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Foolish and Dangerous Games

header gladiator report

Before the regular episode, Madam Shonda had the ABC network preempt the anchor show of TGIT, “Grey’s Anatomy.” She gave gladiators one of their favorite episodes, “The Trail.” Why was this done? Shonda wanted to un do the damage that had ruined the show and lead her viewers back . The best moments of Olitz came from that episode. Fitz and Olivia meet , she tells him that he needs to screw his wife, and then the two realize that it isn’t just a cheap affair, but a budding romance. Between the beginning of Olitz, we see the dead body of Amanda Tanner as David Rosen and his assistant trying to solve the so called suicide, Quinn is involved with the reporter trying to find out about Amanda Tanner. , and by taking a trip back in time, we get to see the late Harrison Wright and the late James Novack. But the main focus is the start of this romance and how passionate these two people were.  Six seasons we have watched the POTUS and the Fixer have as many ups and downs as Ross and Rachel. And yes, when Fitz and Liv were on a break, Fitz slept with a lot of women.  “The Trail” was also the end of the first season when we learned about Quinn and also the first time that Fitz offered to give up the White House. Liv let her fears get the best of her and so she and Mellie hatched up the idea to say that the woman on the tape was her. Best line from that episode, “I know how to fake it with my wife, you taught me well.”

and you are ...

Fitz and Olivia meet for the first time. She confronts him about his dead marriage and how it needs to be resurrected. This relationship is the heart and soul of “Scandal” and the favorite of both Tony and Kerry.

Flash forward to tonight,  David finally gets some courtesy of his new girlfriend, “Samantha”. I wonder how Jeff Perry felt about his daughter rolling around with him. Zoe Perry has officially made the transition to evil villain. Taking evil cues from her mother in “Scream 2” and her father on “Scandal.” , she makes a delicious evil bitch who makes Poppa Pope look like a choir boy.  The big news is that Cyrus has been cleared of all charges. With everything that happened, Olivia wants Mellie to concede. Cyrus is now being told that he will become POTUS.  Abby takes him to a hotel room and he only asks one thing, to see his daughter. Michael doesn’t think he is worthy. Olivia goes to see him and he throws her out for not believing in him. Olivia knows to bring in the big guns and Fitz convinces him to take the Oval. But things are also beginning to unravel, while David celebrates his coitus with the mystery woman, Jake tells him to get out or he will get killed by his new lover. Mellie is not ready to give up yet either, Lizzie Bear tells her not to make the speech. Liv gets condolences because Fitz says that she did deserve this.


It is obvious that these two are still very much in love. He always wants his woman to win. He knew how important it was for Mellie to be President.

But one thing is for sure, you don’t mess around with Olivia Pope. Angela was given her walking papers tonight. First of all, she was asking her boyfriend about his ex girlfriend’s visits to the White House. First of all, you don’t question Fitz about Olivia and Angela didn’t know that. Angela wanted to start problems and it was obvious she was gunning for Olivia. That was just enough for Fitz to say Bye Bye Felicia. But Rowan informs Olivia that if Cyrus becomes President, they both are dead.

cyrus press conference

Despite feeling he is not worthy, Cyrus(Jeff Perry)  tells the press at the Lincoln Memorial that he will be sworn in as President , for the memory of Frankie Vargas. Fitz(Tony Goldwyn)  is at his side since he convinced him to clean up.

Mellie is terrified. She wants the Presidency but not at what it costs. After all, her ex won by fixing and deceit. Lizzie is behind her one hundred per cent. But then, Peus shows up and inform the Senator that she will win the White House. She says she doesn’t want it and then she is informed that it is too late. They also inform her that they will be running the show.  It is sad but the “Mystery Lady” picks up a golf club and murders Lizzie right before her eyes. That isn’t all, she informs Mellie that if she goes anywhere to tell about the murder,they will kill Teddy and Karen. When Olivia found out, she sent Jake to take care of Mellie. He is ready to take over as Veep.

mellie is terrified

 Hasn’t Mellie ( Bellamy Young )been through enough in pursuit of the White House?

