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It’s A Different World From Where You Come From. . .

header gladiator report

Well gladiators,  believe it or not it’s been eight years and Fitz is in his last days as President. Him and Olivia couldn’t be closer. Olivia is getting ready to have it all. She is running the Oval, enjoying the best sex she has had in a while, and planning her future. Peus has been stopped and all is right with the world. Olitz is occupying the Residence for the last week of his Presidency.

making love in the White House

 Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Liv (Kerry Washington) are enjoying his last days in the White House

One of the biggest tasks that an outgoing President has before he leaves the White House is leaving a legacy. All of the gladiators are looking toward the future as well. Fitz sits down and tries to make the country see the good parts of his Presidency. Another task that has to be taken care of before the new President is sworn in , is Presidential pardons. Fitz is being handed a controversial case courtesy of one of the gladiators, Quinn. She becomes Olivia Pope and argues with the POTUS himself. But this development , has two positive outcomes. First of all, Fitz decides that he want to champion all the cases of innocent people going to jail. (Shades of the Innocence Project and his own real life cause) The second thing is that Olivia knows that she can leave OPA in good hands and she gives OPA over to Quinn. Quite a long way  from that naive girl who came into OPA and was in awe of Olivia Pope. All of the gladiators have come quite a long way since Harrison asked Quinn if she wanted to be a gladiator in a suit. Mellie is no longer in her hubby’s shadow , she is her own woman and Olivia is just about to get it all. Rowan couldn’t be happier that his little girl has finally got the Oval. He also hates to admit it , Olivia is happy with Fitz. Rowan now sees what kind of man Fitz really is, and knows he will take care of his little girl.

OPA goes on

The gladiators work without their boss. Huck (Guillermo Diaz) Charlie (George Newbern) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) are trying to find a convict for Fitz to pardon.

David has questions, and Rowan has the answers. Who is the woman who he was falling for and why did she come into his life? He shows up at Abby’s with a box. “Be careful what you wish for ” warns David. In the box is the head of the mystery woman. Jake comes over and gathers DNA and now everyone finds out that Peus was not pulling the strings. Rowan thinks he is leaving … but he is detained by Secret Service and Olivia. They know who was behind it all… Maya.

olivia and quinn

Olivia has confidence that Quinn will be able to stand against her as the White House. Both women have more than their careers as part of their future.

quinn the bride

olivia is happy now

MVG? Some would say it was Quinn and others would say it was the Mother Fixer herself, Olivia. Both are stronger women and Olivia has finally decided to trust Fitz and communicate with him. Even though we never saw it, let’s hope that Liv got the help she needed and her and Fitz got a chance to talk. Olivia has helped so many people realize their potential. She helped Fitz be the man he was supposed to be and taught him what love was. She has rescued her gladiators and Jake from the horror that was their lives. She made Charlie the man that Quinn will marry and she tamed the bitch that was Mellie. Olivia let love rule her mind when it came to Defiance. Defiance was what destroyed so many lives , but no one worse than Quinn. Lindsay was set to take the fall and Liv couldn’t have that. So Quinn was born. Since Olivia was the one who brought her into OPA, it is only fair that she is the one to take over for her. Is it all over? No as President Grant said in his interview with Noah Baker. “We’re just getting started.”

Next week… “Scandal” ends its sixth season with its first ever two hour season finale . “Tick Tock” and “Transfer of Power” . Both are directed by Tony Goldwyn. Is Mellie in danger before her swearing in?

she's back

Real Life vs Reel Life-Hillary vs. Mellie

hillary clinton at conventiion

mellie and jake

It is no wonder that Hillary Clinton has drafted Tony Goldwyn to be on her team. Tony has been living her story in real life for almost six years now. He has played a President whose First Lady is now running for his job. Hillary Clinton has made no secret of how she wanted her husband . Bill’s job. She has been biding her time and even had an unsuccessful run back in 08. Scandal’s fictional First Lady, Mellie Grant has succeeded in getting her party’s nomination as well. Bellamy Young has shined in her portrayal of a woman who has had her world turned upside down in the course of a few years. Despite all that has happened, Mellie still has the support of her ex, the President. and the services of the best campaign fixer in the biz. How can you lose when your campaign manager is Olivia Pope!  What really shocked me is how easily she got Ms. Pope. After all for most of her husband’s Presidency , she has called Olivia such names as “slut” “whore”, and “tramp”. But I guess Olivia figured that she could forgive and forget.

