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Actors and Actresses Who Played Doctors

Caduceus Medical Symbol

In special honor of National Doctor Day, we are proud to present our favorite  actors and actresses who have played doctors through the years



dr ken jeong

He has made people laugh in movies like Role Models . but Ken Jeong keeps everyone in stitches on ABC’s Dr Ken. He was also a real doctor

big bang theory

They may never lift a scalpel , but these science guys and gals have PHds in comedy.  Plus Amy Farrah Fowler aka Mayim Bialik has a real PHd .


You can’t talk about doctor shows without talking about those sexy surgeons on “Grey’s Anatomy” Many of these actors have gone on to other pursuits including Chyler Leigh on “Supergirl” and Eric Dane on “The Last Ship”. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) is starring in the third Bridget Jones movie since his “death”


tony on matlock

Today he is the President on “Scandal” but here is Tony Goldwyn as a young intern on “Matlock ” in the eighties

bellamy young on scrubs

Bellamy Young broke quite a few hearts as a female surgeon on “Scrubs” Today she aims for the White House on “Scandal”

josh malina in bones

Here Joshua Malina helps the team on “Bones” out as a psychiatrist

joe morton as dr charles richmond

Joe Morton has caused the cast members of “Scandal” much grief as Rowan Pope . Here he is as Dr Charles Richmond  on “Proof” last year

kate burton as ellis grey

As Sally Langston, Kate Burton terrorizes everyone on “The Liberty Report” Let’s not forget that she was the brilliant Dr Ellis Grey who was the mother of Meredith on “Grey’s”

dr temperance bones

Emily Deschnel is Dr Temperance Brennan , a doctor who loves to mess with dead things like “Bones”

waitress  darby stanchfield and nathan fillion

From the indie movie “Waitress” is the woman behind the man on “Scandal” Darby Stanchfield and TV’s favorite writer/ investigator Nathan Fillion from “Castle”. They played husband and wife gynecologists

tamala jones on castle

Tamala Jones is the doc who helps solve crimes on “Castle” as Dr Lainie Parrish.

debbie allen katherine avery

Debbie Allen has had a long career and currently she wears two hats . She is producer on “Grey’s Anatomy”where she plays Dr Katherine Avery

er cast photo

Before there was sex in the on call rooms of “Grey’s” ER “was the medical show for 15 seasons. “Good Wife’s Julianne Marguilles played Nurse Carol to the original McDreamy George Clooney.

Virginia Dixon mary mcdonnell

She runs the unit in LA called “Major Crimes” , but she also was a doctor looking to be the new cardio attending on “Grey’s” Mary McDonnell


I think everyone can name these doctors as among their favorite tv doctors. It’s the doctors of the 4077th of the classic tv series “M*A*S*H*” G W Bailey of “Major Crimes” played a happy sergeant by the name of Rizzo.

st elsewhere cast

Another great doctor show was “St Elsewhere” . Superstar Denzel Washington got his start from this show . CSI’s Mark Harmon was also a cast member as a playboy doctor who got AIDS.This was also the starting place of comic Howie Mandel as well.

frasier niles and liith

Everyone’s favorite shrinks were obviously Dr Niles Crane, Dr Lilith Sternin , and of course the king of radio shrinks Frasier Crane

chicago hope

Before ER, there was another hospital that was open in the Windy City, “Chicago Hope” . Mandy Pantinkin of “Homeland” was a surgeon . Adam Arkin spent a large part of the season this year on “How to Get Away With Murder” .

csi miami khandi

Khandi Alexander used to help Horatio and the guys on “CSI Miami” . Most recently . she has been known as  the escaped Maya Pope on “Scandal” , the mother of Olivia

scrubs - cast

Bill Lawrence wanted to write a medical show not only with heart , but with laughter. So he created “Scrubs” . Northwestern ‘s Zach Braff headed a cast of looney hospital staffers as he looked for love.

marcus welby md

One of the most popular shows of the seventies was “Marcus Welby MD “. Robert Young was the old fashioned doctor with a new associate . James Brolin of “Life in Pieces” and also the father of “Castle” played Dr Steven Kiley


The modern black woman is played by Tracee Ellis Ross on “Blackish” Her doctor is constantly at comic odds with her ad man hubby.

trapper john md

A “M*A*S*H*” spin off that was successful was “Trapper John MD” Pernell Roberts was the third actor to play the iconic doctor. Trap was now in San Francisco and Chief of Surgery . He had a young upstart played by Gregory Harrison who has recently guest starred on “Castle” . Aaron Sorkin stallworth Timothy Busfield was his son and Broadway actor Brian Stokes Mitchell played a young intern.