There is no doubt who is the MVG for this episode is the soon to be ex President , Fitz. He has been taking fixer lessons from Livvy. In a short time, he convinces Cyrus to clean himself up, take care of the Bad Guys, and get the girl in the end. He also sends the FBI whore Angela packing when she announces her plans to have Olivia arrested for her part in the Vargas set up. Olivia  couldnt be more overjoyed because this will take care of Mellie not getting in the White House. Fitz tells her that he is afraid of losing her forever. She informs him he has. By reassigning Angela, he has Rowan arrested and Liv is livid. He has him arrested in his custody. Together , they will bring down Peus. But before that, Olivia and him do something

olitz together

Olivia and Fitz finally kiss (Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn)


A Twisty , Crazy Kind of Story

the grant report

Shonda is a fucking genius. While we have been cursing her out for wrecking “Scandal”, she has managed to turn her entire show  back to where it should be. That’s the great thing about this show and Ms Rhimes, you can’t predict what’s going to happen. An examination of concscience , makes Olivia think about where she and Fitz are. But there is a lot of goodies before the two meet in a very familiar place.

Lately, Shonda and Olivia have been talking a lot of about history .  In the past two shows, there have been a ton of references to the past. Huck’s shooting  has made Olivia examine how far they have had to go for Fitz. The last time she made this kind of examination was when Rowan had Tom kill Jerry Jr. She and Cyrus sat and talked about becoming monsters. Olivia has gone through a lot in one hundred shows. She has fallen in love, become the world’s best fixer, worked in the White House, been kidnapped, had the men she love suffer for their relationships, reconcile with her absentee father and mother,  live with the leader of the free world, dump him, and murder the Vice President.  The 100th episode causes gladiators to remember the best and worst of this Capitol romance. That is what has made it different than other political dramas, in its purest form its a romance between a Washington fixer and her love affair with the President of the United States. But not just that, it is also has political intrigue and “Scandal”, the title isn’t too far from the truth.

But that’s another post…Jake, Fitz and Olivia are in the WH and they are trying to make sense of everything that has happened with Vargas. Olivia is glad her friend is going to be alright , but wonders how far she has gone for politics and fixing elections and murder. Did any of them sign up for this ? But then Olivia and Jake , think back to Defiance and the act that changed everyone lives.

“Scandal’s 100 is a twisted  version of  “It’s A Wonderful Life” . Instead of the I had never been born scenario, we have a if I never fixed the election scenario. Olivia goes back in her mind to the Grant jet and the vote. This time she says no…..she can’t fix the election. And as predicted, Fitz Grant never wins and becomes a normal citizen. A lot of the story is predictable…Fitz proposes to Olivia and they get married in a grand wedding. He has divorced Mellie and you would think they would live happily ever. Things change for a lot of the people. The winner for best comeback from the past has to go to “24 Legacy’s ” Dan Bucatinsky . Dan brought back the charm and sweetness that he won the Emmy  for his portrayal of the love of Cyrus’s life. We all know that Cyrus doesn’t love Michael, this proves that he was indeed meant to be with Mr. Novak. But in this episode, he is not paired with James. He has a much more dangerous partner in mind. The two are invited to the Pope – Grant nuptials, but they can’t sit together. James is disgusted by the way Cyrus treats him.

cyrus and james argue

So Cyrus thinks of his political future , both Grants are married following the divorce.

cyrus and mellie wed

Mellie enters into another political marriage … Mrs Cyrus Beene.. two political monsters

mr and mrs grant

And the other Grant marries for love…Governor and Mrs Fitzgerald Grant the Third…yes it happens in this universe.

