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24 Legacy Star is Author Too…


Dan Bucatinsky is a renaissance man. He is a husband, father, actor, producer, director, screenwriter, Emmy award winner, gay icon, and author. Just like a few actors who have finally gotten their shot, Dan has been all over movies and television for years. Dan really came into his own when he was cast as the gay husband of Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) on “Scandal”. It was a breakout role because James and Cyrus were the first gay couple in the halls of power. Alas James was murdered , and now his widower is poised to be the new President. Dan’s performance as the naive journalist won him an Emmy Award for his role on the ABC hit. Now Dan is on television again in the new Fox series “24 Legacy.”

Along with his projects, Dan wrote a book. It doesn’t talk about what its like to be on a hit series or the joys of coming out. With his wry sense of humor , you can tell you are going to be laughing as you read it. Even the title is funny, “Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?” Dan addresses his life as a gay parent. His accounts of his romance with director, Don Roos will make you believe in love again. It also demonstrates that gay love is real and makes people feel warm and fuzzy . It also demonstrates that gay couples are just as insecure as heterosexual ones. It is ironic that Dan talks about him and Don wanting to have kids. This is just like Dan’s character on “Scandal.” James didn’t feel fulfilled without a baby and that when Cyrus wanted to get him to stop snooping , he got him what he wanted “a big , fat squishy baby.” Dan tells of the process and pre-moms that the couple went through before they got their two kids. The funniest part is when Dan describes the types of parents that they encounter when they socialize with their kids. It is a hilarious testimony to La La Land and parenting with the rich and famous.

I also love how Dan gives all the people in his life in the book credit for the parts they played in them. He talks with love about his kids, his husband, Don. He gives a new meaning to the term GBFF with the relationship he has with his gal pal, aka Lisa Kudrow. (You might remember her from a show called “Friends.”) They have worked together on projects and movies. He also gives credit to the lovely lady who gave him the best job he ever had, Linda Lowry and also her hubby Jeff Perry. Trust me, the relationship between these two actors is real and as a gladiator , we miss James and Cyrus together. Dan embraces his heritage. I can almost picture him on the balcony of the Casa Rosada , arms stretched out as he sings “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.” He is very open about his sexuality and his belief in God. There are quite a few differences between Don and Dan. There is the obvious age difference, sometimes the kids like Don more than Dan. (Dan is Daddy and Don is Poppi) , Dan is Jewish, Don is Catholic and neither of them practices their religion. Dan embraces his Judaism more than Don. Don denies his childhood religious up bringing.

If you are completely lost in the sea of gay parenthood , I totally recommend this book for you and your partner. I also recommend it if you are just plain having a bad day, it will make you laugh. I also recommend it for the many gladiators . You will get a view of one of the sweetest characters in the midst of the lying, murdering , and cheating world of the Capitol. It also might be the introduction to new fans of the wonderful actor as they watch Andy help the team on “24 legacy.”


Here is Dan and his husband , Don Roos. The book is mostly about the adventures of being parents to Eliza and Jonah

cyrus and james scandal

Here is Dan in his Emmy winning role of James Novak on “Scandal” James had it rough married to the Chief of Staff of the POTUS. Cyrus had his share of secrets and James lost his life keeping them. Cyrus is holding Ella at her christening.



A Golden Birthday for a Former Gladiator

dan buckatinsky“Scandal” hasn’t been the same since “James Novak” was killed off about two years ago. But that is only because of the awesome actor who played him , Dan Bucatinsky. Dan has done it all , produced, written, and directed , as well as acted in a number of movies and shows.  Dan is not only an active member of the show business community, but a proud gay parent and loving husband. Today we celebrate Dan’s fiftieth birthday with this tribute to this show business dynamo and all around cool guy.

dan in high schoolDan was born in New York City on September 22,1965 to Argentinean- Jewish  parents Julio and Myrium .

dan and don as young

Dan met his husband in 1992 when he asked him to be his date. Don and Dan finally married in 2008 when same sex marriage was temporarily recognized in California. Dan was a graduate of Vassar.

dan and don and kidsHere is Don and Dan with their two children , Eliza and Jonah. Don is a movie director and in the business as well.

dan and lisaHere is Dan and his best friend , Lisa Kudrow . Lisa and Dan have also been business partners on several motion picture and television projects. One of the most successful is HBO’s “The Comeback” . Lisa has been nominated for her role on the comedy. Dan played Valerie’s publicist , Billy.

comeback season 2

does the baby look gayDan is also an author as well. He wrote an account of him and Don becoming parents and embracing the humorous side of being a gay parent. The book is titled Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight? Confessions of a Gay Dad.

dan-bucatinsky-friendsDan has done dozens of guest starring roles on television shows through the years. Here he is with buddy Lisa as “Phoebe” when he played a waiter on FRIENDS. It was titled “The One With Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner”.

dan as producer on greysDan has also been an executive producer on “Grey’s Anatomy”. also appeared on an episode of the show as well.Here he is with Kevin McKidd who plays Dr Owen Hunt

ALL OVER THE GUY, Dan Bucatinsky, Richard Ruccolo, 2001, (c) Lions Gate

In 2001, Dan wrote the screenplay to “All Over the Guy” which he also starred in. He also produced the movie.

scandal james and cyrusBut the role that has brought Dan into everyone’s living rooms was when Shonda Rhimes cast him as the husband of Grant, Chief of Staff, Cyrus Bean( Jeff Perry), James Novak.  People loved to watch the tempestuous marriage between two opinionated men.

group shotHere is Dan with some of the cast members of “Scandal” . He is still very close to all of them.  Included is Scott Foley, Tony Goldwyn, Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz.

christeningOne of the major storylines of the couple was when the two men wanted to adopt a baby. Here they are at their daughter’s christening in “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.”

james deathJames poked around too much and one night was shot.  We never saw a body so he could still be alive.

dan-wins-emmy__140325000011In 2013, Dan won the Emmy for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series for “Scandal”


In 2014, Dan appeared on an NBC series “Marry Me” with Tim Meadows playing his husband. The series only lasted one season.

dan birthday picSo Chitownstarconnections wishes Dan a happy , happy birthday!!