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Geeks Meet Glee- Supergirl-Flash Crosssover

supergirl and david

Mon El (Chris Wood) and J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood) are carrying an unconscious Kara /Supergirl (Melissa Benoit)  this is how the crossover episode started

Take a time honored device like time travel and add music to it, then add superheroes and you have the latest episode that crosses over the two CW superheroes. The cross over is not a new idea, it was actually utilized back in the fifties when other characters would work with the Ricardos of “I Love Lucy. The most famous examples of cross overs would be either when Norman Lear or the late Gary Marshall would use the device to crossover to spinoffs like “Happy Days” “Laverne and Shirley” and “Mork and Mindy” Most recently, ABC ‘s prime time diva Shonda Rhimes had crossed over her two shows “Private Practice” and flagship “Grey’s Anatomy.” Characters on the two shows would do guest appearances on either show. When first seeing the opening club scenes, I moaned and thought another flashback to the past where the hero and heroine become singers in a nightclub. There I saw remnants of the “Castle” episode “Blue Butterfly” or the famous episode of “Moonlighting’ called “The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice” .

Happily I was surprised. Traditionally , musical episodes are usually panned by the tv critics but loved by the fans. Memories of “Cop Rock” haunt people . I don’t think there is not one fan who doesn’t have the entire score of “The Song Beneath the Song” on their phone . If this is the case, then why wasn’t Chyler Leigh included in the episode? She was glorious in the “Grey’s ” musical episode. This episode was obviously a vehicle for Melissa Benoit and Darren Criss. Instead of a CW superhero episode, I thought i was watching a revival of the late great “Glee”. After all, Melissa Benoit was the female lead after diva Rachel left. Darren Criss was the gay Prince Charming Blaine to Chris Colfer’s Kurt

blaine and melissa benoit

glee reunion

Add another former Gleek in the form of “Flash” star , Grant Gustin . Remember Blaine was originally a Warbler as well. As we begin the episode, both Kara and Barry  are having relationship problems. Barry has proposed to his fiance and then took it back to save her and Kara has been having potential in law problems and found out that Mon El had been lying to her about who he was. Surprise , the Music Meister appears and then Melissa ends up in the world of the “Flash.” Fresh from his adventure with “Hot Alien girl” Winn comes into the dream world as well. It turns out that they are not in a dream, but in their heads. Melissa reuses her pipes as she sings the classic “Moon River.” in this fictional nighclub. It turns out that both “Flash” and “Kara” both were raised watching movie musicals in their homes. Meister tells them that they have to finish the musical by singing and dancing before they can leap back home. Oh and another little wrinkle , neither of them have their super  powers.

There are thugs and hoods, surprisingly one of the thugs is Broadway vet , Victor Garber . He and his partner Jesse L Martin are two gay daddies of the female heroine in the musical. Coincidentally , she is also the former fiance of “Flash”. The situation mirrors his own and the idea of two gay daddies once again goes back to “Glee” (Rachel had two gay daddys) The musical numbers are lively and rival any Broadway show. The other highlight of the show was the Flash Supergirl duet , complete with tap . “Let’s Be Superfriends” is a play of words on the cartoon tv show of the same name. The two work well together and finally realize that they both need to trust their significant others and that the only thing that matters is love. At that point, they return to their own worlds. Barry proposes again and Iris accepts . Cara decides to give Mon El another chance. At that point, MM jumps and says that he has another couple that need him. That could be so many couples (. Hey Music Meister , would you mind stopping by the White House. I know a couple in Washington that needs your help.)

barry and kara


Love Is In the Air.. TV’s Ten Best Gay Relationships

gay heart

Everyone loves a lover , especially on television. We all have our favorites Castle and Beckett, Meredith and Derek, or Fitz and Olivia. But we also root for those couples who love whoever they want. We all know about NPH and David , Portia and Ellen, Dan and Don Roos, but for the first time in television history , we ship couples who are in gay and lesbian relationships. They represent the new normal and tell the world that they love who they want. So for gay pride month, Chitownstarconnections is proud to present OUR favorite gay /lesbian television couples

cyrus and james scandal

Cyrus Beene and James Novak- (Jeff Perry and Dan Bucatinsky )  Scandal – Jeff Perry may still be straight , but he has given one of the best tormented gay performances on television. Cyrus held in his secret for forty years . Two relationships came from that fateful trip on the Trail, one was Fitz and Olivia and the other was these two. James tried to advance his career and he found a friend and lover in Cyrus. Cyrus would give him little bites and their relationship led him all the way to the  White House Press Secretary’s office. But every little relationship has its dirty little secrets especially in Washington. James had the potential to explode two stories that would shatter the Grant Administration . Cyrus played his own little game and pacified James’ curiosities by giving him little Ella. On the day of her christening, two of the guests were having their own party in the White House. But unfortunately, this love story did not end happily. James had found out that the VP murdered her husband and had Cyrus cover up the murder. James found out  the truth and disguised himself as Publius . Unfortunately , James was shot while Jake Ballard stood over his bleeding body . He talked to  him as he slipped into  unconsciousness  . Is James really dead or in the hole ? Well it will be quite a surprise for Cyrus when James would walk in to catch his husband in bed with his new husband, Michael.

