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Disney Wins the Race with Cars 3


Disney has another winner with the third movie in the “Cars 3” trilogy. It looks like Lightning McQueen has finally hit the end of the road.  Actor Owen Wilson (“Zoolander” Marley and Me” “Wedding Crashers” has resumed his role as the hero of the Disney classic. After crashing in the big race, everyone has basically said that the old racing car is done. The new game in town is Jackson Storm (voiced by Armie Hammer) . He is everyone’s new star. And who gives the stats for the racers ? Only the lady who knows her stats and that is Natalie Certain. Natalie is voiced by none other than beauty icon and Washington fixer, Kerry Washington. Kerry has said in interview after interview that she is excited about being in her first animated cartoon, especially for Disney.  But Kerry isn’t the only ABC star that is in the Pixair movie.  “Goldberg’s star Jeff Garlin, “Blackish” star Jennifer Lewis and former “Castle” star , Nathan Fillion as the dashing Sterling called in to rescue Lightning ‘s career.  Sterling has a team of experts including , trainer Cruz Rasmirez. Cruz is voiced by Cristela Alonzo, who was the star of the short lived ABC series by the same name. Cruz is a tough trainer, but she has higher aspirations then just being a trainer. She has worshipped McQueen and dreamed of the day she raced. But people have taught her she can’t race and must settle. Hmmm sounds like a message movie to me. Women have been taught to settle. McQueen has one last chance to prove himself and he and Cruz work together to prepare. Does he win the race? You will have to see the movie to find out. Disney favorites Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks, and Bonnie Hunt also voice characters.

kerry and natalie

ABC’s own “Scandal” star, Kerry Washington voices Natalie , the car that knows the stats.

nathan and sterling

Nathan Fillion , who was last on the late great ABC show , “Castle” , is the fan that gives McQueen a second chance, Sterling.

lightning and cruz

Can Cruz help Lightning win the big race? You will have to see the movie to find out. What a great movie to take DAD to and the whole family will enjoy. Browncoats and Gladiators will also enjoy the movie with its awesome cast.


TV Stars Get Animated

flintstones_bewitched In the sixties  Hanna Barbara was one of the first animators to incorporate popular tv characters using the real actors . They did it  a lot on the cartoon series “The Flintstones” Here is Dick York and Elizabeth Montgomery from “Bewitched” in cartoon form for the classic episode “The Flintstones Meet the Stevens” Today thanks to shows like “Family Guy” “South Park” and “The Simspsons” pop culture is forever captured in animated form. Also a lot of television’s brightest stars have lent their voices to animated movies and series..You’d be surprised who……



jim gandolfini where the wild things areHere is the charming Carol from the film” Where The Wild Things Are ” played by the late James Gandolfini

big pussy  shark taleHere is Luka from “Shark Tale”  played by another of the Soprano gang , Vincent Pastore

frankie michael impIn the movie “Shark Tale”, the Sharks were led by their capo played by Robert DeNiro. Here is Frankie , another Soprano, Michael Imperioli

shark-tale-oscar-will-smithHere is the adorable Will Smith in “Shark Tale”  as Oscar

buzz lightyear“Toolman” Tim Allen  made three Toy Story movies as Buzz Light Year

hammy john ratzenbrgerHammy the pig is played by the incomparable John Ratzenberger of “Cheers” fame

alec-baldwin  The hilarious Alec Baldwin of “30 Rock” was the bad guy Zuba in “Madagascar 2″

melman  Since the end of “Friends” David Schwimmer has been busy as the voice of Melman in the popular “Madagascar” franchise


“Over  the Hedge” was a movie about a cunning raccoon played by Bruno himself “Bruce Willis”

allison janney mom over the hedgeEmmy award winning Allison Janney of “Mom” was terrifying in the same movie.