The wedding is the social event of the season. Olivia ‘s gown is Anne Barge .   All of the gladiators are there . Huck gives her away since we all know that Rowan wouldn’t be welcome. (Well she never gets to know him in this universe) Abby is her maid of honor . Lindsay Dwyer is a reality star. (Quinn never came to be) There also might be a glance of Columbus Short in the audience. Yet with such brilliant imaginations, some characters were MIA from the episode. Where were the Grant children? Shouldn’t they have wanted to meet their stepmother? And Stephen should have been there as well. After all, he was the one to come back to rescue Liv.  Verna was probably dead because she was secretly suffering from cancer. But one man did show up at the wedding and that was Rowan. He couldn’t stand to see his little girl marry this man. Huck takes his place next to Liv

huck and liv , she gives him away

Huck gives away Olivia to her groom… Fitz

lindsay is queen

Lindsay is looking for her prince on a reality show

But things have never been better for Olivia professionally , she is working with social justice advocate , Marcus White. Fitz is now a political analyst , the equivalent of Sally’s show “The Liberty Report. It comes on every day at three. THE GRANT REPORT

the grant report

But this is all Fitz has. Olivia is making waves in Washington. She makes her way into the White House

liv in the WH

Olivia does get into the White House.. with very different results.

fitz needs a drink

But all Fitz can do is drink and be filled with regrets. He is jealous of his wife’s success and sickened by the fact that Mellie is running for President. He is this tv host that interviews reality stars.  He really hates the fact that he couldn’t even win the election.  Olivia tells him that she was the reason that he didn’t win was because she voted not to fix the election. He couldn’t have done it because he was mediocre and ineffectual.  The romance is dead and so is the Grants sex life. But Mellie goes ahead with her plans for the Oval and they include getting Novak as a reporter to help them. Cyrus is thrown by this development and tries to hide his relationship from his bride. But they try to get rid of Sally Langston by outing Daniel as a gay man. Mellie realizes that her hubby is gay and she can’t out another man and wreck a marriage. Her own marriage is no more than a lie. The man who gets the photos of Daniel is none other than Rowan. He and Cyrus are working together.  Fitz is questioning his and Olivia ‘s relationship and accuses her of having an affair with Marcus. He never sees her and so he drinks and then considers having an affair with Lindsay in his dressing room. But then he sees things all so clear. Olivia considers divorcing Fitz until she gets a visit from Mellie. She tells her she realizes that she made the right decision. She couldn’t have been First Lady if she knew that Fitz didn’t actually win.  Fitz realizes that he is lucky to have Liv and tells her that. Liv makes the final move as they meet and she hands him an envelope . With the way she talks with Abby, we assume the envelope has divorce papers. Instead , there is a deed for a house in Georgetown . She realizes that they are worth fighting for , courtesy of Mellie.

i'm in

But then we return to the present day,  Olivia has had time to think about her and Fitz and the present day situation. He wants to declare Cyrus innocent and also give him the Presidency as his successor. She just wants to end it, Cyrus will be happy, they can finally be happy, but one person won’t be happy

mad mellie the bitch

The Evangelization of Fitzgerald Grant

header gladiator report

Somebody has been a bad boy! Ever since Fitz has gotten his heart broken , he has let someone take over his body, his Father. Abby has a new job, Presidential pimp. Her job is to usher the parade of bimbos through the White House to Fitz’s bed. Well, he is a healthy , heterosexual male and girls it is a shame to waste all that sex appeal. The line forms in the rear to play Presidential whores. But the Commander in Chief isn’t the only one who wants to play , his boys want to play as well. Unfortunately, the party gets out of hand and there is a dead body at a Secret Service party. Instead of it getting back to the media, Abby calls in the calvary. Finally the “gladiators” are back on the job in the White House.

Unfortunately, there are costs to Fitz’s new freedom. He forgets that Mellie is coming over for Teddy’s visit and Mellie catches him with a girl. Mellie reverts back to her old self, and tells Fitz “you can screw all the whores you want, but keep them away from my child” Mellie picks up her child and takes him away from his philandering daddy. Fitz returns to his bedroom and the flavor of the day. But this girl has some news about Olivia working with Mellie. The two are working on the release of Mellie’s memoirs. Since the breakup, Olivia has changed her behavior as well. She has become Jake’s stalker . Crouching behind the wheel of her car, she watches Jake on a date with a woman. Jake sees her and then comes over to tease her. He knows this is killing her.