arizona and callie greys anatomy

Arizona and Callie- Grey’s Anatomy( Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw ) – Callie had just ended her marriage with the late George O Malley when she found out he had slept with BFF Izzy. She had discovered one other thing , she liked to sleep with women as well as men. There were a few relationships along the way, including a budding one with her male bff , Mark. But the one woman who had captured Calliope’s heart was Dr Arizona Robinson . She was gorgeous and best of all she worked with babies and kids. What woman wouldn’t want that?Apparently , not Dr Robbins she had no desire to have her own family.  But then Arizona trotted off to her fellowship in Africa and left Torres. The end of the relationship resulted in a drunken night of sex with Mark which got her pregnant. Arizona returned to find out that Callie was expecting Mark’s baby. Quite a shock needless to say. Arizona prepared herself for this unconventional family and together they took care of Callie during her pregnancy. Caught up in the baby madness, Arizona proposed to her and on the way to the bed and breakfast the two of them ended up in an accident. Calllie was severely injured and Sophie had to be taken from her , so they could concentrate on saving her life.. On a warm spring day the couple was married by their friend Miranda, when the priest was in a car accident. The bride’s parents were still having trouble accepting their daughter’s relationship and granddaughter born outside of wedlock , so they bailed on Callie. Mark stepped up and gave away his best friend. At the reception, Callie was surprised by her father who said how he dreamed of the day he would dance with his little girl on her wedding day. The trials continued for this couple. Arizona lost her leg, cheated on Callie with a resident, lost interest as she advanced her career, and many other things. Sadly the couple divorced and now Callie is on her way to NY with someone else. Hopefully it may not be too late.

carol and susan friends

Carol and Susan-  Friends( Jane Sibbett and Jessica Hecht)- The song goes “if she would have been faithful, if she would have been true , I would have never known real love, I would have missed out on you. If Carol would have stayed married to Ross, there would have never been a Ross and Rachel. Carol married Ross and the two were madly in love. At the same time, Ross was pursuing a Phd and spending time with his roommate Chandler from college. He was also spending time with his sister and her friends. Carol discovered something, she found out that she loved women. She started spending time at book stores with Susan and one thing led to another. Carol and Susan even tried to let Ross enter their bedroom in an effort to save her marriage. Finally, Carol admitted her truth and divorced Ross. This proved to be beneficial to Ross because at the same time, his childhood crush , Rachel , left her groom at the altar. Ross was still trying to save anything left to his marriage, including seducing Carol. This seduction resulted in Carol giving birth to a little boy , Ben Bunch Willis Geller. We assume that Ben is enjoying a healthy relationship with his father, his stepmother, and his baby sister.

connor and oliver htgwm

Connor and Oliver- How to Get Away With Murder( Jack Falahee and Conrad Ricamore)  Connor needed some info for a case and he knew that Oliver could help out with a case by allowing him files. Unfortunately just like with so many relationships, it began with Connor using his charm to get the files from Oliver. Connor tries to get the info by flirting with another guy which ticks off Oliver . Finally, Oliver gives him the files and as a reward he sleeps with him. For a while , the couple goes back and forth. When Connor comes back from burning Sam Keating’s body , he lays it all out to Connor. He tells him that he uses sex as a weapon and also of his drug problems. One other thing,  Connor is beginning to fall in love with Oliver as well.  Oliver has been dating another guy and Connor is told in no uncertain terms that it is none of his business. Oliver has more bad news , he is HIV positive.  Connor and Oliver makes the next step and then move in with each other. But once again Oliver has aided Connor and the Keating 5  and now he might go to jail. Such is the trials of true love.

will and vince w and g

Will Truman and Vince D ‘ Angelo  on Will and Grace

(Eric McCormack and Bobby Cannivale )

This has to be one of my favorite gay relationships of all. What makes it so great is that the two actors that portray this couple are both heterosexuals. They are also truly soulmates in all sense of the word. Their story started on a day that Will was summoned by Karen to give her driving lessons. Karen got fresh with a cop (Vince) and then Will was forced to go to court. The case was dropped because Vince didn’t sign the ticket, but the two found out that they were supposed to go out with each other. (Joe and Larry fixed them up)  The couple settled into a relationship that included Grace. Vince had trouble keeping jobs and was getting depressed . While he had job losses, Will was getting more success and he couldn’t deal with it. With all these problems, Will suggested that they “take a break”. Sadly the two broke up. When Will lost his dad, Vince showed up in support  Then the couple got back together and planned a future. But more trouble arrived when Grace found out that she was pregnant by her ex Leo. Grace had made a plan to let her and Will raise the child with Vinnie helping. Leo found Grace and was overjoyed at the prospect of being a father and then asked her to go to Europe with him. A few years later, Will and Grace made up . Vince and Will got married and then they had a son, Ben.  Talk about kismet. Ben grew up and got married to Lily, making Will and Grace in laws.

