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scandal season 1

 April 5, 2012 was the night that Shonda Rhimes premiered her newest creation. It was a show that took place in the nation’s Capitol about a DC fixer who fixed everyone but herself.  It gave us the terms “gladiator” and “it’s handled.” It brought the phrase OMG tv to the masses and it embraced a romance between a married President and his campaign manager . Kerry Washington became a television star and it revived a long dead  career of an actor who was most known for his role as the killer in “Ghost.” “Scandal” made Jeff Perry and many others household names, as well as making Tony Goldwyn a sex symbol in his fifties. Fitz and Olivia made Ross and Rachel seem like horny teenagers. Their chemistry burned up the screen with their torrid love scenes.

In honor of the fifth anniversary and the 100 th episode, we will be spotlighting this show and its actors. First up, is Jen and my picks for our fifteen characters. Hey gladiators! who are your picks?



Olivia Pope- Kerry Washington  Olivia is a person who lives to fix people and candidates. Unfortunately, she can fix everyone but herself. Her father sent her away to boarding school and told her she needed to be twice as good. He never taught her to love, unfortunately that is one of her problems. She never thought she was worthy enough to have a great man or that love had to hurt. She has a man waiting for her now, let’s hope she can get fixed.


fitz-salutes. President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III – Tony Goldwyn – Fitz was born for the White House according to his father. He was rich, entitled, and sent to the best schools. He lost his mother, and his father was a politician who never quite made it to 1600 Penn. As a result, he pushed his son to get him there at all costs. He found a girl whom he thought was the perfect, trophy wife. He also hired a political animal to help him along. But Fitz, just wanted to help people and serve his country.  He enlisted in the Navy, where he became a Seal and flew  fighter missions. Some of those were black ops and dangerous. Courtesy of his father, he flew a mission that killed 329 people and would haunt him. Fitz is an idealist and romantic , that is why he never could say he loved his “political” wife. He finally found love when he found his soul mate, Olivia. The two of them just keep missing each other or letting things or people get in the way. Let’s hope the two of them finally come to their senses and head to Vermont.



Cyrus Beene -Jeff Perry- Cyrus has spent most of his life in the closet. His dream is the White House as President. There has never been a gay President, so he has spent his life as a law school professor and political advisor. In one of those classes, he found his best student and trained her to be an animal like him. He also found his dream candidate  in Fitz and with his team took him to the Oval. He just never counted on Fitz to fall for Liv or for him to find love as well. Cyrus found the love of his life in the person of one James Novak, a reporter that came along to cover the Grant campaign. They were married , adopted a baby girl, and then James tried to dig too much. Unfortunately, curiosity killed the cat and James was murdered. He was fired as Fitz’s advisor and then went on to find his new dream boy in one Frankie Vargas. He was forced into a political marriage by one Lizzie Bear . She blackmailed him with a male prostitute . Vargas has been killed, and as his Vice Presidential candidate is slated to get his dream, the first gay President.


vintage mellie

Senator Mellie Grant- Bellamy Young – For the first time in her life, Mellie is her own woman. She has spent most of it in the shadow of her husband as the two took it all the way to the White House. But while she was watching her hubby climb, she was losing herself . Mellie graduated from Harvard with honors , but she gave up her brilliant career to be a smiling political wife. She also never wanted children, but had three. Her own father abandoned her and her mother for another family. He also sold her to Big Jerry to insure her future.  He wanted her to have the best , so he married her off to Fitz. But she was ruined when her father in law saw that his son hadn’t knocked her up yet and took it upon himself to do it. But he raped her and she never wanted to be touched by her husband again. She was never really sure if her late son, Jerry was her husband’s son or brother.  Mellie has been unlucky in love, her lover Andrew became a traitor and power hungry and she was relieved when her hubby found his own lover. It relieved her of her duties because frankly she couldn’t stand the man. Everything with Mellie was optics, for the good of the country. Now she is posed to be the Vice President after running for President. Will she realise her dream and resume her true love affair with Marcus. She deserves to be happy as well.


cyrus and james scandal

James  Novak – Dan Bucatinsky – For a character who has been presumed dead for almost two years, James still has made an impression in the lives of the people he loved. This includes the fans. (James is one of Jen’s faves and she refuses to believe he is dead. Well anything is possible in Shondaland) Cyrus was impacted by this man the most. He still refers to him as the love of his life. James kept Cyrus on the straight and narrow. He got him to bring Ella into his life. James also convinced Cyrus to come out . He and Cyrus met while on the Trail , along with that other couple. Cyrus sees Michael as a political marriage, not a real one. Michael may have Cyrus as a hubby, but James will forever have his heart. He would have made one hell of a First Lady too.