The race to the White House continues with trickery, truth, and sex. Rosen continues his affair with Susan and also with Lizzie Bear. Cyrus has made Governor Francisco Marcus his project and has even gotten the Governor on the Liberty Report . Cyrus has also been doing some digging and finds out that the Governor has one very sick little girl. He knows he won’t run.So Cyrus  The governor also has an education program for free college that he is trying to push. Fitz is not impressed by him at all. Liz talks David into making Susan go on Sally’s show and talk about the same plan. Once again she is being played.

It is painfully obvious who tonight’s MVG is and that is President Fitz Grant himself. Tony’s performance once again showed a troubled man who didn’t know how to handle rejection. He is a man caught between women and it is still very obvious that the “Fixer” holds a place in his heart. For the past two weeks, the network had teased about a showdown between the former lovers. He has spent his entire term being a man who is torn between being his own man and being someone’s puppet. With no partner , he is confused because he has been with someone for so long. He reverts back to the only male role model he has known and that is his father. When Olivia entered the Oval, you could cut the air with a knife. Then the couple greet each other like they had before with their traditional “Hi”. The eyes tell the story as we could almost see the tears welling up in Fitz’s eyes as he stares at her. Olivia calls him on the carpet about his behavior. At first, he tells her that she has no right to question his behavior. But then she reminds him of who he is and how he needs to be an example to Teddy. She also asks him if he wants to be remembered for being wreckless. Once again her words make the POTUS think, especially when she compares him to his father. Fitz calls Susan into the Oval and then tells her to be true to herself and not to let people play her. He also says that she will want his endorsement when the time comes . After this , he addresses the press and tells that he does not endorse the actions of his SSA and there will be consequences. Olivia sits by a television and watches her “man” be the President she knows he can be. Maybe there is hope yet, gladiators. The spark is still there.

Olivia starts her week by going to her dad’s. Eli is surprised to see her . She walks into the house and sees Jake and his new girlfriend. Eli proposes a toast to Jake and Vanessa, his fiance. Jake is getting married!!! Olivia’s mouth is agape.

It is no secret that our favorites are backing Hillary Clinton . Tony himself has followed Madam Secretary on the campaign trail . (I am sure that he can relate to this because of Fitz and the Trail)  Tonight , viewers were treated to their favorite gals of TGIT. (Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis) talking about strong women. Shonda herself explained why she is backing Hillary and how the nation needs her as President. The gals were directed by that awesome “Scandal” director and Kerry’s leading man, TG. Gladiators were also given a treat last night . TV One aired a special episode of “Unsung” featuring Joe E Morton. The hour showed how versatile the actor was and told the tragic story about his father’s death. Joe has certainly had a long and glorious career. The important thing is that Joe could have settled for playing roles that demoralized African Americans, but he held out for positive black role models instead. Joe was praised by several of his cast mates , including Kerry, Scott, and Tony. If you get a chance, definitely watch this special hour. it will allow you a chance to see what Joe has put into his roles and give you a new understanding into his process.

mellie and her book

Mellie (Bellamy Young) has finally finished her memoir and what a book it would be. I know gladiators that I would want to read it and all those juicy secrets she hides. ABC already markets books that are marketed by the show “Castle” so this would be a win win for Shonda.