Shonda Rhimes second series “Private Practice”  was a spin off of “Grey’s” Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery let Seattle and her hubby go . She settled at a clinic in LA with her best friend Naomi and her colleagues. Today three of these actors are currently on tv. Tim Daly is the husband of “Madam Secretary” Paul Adelstein is the fixer boyfriend of Abby on “Scandal’ and Caterina Scorsone reprises her role of Dr. Amelia Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy”

beverly crusher

Gates McFadden played another Star Trek doctor ,Commander  Beverly Crusher on “Star Trek  the Next Generation”

bones mccoy

Deforrest Kelley as Dr. Leonard  Bones McCoy kept the original crew of the Enterprise  healthy on “Star Trek”

ross and leonard green

The two men in Rachel Green’s life on “Friends” were both doctors. Ron Leibman played Dr Leonard Green, her father and David Schwimmer played Dr Ross Geller , her paleontologist boyfriend and father of her child.

sean meher  firefly

We finish up this salute to doctors with Dr Simon Tam aka Sean Maher on the legendary sci fi show “Firefly”  He took care of the crew of the Serenity.


Drama Is Part of Their Lives . . . TV Actors Who Direct TVs Best Dramas

drama-masksPreviously , we talked about the actors who made us laugh and then directed. Now with brilliant shows like “Mad Men” “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” , many of the actors who play on television currently on dramatic shows have been on  the other side of the camera as director .

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABesides being married to TV’s Laura , Jonathan Frakes has directed many episodes from the “Star Trek” franchise. Currently he has directed an episode from the ABC hit “Castle” and also the TNT show “Falling Skies.”

eric-mccormack-perceptionEric McCormack earned his tv fame for playing Will Truman on “Will and Grace” , now he continues on as the brilliant Daniel Pierce on TNTs “Perception” Using his mind to solve crimes, McCormack has joined the fraternity of actors who have directed their own series. Eric also had a reunion with his former “Will and Grace”  co star, Debra Messing on “The Mysteries of Laura”

kevin-mckiddKevin McKidd has been a part of the Grey’s family for quite a few years now. He has a fantastic singing voice that he got to use  in the musical episode. He has also directed at least seven episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” where he portrays Dr. Owen Hunt.

chandra-wilsonAs Bailey on “Grey’s Anatomy”, Chandra Wilson  knew how to control her interns. She has taken that knowledge to heart by directing at least ten episodes of GA.

debie allen

Debbie Allen is no stranger to either side of the camera. She has directed from “A Different World” to her own show “Fame” Currently she appears as Catherine Avery on “Grey’s Anatomy” . She has directed GA as well as sister show “Scandal” and most recently “Empire”

tom vericaTom Verica has acted in movies and television for years. He is currently one of the producers of “Scandal” and has also directed the hit series. Tom spent this past season as Sam Keating on “How to Get Away With Murder.”

roger-and-don-mad-menAs Roger and the infamous Don Draper, Jon Hamm and John Slattery are partners in directing as well. They have both taken turns directing the AMC soon to be classic “Mad Men.” The show is in its final season.

laura-innesLaura Innes is really true to her Chicago roots. She graduated from Northwestern University, went on to star as Dr. Kerry Weaver on “ER” and also directed the series. I had the pleasure of being directed by this all business girl. She has also directed “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” “The West Wing” and most recently “How to Get Away With Murder”

On Location For "Law & Order SVU" - December 15, 2011Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order SVU is truly a power woman. As well as playing the tough but tender detective Olivia Benson , she has been at the director’s helm at least twice on her series.

eriq-la-salleEric LaSalle has proven himself as a director as well as an actor. As well as “ER” he has directed “The Night Shift” , CSI Cyber” , and “The Night Shift” most recently.

