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A Sky Full of Stars – From the Earth to the Moon


So many movies today were made a while ago. These include movies like “Almost Famous” and “Dazed and Confused.” Both of these movies have people that were unknowns that went on to become famous. In 1998,  Tom Hanks produced a mini series that told the saga of the “space race of the sixties.” called “From the Earth to the Moon” . The mini series contained a very large cast of well known stars like Dan Lauria from “The Wonder Years.” Most of the cast would go on to more known roles. Here are some of the stars of this dynamic mini series. If you want to learn more about the Apollo / Mercury programs, you should definitely watch this box set from HBO.

buzz aldrin

Here is Bryan Cranston when he played Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Cranston has made quite a name for himself in the past few years. He was the harried father on “Malcolm in the Middle” and the villainous Walter White on “Breaking Bad.” This year Cranston was nominated for an Oscar for his role in “Trumbo”

bryan cranston in trumbo

tim daly as jim lovell

Tim Daly showed his bravery by playing the astronaut Jim Lovell. Daly has had a lucrative career since the ending of “Wings” He appeared on Broadway in “The Caine Mutiny Court Martial” and also a regular on the ABC series “Private Practice.” Currently Tim plays Henry McCord, the husband of Tea Leoni’s character on “Madam Secretary”

tim daly on madam president

tony in moon

Tony Goldwyn has had a long and illustrious career as well. Starting with the movie “Ghost’ and also including  movies like “Last House on the Left”, The Last Samurai’ and many others. His role in the movie was a serious Neil Armstrong. Goldwyn’s career has taken off and he is one of the most known alums from “Moon” Today Goldwyn has done Broadway, directed movies and television , and made quite a name for himself. Currently he is the charming, romantic President  Fitzgerald Grant on “Scandal”, wooer of Olivia Pope.

fitz declares war

walter mondale  john slattery

John Slattery played the young senator Walter Mondale who tried to shut down the space program following an accident. Slattery has made his mark on a few shows, a scorned lover on “Desperate Housewives”, Will’s brother on “Will and Grace.” and as a politician on “Sex and the City.” Slattery will be forever known as dapper Roger Sterling on “Mad Men.”

john slattery as roger on mm

josh maliina in from the earth to the moon

Joshua Malina was data entry specialist Tim Messick. Joshua was the mastermind behind Celebrity Poker Showdown in the nineties. Joshua has made his name in such series as “Sports Night” and “The West Wing’ . Today Joshua plays political once again as Attory. General of the US , David Rosen on “Scandal” .


mark harmon in moon

Mark Harmon charmed viewers as jokester Wally Schirra. Harmon has also had a long career playing such roles as a doctor, cop, politician, and astronaut Sam on “Moonlighitng” . Sam came between Maddie and Dave as her mature boyfriend that competes with Dave for Maddie. Today Harmon fights for the law on “NCIS” as Leroy Jetho Tubbs



tom verica in moon

Tom Verica was Astronaut Dick Gordon. Tom has also come along through the years as well. He has played the ex of Grace , Danny, on “Will and Grace.” Tom currently is one of the producers of “Scandal” and is a frequent director of the show as well. He also was the late Sam Keating on another Shondaland show “How to Get Away With Murder”



george newbern moon

George Newbern is another veteran actor known for roles on series. He played Payne , Dixie Carter’s son on “Designing Women” , in the movie “Father of the Bride” and most notably another guy who Rachel dated to get over Ross on “Friends”Currently George also joins his fellow alums from “Scandal” as Charlie, Huck’s mentor from B613.