But while Mellie starts her quest for the Oval, her ex( Tony Goldwyn) has been counting days until his departure. He also has been counting girls that he has slept with . Mellie won’t tolerate this and while she doesn’t give a damn about who he screws, she warns him to keep his “whores” away from her children. Is Olivia responsible for his bad behavior?


scandal_video_2830999_362x204_1457652471859But Olivia gets the shock of her life when she gets to Eli’s house for dinner and Jake (Scott Foley) announces that he and Vanessa are engaged. How will this woman participate in Jake’s plans.

thumbnail_PicsArt_03-12-02.43.11 Looks like the exes may not look so ex. Each of them is just too stubborn to start talking but the eyes tell the story and it is obvious that the story is far from over. Gladiators, we just have to wait and we will be rewarded.  Olivia sat in her office watching Fitz on television and drank a toast to him returning to the man she knows he really is.

tgit gals directed by TGIT guy Heading into some of the major contests of this election, Hillary Clinton has some all star support. A disclaimer was broadcast and TGIT queen mother , Shonda Rhimes enlisted her girls to show their support for Ms Clinton. Each of them talked about how their characters have struggles but have come out strong. The ad was directed by Shonda’s go to guy Tony Goldwyn , who is once again on the trail this weekend in Arizona.


And The Truth Shall Set You Free…Olivia Declares It to the World!!!

brooks brothers ad

You might be wondering why the header for this week’s gladiator report is an ad for Brooks Brothers. Well it also might have to do with the director of this week’s episode. “Yes” or Episode 5.2 was directed by none other than our POTUS, Anthony Howard… This is not the first time that Tony has directed his gladiator cast mates. One of my favorite episodes in Season 2 is “A Woman Scorned.” Tony directed that one as well. He has often commented how hard that one was to direct especially the love scenes he was in. Tony is now the official spokesman for Brooks Brothers. and its no wonder. If there is any actor on television who can wear a suit , its him. It is a little known fact that Tony’s suits as Fitz are provided by Brooks Brothers. the Tag in the suits actually says Fitzgerald Thomas Grant 111. I was also excited to see that the suits at Brooks Brothers all come with a flag pin. I don’t know if it is the 48 star one that he wears . (A gift from his woman) Gladiators and cast alike love when Tony directs because it just makes people feel more connected to the episode. Tonight was another milestone in the Grant – Pope relationship and it just seems like its getting better and better.

 All hell has broke lose in the White House because there has been a leak and the lovers have been caught. Olivia takes off as Fitz decides that he can’t make a statement without Liv. In her true fashion, she splits to find a case to take care of so she can make herself scarce. In the meantime Fitz tries to get ahold of her and won’t make any decisions with out her.

fitz handles it

“Liv, where are you?” Fitz wonder where his sweetheart is.


Olivia and Jake are together and she confesses how this all makes her scared.

huckleberry quinn

scandal lizzie and fitz

Fitz talks to his new Chief of Staff, Elizabeth, but he doesn’t know that she is the leak. Abby uses it to her advantage , she wants to be her equal


Quinn has to make the usual comments but thanks to Jake, Huck is being helped. Jake seems to have a bigger part than in the premiere.Jake ends up on the road as Liv helps her client and hides as the press hunt her down like a dog. One of the most beautiful scenes of the night was when Jake and Liv laid down on a motel bed and she admits that she is scared about everything. Mellie has labeled her as “America’s mistress” and Abby doesn’t know how to handle anything at all. There is someone who is willing to help and that is the former Chief of Staff, Cyrus. Cyrus gives her advice and tells her to be the adult. He thinks that the best way to handle everything is to tell the press that Mellie has moved back into the Residence and that her and the President have reconciled. Abby informs the press and Fitz fumes.David Rosen informs the President that the leak came from the First Lady’s computer. Finally Fitz comes to a decision that maybe this is too much for Olivia and he is willing to go on television and unite with Mellie .Olivia has finally come back to OPA and a crowd of reporters ask the inevitable question , “Are you the President’s mistress?” She pauses and then  shows that she is not running anymore.

Her answer … YES!!!!!!


