicycle, If you claim to be a fan of the original interns, this set is a must by for you….

burke and cristina

Cristina Yang is shown her destiny courtesy of her ex Preston Burke as Isiah Washington returns in the episode “We Are Never Getting Back Together Again.”


scandal season 3 dvd cover

Washington’s favorite fixer goes on her private roller coaster in the Season 3 DVD. From her evil parents, the gladiators, and the election year problems of her Presidential sweetheart, this dvd is full of the crazy twisty moments that gladiators thrive on. The surprise a minute finale “The Price of a Fair and Free Election” is extended in a treasure trove of bonuses including a feature that allows the viewer to see how set designers and location scouts can make the nation’s Capitol in LA. Cast member Jeff Perry’s career is spotlighted in “In the Moment”  From founding the famous Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago  to his days as Thatcher on “Grey’s” , this salutes an actor who is truly an actor’s actor as the viewer will find out as cast members sing their praises. Deleted scenes and bloopers will crack you up. One of the deleted scenes left so much speculation that the fandom used it for their own fan fics. Only a couple flaws in this dvd, they have left out two important members of the cast. Each of the actors have earned Emmy’s and were driving forces in plot points in Season Three..Joe Morton and Dan Bucatinsky. Neither were mentioned in press or on the cover of the DVD. If you want to spend a weekend with intrigue, drama, and the hottest romance on the tube , this is the one for you.

cy and fitz

 Cyrus Beane breaks down in the President’s arms when he has to realize  that his husband, James is dead in the emotional  “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

All of these dvds are available from ABC Studios and on line as well. You can also find Castle 1-5 , Grey’s Anatomy 1-9 and Scandal Seasons 1 and 2 in stores and on line as well.