Stephen Finch – Henry Ian Cusick- Stephen was one of the OG gang, (Original Gladiators) . He was a lawyer who had a nervous breakdown and then Olivia saved him like she had saved so many people. He had one problem, he liked to get laid and went to Washington’s madam for his needs as well. He also felt the need to be a normal , so he started a relationship with a sweet school teacher named Georgia. He advised Olivia to end it with Fitz and she took his advice. Abby even had a thing for him and then she settled on just being a friend. But Stephen earned his gladiator stripes, when he came to Olivia’s rescue when she was kidnapped. Abby called him to help and he enlisted his friends , a bunch of Russian terrorists to make the winning bid of the deadly auction. It was the nicest surprise when all of us either thought her rescuer would either be Jake or Fitz. Instead it was one of her oldest friends and as Abby said, Once a gladiator, always a gladiator. Here’s hoping we see him again.



Guillermo Diaz as Diego Munoz or Huck- He is Olivia’s watchdog. He is the one who is her own Secret Service. He makes sure that she is safe, and if someone hurts her watch out! (Yes that means you , Mr President) Huck is also a trained killer and a member of B613. He also has a problem with women, he picks psychos who want to kill him or frame him. But there is a woman who does have feelings for him and that is Quinn. Quinn is his Robin and he makes peace of the life he left behind . But will Huck make it through this time?


sally langston

Kate Burton as Vice President Sally Langston- Kate has a few things that she will be known for, being the daughter of Richard Burton, playing the absentee mother of Meredith Grey, and this role. (Gladiators also can thank her for stripping her future POTUS cast mate on stage ) Kate started out as a right wing Jesus freak who rode Fitz’s coat tails all the way to the White House. She could taste the power and took advantage of the fact that as VP she could run the country and try to keep the fallen President out of the Oval following his shooting. She also had a terrible secret, her loyal hubby was in the closet and came out just long enough with one James Novak. Shamed by the immortal behavior of the President, she broke away from him and then decided to run as an independent . But Daniel pushed and pushed, so she murdered him. Cyrus kept her secret and his husband died trying to find it. Now she gets her kicks and brings the laughs as she hosts her morality fest , “The Liberty Report.” It’s mission? To bring down tyranny and immorality , especially in the Grant administration



Joshua Malina as Attorney David Rosen- David wears the white hat and is all for justice. That is something that is pretty hard in the corrupt world of politics. But David, fights on . He was edged on to his current position by his then girlfriend Abby  who pulled herself into a sweet gig as Press Secretary.  David has always been the one who wanted to bring the evil to justice.  He has also been a friend and an enemy to Olivia and the gladiators. With a father who is also a judge , he may go all the way to the Supreme Court. And then wouldn’t dad be proud?



Scott Foley as  Pete Harris or Jacob Hamilton Ballard- One of the hardest roles is the third wheel in a love triangle, and Jake has definitely had it rough. Abused as a child and witness to the suicide of his sister, he joined the Navy where he got his lifelong pal, Fitz. Seeing his talent, Rowan recruited him for B613 and gave him the most important jobs that he could have. He had been given the job of keeping Olivia and Fitz apart. She was a threat to the republic. At the time, he was brought into Olivia’s life with the guise of spying on her for Fitz. (They were on the outs) Liv found out who he was and then Capt Ballard turned on the charm. Olivia had a choice, Jake or Fitz. Jake went away with her after the murder of Fitz’s son. But then he came back to the accusation that he was command and gave Tom Larsen the order to kill. He also got beat up by the President. Jake has certainly made his way in the world going to the head of the NSA to Vice Presidential candidate for Mellie Grant. But can Jake exist in this world when all he wants is a normal life. But in Scandal world, what is normal?



Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan – No one character has gone through so many changes as Abby. She has acted as Liv’s best friend and the gals have each other’s backs, sometimes. She was an abused trophy wife who was rescued by Liv. But then Abby wanted to be an equal to her friend. She had a taste for power and that taste led her all the way to the White House. This worked out because if Liv was having problems, she could be the voice to Fitz and let him know how she was coping. She developed a boys club feeling with Fitz and Cyrus took her under his wing. Her relationship with David was now in the toilet and she was involved with Leo Bergen. Abby redeemed herself when she called Stephen to rescue Liv. But now , Abby has sold her soul to the devil and the gladiators want her to pay. Can Abby forgive herself?


