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What The Huck?

header gladiator report

Shonda has been changing the game ever since the show returned this year. Using the same plot devices as “HTGWM”, she has been telling the story of the election and Vargas’s assassination in each character’s point of view. We have been seeing characters that usually aren’t the most cuddly of characters. MIA this week are Mellie , Cyrus, and of course, Fitz. (Did this MIA for Mr Goldwyn have anything to do with his campaigning for Hillary?) This week the episode is seen through the eyes of Huck . Actually it is good to see lesser featured actors in these new episodes. It’s almost like seeing a whole new “Scandal”.

Olivia can’t trust her father , she never could. But hey look at all the crap he’s done. Killing Harrison , keeping Maya prisoner and making Liv think she’s dead, and killing Jerry Jr. with a deadly virus. That’s just a grocery list of his activities. Well this time he’s crossed the line and after trying to get Fitz and Jake to kill him and failed. She will do it herself and Huck will do it. Holding a gun on Rowan, Huck is told that if he kills him it won’t do any good, he is being manipulated and the thugs will not at all think twice about killing Olivia. He also tells Huck that there is a traitor among them. He immediately thinks its Quinn and the two draw guns. Now the team must bond to find the mole. (Another nod to history, the “Mole” was Billy Chambers who was going to bring down the Grant administration with Amanda Tanner’s help. Season One)  Olivia knows there is one person that she can’t trust and she figures she will be free when he is dead. He was the one who was pushing her for the Oval and it wasn’t her idea at all. Once again , she is being manipulated and she is tired of his antics.

olivia and huck talk

Olivia (Kerry Washington) tells Huck (Guillermo Diaz) she wants him to kill Rowan

But who is the mole? Huck realizes that someone may be playing him and so he has David take him to prison and he meets up with Becky. (You remember her? she tricked Huck into being framed for shooting Fitz.) Becky said that he had someone who was playing him right now. She also pointed out that he had too big of  a soft spot and that was his weakness. Meg ups the game by asking Huck to get her a private meeting with Olivia. He thinks that she is the mole and threatens her with drugs to tell the truth. Rowan placed a tracking device in Sandra’s corpse and Olivia sees the woman murdered. Huck tried to give Rowan the benefit of the doubt that people can change. Once again, Huck is made the patsy for the love of a woman. Meg is reunited with her friend, the late Jennifer and everyone has a happy ending. Once again with his vulnerability attacked and a vicious cycle between good and evil, the MVG is Huck. But wait….a new wrinkle in the ointment. Meg shoots Jennifer and then Huck.

huck and new girlfriend

Huck has to learn to trust the right people ..including Meg (Phoebe Neidhardt)

The Shadow Orgainization arranged for this to happen and you will never guess who is behind it….

its abby the bitch

She isn’t a gladiator anymore.. Abby (Darby Stanchfield) makes a deal with the mysterious lady (Zoe Perry)

Abby is now the most ambitious and evil . She is making deals with the devil and it appears that she had Huck shot. But…. has Abby reached the top of ambition? Will Huck survive the bullets? Can David save her from herself? If Olivia is in danger, who will be her knight in shining armor?

Tonight’s OMG episode was directed by none other than Peeping Tom…Tom Verica

Happy Birthday to Olivia’s Most Loyal Gladiator – Guillermo Diaz

guillermo diaz

Today in 1975, a gladiator was born. That’s right, this is the day that Guillermo Diaz other wise known as Diego Munoz or Huck on the ABC hit “Scandal” . Huck has certainly had an interesting go round on the show. Starting out as a killer, who we have found out had a wife and kid. We have seen him try to find his identity and tame the beast as a member of B613. We have even seen him as the man who was arrested for trying to kill the President . (Totally a set up). We have even seen him as a lover. But the real Guillermo is proud of his gay relationship and especially of the tattoo of his true passion.Guillermo loves Madonna and has seen most of her concerts.

huck s tattoo

Here is Guillermo and his tattoo of Madonna. Guillermo has actually met the singer when she was on Ellen. He is such a fan that the only two tours of hers that he didn’t get to see was  “The Virgin Tour” and “Who’s That Girl.”  (I actually saw the “Who’s That Girl” one) Guillermo is from the Big Apple like several of his fellow “Scandal” stars. Like Kerry Washington

guy and kerry washington

Guillermo was born to Cuban parents and as a result has played many hoods and gangsters. He was a regular on the series “Weeds” and was also on “The Sopranos” “Law and Order” and in the sixth season of “Without a Trace” . which featured another “Scandal ‘ star . Tony Goldwyn. He also had a role on “Law and Order SVU” in the same season as Joshua Malina.