robert and sol grace and frankie  Frankie and Grace- Robert Hanson and Sol Bergstein (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson) Martin Sheen will always be remembered for two things. His crazy son, Charlie and playing probably one of the best portrayals of a President on television.  Here he is a man who is in his twilight years who discovers that he is in love with his law partner, Sol played by Sam Waterson. The victims here are their wives who are complete opposites and have decided to live together as well. If you haven’t seen this delightful Netflix comedy, please do. Oh and did I mention it was created by Marta Kaufmann who also  created a little show called Friends.


kurt and blaine glee

Glee- Kurt and Blaine  (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss)

Kurt had made any efforts to fit in at McKinley High. He wanted to make his father proud even to the point of being a member of the football team. But Kurt loved fashion and singing popular songs in New Directions. Finally he came out to his dad, who was trying since he was a single dad. Kurt wanted to make sure that the boys would win in a boys vs girls competition. . While with the award winning boy group, Kurt fell in love with one of their members. Blaine. He demonstrated his love by having the group sing “Teenage Dream” to Blaine. He realizes that he is also in love with Kurt and transfers to Mckinley to be near the one he loves.  Just like all couples, Blaine and Kurt break up for a while. Amid a huge “Beatles” production number to the song “All You Need is Love”, Blaine proposes to Kurt. Then the couple has to encounter one of the biggest problems that couples have, a long distance relationship. Kurt graduates and then moves to New York and leaves Blaine to finish his classes. Once again , the couples separates. When their friends Santana and Brittany get married , the couple decide to join their friends and get married also.


Nashville – Will and Kevin (Chris Carmack and Kyle Dean Massey)  In this show, almost all of the romances start because someone wanted to collaborate with someone. This couple is no exception. Luke fixed up Kevin and Will because he thought that the two could make some great songs.  Kevin is openly gay , but is perfectly glad to stay hidden since Will was still in the closet. The two are caught by cameras and this makes Will think that it time to come out . This turns out badly for Will . No one wants a gay country singer. He begins to feel sorry for himself and then Kevin can’t take his self loathing so he breaks up.  Will tries to embrace his new persona as country’s newest “Gay” singer. It has been hard for him because the Christian right wing has taken pot shots at him and some concerts have gotten down right violent.  Now that he has finally accepted his sexuality, Luke has gotten him and Kevin back together. Will seems sad because he hears that Kevin is happy with his new boyfriend. The reconciliation is a success and the two realize that they both have feelings for each other and kiss. I will be very curious to see how their relationship will continue when it returns to its new home CMT. this fall.


empire  jamal and d major

Empire -Jamal and D Major (Jussie Smollett and Tobias Truvillion)  Lee Daniels has received many kudos in the creation of the character of Jamal. In the Black culture, homosexuality is less tolerated than in White culture. We have learned the history that this character has had and how his father has treated him because of his gayness. Along with his acting ability, Jussie has proven to be a real cash cow to the show for his voice. I myself have several of his songs on my phone. He is an excellent ambassador for the show. D Major or Derek is the latest of boyfriends that Jamal has had. At this point, he could be the one . Both of them share a love for music. At this point though, the two of them must stay low. I am very anxious to see how this relationship progresses. Jamal deserves to be happy . Someone on that show does.


brittany and santana glee

 Glee- Santana and Brittany  (Naya Rivera and Heather Morris)  Brittany and Santana started out like so many teen girls do. The two Cheerios were besties . But after a sleepover, the two realised that they loved each other. They were so cute with their matching backpacks and jewelry and their special little pinky lock. I am also sure that many a young boy felt something with this special relationship. They also encouraged young girls to be themselves and come out like their heroines. More things that these girls did before they came out was to date a boy and also be worried about their reputation.  The girls relationship is tested one more time when Santana goes to college and Brittany has to repeat her senior year. Once again, modern culture uses the term “on a break” to describe a separation between characters when they stop seeing each other. Soon after, the two reunite, go on a vacation together and then move in. The twosome were later married in an elaborate ceremony with all their Gleers, including the two who also get married, Kurt and Blaine.

Jewish Television Characters



Every year at this time, we salute our Jewish friends at Hanukkah. This year we are doing a revised list of television’s most beloved Jewish characters.