hillary  and her family

the first family

 Both of the women obviously have the support of their husbands. Hillary and Bill have quite a team and their marriage is still strong. This is where the similarities end between the two women. Mellie is now a single woman since her and Fitz divorced. They are still amicable however. Family is important to Hillary, but on the other hand, children have only been seen as photo ops for Mrs. Grant. She has made it well known that she never wanted to have babies. Her children have been shipped off to boarding school and only come home long enough to be photographed. She only had her last child to prevent a scandal for her husband.

monica and bill clinton


There is another similarity between the two men. Each of them had the power to be brought down by a woman. Monica Lewinsky was not part of the Clinton future. Now in the fictional story, Fitzgerald Grant did divorce his wife and he had every intention of marrying the love of his life, Olivia. She had even gone as far as moved into the White House. As far as we know till the present day, Fitz is still in love with Ms Pope.

Who will be the woman who will make history?  Well time will tell. We will know if Hillary makes history in November. Unfortunately, we won’t know of Mellie’s fate until after Christmas . But each woman has one man in her corner to help her win.

tony and hillary in penn

If You Want Me…Earn Me…Fitz Makes His Choice

mr and mrs for the last time


When we last left Washington, Fitz had sent a message to Olivia that he was willing to let her go. He loved her that much. Very few men in television land have made such declarations to the women they love. Ross ran through an airport to stop Rachel from leaving , Big flew to Paris to bring back his girl., Ted let another man marry the woman he loved on “How I Met Your Mother.” Fitz already has a house in Vermont already for them when it’s time to move out of the Big White House. But this man is willing to return to the loveless marriage to let her be happy. So an interview is taped so the First Couple, can repair the damage from the photos leaked. But at the same moment, Olivia is confronted and asked if she is the mistress of the President of the United States. Her answer was the word that shocked the world…. YES!

Abby has to be the true gladiator. While Huck, Quinn , and Jake sit and drink, Abby runs through the halls of the West Wing trying to stop the interview. She knows that when the world sees the telecast, everything changes. Arriving with the Secret Service, she tells the taping to stop. The television is turned on and Mellie is livid. On the other hand, Fitz is delighted with his girl finally stepping into the light. But at this point, Abby is furious as she confronts Olivia. She lied to her face and told her that she wasn’t sleeping with the President. It turns out that Abby has a fatal flaw, she wants to be Olivia.

The Senator decides that she is in the perfect position to negotiate, so she gets Cyrus to go into the Oval with her demands. She asked for some pretty ridiculous demands like Olivia wouldn’t take the name Grant and they couldn’t get married until Fitz out of office. Fitz was basically her “Bitch Baby” all during her Presidential campaign. While he was in the Oval Office, Cyrus thinks he is in the perfect position himself to beg for his job back. Fitz gives him an answer “You no longer work here.” Fitz has stopped being the puppet to these monsters.

you don't work here

Bellamy Young has the most wonderful monologues on this show and I can’t wait to try some of them when I audition. This week she knocked it out of the park again. We have only seen the big WH closet only in one other episode and that was “Happy Birthday Mr President”. Mellie seems to have some of her daddy’s “hooch” hiding in the closet, and she has gone there to retrieve it. Olivia goes there to talk with her. Mellie offers the young woman some of the magic elixir and says that she will need it. From this point on, she will cease to be Olivia Pope. She will live and smile and support her man. She will cease to matter because she will live only for Fitz. Olivia is scared by the comments and Mellie succeeds by psyching her out. Olivia returns to the Oval and then she says maybe she made a mistake. Instead of yelling at her, Fitz talks to his wife and realizes that it is a very scary thing for her to step from his shadow.He then tells her that he believes that he will see her place her hand on the Bible as the first female President. (No, Sallie’s takeover after the shooting doesn’t count) She then tells Cyrus and he tells her that she has been played by the best politician of all.

drunk mellie 2

Olivia finds Mellie in the closet and Mellie gives her view on her future life as Fitz wife. Was she just playing Livvy?