quinn perkins

Katie Lowes as Lindsay Dwyer/ Quinn Perkins- Defiance changed a lot of people’s lives. But this girl’s changed the most. Lindsay loved Jesse (he was actually played by Katie’s real life hubby, Adam Shapiro) and then she was forced to take the fall so that Hollis Doyle could hide the evidence by blowing up Cytron. Lindsay was then spirited away to DC , courtesy of Olivia and given the identity of Quinn. Quinn now had a new job , new friends and learned a new skill , killing and torture. Her mentor was Huck and soon the twosome became Quinn and Huck, defacing furniture with their bodies. Now Quinn is back to psuedo normal with Charlie as they prepare for their wedding. But Charlie was a witness to seeing Quinn showing her affection for Huck when he woke up. Will Charlie get his bride or will Robin return to Huckleberry Quinn?


joe morton as poppa pope

Joe Morton as Eli/Rowan Pope- What kind of a man sends away his daughter to fancy boarding schools after her mother supposedly dies in a plane crash? Eli Pope that’s who. Actually he knew his wife knew too much and he was trying to stop her from telling about his real job.  Eli wanted power and he saw one way to get it and that was through his daughter. She has spent an entire lifetime seeking his approval and having serious daddy issues. This has allowed her to try to find father figures in her own life. But her father had his own issues , he had been the command of a super secret organization that was a front for the CIA. He had soldiers to do his killing. The one person that he hates just happens to be the man Olivia loves. He also values Jake as the son he should have had. Now he is edging him on as he watches him just steps from the Oval. But evil has a time limit and we all wonder, when does Rowan’s clock run out.



Brian Lechter as Tom Larson- Tom had a great cover as a B613 agent, Secret Service for the newly elected President. He would run behind him and run interference so he could go visit his girlfriend. But he also had to report back to command at the same time. The real game changer for this agent was when he was recruited by command to inject the President’s son with a deadly strain of meningitis. He was jailed and then told to tell POTUS that he was given the order by Jake. But then we find out that all those times that he was watching the WH tapes, he wasn’t looking at Liv, but Fitz. He then became embroiled in a torrid affair with Cyrus. But when Cyrus made his bid for the Oval, out went Tom and he was out for blood.



Jon Tenney as Vice President Andrew Nichols – Andrew was Fitz’s brother in government. He trusted him implicitly enough to make him his Lt. Governor when he was in California. But Andrew kept a secret , he saw Mellie take pills and he took the blame to save her reputation. But the secret lead to a passionate love affair years before Fitz bedded Liv. When she left, it broke his heart. When Fitz needed a running mate, Andrew was vetted and he and Mellie heated up once again. But Fitz found out , and he went ballistic. Apparently the POTUS can fool around , but FLOTUS can’t and so the VEEP got a sock in the eye from his boss. But then sweet Andrew turned evil with the help of Lizzie Bear who wanted to show Grant that he needed to get back in the good graces of the GOP . The two cooked up a plot to kidnap Liv and then real terrorists got a hold of her. Fitz made him resign and then Lizzie Bear recruited Huck to murder him because she couldn’t afford to have her name on a foiled kidnapping plot. Huck gave him a drug that made it seem like he suffered a stroke. But Andrew returned and threatened everyone. He had it out for Olivia and called her every dirty name in the book. You don’t mess with a woman with PTSD. Liv took care of him with a chair. RIP Andrew.


It was a Hard Days Night But Just the Beginning

greys anatomy logo

Eleven years ago today, television was experiencing a phenomenon. A relative newcomer had created a show about a hospital. The show had a difference though, the main character was a female intern. In a male dominated world, this was indeed a milestone. The audience could journey with the intern on her journey as she became a surgeon. But instead of the doctor being a God as portrayed in the past, the surgeons all had flaws. More than that though, these young interns grew to be a family.

greys anatomy pilot

None of these actors were really known. They weren’t household names. They were actors who had done guest roles and movies through their careers. But by the time the hour had ended, everyone was wondering who they were. You wanted to care about them and you wanted them to succeed. Ellen Pompeo had the unenviable task of playing the lead character, Meredith Grey. She wasn’t a typical heroine with the perfect life, it was far from perfect. Her mother was a world class surgeon who was now suffering from Alzheimer’s , her father left them because her mother had been having an affair. She had come home from Dartmouth. (Shonda Rhimes alma mater) to Seattle to do her internship at the hospital where her mother worked.

ellis with her daughter

Here is Meredith visiting her mother (Kate Burton) in the nursing home. Ellis was a pioneer in surgery and had discouraged her daughter in following in her footsteps. Kate Burton would return many times in flashbacks and today is in a recurring role on Rhimes other series “Scandal” as Lady Libery herself Sally Langston.

the interns gather

This was the start of the adventure and also the beginning of one of the greatest romances on television. Meredith had woke up after a night at the Emerald Bar and Grill with a naked man in her mother’s living room. It turned out that the man who she slept with was going to be her boss. Meredith went out of her way to avoid Derek, but to no avail. In fact , Derek would be the surgeon she assisted on her first surgery.  The two surgeons would operate on a young beauty queen who was having grand mal seizures. It would be an experience that she would describe as “I don’t understand why people take drugs.”  She knew that she was in the right place and in this hospital she would find the man of her dreams.

derek in pilot

Patrick Dempsey had become a heart throb thanks to Grey’s . He would come to be known as McDreamy. Sadly though, Derek would be in a car accident and then Dempsey would exit the show amidst protests.