"Insomnia" Premiere

Paul McCrane began his career with the song he sang in the movie “Fame” But then his career took him to the classic series “ER” as Dr Rocket Romano pursuing the beautiful Dr Elizabeth Corday. Following his demise, he has directed for ‘ER” “The West Wing” “Scandal” “Glee” and “Nashville” as well “The Closer” and “Major Crimes”


Anthony Edwards was the pal to Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” lead the “Revenge of the Nerds” and cemented his place in television history pre Greys as the “hospital” show as Dr Mark Greene on “ER” . His television death brought tears to my eyes. He directed four episodes of the series that lasted a record fifteen seasons.

paul_adelstein_2007_05_15 When the show “Private Practice” ended, Paul Adelstein had another job at Shondaland . He became Leo Bergen , Sally’s henchman during the election on “Scandal” Paul directed an episode of his series “Private Practice.” Didn’t know Paul was a Chicago boy.

dan-bucatinsky-400x600Dan Bukatinsky was well known as a producer, writer, and director even before his Emmy winning role as “James” on “Scandal” He has served with the consulting  producer title on “Grey’s Anatomy” for many years. He has also directed the Showtime series of pal Lisa Kudrow’s “Web Therapy” .He will also be a part of Lisa’s show “The Comeback.” on and off camera as well. The HBO show that was unjustly cancelled will be returning in November. Dan is also on “Marry Me”

scott-foley-felcity-and-monkScott’s character may have spirited away the fair Olivia from Washington and her true love, but Scott Foley’ doesn’t have anything less than his competition. Scott has actually taken the lead in the upcoming movie “Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife” . He stars, directs, and has written the movie in post production. Scott has directed “Felicity” and “Monk”

AndrewNichols1VP Elect Andrew Nichols, on “Scandal”  has captured the First Lady’s heart , but Jon Tenney has also helmed behind the camera on his two former series . They are the TNT hits “Major Crimes” and “The Closer” .

jeff-perry-adAs the right hand man to the President , Cyrus Beane , Jeff has a finger in every body’s pie. It should come to no one ‘s surprise that he has directed as well . He directed the late great series “My So Called Life” and is also one of the founders of the world famous Steppenwolf Theatre here in Chicago.

TonyLast but certainly not least, we come to the consummate director and actor. Tony Goldwyn has proven himself on and behind the camera. From the bad guy in ” Ghost” to his current role as President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant on “Scandal” Tony has played a variety of roles , directed many movies and series as well as his own ,with his favorite leading lady.Tony has also excelled in theatre and sang on Broadway in the musical “Promises, Promises”

TV’s Most Passionate Kisses

Beach sceneIt’s Valentine ‘s time again and this time we salute television’s most passionate couples. Either brought together by fate or riders of love’s roller coasters, these couples bring passion to the small screen. We  have included some new ones and old ones so enjoy

 moonlightingMoonlighting’s Maddie and David bantered and bickered until this moment. This is when the fighting ended and the lovin started.  Glass was broke and furniture was wrecked when these two let loose.

mondler's kiss“FRIENDS” set the standard for romance in the nineties. Friends became lovers when Monica and Chandler slept together for the first time in London.  Here they are in Vegas when they decide to get married after a crap game.

lobster kissBut the couple that first captured America’s hearts was Ross and Rachel.  Forced to choose between Julie and Rachel, Ross comes to his senses for their first kiss.  It was in the rain and it was hot.

er kiss“ER” gave us the first McDreamy in Clooney’s Doug Ross. The love of his life was Carol Hathaway (The Good Wife) Julianna Marguiles. Carol let Doug go and she stayed in Chicago to have his babies.  But true love prevailed and Carol ran to Seattle to be with Doug.

meredith and derek proposalWhen  Meredith returned to Seattle , she had no idea that she would find true love. She found it in the guise of the dreamy Derek Shepherd. He decided to propose in the elevator where so many kisses had taken place.  Amid the many brain scans, she said yes.

calzona kissIt took a shooting spree in Seattle Grace to bring these two girls to their senses. Calliope and Arizona are two smart women who got married and have an adorable little girl named Sophie. They have her thanks to their late friend, Mark

mark and lexi kiss

These two are now united together in eternity. Dr Mark Sloane and Dr Lexi Grey.