guillermo diaz on the sopranos

Guillermo also had a role in the landmark gay film, “Stonewall” He is proud of his relationships . His boyfriend’s name is  Mike Webb.

guy and his guy mike

His best friend in the world is none other than his co star Katie Lowes. It’s Huckleberry Quinn.Huck hasn’t had the most stable love life, but he has always had Quinn and Guillermo has Katie

guillermo and katie

Other than “Weeds ” and “Scandal” , Guillermo will always be remembered for his role as “Scar Face ” in “Half Baked”  Who couldn’t forget this scene?

half baked

But Guillermo has cemented his place in tv history as former Marine and current gladiator, Huck.  When Olivia needs it handled, she can always count on Huck. Here he is with Olivia and his fellow gladiators. Whether its saving some millionaires ass or helping out the POTUS, the gladiators can be counted on. Here he is with Kerry Washington, Columbus Short, Darby Stanchfield, and Katie Lowes

huck and the gladiators

 Here is Guillermo with the award winning cast of “Scandal” . including  Jeff Perry, Joshua Malina, Darby Stanchfield, Portia di Rossi, Tony, Kerry, Bellamy Young, Scott Foley, OPAs newest gladiator, Cornelius Walker Jr. , and Katie. Guillermo has been nominated for Image Awards and Glaad Awards.

scandal cast 2017

Here is Huck enjoying his birthday cake . He is very lucky since he gets to celebrate his birthday with the President. Of course, it’s “Scandal” ‘s POTUS Tony Goldwyn. This gladiator is proud to wish Guillermo a happy birthday

huck and fitz

It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Ride

header gladiator report

Just like in real life, the campaign rages on. Tonight was mostly focused on the Republican candidates . Friends became enemies.. Gal pals Olivia and Abby are no longer on the same team. Olivia and the gladiators are working for Mellie and Abby is on the WH team for Susan Ross.

may the best woman win

 The Republican candidates are now vying for a hefty prize . They are competing for the endorsement of the governor of Florida which means the candidate will win the state. It was a real treat tonight for me when Madam Governor was played by none other than that “Designing Woman” Annie Potts. It was a reunion of sorts for Annie on the “Scandal” set. Annie had appeared with Mr President on her show way back in the eighties in a classic episode called “Killing All the Right People” Tony was a young man who contracted aids and asked the gals if they would design his funeral for him.

tony on designing w

Annie would definitely not recognize this young man when she did “Scandal” . He obviously aged quite well…

Fitz swag

 The candidates are all on their way to Florida, well one is stalled. The “Mellie” team is waiting to take off, but can’t . No other planes can be in the air before Air Force One. Olivia hears that the plane hasn’t left because of mechanical problems. She knows better than that and blames Abby. Olivia plays her own card and lets the media know that there is nothing wrong with Air Force One. Abby wants to make Mellie late because she knows the governor wants to favor her. Nothing ticks her off more than tardiness. Quinn can’t understand why Liv is battling with her friend. Mellie is clued in by Marcus to make her move and she does that by waving into the Presidential jet.  Both her and Fitz get off the planes , which is a field day for the media as the two exes chat on the runway. But thank God, they can’t hear Fitz telling Mellie about Liv killing Andrew. The two share a special moment as they both voice their concern about Olivia’s personality. Fitz tells her to make sure she eats and gets enough sleep. He knows how she is when she is in her work mode. So it looks like as we predicted. Fitz isn’t over her and probably never will be…

the exes

Air Force One takes off with the Chief Executive ‘s orders. Abby calls him on the carpet and says that she runs him. Fitz argues with her, and then because of her tactics, Mellie is almost not admitted to the dinner. Olivia uses her own magic as she gets Fitz to admit Mellie’s lateness is his own fault. The governor makes room for Mellie. Abby steams more. Hollis uses his charm , causing Lizzie to call it a hillbilly hoedown.David has made a deal for Susan if he seizes an investigation. Susan starts out quiet but then she makes her case to the governor. Following the dinner, David says he is proud of Susan, yet he is still sleeping on the floor. But Susan is trying and she reaches down to take his hand. He promises that he will never hurt her again. The next day, Susan is told that she got the governor’s endorsement . Unfortunately, neither lady comes out the victor. Hollis wins the state primary and Lizzie finds out that David made a deal with the governor.