We will start with one of the most iconic Jewish television characters, Jerry Seinfeld. star of the classic “show about nothing” Jerry is neurotic and sarcastic which are traits of what the network at the time of the show said were “New York” Jewish.  People wonder if George Costanza was Jewish as well. With the parents that he had, it is possible that he was as well.

george and his parentsgeorge and jerry

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander were Jerry and George on “Seinfeld.” Estelle Harris and legendary comic Jerry Stiller were George’s parents Estelle and Frank Costanza

Everyone’s favorite “Friends” had Jewish characters as well. Monica and Ross were both Jewish . Actor Elliot Gould made quite an impression as Jack Geller, their father. Courteney Cox was not really Jewish , but David Schwimmer is .

geller family

Another television show that featured a Jewish character was “Will and Grace”. Debra Messing embraced her Jewish roots as neurotic Grace Adler. Movie legend  Debbie Reynolds was her mother show biz crazy Bobbi Adler. Grace made every JAP dream come true by marrying a Jewish doctor , Leo Marcus played by Harry Connick Jr.

grace and leo

 Fran Drescher’s show “The Nanny” featured television’s funniest Jewish women. Drescher portrayed Fran , who became a nanny to the very wealthy and handsome widower Max Sheffield. Max was a Broadway producer who eventually in storybook fashion falls in love and marries Fran. Viewers also enjoyed the exploits of Fran’s mother and grandmother, Yetta.

fine family

Fran is pictured here with her mother, Sylvia played by Renee Taylor and Yetta played by Ann Morgan Guilbert

Larry David was the everyman on HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Larry shows his funny and cynical side in Hollywood. Here is one of the most memorable moments when Larry gathers his stars together from the mega hit Seinfeld that Larry created.

curb your enthusiasm

On “Entourage” , Vinnie wouldn’t gotten where he was without this man. Chicago’s own Jeremy Piven was super agent Ari Gold. Piven embraced his own Jewish roots as the harried agent and family man.

ari gold

Simon Helberg plays the Jewish member of the nerd gang on “The Big Bang Theory” Howard has accomplished quite a bit for being the least educated of the group . He has gone to space and was the first to get married.  He had a sad occasion when he lost his mother this year. (The actress who voiced his mother passed away in real life and the producers decided to let the character die as well.)

howard and bernadette

Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch are Mr and Mrs Wolowicz

Bebe Neuwirth entertained audiences in two series as the droning Dr Lilith Stern Crane. She was also the Jewish mother to her and Frasier’s son, Fredrick .

lilith and frasier

For ten years, Sandra Oh portrayed Jewish cardio goddess Cristina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy” . She was every body’s person and a bad ass surgeon.

meredith and cristina

ABC takes viewers back to those great eighties with the latest Jewish family “The Goldbergs” .This includes another Chicago actor, the very funny Jeff Garlinard


Before there was a “House of Cards” or an adulterous President on “Scandal”, there was Aaron Sorkin’s “The West Wing”. Bradley Whitford and Richard Schiff were Josh Lyman and Toby Ziegler, the two member’s of the Bartlett White House who were Jewish.

west wing

Mandy Patinkin has made quite a name for himself as a Broadway star and movie star. He embraces his Jewish roots as Saul Berenson , a CIA operative on “Homeland”.

Episode 507

John Munch is one of television’ s longest running characters. Richard Belzer brings his personality and Jewish background to the homicide detective on “Law and Order SVU”

munch on law and order


Paulo Costanza has Italian roots but brother Hank aka Mark Feurstein is every mother’s dream a Jewish doctor on USA’s hit “Royal Pains”

hank and evan lawson

 Even in a small little town in Colorado, there is a Jewish family . Kyle is the little Jewish boy on “South Park”

kyle on south park

Lea Michele of “Scream Queens” made her mark  as the Kosher Diva , Rachel Berry on “Glee” Her idol was , of course, Barbra Streisand

rachel berry glee

 Peter and his friends always make sure to shop at Goldman’s Drugstore, owned by the very geeky Mort Goldman on “Family Guy”

mort goldman

It isn’t well known if Attorney General , David Rosen of “Scandal” is really Jewish, but his portrayer the awesome Joshua Malina is. Fun fact: David went to Dartmouth just like Shonda Rhimes, and Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy”

david rosen

The Simpsons’ contribution to Jewish culture is none other than Krusty the Clown, his father was a rabbi

krusty the clown

The Puckerman brothers on “Glee” love to sing and they especially love to sing about Hanukkah like in this song. Here we have Mark Salling and Jacob Artist .

puck and his brother glee

Finally we end with two people from the show destined to be a classic “Mad Men”

Ben Feldman started out as an angel on “Drop Dead Diva” till he went back to heaven. He really made a mark as Mark Ginsberg , adman at Sterling and Cooper

ben feldman michael ginsberg

Maggie Siff made such an impression as JAP Rachel Menken that they brought her back again in the final season as a similiar character. Rachel was a love interest of the infamous Don Draper

rachel menken

Once again Chitownstarconnections wishes everyone a Happy Hanukkah!!!