Wishing the Handsomest Gladiator a Happy Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Scott

scott foley birthday picToday is a special day for us gladiators. One of the hot men of “Scandal” , Scott Foley is celebrating his birthday today. Scott plays the handsome spy / gladiator Captain Jake Ballard . Jake was originally on to spy on Olivia by his Navy buddy, Fitz. Ironically, both men ended up fighting for the fair Ms Pope. In true hero fashion, Jake surrendered Olivia to Fitz. Now that his mission has completed and he has given up his lady love, we wonder what is next in Season 5?  Join us as we celebrate the career of Scott Kellerman Foley.

felicityScott was born on July 15, 1972 in Kansas City, Kansas He lost his mother when he was 15 and this led to Scott being an early jet setter. His father was an international banker which allowed him to spend a lot of time in Japan and Australia. Scott has two brothers , Chris and Sean. He is the oldest.

Scott has appeared on such shows as “Sweet Valley High”, “Step by Step” and “Dawsons’s Creek” . He got his first early break in the role of “Noel Crane” on “Felicity” .

scream-3-with-scott-foleyHere is Scott in Wes Craven’s “Scream 3”  as Roman Bridger . He would work with another Shondaland hunk, Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey.

scott on scrubsScott played Sean Kelly on “Scrubs” . Sean was Elliot Reade’s  boy friend that worked for Sea World.

true-blood-scott-foleyScott appeared on “True Blood” as Patrick Devins . He would play another military role .

scott on svuLike many of his fellow “Scandal” cast mates, Scott has also appeared on Dick Wolf’s “Law and Order” series. Here he is on the episode of SVU “Hammered”

the unitScott was also a series regular on the CBS show “The Unit”. He played Sgt Bob Brown

cougar townScott was reunited with one of his victims on “Cougar Townl” when he played Jeff ,to Jules (Courteney Cox)

GREY'S ANATOMY - "Heart-Shaped Box" - The doctors become nostalgic when George O'Malley's mother, Louise, returns to Seattle Grace for medical help after a botched surgery at a neighboring hospital; the residents are inspired by a medical miracle when they witness a harvested heart that continues to beat outside the body; a new pediatric fellow excites Arizona and makes Alex feel threatened; Jackson lets his suspicions about Mark and Lexie interfere with his work; and Henry and Teddy have their first marital fight when he expresses interest in pursuing medical school, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/RANDY HOLMES) SCOTT FOLEY, KIM RAVER

Scott endeared himself to “Grey’s Anatomy” fans as Henry Burton . Henry got married to Teddy (Kim Raver) so he could use her insurance to have the surgeries he needed. She ended up falling in love with him. Sadly, Henry died while under Yang’s knife.

love triangleCurrently , Scott can be seen on “Scandal” as Capt Jake Ballard. Jake was the Navy buddy of Fitz. He originally asked him to spy on Olivia when the two of them were not speaking to each other. But unbeknownst to everyone, Jake had another mission to tear Olivia away from Fitz by her father ,Rowan. But then a love triangle developed between Olivia, Jake , and  Fitz. Taking the easy way out, Olivia chose Jake because there was no strings attatched But eventually true love won out in the end and Jake gave her back to the true love of her life.

scott and familyOther than acting and directing, Scott’s life involves his family. , his wife Dominika  (who by the way is Team Fitz) and his three children, Malina, Keller, and Konrad

scott 's hsSo to you, Jake , we at Chitownstarconnections wish you a Happy Birthday!!!

The Iconic Songs of” Scandal”


Tonight there is no show, why ?  We gladiators would like to know why HTGWM and Grey’s got to have two hour specials and we got our show preempted. But I decided to do something for my traditional gladiator report. Every week, the show has one of the best soundtracks on television. “Scandal” has given me a new appreciation for R and B and Motown. But what is special for us is that these songs emote emotions and memories of the show.  Join me on this musical trip down memory lane .

The Light by the Album Leaf

the light

 This instrumental piece has been dubbed the unofficial theme of “Olitz” Starting with “The Trail” , it is played whenever Olivia and Fitz are having one of their moments. It evokes emotions that we feel for the star crossed lovers. It has played every time there has been a pivotal moment for them. In this picture from “The Trail” , the two know that they must part once again and they stay in their little love bubble a little longer before they have to return to the world.