She was hit by an icicle and Cupid’s arrow at the same time..Grey’s hasn’t been the same since Cristina left Owen . It’s Dr Cristina Yang and Dr. Owen Hunt

1x20_deacon_raynaThey made beautiful music together until his boozing tore them apart. She then married another man and raised their child together. Leaving Luke at the altar , she was free to return to the love of her life.But is it too late for “Nashville’s Deacon and Rayna.

juliette and avery nashville They finally found love together and are having a baby. It’s finally a happy ending for Juliette and Avery on “Nashville”

casey and dawsonThey heat up Chicago more than the fires they fight together.It’s Casey and Dawson on “Chicago Fire”

halstead and lindsayPartners becomes lovers …it’s the very hot Halsted and Lindsay of “Chicago PD”

Finn-and-Rachel-kiss,-1_2It’s a very sad tale in real life as well when Cory Monteith and Lea Michele had planned to get married and he turned  up dead.They were the nerd and the jock on “Glee” as Rachel and Finn

brittany and santana kissBrittany and Santana were two cheerleaders in love on “Glee”

kurt and blaine gleeTwo boys who can’t keep their love a secret . But is that love doomed? Here’s hoping for “Glee’s” Kurt and Blaine

bones-and-castle_161455_1He needed a muse for his writing , so he decided to tag along with an NYPD detective. In the end , Kate fell in love with Rick and now they are a married couple. Is a baby also in the future for Richard Castle and Kate Beckett Castle?

Esplanie-esplanie-28235577-460-340It’s on again and off again for the lovers of the 12th on “Castle” . It’s Lainie and Esposito

shamy kissLove can come to nerds too. That is why we love this couple. Amy has been more than patient with Sheldon and finally last Valentines’ they kissed. Wonder when the next step will happen on “The Big Bang Theory”

the-big-bang-theory-penny-and-leonardIt started out as the nerd and the hot girl , now Leonard and Penny have matured enough to be engaged. It’s the story of the actress and the physicist on “BBT”

abby-david-rosenShe started out to use him and then they realized they were in love. I hope this isn’t the end of “Scandal”s Abby and David.

3x14-james-and-cy-kissingThese two met on the “Trail ” and then married. On a regular basis , they battled in the halls of the White House while harboring nasty secrets. Sadly, while digging to find the truth James was shot. He will always be the great love of his life no matter what. We can’t get enough of James and Cyrus on”Scandal.”

S4_E8_010_-_Andrew-MelliePower was the aphrodisiac that destroyed this couple . Andrew Nichols was going to be Vice President. He had been in love with Mellie for years while he served as her husband ‘s lt governor and then he swept the First Lady off her feet. They heated up the White House until he went too far. Andrew and Mellie of “Scandal”

huck and quinn kiss

Blood turns this couple on and when they get together, it is usually murder . The couple that tortures together stays together like Quinn and Huck of “Scandal”

olivia and fitzBut the most passionate couple on television is the Fixer and the President. Fitz and his Livvy used to not be able to  keep their hands off each other. Their love is so powerful that he went to war for her and built a.  house for them. Let’s hope there is a happy ending for Olivia and Fitzgerald on “Scandal”

Meet The Parents


There have been a lot of famous folk playing the moms and dads of tv’s best.  Who could ever forget Martin Sheen as crazy Rose’s dad on Two and a Half Men or the fabulous Holland Taylor as Alan and Charlie’s mom ?  Let’s look back on these famous  moms and dads


LeonardmomChristine Baranski may be fighting her own battles on ‘The Good Wife”  but she also fights the good fight with her son the “Underachiever” Dr Leonard Hofstadter on “The Big Bang Theory.”

Sheldon momEmmy award winner Laurie Metcalf plays the religious mom with the son with the brain on “The Big Bang Theory”  As Sheldon’s simple mom, she deals with his high IQ and ego.  Little known fact, Laurie was married to Jeff Perry of “Scandal”

mama McGarrettCarol Burnett ‘s claim to fame is  her variety show “The Carol Burnett Show” in  the 70’s. Most recently though she played mother to one of Hawaii’s finest Steve McGarrett on “Hawaii Five O”

Mama AveryThe fab and “Fam-ous” Debbie Allen took a turn at playing  mom with the very hot Dr Jackson Avery on “Grey’s Anatomy”  She has also involved herself with the very suave and sophisticated Richard Webber as well.

mama burkeDiahann Carroll is a timeless beauty . From playing Whitley’s mom on ‘A“Different World” to the difficult Momma Burke who ripped off Christina Yang’s eye brows on “Grey’s Anatomy” . She remains a lady of class and sophistication.

115888_658-1.jpgHector Elizondo played the very loving and understanding Carlos Torres to his daughter Dr Calliope Torres on “Grey’s Anatomy”

mama McdreamyTyne Daly  is know for playing cop on “Cagney and Lacey” but on “Grey’s Anatomy”she is mom to Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd and Amelia Shepherd. She was also like a mom to the late Mark “McSteamy” Sloan.