huck comforts liv

Huck shows his tender side as he shows his own concern for Olivia.He tells her that he fears what is happened to her since Andrew’s death and how she needs to grieve.  He warns her that she has gone down the rabbit hole and he tells her he understands. Olivia strikes back by saying that Andrew had it coming and she felt powerful and free when she killed him. She could actually sleep for the first time in a year. Olivia also admits that her father would kill Jake if she didn’t leave him alone. Olivia breaks down into Huck’s arms.

cyrus and michael

The shit hits the fan with Cyrus. Vargas’s brother wants Michael to get some dirt on Cyrus. Cyrus admits to him that he has been sleeping with Tom and it breaks Michael’s heart. A war starts when Michael starts calling Ella his child. Cyrus is livid and tells him in no uncertain terms that Ella is his late husband ‘s child, not his!! Later, he returns to find Michael is gone and he has taken Ella with him.

the grants post divorce

There is no question who this week’s MVG is and once again as POTUS gets ready to leave the White House, he is cleaning up so many messes. On one hand he wants to help his VP get the nomination. But this man has a lot of baggage and he also has a woman he doesn’t want to let go of. In the midst of the gladiator war between Abby and Olivia, he is stuck between support Susan and loyalties between his wife and the love of his life. He knows that Olivia is ill and he has been willing to be there for her. He also has been a friend to Abby when she broke down in the Oval Office. He told her he had gone down the same road and that she needed to find a line to pull her back up from the darkness. Abby had been the go between for Fitz in the past for Olivia. Can Fitzgerald  Grant head toward redemption as well as make the one dream that he still holds come true? Hang on gladiators we are headed toward the season finale guaranteed to deliver a cliffhanger to thrill…OMG!!!

Runnin that Mutha… An Old Dog Returns!!!

header gladiator report

Gladiators , the ride is getting steeper now. Candidates are making their way into the circus and one President just wants the ride to end. The race for the Oval has begun. This week our “gladiators’ participated in Paley fest and delighted the assembled crowd with witty comments and lots of selfies. Our “President’ stayed afterwards and signed fans autographs so now a lot of lucky fans have a souvenir to treasure. Tony probably watched eagerly as his candidate , Hillary Clinton, won a major block of delegates on Tuesday.

It was a different kind of dinner at Papa Pope’s as Olivia went out of her way to be a charming hostess to Jake and his fiance. But not everything is as it seems. Olivia is buying into a whole lot of crazy. She had her people installing cameras so she could watch Jake. Hmm does this seem familiar?  Huck and Marcus are bonding over soccer when Huck discovers a familiar face. The guy that is hugging Kim is a guy that Huck was contracted to kill and he thinks that he is coming for revenge. Huck puts on a clever disguise and becomes “Harold”  Harold picks Sean up and it looks like Sean is getting the “Huck” treatment after a discussion with “Charlie”.

As the campaign trains pull out of the station, Vargas is now officially on board. Susan is also officially in the race. Mellie has all but declared her candidacy, but not yet. Since the candidates will need money, Hollis Doyle returns to make his bids for the Oval. Susan is willing to listen , but Fitz is not having it. It is still fresh in his mind what Hollis did to him and his pride. Not to mention all the killing that went on because of Defiance. He throws him out of the Oval and tells Susan to be true to herself again. Hollis knows that Mellie needs cash and endorsements and she will listen to him. The meeting is a success and Mellie looks forward to working with the snake. There is only one problem, Hollis Doyle takes her ideas and slogans and then declares himself a candidate a la Donald Trump.

But a storm is brewing in the West Wing, Abby knows that Cyrus has gotten in bed with Vargas and is planning to run his campaign just like he did Fitz’s  eight years ago. Abby has caught him in his lies and then she threatens to go to Fitz with the information. She tells Olivia that she wants the power and can taste it. Olivia warns her how the power can change people and not for the better. She also has a run in with Quinn about coffee, which is the last thing on her mind. Abby tells Fitz that Cyrus is working for Vargas and once again he knows he can’t trust him. Abby reminds him of the optics of firing a COS this late in the game , especially when he had already fired him once. Then he would have to search for another one . Abby tells him that she is up for the job . Fitz smiles and then tells Abby to take care of it. And in one fatal swoop, the Press Secretary fires the Chief of Staff.