dory ellen“Finding Nemo” has the sweet and fun Ellen Degeneres as Dory

nathan-fillion-john-goodmanHere is the adorable John Goodman as “Sully ” and “Castle’s” own Nathan Fillion as Johnny in Disney ‘s Monsters University

tarzan and jane  md and tgDisney ‘s Tarzan had two stars in it , the hilarious Minnie Driver and the very debonair and Presidential Tony Goldwyn of “Scandal”

abigail big hero 6 klFrom Disney’s newest “Big Hero 6” its Abigail played by one of the gladiators of “Scandal” Katie Lowes

"BRAVE"Lord McGuffin and his son are voiced by none other than “Grey’s Anatomy’s ” Kevin McKidd

mulan ming naDisney  princess Mulan was voiced by  “Agents of Shield” Ming Na

jeff perry american dadFrom an episode of “American Dad” its “Scandal”s own Jeff Perry as Francine’s real dad

american dad lisa kurowIts Phoebe from “Friends” and Valerie from “The Comeback ” Lisa Kudrow on “American Dad”

500px-Adam_West_Family_GuyHere is the original television Batman Adam West as Mayor West on “Family Guy”

family guy big bang theoryJohnny Galecki as Leonard Kaley Cuoco Sweeting as Penny and of course Jim Parsons as everybody’s favorite nerd , Sheldon ..its BBT on “Family Guy”

genieAlways and forever the Genie from Disney’s “Aladdin” the late Robin Williams

houseofwhacks“Could I be more of a house” asks Matthew Perry who comes back to television as everyones favorite slob Oscar in “The Odd Couple”

how i met family guyHere is Jason Segel as Marshall Josh Radnor as Ted and the legend wait for it NPH as Barney from HIMYM on “Family Guy”

jason segel in despicable me vectorJason was also the evil Vector in the first “Despicable Me” movie

FUTURAMA  Katey Sagal (as Leela / Turanga Leela)Here is Katy Sagal of “Married With Children ” and “Sons of Anarchy”  as Leela on “Futurama”

molly quinn as supergirlHere is Alexis Castle aka Molly Quinn from “Castle” as Supergirl

stana katic supergirlHere is Mrs Castle or Stana Katic in an episode of Superman as Lois Lane

ozzie the opossum shatnerOzzie from “Over the Hedge ” is none other than James T Kirk William Shatner

patrick stewart american dadAnother Star Trek Captain ,Patrick Stewart voices Stan’s boss on “American Dad”

Queen Miranda sara ramirez “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Sara Ramirez lends her voice to Queen Miranda on “Sofia the First”

sandra oh american dadand the former Cristina Yang, Sandra Oh lent her voice on “American Dad”

the-crane-boys “Frasier” stars David Hyde Pierce , John Mahoney , and Kelsey Grammer are the villains who want to see Bart Simspson dead on “The Simpsons” Kelsey is a semi regular as the psychotic “Sideshow Bob”

the mysteries of laura  debra messing “The Mysteries of Laura” Debra Messing is a friendly ranger in “Open Season”

brother bear kenaiHere is the hot and adorable “McDreamy” Patrick Dempsey of “Grey’s Anatomy” as Kenai in “Brother Bear 2”

OPEN SEASONHere is “Two and a Half Men” ‘s Ashton Kutcher and comedian Martin Lawrence in “Open Season”

shaw-from-open-seasons-gary-siniseHere is Gary Sinise from “Open Season” as Shaw.

Screenshot_2015-01-28-19-06-04-1-1On an episode of “The Wild Thornberrys” its one of our favorites, Dan Bucatinsky , Kevin on “Marry Me” Billy from “The Comeback” and James from “Scandal”


barnyardHere is the “King of Queens ” Kevin James and Jules of “Cougar Town” Courteney Cox in “Barnyard”

hank azaria and simpsonsAnd finally we end with that man of a thousand voices Hank Azaria who has played in such movies as “The Bird Cage’ and “Along Came Polly” and appeared in “Mad About You” and “Friends” . Here he is as Moe the Bartender and Apu on “The Simpsons”