KATE BURTON, ELLEN POMPEOSally was the Vice President who tried to steal the White House on “Scandal” But here is Kate Burton as the mother battling Alzheimer’s , Dr Ellis Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”.

thatcher and lexieHere is Jeff Perry who is the busy body of the Oval Office on “Scandal” Cyrus when he was the father of the late Lexi Grey and Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”  Thatcher Grey

PopesJoe Morton was dumped by socialite Whitley on “A Different World” and Khandi Alexander was on “ER” as Peter Benton’s sister and then a regular on “CSI Miami” . Together  they are the evil parents of Olivia Pope – Eli/Rowan and Maya Pope on “Scandal”

GrantsBarry Bostwick is no stranger to politics he is best know for playing Mayor Randall M. Winston Jr on “Spin City” but “Scandal” fans know his him as the no good father of President Fitzgerald Grant the 3rd, The only good thing Fitzgerald Grant did right was creating one hot son!

KevinsTim Meadows made us laugh on “SNL” and Dan Bucatinsky made us cry on “Scandal” as James  . He was father to a baby , now he is a father to Annie on “Marry Me” as Kevin.

Castle FamilySusan Sullivan played Maggie in the 80’s on “Falcon Crest” and James Brolin played Dr. Kiley on “Marcus Welby MD” in the 70’s. Together they are the parents of writer Richard Castle on “Castle”

KateJimScott Paulin has been in movies such as” Turner and Hooch “and TV shows such as” Moonlighting. “:Currently he plays Jim Beckett to recently married bad ass NYPD detective Kate Beckett on “Castle”

BrackenFirst known for playing gay son , Steven Carrington on “Dynasty” Jack Coleman has made quite a name for himself in recent years. He was the in the closet husband of Sally Langston on “Scandal” , the evil Senator Bracken on “Castle.” Currently he is the father of Ruzek on “Chicago PD”

Scrubs  JD and Elliot from “Scrubs” both have parent issues. Here is the late great John Ritter and from “Night Court” Markie Post as the two residents mom and dad.

Cougar.Town.S02E06.HDTV.XviD-LOLCourteney Cox plays the confused and lovable  Jules on “Cougar Town”   Creator Bill Lawrence likes to put his alums to work as well. Jules ‘s father is played by none other than Ken Jenkins who played the nasty Dr Bob Kelso on Lawrence’s hit series “Scrubs”

Chandlers parentsHis mom is an erotic novelist who kissed his best friend and his father is a drag queen. Welcome to the world of Chandler Bing on “Friends” Played to perfection by Morgan Fairchild and Kathleen Turner

the gellersIsn’t this a lovely family portrait of the Geller family on Friends? St Elsewhere’s Christina Pickles and Elliot Gould played the parents of  Monica and Ross.

RachelSandra“That Girl” Marlo Thomas introduced herself to a new generation when she did “Friends” she was the new independent mom of Rachel .. then Jen donated her time to Marlo’s favorite cause … St Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Chicago FireThe two fireman of 51, Treat Williams plays Kelly Severide’s father on “Chicago Fire”

Chicago FireRichard Roudtree aka John Shaft plays retired Detective Boden, father of Chief Wallace Boden on “Chicago Fire”

Royal PainsHere is the very handsome Lawson family on USA”s “Royal Pains” Henry Winkler made a name for himself on “Happy Days”  and Edward Asner was Mary’s boss on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”


Mama CarterMary McDonnell played Carter’s mom on “ER” . Today   she is Rusty’s mom Sharon Raydor on “Major Crimes”

mike-and-molly149Swoosie Kurtz played Alex on “Sisters. Today  she s mom to Molly on “Mike and Molly”

RosedadPresident “Martin ” Sheen guested on his son’s show “Two and a Half Men” as the hilariously unstable Rose’s father who was crazier than her. He was obsessed with their mother.

MrsHarperHolland Taylor plays mom to Alan  and the late Charlie  on “Two and a Half Men”

GraceBobbiIn real life Debbie Reynolds is mother to Princess Leia but on TV she was mom to Grace on “Will and Grace”

barney's DadFinally we end up with that bon vivant and legend- wait for it  dary  Neil Patrick Harris . Here he is as Barney on “HIMYM” with another television legend John Lithgow playing his father. John was Dick on “Third Rock From the Sun”