Jake comes to Olivia and says he knows she has been watching him. Am I the only person who it bothers that in Season 2 , the very same thing was going on with Jake? I remember fondly when he would watch tapes of himself making love to her. I also remember him using those same tapes to hurt his friend. Olivia breaks down and admits she misses him. She apologizes to him as well. Hold the phone! she is apologizing to a man who almost choked her to death and abused her. Yet she has not made step one toward the man who she was willing to marry and then ended up killing his baby. Wake up Olivia before it is too late!!Jake also made me mad when he made it look like Fitz was the root of all evil and he was so innocent. Fitz is still being shown as weak and entitled. Sad to say , he needs some Presidential balls.

MVG of the episode is a tie between Quinn aka Katie Lowes and Abby aka Darby Stanchfield. . The reason for the lady gladiators to share the honor is because they both showed kahunas and spoke their mind. Quinn called Olivia out and asked her how she could call her people family. Ever since the White House, she has no connection to them. All she does is stalk Jake and obsess about him. When she was asked by Harrison to be a gladiator , this isn’t what she signed up for. When you heard Quinn talking about Harrison and when OIivia helped with Stephen’s proposal , you could hear the fans agreeing with her and telling this to Shonda. This was when the show was at its peak. Olivia finally addressed the kidnapping and finally viewers were given a look inside her head. No there is still no mention of the abortion or Fitz’s suicide attempt, but this is a start. I will say it again. Get thee to a shrink. It did wonders for Meredith Grey, it will help you too.

Abby takes the MVG title just for her guts. She has been living in Liv’s shadow since she took over Fitz 2.0. Olivia wanted to have nothing to do with Fitz after the whole, “I am talking to my wife” debacle. So now Abby is a fixture in the Grant WH. and has earned her spot at the table. Even when Abby threw her former boss under the bus, she showed that she had been taught well and it was a page right from her playbook. Cyrus has also taught her well, but she also realized that he is basically Satan. This was coming…The only time in his life that Cyrus had any conscience is when James was still alive.

Looks like Olivia’s gut is returning. As she listens to Vanessa gush about how her and Jake ran into each other and the crack in her phone. Olivia begins to think. This seems familiar to her because it is where she first met Jake. Something is definitely rotten in the state of DC. She tells Quinn to resume watching Jake. Him and Rowan are up to something.

hollis doyle joins the party

Guess who’s back to make some trouble ? Gregg Henry returns as Hollis Doyle. Here he is coming to visit Mellie

abby and cyrus

The writing is on the wall for Cyrus(Jeff Perry). The game is also over for him. Fitz is fed up and has Abby fire him (Darby Stanchfield)

the gladiators search for huck

The gladiators are searching for Huck

huck and harold takes sean for a ride

Huck takes Sean on a ride.


The days are now numbered for this man. He is a lame duck President who is forced to fire his Chief of Staff in his last days. But will there be someone waiting when he gets on Marine One on January 20? He is amused to watch the parade of clowns lining up to get his job.

Seven Days till OMG…. Scandal ‘s OMG Season!!!!

scandal poster

Alright Gladiators! It’s seven days and counting! Everyone is scrambling to watch those final episodes. Magazines have been flying off the newsstands with our faves on the cover and ABC has been spreading the gospel of Olitz. But let’s not forget where we started before the balcony scene , the kidnapping, back to the beginning of season 4. So before we are watching Washington’s hottest lovers, let’s take a stroll back down memory lane from a season where it all changed.

harison's funeral;

Olivia and her gladiators mourn Harrison’s death. Her and Jake have returned from the island of Zanzibar for this funeral. Jake wanted Olivia to leave Washington  following the funeral but she was asked to help someone . But while she was in the Capitol, she runs into a familiar face

the walk through

There is no way she leaves now!!!

fried chicken mellie

The usually ambitious First Lady is now mourning the death of her son and has become crazy Mellie. Here she is enjoying her fried chicken on the Truman balcony. She pulls herself together with Abby’s help for the State of the Union address

the state of the union

Fitz praises his wife at the State of the Union address. It is the first time that him and Olivia talk . She proofreads his speech.don't ever leave me again... i almost died