It’s Abby turn and she smiles and tells Olivia that she has had the best teacher. Now she goes to bat for her friend and the storm to come.

SCANDAL - "Paris is Burning" - Olivia and Fitz face some very big consequences and Mellie brings in an old friend to make sure she gets her way. Meanwhile, Abby shows Olivia she is fully capable of handling working at the White House, on "Scandal," THURSDAY OCTOBER 8 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Michael Desmond) DARBY STANCHFIELD

Shonda Rhimes is known for her declarations of love. Tonight we saw a reprise of a scene that we saw in another episode. Olivia and Fitz try to imagine what life will be like after the news conference. Olivia knows it will never be the same. She also knows that the only way to save Fitz is to have Abby throw her under the bus. Cyrus had put together a kill file on Olivia telling how she had often been in the company of powerful men. Abby knows that this is the way to play it and tells the press of Olivia’s history. She announces to Fitz her sacrifice and he runs to stop Abby. Olivia screams the defining words  to the leader of the free world, “Sit down Fitz! Sit down and watch me choose you!” She echoes the words that he said so long ago on the night Mellie went on television with the late James Novak. “Sit down with me and watch me run the clock out on my marriage. Sit down and watch me choose you.” Once again ,music sets the tone in the episode with the wonderful Motown soundtrack that the show is known for. James Ingram and Patti Austin’s haunting “How Do You Keep the Music Playing” plays when the Grants realize that this is it. The melancholy words echo as Fitz and Mellie say how they thought they would grow old together. Maybe there was some love after all. True irony exists when a different version of the R and B classic “You’re All I Need To Get By.” is played as the final scenes are played and Liv chooses Fitz. The first time it was the original version by the one and only Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. This version is by the Queen herself, Aretha.

earn me

The first time Fitz comes over and tells Olivia that he intends to earn her and show her he chooses her. The waiting is intensified when the classic “You’re All I Need to Get By.” is played .

SCANDAL - "Paris is Burning" - Olivia and Fitz face some very big consequences and Mellie brings in an old friend to make sure she gets her way. Meanwhile, Abby shows Olivia she is fully capable of handling working at the White House, on "Scandal," THURSDAY OCTOBER 8 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/John Fleenor) TONY GOLDWYN, KERRY WASHINGTON

Olivia chooses Fitzgerald T Grant  III and they are never going back as Aretha sings “You’re All I Need To Get By.”

Can You See a Brand New Day!!

she is wearins his shirt

 Hello fellow gladiators!! Here it is premiere night and I am feeling that “Scandal” hangover. Between trying to savor the Olitz and tweeting the cast. (Yes I got one from David Rosen, Joshua Malina) I am still enjoying the OMG moments. I don’t know where to begin. Obviously , things are a changin at 1600 Penn. I noticed and so did a few other faithful that the amount of sexy scenes between TG and KW. Obviously the network overplayed the clip and there was more sexy in the promo than the actual episode. Some of the gang was absent like Leo (who won’t be missed) and others had very small parts like Jake. It was definitely a Fitz/ Olivia episode.

Olivia and Fitz have become the Ross and Rachel of the new millennium . Their faces and bodies have been shown all over social media, television, and magazine covers. Those of us who have been patient and didn’t bail on Shonda have been rewarded. Others have said that the whole balcony scene was a dream. Chill this isn’t Dallas ! No it is very obvious that Olivia Pope’s life is going to change.

sally's liberty report

The show opened with Sally causing trouble . Tonight she was moaning about the President having a state dinner for the Royal family of Caledonia. Usually the President and the First Lady are shown getting dressed together, not this time folks. Now the President dresses with his girlfriend. Olivia and Abby are dressed to kill in Rubin Singer tonight. Olivia is already trying to make the transition to First Lady. One of the sweetest scenes is when the couple arrive at the dinner, but have to separate. Olivia laughs about an international incident, but as Abby starts to  talk about ordinary people’s lives changing because of fame and riches, Olivia starts to think about her own situation. Here she is in a relationship with the leader of the free world as he prepares to divorce his wife. The next person who shows up is the new Princess of Caledonia , a former lawyer from Iowa who marries a prince.