 “You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” by Gladys Knight and the Pips


“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is an emotional episode . It is mostly about Cyrus dealing with the death of his husband, James. Like most people , he spends most of the episode in denial and throwing himself into his work,  But every once in a whiile, he lets memories of him and James take over. Inevitably, he has a breakdown in the middle of a White House briefing concerning the supposed car jacking. The other iconic moment in the episode is when he breaks down into Fitz’s arms and is carried away. The Gladys knight song symbolizes a monumental moment in the relationship . It is when Cyrus stops being ashamed of his boyfriend and he literally comes out at the White House.

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone  by Bill Withers

vermont is for lovers

I lovingly call “Vermont is for Lovers Too” the episode where everybody get some. That is because they do. But the big moment is when Olivia gets on Marine One and sees the house in Vermont. She is still angry at him because of the whole “Operation Remmington” mess. But leave it to this guy. Jake may have bought her Gettysburgers , but Fitz built her a house and a dream. “The Light” plays when he describes that this wonderful house was where he imagined retiring to after his term as President ends. The whole idea of jam and him being Mayor is alive and well. The Bill Withers song plays as the President seduces her and he peels off her clothes.

 Don’t You Worry About A Thing – Stevie Wonder


“Where the Sun Don’t Shine” was a fitting finale for the Winter Hiatus. Olivia had finally decided she would take care of her father and B613. The episode had another feature and that was Tony Goldwyn helmed as director of the episode. Olivia finally embraces herself and lets go until she is kidnapped. Hearing the song gives us all a freedom and let’s us choose us.

Ben by Michael Jackson

yara shahidi

In “YOLO” , Olivia finally has to confront the mother that she thought was dead. For years, her father has kept her in the dark and held her mother as a prisoner. She finally escapes and asks for her daughters help to leave the country. Abby asked her boyfriend at the justice department for help, but we all know whose boyfriend has all the pull .We also got to see the young Olivia played by Yara Shahidi of “Blackish” on the day that her mother supposedly died. The Michael Jackson song took the show back and let us see into the past of Olivia Pope and helped us to understand why she has a problem with love.

Sunny by Bobby Hebb

randy red superfreak and julia

At the beginning of season four “Randy Red Superfreak and Julia” , Olivia seems to be living the good life. She drinks her wine and sunbathes. She also has sex with Jake. The problems of Washington are far away and she has no idea that the First Lady is losing it and the President has tried to commit suicide. The death of “gladiator’ Harrison brings her back and then she decides to stay. “Sunny” makes an appearance again later in the season. While Olivia is in captivity, she has dreams of being in a shower and then is joined by her husband, Fitz. Pleasant visions are Jake (Scott Foley) running down the road in his underwear and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is always a treat.

“You’re All I Need to Get By” Marvin Gaye and Tammie Terrell

a woman scorned

In “A Woman Scorned” , Mellie has had it. She is ready to tell the world that her husband is a cheating bastard. How does her husband handle it? He runs to his girlfriend’s and they wait it out until the midnight hour of nine. That is when she goes on network television and is interviewed by James Novak (done to piss off Cyrus) . When the clock strikes nine, the loving starts. The passion ends in the shower with Fitz and Olivia say the iconic “Hi” This is also where the quote “if you want me , earn me” came from. The classic sets the mood for the President’s wanting to show Olivia that he is willing to risk it all for her. This classic season 2 episode was directed by Tony who admitted how hard it was to direct his own love scenes.

shower scene

All is Fair in Love  Stevie Wonder

Cyrus and James weddingcyrus and michael

bebe deuxfitz sees the ring

This has officially become my favorite episode of Season 4 . “Should Have Put a Ring on It”  has everything a true gladiator would want. There is the story of Cyrus having to marry to save his career . This leads to delightful flashbacks that chronicle Cyrus’s three weddings. First he married a woman to conform to his Republican party. The second wedding delights “Scandal” fans with the return of the late James Novak played by Dan Bucatinsky. James is the love of his life. We also see another couple had pivotal moments at that wedding. We finally learn the history of the “ring” It is a treasured Grant family heirloom that Fitz felt Olivia should have and it has a name “Deux bebe” . Flash ahead to the present , where Michael and Cyrus are married and the ring that Olivia threw at Fitz has returned. It gives all Olitz fans hope.