george as charlie scandal

Adam in fron the earth

Adam Baldwin was another of those brave men who touched the stars as Fred Haise in the miniseries. It wouldn’t be the first time he would fly into space. Adam was the beloved Jayne in the sci fi classic “Firefly.” He would reunite with his Capt Reynolds in the future on his show “Castle”. Both Fillion and Baldwin would be on the Comic-Con circuit for years. Baldwin has also appeared in many shows including “Chuck” CSI Miami ” and Law and Order SVU” Currently he is Mike Slattery on “The Last Ship”

adam baldwin in last ship

kevin from the earth to the moon

Kevin Pollak must have made quite an impression as NASA head Joe Shea. He was actually nominated for a Satellite award for his portrayal of the executive responsible for the early part of the space program. Kevin has also done a lot of roles to show his versatility. He has played a gangster in “The Whole Nine Yards” and its sequel as well. Recently he played the lover of Allison Janney on “Mom”. Currently Kevin can be seen on the new CBS series “Angel from Hell” as Dr Marv Fuller.

kevin pollak angel from hell

dann florek

We end our tribute to this dynamic series with Dann Florek as Robert Seamans. Today he is the force behind the unit on the hit series , “Law and Order, SVU” . Dann plays Captain Donald Cragen on the show.

It only goes to show you that when a project is made, years later the actors have made such an impression on you, you never know where you will see them again. By the way , the mini series won many awards that year including Golden Globes, Emmy’s and many awards for its casting. With this stellar cast,it is no wonder.


It’s The End of an Era- Thoughts on “Mad Men”

Man-men-LogoWell I just finished watching the end of “Mad Men.” I spent a large part of the finale trying to figure out what was going on. I had hoped that Peggy and Don would have ended up together, no such luck. The ending will go into that small fraternity of television shows where the viewer questions the motive that the showrunner had for ending the series. The show began in an idyllic time and ended in a time when everyone was questioning everything. Weiner chose to embrace this time period by having his hero , Don Draper embrace a zen philosophy.

Weiner said a long time that he wanted to show that life isn’t exactly rosy. There was even speculation that Don was going to end up dead. Some of those characters did end up a little better than they started. Peter Campbell returned to his wife and moved to Wichita , Peggy finds love at work with Stan,  Roger ends up with Megan ‘s mom and puts Kevin in his will. Life seems to fall further apart for the Drapers as Betty accepts her impending death and Sally becomes the mother to her two brothers. Joan makes a bold decision as she breaks away and starts her own production company . She is not the weak flower she once was. Each of these characters have grown in their own way. Don has finally made peace with the mistakes he has made.

In the tradition of the “Sopranos” which Weiner had originally been a writer, he left viewers with an ending that could be interpreted in different ways. The most common interpretation is that Don was the creator of the famous “Coke ” commercial. Seeing the “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” commercial brought a smile to those of us who were old enough to remember the zen message. I would like to think that Don did come out of this a better man.

“Mad Men” brought to me more than the nostalgia of an era. It brought back to me the best of my life. When Peggy sang the virtues of “Burger Chef” , it took me back to those wonderful Super Chefs and Funmeals that I enjoyed as a child. The cast sat around a television as Apollo 11 landed on the moon and I sat and watched the moon landing in a hospital waiting room while my nephew was born. “Mad Men” has also influenced our fashion and liquor choices as well. Almost every woman I know has a few graphic print dresses in her wardrobe. Lipstick has gotten darker thanks to the daring choices of Joan Harris aka the bombshell Christina Hendricks. Don and company guzzle liquor and now thanks to them, male characters on other television shows also drink the hard stuff as well. (A certain President comes to mind) The show “Bewitched” embraced this time period with Darrin and Larry as the “original” Mad Men.” If Don would have been married to Samantha, the first time he cheated , she would have turned him into a toad.

So lets raise a toast to Don finding himself after losing his identity, Peggy finding some happiness, Sally learning that she can be a strong woman, and Joan using her mind instead of her body.


Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris - Mad Men _ Season 7B, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC

Joan has finally reached her full potential as a woman, she is a power broker that doesn’t need a man. She will make her fortune as a commercial producer

Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper and January Jones as Betty Francis - Mad Men _ Season 7B, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

Betty has finally accepted the fact that she is dying and Sally has matured enough to deal with her impeding death

roger and megan's momRoger has decided to find happiness with a woman his own age and puts Kevin in his will. Kevin is his son with Joan.

stan loves peggyStan admitted that he has been in love with Peggy.

don gets zenAcceptance is something that Don/Dick has been searching for as well as finding himself. When he makes peace with himself, he comes up with the greatest ad campaign ….

id like to teach the world to sing“I’d Like to buy the World a Coke” circa 1971

Before They Became Mad Men. . . and Your Favorites Visit the Mad Men


This Sunday is the final curtain for the show “Mad Men”. It has been a great run and pop culture has definitely been influenced by the series. But before Don and the gang bid adieu, let’s take a look at the wonderful cast and some of their more famous guest stars….we have got some great roles of the gang at Sterling Cooper before they became mad men.


Before January Jones put on the dress and pumps, here she is as a pioneer woman in “Love’s Enduring Promise” .betty draper

Here she is as the gorgeous , but troubled Betty Draper.

golden shower

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - "Something's Coming" - In the most elaborate episode ever produced in the history of the series, the residents of Wisteria Lane are forced into basements, cellars and safe rooms to weather a tornado that destroys homes and lives forever, on Desperate Housewives," SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/DANNY FELD) JOHN SLATTERY, RICARDO ANTONIO CHAVIRA


John Slattery has done quite a few roles pre- MM, he was Will’s brother on “Will and Grace” , he was the politico husband of Gabrielle on “Desperate Housewives” but the one he will be most remembered for is the politician that wanted golden showers on “Sex and the City”

roger sterling

He ends his role as advertising mogul Roger Sterling this Sunday


Here is a very handsome Jon Hamm as a firefighter on “Providence” . Even then , he had those smoldering looks

don draper

Here is Jon as the suave, lady killer Don Draper

firefly saffron

Christina Hendricks was an outer space temptress on the sci fi classic “Firefly” Saffron tried to seduce Capt Malcolm played by “Castle”s Nathan Fillion.

Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) - Mad Men - Season 6, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC


Here she is as the gorgeous sixties bombshell , Joan Harris

martin sheen and elizabeth moss

Elizabeth Moss originally had a place in the White House as First Daughter Chloe Bartlett on “The West Wing”

Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) - Mad Men - Season 5 - Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC


She has shined as career gal Peggy Olson for seven seasons

pete connor on angel

He was the half demon son , Connor, on “Angel”

pete campbell

Vincent Kartheiser is the frat boy, advertising man , Pete Campbell

robert morse

Robert Morse has been a television ,movie, and broadway actor for many years

bert cooper's death

Here he is singing his heart out on “Mad Men”

jessica pare hot tub time machine

Jessica Pare bares it all in the “Hot Tub Time Machine”

zoobisou zoo

Here she is seductively singing in that famous dress on “Mad Men” as Megan Draper

ben feldman drop dead diva

Our last cast regular was the sweet Ben Feldman as the angel who came to earth on “Drop Dead Diva”Falling in  love , he returned to heaven .

ben feldman mad men

He took his place back on earth as Michael Ginsberg

And here are today’s brightest as guest stars on the show

darby stanchfield mm

Darby Stanchfield was a desperate housewife as divorcee Helen Bishop. Today she roams the halls of the West Wing on “Scandal” as Abby Whelan

neve campbell and jon hamm

She usually is a “Scream” queen , but here Neve Campbell keeps a lonely Don company

dennis haskins  mr belding

Dennis Haskins worked in the test kitchens of Cool Whip. But we know him better as the principal at Bayside High on “Saved By the Bell”

sarah drew mad men

Before she roamed the halls of Seattle Grace , Sarah Drew was the ‘wife” to Sal as Kitty Romano . Today she is the sweet surgeon wife to Jesse Williams,.April Kepner on “Greys Anatomy”

dan byrd  mad men

Finishing his run as Courteney Cox’s son on “Cougar Town” and a surprising turn as a spy on “Scandal” , Dan Byrd  ends the run of “Mad Men” as Wayne Barnes

seamus dever mad men

And finally we come to the detective who aids Richard Castle in solving crimes , Seamus Dever enters the world of the sixties as “Chuck”