Meanwhile Mellie is freaking out. She is supposed to be sworn in as the junior Senator from Virginia. She expects that her rather high profile husband to show up and there has been no sign of him. Lizzie Bear’s claws begin to come out and she informs Mellie that her husband won’t be showing up. Even Abby is told no President. Olivia advises her boyfriend that he has to show up because its too early in the game . He shows up alright, with divorce papers.

i m divorcing you.

I’m Divorcing You. Fitz hands Mellie her walking papers and tells her she will sign. She has a lot more to lose than him.

If you think of all of Melie’s sins. (Does anyone need a refresher course, lying on the trail, Defiance, forging the President’s signature , inducing labor, and having an affair with the VP) she does have a lot. Fitz is a lame duck President and headed toward the end of his term . Mellie is the new kid on the block. Fitz threatens her and says they will both go down. Then he adds he is a warrior President and he has a lot less to lose than her. Lizzie Bear declares she has no loyalty to her.

fitz and queen

But it isn’t “Scandal” without having a case for OPA. This time , Olivia and the gladiators are helping to solve the royal murder of the Princess. The whole storyline smacks of the real life story of the “death” of Princess Diana. The Princess dies in a car crash with her bodyguard. With the help of David Rosen, Olivia finds out the truth. But when she brings the case to the White House, Fitz tells her she can’t say anything. The lovers have had their first fight. Olivia goes home and finds Huck on her couch He asks Olivia if Fitz hurt her. He says that his guy is out and he can’t go home.   Does this mean that Poppa Pope is out of jail.?. It is obvious that he needs fixing and Olivia says she can’t fix people. Olivia goes to the Prince and tells him that his mother had his wife murdered. She was pregnant by her bodyguard. The Prince informs Mom she is abdicating the throne , due to age and then retiring to the equivalent of Windsor Castle.

olets   slow it down

The lovers realize that they will have this situation again and not to let it wreck them. Olivia is scared because for the first time there is nothing that is keeping them back. Mellie has been served and Cyrus is gone. The only thing that terrifies her is when the world finds out, the press will be merciless. Fitz doesn’t care. Olivia doesn’t run anymore and she declares her love for him. She also says that before the world finds out, they need to fix all their little flaws first. He agrees to slow down. But their little love bubble was about to burst. Sally Langston broadcasts White House photos of Fitz and Liv. and taunts them. So who did it? Mellie the scorned ex wife? Lizzie Bear ? or the former Chief of Staff, Cyrus?


Cyrus gets a visitor, Mellie. She wants him to help her.  “No deal.” he says.

the secret is out

The lovers realize that life will never be the same. The world knows. . .

Movie and TV Characters in the Military

remember-memorial-dayToday may be the start of summer, and there may be picnics and barbecues, but Memorial Day is traditionally known as the day that we honor veterans alive and dead. AMC always airs a marathon of old war movies during this weekend. (My late brother , Terry , who served  his country in Vietnam always watched the movies at his local VFW)  In honor of Memorial Day, here is my tribute to the military in television and movies.

cast of mashmash cast 2This is my ultimate show “, MASH.”  It was a show about a group of army surgeons in the Korean War. Some of the doctors and nurses were military, but notably Hawkeye, and Klinger, and Blake were not .  It lasted for eleven years and won many awards. The series finale “Goodbye Farewell and Amen”  was one of the highest rated tv series episodes of all time.

schwimmer-as-sobelband-of-brothers-winters-and-nixon” Band of Brothers” ….Capt Herbert Sobel , Lt Winters, and Lt Nixon . David Schwimmer, Damien Lewis and Ron Livingston  These actors went through rigorous training to film this HBO Mini series.  The series was created by Tom Hanks. Damien also played military in the Showtime series as Marine Nicholas Brody on “Homeland”

ben-affleck-in-pearl-harborBen Affleck in” Pearl Harbor.” Ben played Rafe, a pilot who flies for his country and then trains others as they prepare for WW2.  He also falls in love and almost loses the love of his life.

teddy and owen in militaryTeddy (Kim Raver) worked with Owen Hunt( Kevin McKidd) over in Afghanistan where they were combat surgeons before they arrived at Seattle Grace on “Grey’s Anatomy”

dick whitman“Mad Men” Dick Whitman (Jon Hamm) fought in Korea and when his comrade was killed , he assumed his identity and become Donald Draper.