Olivia is to the rescue again when Karen is caught on a sex tape and needs her help. It is also the first time that Fitz has Liv alone in the Oval again. He tells her that he almost dies without her. She tells him she didn’t go alone. He is crushed.

the key

Tom is arrested and confesses that he was given the order by Jake to kill Jerry. Jake is immediately arrested and pleads his innocence to the President. Jake chides him on about his real issue , being with Olivia. Fitz beats the crap out of him.

fitz beats the shit out of him

the phone call

Finding out that there is indeed hope for them… Fitz makes one of the hottest phone calls of the year . He tells Olivia what she can expect if she would come over to the White House.

helen of troy speech

Olivia tries to save Jake and visits Tom in prison. He tells her that Fitz tried to kill himself and she is floored.

winter finale

Tired of trying to get her father, she dances to her independence and tells Jake she wants to make love on the piano. But then she is abducted

vp and kidnapping

Andrew tells Fitz that Olivia has been kidnapped so he will declare war on West Angola.

And here is the winner of the best speech of the year … from Where the Sun Don’t Shine

bitch baby

Yes? I need you to listen to me very carefully because I’m going to speak to you right now the way the Cyrus Beene I know would speak to you.
When did you decide to let them ruin you? Excuse me? So your life’s unfair.
So what? That’s how it is.
So, they’re mean-girling you in the press, they’re calling you names that hurt your little soft spots deep inside? Well, so what? That’s how it is.
So you lost someone you loved.
You lost the one person who felt like family.
Well, guess what grow the hell up because that is how it is! The Cyrus Beene I know doesn’t hide in his half-empty closet and wet his pants like a little bitch baby.
The Cyrus I know is a patriot.
He bites the bullet, and he does what it takes to serve the Republic at all costs.
So, I want to know, right now, in this moment, who you are.
Because the pathetic shell of a person I’m looking at right now doesn’t deserve to stand on the presidential seal in the oval office, let alone tell the president what to do.
– Who are you, Cy? – Liv.
Who are you, Cy?! – Liv! – Who are you, Cy? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Who are you!? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Oh, yeah? So, you’re not a bitch baby? I run this country.
I’m nobody’s bitch baby.
I don’t know.
You still sound like a little bitch baby to me.
I am not a little bitch baby! Then show me! Prove it to me right now! Show me who you are, Cyrus Beene!

run a bra saves

Olivia is kidnapped and held hostage. Using her bra, she tries to escape


While she is kidnapped, she has dreams about Vermont and being married to Fitz..

fitz declares war

it works ! Fitz declares war

steven rescues olivia

Stephen rescues Olivia after he bids to win her back. Once a gladiator , always a gladiator

fight with fitz

There is no happy homecoming . Olivia blames Fitz for her kidnapping and yells at him for declaring war. She throws her ring he gave her at him.

the lawn chair

“The Lawn Chair” was a timely episode about a father whose son was shot because he was black. Courteney B Vance played the father.

vice president

Fitz gets his third Vice President in Susan Ross. She is picked by Mellie as she begins her climb to the White House

put a ring on it

Cyrus looks back on his past weddings as he gets ready to be married. Olivia puts back on the ring and hope is alive again.

finale scene one

Fed up with all their games, Fitz cleans house by throwing out Mellie and firing Cyrus . Mellie is now the junior Senator for Virginia .

quinn shoots huck

Quinn realizes that Huck was the one who killed the jurors and she threatens to shoot him.

finale scene

With Mellie and Cyrus gone, Fitz goes to find happiness and finds it.

What happens now?

promo onepromo two

to be continued

Huck Spills the Beans

cast picture season 4

Gladiators wow what a week it’s been. I got a special treat at the beginning of it. I got the pleasure of meeting one of the “gladiators” . At a luncheon for Steppenwolf Theatre, I met our “Chief of Staff” that’s right, I got the distinct pleasure of a brief chat with Jeff Perry. I can’t tell you how cool it was to be standing next to the man who has the pulse of President Grant. What was even cooler was that during live tweet tonight, Jeff retweeted my tweet. So for all you good gladiators , just wait you will get your chance.