Let’s Hear It For Canada- A Dominion Day Salute to TV’s Actors from the North

canadian flag

Today is July the First.. in Canada it is a national holiday. Some people call it Canada Day and others call it Dominion Day. It is the day that Canada formed into independent states under British rule. So many of our biggest television stars have made the trek from the North to NYC and Hollywood. Today as we celebrate all things Canadian, we salute our finest and favorite Canadian actors and actresses.

Without further ado… we sing O Canada….to

william shatnerYou can ‘t talk about Canadian icons without mentioning the ultimate Canadian tv star. Any trekkie knows who that is and it’s none other than James Tiberius Kirk or William Shatner. No actor has rode or made fun of their alter ego more than Shatner. “Star Trek” has cemented his name in television history.

will trumanBorn in Toronto, Eric James McCormack has cemented his place in gay history for the role he played for eight seasons on “Will and Grace” . as lawyer Will Truman. Along with the sitcom which won him an Emmy, Eric has performed on Broadway and appeared in many stage roles. He was in the American premiere of Neil LaBute’s “Some Girls” and also was the producer of his now defunct series “Perception” which he starred as well.


These two Canadian actors are one of the hottest couples on television. Nathan Fillion has made his rounds from Alberta to NYC and into outer space. Starting his career on the late great “One Life to Live”, and cemented his place in the hearts of Browncoats everywhere as Capt Malcolm Reynolds on “FIrefly” Stana Katic  comes from the North but has Chicago roots since she attended DePaul for theatre. She has made her mark as a “Bond ” girl in “Quantum of Solace” and appeared as a sexy vampire with the star of “Falling Skies” Noah Wyle in the “Librarian” series. Today the twosome solve crimes and heat up the Big Apple as Richard and Kate Castle.

sandra ohSandra Oh is a national treasure . Coming from Ottawa, she made her way to Hollywood where we first laughed at her on the HBO series “Arliss” But we will never forget her for ten seasons as the bff or ‘twisted sister’ of Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” Cristina Yang was a rock star in the OR and but she struggled in her relationship with hubby Owen Hunt. Yang may be in Switzerland now, but her heart still remains with her man. Sandra celebrated the end of her run by coming to Chicago last summer and performing at Victory Gardens.

evan r lawsonOntario has contributed a lot of actors to American television and one of the newest is Paolo Costanzo, A stoner in “Road Trip’ and a geek as Joey’s nephew in “Joey” , Paolo has won the hearts of the viewers and critics on one of the highest rated cable series on television, “Royal Pains” Paolo plays  the brother of Hank Lawson , Evan Lawson . Evan started out as a cross between Alex P Keaton and Danny Partridge, happily he has matured. Paolo has also taken the job as director on the series a few times as well.

the shepherdsCaterina Scorsone is currently one of the brightest stars in the Shondaland horizon . She was originally cast on “Private Practice” when casting agents noticed her resemblance to star Patrick Dempsey and cast her as Derek’s addict sister, Amelia. When “PP” finally closed its doors, Amelia traveled to Seattle and “Grey’s Anatomy” . She is now the top neurosurgeon at Sloane Grey and involved with Owen Hunt.

robin on himymCobie Smulders came from her native Vancouver. For eight seasons, she was the woman between two bros on “How I Met Your Mother” . Robin had an endearing quality and that was her love for Canada. She brought her native country to the role. Currently she is on the show “Agents of Shield”

finn hudsonCory Monteith was born in Calgary and achieved success at a young age. He is most known as the beloved jock Finn Hudson on “Glee” Glee’ brought him fame and love .He had made plans to marry his co star and leading lady Lea Michele . Sadly in 2013, Cory was found dead in his hotel room.He will be long remembered and missed.

matthew perry 17 againWe end our salute to Canada with one of the most endearing actors and television personalities , Matthew Perry. Matthew has been acting since he was a teen. He has immortalized himself forever as lovable smart ass Chandler Bing on “Friends” . In recent years he has done many television appearances including “Good Wife”, “Scrubs’, West Wing” and a reunion with his tv wife, Courteney Cox on “Cougar Town” .Matthew has also starred in about four series finally hitting gold as Oscar Madison in a new version of the Gary Marshall classic “The Odd Couple”

We Salute Pride Month with Our Favorite Lesbian and Gay Actors

happy pride monthJune is a celebration of GLBT Pride and we at Chitownstarconnections are ready. We want to start out our celebration with a series of articles all about actors and actresses and movies and television shows that celebrate pride. There are a lot of great actors and actresses who are part of the family and we want to salute our favorites.

rex lee We start off with the adorable Rex Lee who is reprising his role as loyal and harassed assistant to Ari Gold , Lloyd on “Entourage.” The movie opened recently  nationwide.

jennifer aniston and ellenEllen Degeneres made headlines in the nineties coming out on her own sitcom “Ellen” Today she has the hottest stars and the coolest people on her talk show “Ellen” . Here she is with Jennifer Aniston .