ryan and esposito on castle“Castle” Javier Esposito was in the Army in Special Ops. Here he wears his uniform at a special Halloween party at Castle’s loft.

mcgarrett in uniform

Steve McGarrett  Hawaii Five O  McGarrett got his training as a Navy Seal . He uses his skills to fight crime on the island

zoe and malcolm firefly“Firefly” – Malcolm (Nathan Fillion)  fought in the futuristic Unification War in the “Browncoats” as a member of the 57th Overlanders. One of his dearest friends in the world is  Zoe (Gina Torres) who fought with him in the Unification War. Together they fly on and defend Serenity in outer space.

leroy jethro gibbs“NCIS” Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was a Marine Corp sniper who ended up as a commander in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service to lead the team in impossible situations.

good-morning-vietnam-movieRobin Williams as Adrian Cronauer in” Good Morning Vietnam” . Williams played the controversial broadcaster who entertained the troops .

i-drream-of-jeannieBefore he was riding rough shot over his family and others on “Dallas” Larry Hagman played the lovable Major Anthony Nelson USAF on” I Dream of Jeannie.”

tropic thunderThis band of misfits is from the movie” Tropic Thunder.” Imagine trying to shoot a war movie with idiots like Ben Stiller and Jack Black. Oh and who could forget Robert Downey Jr  portraying a black man ?

tom-cruise-and-dr-markBefore Anthony Edwards saved lives in the ER, he was in the movie” Top Gun” , with Tom Cruise.  Cruise was a pilot

ll cool j“NCIS Los Angeles” LL Cool J is Sam Hanna , a former Navy Seal who was recruited for the team


“Law and Order SVU” Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) once served in the Marines

magnum navyTom Selleck may wear a police uniform in” Blue Bloods” , but he cut quite a charming figure in his naval uniform on” Magnum PI .”

jake on scandal“Scandal” Scott Foley is Captain Jake Ballard. He is a former Navy Seal who served with the President when he was in the Navy. They both flew combat missions, including a classified one simply titled “Remmington” They also had one other thing in common, their love for the same woman, Olivia Pope. Jake gave her to her true love this year.

mash-movieElliot Gould and Donald Sutherland in the Robert Altman hit that begat the tv hit” MASH”

stripesOne of the most hilarious military comedies. Bill Murray and Harold Ramis try to deal with the new Army in” Stripes

eric dane and adam baldwinAfter he left “Grey’s Anatomy” , Eric Dane joined the Navy as Captain Chandler on “The Last Ship” . His officer is none other than (Jayne) on “Firefly” Adam Baldwin

normal_S2E19_0173“Scandal” Guillermo Diaz is a former Marine who was drafted for the secret spy organization B613. To save his family , he went underground and became “Huck” . Olivia found him one day and helped him back to society. He is her gladiator and a crack computer geek. He also knows how to get info out of someone with the help of his tool box.

three kings g clooney

“Three Kings” It’s George Clooney in uniform. Do I have to say anymore?

Joey on friends

Joey was in a movie called Over There. But” Friends” fans, will always remember him in this role. He was the  minister that married their favorite couple Monica and Chandler.

george in the militaryTR Knight was sweet surgeon George O Malley in the early days of “Grey’s Anatomy” . He enlisted in the Army to be a surgeon, but he never made it to basic. He was kiled by a bus. But when Izzie was dying in the Season Five finale, she was escorted in a dream by George in uniform.

fitz in the sweatshirtWe end our salute to the military with my favorite Navy man. Tony Goldwyn of “Scandal” plays former Navy Seal ,Fitzgerald T.  Grant 3 . Oh did I mention, he is now the Commander in Chief. He once flew Navy missions  with his buddy Jake. Today he runs the armed forces and the nation’s military against common enemies.

And They Lived Happily Ever After….for now..