Oh Liv! what is it going to take to make you realize that you have the best man of all? Marla Gibbs returned tonight as Olivia tried to help her find her friend that was killed to cover up her kidnapping. It turns out that the two were more than friends, they were lovers. Hearing the woman telling the story of her love and waiting for the woman she loved, Olivia had some flashbacks. With the exception of one Jake scene, her mind flashed back to the man she loves. But alas , still no Olitz. Shonda we’re waiting and we are not the only ones. I had to laugh when Fitz screamed “The President doesn’t beg.” Oh yeah, well after that little scene , they showed that Congress had approved Susan Ross and then she was being swore in as VP .  We know who Fitz listens to….

But the gladiators have been busy too. Jake seems to be still hanging around OPA. Huck’s wife has brought the B613 files forward and Huck had to testify about its existence . It resulted in one of Guillermo Diaz’s best performances ever. It looks like Kim is happy and wants Huck back into her and Javi’s life. But does this mean the end of Huckleberry Quinn? Abby has shown Leo who has the power and he likes it.

Lena Dunham of “Girls” comes to visit on next week’s show . She is the First Lady’s sis and she is writing a tell all book on sis, her brother in law and all the goings on in the White House. Will she really spill all the beans about all the affairs in the Capitol?

GUILLERMO DIAZ, SCOTT FOLEY, JOSHUA MALINAWe found out tonight that Huck ‘s real name is Diego Munoz? Are the gladiators safe or is his testimony going to kill them all?{ Guillermo Diaz, Scott Foley, and Joshua Malina }

Screenshot_2015-03-13-01-24-41-1-1After hearing Rose going on about her love for Lois and how she waited twenty years for it, Olivia sits down and ponders her own situation.

Its Been a Scandallous Year- Images of 2014

scandal cast season 2Alright gladiators , it is the middle of winter hiatus with 30 days to go. Since we are looking at NYE, I thought it would be fun to look at the best of our show for this year. Things seem pretty dire right now I admit, but we have to have hope that the endgame isn’t that far off. Enjoy!

where the sun dont shineFitz just can’t seem to catch a break… he is given an ultimatum war or resign. The bargaining chip is the one thing that he can’t do without … you don’t mess with Fitz’s woman!

dont anwer thatWith the knowledge that her mother had killed her lover’s son and everything , Olivia decided to get on a plane and take off … she leaves with her boy toy Jake and returns months later

in the oval  price of a free and fairLosing his son and the love of his life on the same day proves too much for the President as he ponders it all on the seal in the Oval Office

kiss kiss bang bangJake has a job – to kill the one who threatens the republic as he digs for the truth about the Vice President’s husband’s death. That person unfortunately is Cyrus’s husband and Ella’s father James Novack

mellie and chickenShe is no longer the glamorous, ambitious First Lady , Mellie Grant loses it and becomes Smellie Mellie and a national joke ..have some chicken

fitz aandrew and mellieA winning team ? Hardly ! Fitz finds a new running mate after Sally turns on him. It is Andrew Nichols who proves  to be more trouble than he is worth and endears himself to the First Lady.

fitz beats Jake Jake is fingered for the death of the President’s son but things get really bad when Jake eggs on Fitz about being with Olivia… then Fitz becomes bad ass POTUS and sexy! Jake Ballard gets a can of whoop ass- Grant style

randy red julia and superfreakThe season began when Olivia returned to the funeral of Harrison Wright . Here the gladiators reunite to say farewell to the original gladiator in a suit

PAUL ADELSTEIN, KATE BURTON Sally decides she is done with Fitz and declares her candidacy for the Presidency. She utilizes the wonder boy Leo Bergen to help her defeat Fitz

DYLAN MINNETTE, BELLAMY YOUNG, MADELINE CARROLL, TONY GOLDWYNTrying to win the Presidency can be hard . especially with kids like Karen and Jerry Jr . But the most famous part of this episode is when Fitz screams “I’m talking to my wife” to Olivia. BIG MISTAKE

you are a boyFitz interrogates Papa Pope and chides him on as he describes in detail what he has done to his daughter and his response is that he is nothing more than a BOY!

olivia chillingSometimes a girl just needs to get away… while Washington goes to hell , she relaxes on the sun with Jake

the kissIn the privacy of the bunker, Fitz wants Olivia to kiss him…. old feelings return

the walk throughNo matter how hard they try to forget each other…fate brings them together

late night phone callsNothing like a late night phone call to get you all hot and bothered… then …..i  think we all were fanning ourselves after that calldont step on my dance floorIf anyone has seen this woman -please call the White House…Olivia declares she is her own woman and then vanishes….