Portia Di Rossi is married to Ellen DeGeneres but that isn’t the reason we love her. We love her as she plots for power on “Scandal” as Elizabeth North. “Lizzie Bear” just got a promotiion as the new Chief of Staff after President Grant fired Cyrus Beane.  Here she is with former First Lady Mellie Grant  (Bellamy Young)

007 with the girlsTR Knight was the affable George O Malley on “Grey’s Anatomy” . It was a sad day when he became a real hero and gave his life to save a stranger. TR is currently wrapping up a run on Broadway and was reunited with his co star James Pickens Jr. in the movie “42”

sean hayesSean Hayes made us laugh as the very gay Jack McFarland on “Will and Grace” His partner in crime is Karen and his best friend is Will (Eric McCormack) . After the show ended, Sean made his way to Broadway and “Promises Promises’ with Kristin Chenowerth and a certain actor who would be involved in a “Scandalous” White House romance. Sean is also a producer who sees his first hit “Hot in Cleveland ” end this week.

cyrus and james

Dan Bucatinsky is one of the actors we adore. We miss him on “Scandal” in his Emmy award winning role as James Novak . Here he is pictured with his hubby , Jeff Perry. In real life , Dan is an advocate for gay families along with his children and real life husband , director Don Roos

james parsons and kaley cuocoJim Parsons plays it straight as the neurotic braniac Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory” . He has also appeared in the television movie “The Normal Heart” and is also appearing on Broadway. Kaley Cuoco is his roommate Leonard’s fiance, Penny.

niles and daphne craneDavid Hyde Pierce got the laughs as Niles Crane. He originally was cast as Frasier’s younger brother on “Frasier” because of his resemblance to star Kelsey Grammer. Viewers followed the romance between the henpecked doctor and free spirit physical therapist Daphne Moon straight to the altar. Jane Leeves played his wife.

jane lynch as sue with beckyJane Lynch most of the time she plays the evil Sue on “Glee” , but sometimes she shows that she does have a heart. In real life, Jane is an advocate of gay rights as well and host of “Hollywood Game Night.”

dot marie jones as coachDot Marie Jones played the coach with a heart on “Glee” .

chris colfer gleeIn his portrayal of gay teen Kurt Hummel, Chris Colfer has lived a lot of what his character had gone through on “Glee” Chris is an accomplished singer, performer, and author. He also helped his bff Lea Michele get through her fiance’s death.

guillermo diaz as huckGuillermo Diaz plays Diego Munoz aka Huck on ABC’s “Scandal” He is the gladiator to go to when you need someone to talk. Guillermo is an advocate for gay rights.

jussie smollett jamalJussie Smollett plays the middle son Jamal Lyons on new superhit “Empire” Jamal is the gay son of Lucious Lyons and also now the head of Empire records. Jussie is super talented and is on his way as a maker of hit music

nph on himymNeil Patrick Harris first came into the public’s eye as the adorable Dr Doogie Howser . He has performed on Broadway, hosted the Emmys and Tonys, and also is  a cult favorite as Dr Horrible in the web series “Dr Horrible ‘s Sing a Long Blog” . Most notably, he was the lovable louse Barney Stinson on “How I Met Your Mother.” Neil is married to his spouse David and father to two adorable boys.

big boo oinbLea DeLauria is one of the gals in the cell block on “Orange Is The New Black”. As Big Boo, she is the lesbian who has a heart of gold. Lea is from Illinois and is a comic, actor, and musician

nathan laneNathan Lane is a national treasure with his talents. From his comic role in “The Bird Cage” to his theatrical performances. He is truly a consummate performer. I actually have the privilege of seeing him on the stage here in Chicago. He has endeared audiences of all ages with his role in Disney’s “The Lion King” .

george takei from entourageGeorge Takei is truly an icon. He was Sulu in the original “Star Trek” series and made headlines when the actor came out years later. George had a cameo in the new “Entourage” movie as the minister who marries Lloyd at Ari’s house

cynthia nixonCynthia Nixon helped set the style for gals as one of the ladies of “Sex and the City”. Out and proud, she married a gay politician and is also a mother. Cynthia is also a cancer survivor and an advocate for it as well.

rupaul charlesRuPaul Charles has been an entertainer and an actor. She is most known for her glam girl persona and as the host of Logo’s long running hit “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. She remains a role model for boys who want to be glamorous divas.sarah paulsonWe love Sarah Paulson because she is gorgeous and so talented. Plus she got the chance to kiss Matthew Perry on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” . She also played a young Ellis Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” in a flashback.