Scandal logo

So the curtain has lowered on Season Four and it has been quite a ride. To one Shonda Rhimes, I apologize for every nasty thing that I have said since the death of one Derek Christopher Shepherd. This week started with the rumor of who might die and one of those names was our dear POTUS. Gladiators were running around in a panic and begging Shonda to save Fitz. With the upfronts and Paley fest, the cast was buying into the hysteria. As we approached show time, the fever was building and gladiators were pouring wine and preparing for the worst. (By the way, thanks to Illuminate Wines for the lovely wine for tonight’s broadcast.)

Caution there are spoilers ahead: so be prepared.

How could Mellie not know who the mysterious donor was ?Lizzie Bear had to be in on the whole thing. In the file was only every dirty rotten thing that she and her husband have done in the past twenty years. In exchange for the election, she had to give Rowan the names of the jurors that were hearing about B613. You got to give it to Rowan , he knows how to clean up a mess. You get rid of the jurors with the help of your ace killer aka Huck. Rosen once again comes up short but he gets a wake up call courtesy of Cyrus.Cyrus starts threatening him about Abby. Still in love, he gives the files to Olivia thereby washing his hands of the super secret spy organization. Olivia and Jake go forward and then they end up behind bars. The two are pardoned when they sign a paper stating there is no B613. Olivia had been terrorized by her mother again. Quinn confronts Huck about his killing spree. She had truly earned her gladiator wings. Jake tells Olivia that the road has ended and he is in love with her. Alas, he knows she doesn’t love him. It is time for her to get what’s hers.

The MVG this episode is without a doubt Fitzgerald Thomas Grant. He has sat back and took everyone’s shit long enough. He has appeared as weak most of this season. Tonight as he put it so eloquently, he showed his Presidential balls. He celebrated with Mellie and then praised her as his best friend. I don’t know about you, but when a guy calls a woman his best friend it is the kiss of death. Fitz decided to clean house tonight. He found  out what Melllie did and then threw her ass out of the White House. After everything he did , he also fired Cyrus. Lizzie Bear could only smile as she took over his office and watched him leave. There was only one more order of business for our hero , get the girl. He went over to her apartment and she wasn’t there. Defeated he goes home, and then he hears that familiar “Hi.” The lovers are finally reunited .Everything is rosy….for now.

Rosen 2The claws came out tonight on Cyrus (Jeff Perry) as he threatens the love of David Rosen’s life if David(Joshua Malina) doesn’t quit trying to bring down B613.


He  is once again defeated as he hands over the files of B613 to the gladiators and Olivia. She vows to bring down her father at any cost.


Quinn (Katie Lowes) confronts Huck (Guillermo Diaz) about murdering the jurors for Papa Pope


Fitz cleaned house by firing Cyrus and telling Mellie (Bellamy Young) to get out

Olitz baby

But the sweetest scene was when Fitzgerald Thomas Grant was reunited with the love of his life

Checking the gate folks!( That’s show biz for a finished scene)

Guess Where You Saw Them Before – Scandal Edition

cast picture season 4

We found some great shots of your faves from Scandal…maybe now you might remember where you saw them before they were gladiators !

kerry in ray

Here is Kerry Washington in the Oscar winning movie “Ray” as Jamie Foxx’s wife….so prim and proper


Here she is gorgeous as ever as fixer and the love of the President, Olivia Pope

dan bucatinsky friends

Here is Dan Bucatinsky who played Cyrus’s husband James when he guest starred on “Friends” He was a waiter when the gang went out to celebrate Phoebe’s birthday. Dan also appeared on “Frasier” “Grey’s Anatomy ” “CSI Miami” and a blind date for Will on “Will and Grace”

Cyrus and James wedding

Dan won an Emmy for his portrayal of James. Here he appeared in a flashback in the recent episode “Put a Ring on It.”


Here is Jeff Perry  who plays Cyrus, the President’s Chief of Staff.Previously, he was known for his portrayal of Thatcher Grey, father to Meredith and the late Lexi Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”  Jeff is also one of the founders of the world famous Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago.

A Family Affair

Bellamy Young was a love interest on “Criminal Minds” to Thomas Gibson ‘s character. She also appeared on “Castle”, “Private Practice,” “Frasier” “Scrubs” and many other series.

bellamy young scandal

Today she gives a phenomenal performance as the troubled First Lady , Mellie Grant.