It’s A Family Thing

Scandal logo

 Okay gladiators , once again we are forced to wait for two weeks for a new episode. But our POTUS has busily traveling on the TV Circuit. Tony has appeared on “Ellen” and also he has learned about his mother’s roots on the show “Who Do You Think You Are?” That’s not all, did you all catch Bellamy’s appearance on “Repeat After Me?” It was so funny when she was jumping from bed to bed. Hey, isn’t that what everyone does on the show? Well we know she hasn’t been doing that with her hubby. Lord knows Fitz is waiting for someone to come to their senses.

Jake had everyone fooled last night, he was sneaking around and spying on everyone. But David better watch his back because he is kicking ass and telling tales. Unfortunately, the tales he has been telling may end him up dead. David was spilling his guts about the shooting of James.The days of B613 are numbered , or so we would like to think. The gladiators are uniting to take it down. Last night’s most valuable gladiator goes to Jake. He is finally getting some meaty roles that had many gladiators speculating his demise. Scott Foley seems to be his best when he is in action and not trying to be the romantic hero to Olivia. The chemistry is not there between the two. Scott has been doing more and more scenes with Rosen and the gladiators. But Jake and the gladiators firmed a bond when Olivia was in captivity. Jake is in danger because if B613 is taken down , he will pay because he was Commander for a short time. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. You really can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys without a program any more.

Olivia is still playing around and fancy free. Her main squeeze , Russell can curl her toes in bed. There might be hope yet, because she wanted him out of her bed. Reports say that the ring is back. Let’s hope that Olivia remembers that little ring on her finger and the man who gave it to her. She isn’t everyone’s sweet baby. But Russell didn’t just fall out of the sky, he was planted in Olivia’s bed. Oh it’s hard out there for a pimp, right Poppa Pope?

Harmony was the last thing that was needed at 1600 Penn. Lizzie Bear has decided to support the First Lady in her bid for the Presidency. Part of that was digging up some white trash. it turns out that Mellie has a half sister from her father and Harmony is quite a handful. She bends Fitz’s ear about the soaps she makes and then her sister swills some of her daddy’s hooch. I loved the heart to heart that her and Fitz had. It almost seems like they are bonding in a way that was never seen before. The death of Jerry and the estrangement of Liv has truly  done something to their relationship and Tony Goldwyn once again has a leading lady. But someone is trying to sink her before she sets sail for the Presidency, Cyrus!

But there is drama a foot in the Capitol. Liv opens her door and there’s daddy. Hang on gladiators looks like the fun has just begun.

olivia still in black

The ring has returned but Olivia is still suffering . She seems to have returned to the job of fixing everyone else’s life but her own. This week ‘s crisis was a congressman’s father who was on death row.

jake and rosen

David Rosen (Joshua Malina) has decided to put on the white hat again. He is determined to take down B613 , but has he bit off a little more than he can chew?

taking down b 613

 Gladiators united with Rosen for the purpose of taking down B613. Each of them has paid too high a price.

another dinner with the grants

 Mellie has invited her sister to dinner. But the last thing that the sisters have at dinner is harmony. Mellie (Bellamy Young) tries to mend family ties as she continues her bid for the White House.

poppa pope returns

But Russell doesn’t come without strings, Olivia finds out he was a plant from her father. Has Poppa gotten wind of the destruction of B613 and is ready to rip her life apart again?