modern familyWe end our tribute with Jesse Tyler Ferguson the adorable lawyer Mitchell on “Modern Family” Jesse is also the celebrity advocate for same sex marriage. Him and his husband, Justin  started their own company called Tie the Knot selling bow ties . The company benefits the cause of same sex marriage. Jesse has won many awards for his role on “Modern Family”

We Never Stopped Believin … Glee Says Farewell

glee cast

Last Friday night, we said goodbye to the students and faculty of William McKinley High School in Lima Ohio. In `case you aren’t a Gleek” , it is the fictional high school where the Fox series “Glee” took place. It has definitely run its course and as a result, prime time television has embraced music as part of a series. We have “Glee” to thank for shows like “Nashville” and “Empire.” It has also helped those kids who once felt like outcasts because they weren’t jocks to realize they had talent too.  It helped kids realize that they could be themselves and be accepted. It taught people that everyone has a dream and no one can take that away from them.


principal figginsWill Shuster decides to leave teaching Spanish to take over the Glee club. He remembers Glee club as the best time of his life and can’t bear that other kids can’t have that great feeling.

GLEE, (clockwise, from top left): Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Kevin McHale, Lea MichelWe also meet the kids from “New Directions” Rachel, Tina, Artie, Mercedes, Kurt , and Finn . These kids captured our hearts with their tragedies and triumphs. They also gave us some of the best musical moments we downloaded onto our phones and ipods.

will find out his wife is lyingWill was married to another woman when the show started. Terri had decided that her husband wanted to teach rather than be a success, so she would lie to him and tell her that she was pregnant. She even tried to buy Quinn’s baby. But in time he found out and ended the marriage.

will falls in love with emmaThen he met a woman who believed in him. She was his cheerleader and his biggest supporter. Her name was Emma.

rachel finn triangle

in time the Glee kids found romance as well. Rachel and Finn fell in love and so did Blaine and Kurt as well

teenage dream

santana declared her love for brittanyso did Santana and Brittany

burt hummel gets marriedKurt’s father , Burt also finds love and Finn and Kurt become brothers when he married Finn’s mother

nationalsIt was a great day when New Directions finally won Nationals

sue and will gleeBut Will had one enemy the whole time he was at McKinley … and that was Sue the cheerleading coach who saw Glee Club as a bunch of losers

Many famous guest stars have been on “Glee”

kate hudson on gleeKate Hudson played Rachel’s dance instructor at NYADA , Cassandra July. She ended up her biggest supporter when she got the part of Fanny Brice in season 4

patty luponeBroadway legend Patty LuPone met future diva “Rachel’ in Sardis in Season 2

rachel and her father'sJeff Goldblum of Jurassic Park” and Brian Stokes Mitchell of Broadway fame play Rachel’s dads.

tim stansfieldBarry Bostwick was in the original production of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and most recently he appeared on “Scandal” as Fitz’s Dad . In Season 2, he plays a television executive who wants the kids to perform .

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Carol Burnett and Jane Lynch both played the role of Miss Hannigan in “Annie” On the show, she played Sue’s mother in Season Two.

glee-neil-patrick-harris-new-directions-500“How I Met Your Mother’s ” own Neil Patrick Harris also made a visit to McKinley in “Dream On.’ He was directed by his own pal Josh Whedon from “Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog” . Whedon has also created “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly”

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Brittany Meets Brittany in this fun episode featuring the music of Brittany Spears.

kurt and sjpKurt works as an intern at Vogue and his boss is the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker in Season 4.

gloria estefanGloria Estefan as Santana’s mother talks to her about her future in Season 3 and then returns for her wedding to Brittany in Season 6.

the quarterbackOn October 10, 2013 the show paid a fond farewell to Finn Hudson. Earlier in the summer, Cory Monteith passed away in the prime of his life and the show felt that a tribute show would allow fans to grieve along with the young cast. It was doubly sad because Monteith and Lea Michele had made plans to get married that fall.

glee wil gets marriedWill and Emma got married finally in Season 4

beatles proposalBlaine proposes to Kurt with a Beatles proposal in the Season Five opener

rachel on broadwayRachel realizes her dream and opens on Broadway in “Funny Girl” as Fanny Brice in Season 5

sue in vogue“Glee ” has done many songs and paid tribute to a lot of artists in its run. This is one of my favorites. It’s Sue in a spoof of “Vogue” in “The Power of Madonna”

blaine santana weddingPart of the final season included a double wedding. Santana and Brittany had originally planned to get married, but everyone knew that Kurt and Blaine belonged together too. Both couples were married in the biggest gay wedding of the season.

finaleEveryone gathers in the finale which started out as a flashback episode to when everyone met. The second hour leaped five years into the future when McKinley became an arts high school and everyone had moved ahead. The last scene showed the kids and faculty gathering together for one last song.