Jon Tenney has been around as well. He starred in a movie with “Odd Couple’s”  Matthew Perry called “Fools Rush In” and also appeared on “Will and Grace.”  Today he plays two roles, The good cop , Fritz Howard on “Major Crimes”


Scandal fans will remember him most as Vice President Andrew Nichols. He was in love with Mellie but he let power take him over and was partly responsible for Olivia’s kidnapping.


Darby Stanchfield made quite an impression as the mother of Alexis and Richard’s first wife Meredith on “Castle” She has also appeared on “NCIS” and “Mad Men”


But here she is with her true love David Rosen as Press Secretary for President Grant. She is also Olivia’s best friend.


Joshua was previously on the classic “The West Wing” . He has also been seen on “The Big Bang Theory”, “Grey’s Anatomy” “Stargate SG 1” “Bones” and as a psycho child molester on “Law and Order SVU.” He is now the Attorney General of the US. Coincidentally he had previously worked with Tony Goldwyn in “From the Earth to the Moon.”

kate burton

Daughter of the late great Richard Burton, Kate Burton has made her mark on the stage as well as the big and little screens.She is best known for her role as Dr Ellis Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” She also played mother to a young David Schwimmer on “Monty”


Here she is arguing with Cyrus as Vice President Sally Langston .


 It isn’t the first time that Scott Foley played a killer. He was the killer in “Scream 3″ .He has also appeared on “Felicity” “Grey’s Anatomy” “Scrubs” and “Cougar Town”

grant ballard

Now he plays Captain Jake Ballard , Navy buddy to Fitz and his romantic rival for Olivia’s affections.

guillermo in half baked

Guillermo Diaz  played a disgruntled stoner in the movie “Half Baked” He has appeared in many movies and tv shows like “ER” “Law and Order” “The Sopranos” “Third Watch” and a regular on “Weeds”


But he has shown his loyalty, finally reunited with his family, and continues to be Olivia’s gladiator. Huck seems to be torturing his friend and girlfriend “Quinn” played by Katie Lowes


Here is Katie Lowes when she guest starred on ABC’s other hit “Castle


Here is Columbus Short when he was aspiring comedy writer Darius Hawthorne on the late show “Studio 60 0n the Sunset Strip.”


Here he is as fixer Harrison Wright .. a gladiator in a suit

khandi alexander csi miami

Here is Khandi Alexander in her role of Dr Alexx Woods on “CSI Miami” Khandi was also in the acclaimed movie “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and “Poetic Justice” as well On TV she was on “News Radio” “A Different World’ and Peter Benton’s sister on “ER”


And here she is as the terrorist mother of Olivia Pope – Maya Pope / Marie Wallace


Joe Morton first came to our attention as the love interest of Whitley on “A Different World” He has also appeared on “M*A*S*H*” “Sanford and Son” , and many other shows and movies.


He won an Emmy for his portrayal of the evil, maniacal father of Olivia , Eli Pope

arrested development portia

Portia Di Rossi was known for Ally Mc Beal” and her role on “Arrested Development” She is also the wife of funny woman Ellen Degeneres.

lizzie bear

And this year , she has made her appearance as Elizabeth North, power woman of the RNC. “Lizzie Bear” has hitched herself to the new rising star , Mellie Grant

brian letscher  the wild rover castle

From “Pretty Little Liars” to “Castle” Brian Letscher usually plays a role that gives him range

brian letscher scandal

But on “Scandal” , his job as Secret Service agent Tom is to guard the President and all his nasty little secrets.

yeti friends

When Rachel on “Friends” needed to get over Ross, she found a Yeti named Danny. But then she dumped him because he took baths with his sister. George Newbern has had a long career from “Designing Women” to “Hot in Cleveland”. He also has done voice work ,including Superman.

George Newbern in ABC's "Scandal"

But he is now Cyrus’s guy and B-613 operative Charlie

and last but certainly not least


His career has been long. On TV he has done everything from “Designing Women” to “Frasier” as Roz’s hot boyfriend. In the movies, we never expected the evil Carl Bruner from “Ghost” to end up looking like this…

vermont is for lovers

Writer, director, producer, actor Tony Goldwyn plays the very sexy President Fitzgerald Grant , the true love of Olivia’s life. Tony has also voiced the voice of “Tarzan” in Disney’s “Tarzan”