Glee Finn Plauge

TV’s Most Passionate Kisses

Beach sceneIt’s Valentine ‘s time again and this time we salute television’s most passionate couples. Either brought together by fate or riders of love’s roller coasters, these couples bring passion to the small screen. We  have included some new ones and old ones so enjoy

 moonlightingMoonlighting’s Maddie and David bantered and bickered until this moment. This is when the fighting ended and the lovin started.  Glass was broke and furniture was wrecked when these two let loose.

mondler's kiss“FRIENDS” set the standard for romance in the nineties. Friends became lovers when Monica and Chandler slept together for the first time in London.  Here they are in Vegas when they decide to get married after a crap game.

lobster kissBut the couple that first captured America’s hearts was Ross and Rachel.  Forced to choose between Julie and Rachel, Ross comes to his senses for their first kiss.  It was in the rain and it was hot.

er kiss“ER” gave us the first McDreamy in Clooney’s Doug Ross. The love of his life was Carol Hathaway (The Good Wife) Julianna Marguiles. Carol let Doug go and she stayed in Chicago to have his babies.  But true love prevailed and Carol ran to Seattle to be with Doug.

meredith and derek proposalWhen  Meredith returned to Seattle , she had no idea that she would find true love. She found it in the guise of the dreamy Derek Shepherd. He decided to propose in the elevator where so many kisses had taken place.  Amid the many brain scans, she said yes.

calzona kissIt took a shooting spree in Seattle Grace to bring these two girls to their senses. Calliope and Arizona are two smart women who got married and have an adorable little girl named Sophie. They have her thanks to their late friend, Mark

mark and lexi kiss

These two are now united together in eternity. Dr Mark Sloane and Dr Lexi Grey.


She was hit by an icicle and Cupid’s arrow at the same time..Grey’s hasn’t been the same since Cristina left Owen . It’s Dr Cristina Yang and Dr. Owen Hunt

1x20_deacon_raynaThey made beautiful music together until his boozing tore them apart. She then married another man and raised their child together. Leaving Luke at the altar , she was free to return to the love of her life.But is it too late for “Nashville’s Deacon and Rayna.

juliette and avery nashville They finally found love together and are having a baby. It’s finally a happy ending for Juliette and Avery on “Nashville”

casey and dawsonThey heat up Chicago more than the fires they fight together.It’s Casey and Dawson on “Chicago Fire”

halstead and lindsayPartners becomes lovers …it’s the very hot Halsted and Lindsay of “Chicago PD”

Finn-and-Rachel-kiss,-1_2It’s a very sad tale in real life as well when Cory Monteith and Lea Michele had planned to get married and he turned  up dead.They were the nerd and the jock on “Glee” as Rachel and Finn

brittany and santana kissBrittany and Santana were two cheerleaders in love on “Glee”

kurt and blaine gleeTwo boys who can’t keep their love a secret . But is that love doomed? Here’s hoping for “Glee’s” Kurt and Blaine

bones-and-castle_161455_1He needed a muse for his writing , so he decided to tag along with an NYPD detective. In the end , Kate fell in love with Rick and now they are a married couple. Is a baby also in the future for Richard Castle and Kate Beckett Castle?

Esplanie-esplanie-28235577-460-340It’s on again and off again for the lovers of the 12th on “Castle” . It’s Lainie and Esposito

shamy kissLove can come to nerds too. That is why we love this couple. Amy has been more than patient with Sheldon and finally last Valentines’ they kissed. Wonder when the next step will happen on “The Big Bang Theory”

the-big-bang-theory-penny-and-leonardIt started out as the nerd and the hot girl , now Leonard and Penny have matured enough to be engaged. It’s the story of the actress and the physicist on “BBT”

abby-david-rosenShe started out to use him and then they realized they were in love. I hope this isn’t the end of “Scandal”s Abby and David.

3x14-james-and-cy-kissingThese two met on the “Trail ” and then married. On a regular basis , they battled in the halls of the White House while harboring nasty secrets. Sadly, while digging to find the truth James was shot. He will always be the great love of his life no matter what. We can’t get enough of James and Cyrus on”Scandal.”

S4_E8_010_-_Andrew-MelliePower was the aphrodisiac that destroyed this couple . Andrew Nichols was going to be Vice President. He had been in love with Mellie for years while he served as her husband ‘s lt governor and then he swept the First Lady off her feet. They heated up the White House until he went too far. Andrew and Mellie of “Scandal”

huck and quinn kiss

Blood turns this couple on and when they get together, it is usually murder . The couple that tortures together stays together like Quinn and Huck of “Scandal”

olivia and fitzBut the most passionate couple on television is the Fixer and the President. Fitz and his Livvy used to not be able to  keep their hands off each other. Their love is so powerful that he went to war for her and built a.  house for them. Let’s hope there is a happy ending for Olivia and Fitzgerald on “Scandal”