Friendships would also form from these interns. Meredith would find the sister she never had . Cristina would find more than a friend. The two would pool their talents to solve the medical puzzle that Derek had presented them. The audience would also be introduced to the staff or attendings. They would be the talented surgeons that would teach the young interns to believe in their talents. In time, they would be their mothers and fathers. A few of the attendings would also find romance from their interns and that tradition continues to this day. The interns would gain a mother figure with Miranda Bailey who turned out to be worse than her bite. This caused her to earn the nickname “The Nazi”.

bailey wih the interns

Chandra Wilson was cast as Dr Miranda Bailey . Bailey was tough but wanted her babies to learn and also to work together. This was hard because she usually pit them against each other and in those early days , they had to fight for surgeries.

alex and meredith

Today twelve seasons have passed, Izzy is gone, George is dead, and Cristina is living her dream in Switzerland as the head of a cardio unit of a hospital. These two are the only interns left . Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) now is an owner of the hospital and head of surgery . Alex(Justin Chambers) is a world class peds surgeon . They have been through so much and just like the song says. “They are still standing.”

Our Salute to Television’s Mothers


Well today is Mother’s Day and we wouid like to wish all mothers everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day. Jen is cooking dinner for hers and mine will celebrating from Heaven . Television has also a great assortment of mother’s be they gems or jokes.. We salute television’s current crop of mothers, from singers and sinners. Mothers that live in NY lofts and the White House. Let’s take a look at some of these inspirational women.

beverly goldberg

Let’s take a trip back in time to the grand eighties for our first mom. Beverly Goldberg played by the fun loving Wendi McLendon -Covey.on ABC’s “The Goldbergs” Beverly takes her love a little too far when it comes to her kids. Also love those neon jazzercise duds.

bailey and tucker

Chandra Wilson is one the moms on the long running hit “Grey’s Anatomy” As Dr Miranda Bailey , she is a surgeon and the mom of her son , Tucker George. She also is a mother figure to her interns as well.

calzona momsSara Ramirez as Callie and Jessica Capshaw as Arizona  are lesbian mothers that share custody of their angel , Sophia. on “Grey’s Anatomy” She is the result of a night of passion from the late Mark Sloan., Callie’s bff.

jackson and katherine  greys

The legendary Debbie Allen has come to Grey – Sloan as Katherine Avery, mother to Dr Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) She is also one of Shondaland ‘s best directors and the wife of Richard Webber.on the show .

ellis grey

 Kate Burton, daughter of the late Richard Burton has been playing moms for years. Here is one of her most endearing roles as the mother of Meredith Grey, Dr Ellis Grey. She also gave birth to Meredith’s recently discovered sister, Dr Maggie Pierce

meredith grey My vote for the bravest mother on television has to be this woman, Dr Meredith Grey played for eleven years by the wonderful Ellen Pompeo. She is raising three children all alone since the untimely demise of her husband , Derek and continuing her career as a surgeon.

maya popeOlivia Pope of “Scandal” has had bad luck all around with parents. But she thought that her mother had been on a plane that had been shot down. Surprise, she had been in a hole for about twenty years by her husband. When she got out, she became a terror that is bent on ruining her daughter’s life. Khandi Alexander is Momma Pope.

mellie grant scandalIt is not easy being married to the President , especially when you are the other woman in his life.Bellamy Young shines as supermom Mellie Grant on “Scandal.” Mellie is running for Senate but she has had a hard year with the death of her son and dealing with her husband’s whims as well.

rayna james and daughters nashville Connie Britton is superstar mom Rayna James on “Nashville” Like most country legends, she is a survivor . . Rayna has lived through a manipulative father, a divorce, and having to chose between two men. Now she must be strong for the man she loves as he faces life saving surgery.

Juliette babyHayden Pantierre as country diva Juliette Barnes has just become a mom on “Nashville.” But there are problems as she fights post partum depression and tries to return to her music career.


Susan Sullivan is another mom who has went from “Falcon Crest” to “Dharma and Greg” . Currently , Susan is the drama queen mother, Martha Rodgers  to Richard Castle on “Castle.” Recently she acquired a daughter in law , Kate Beckett.

stepmother kate to alexis

 Stana Katic as Kate Beckett Castle has a new role , stepmom to her husband’s daughter. Alexis has thought of Kate as a mother figure since her own mother abandoned her and Castle years ago.

rainbow and her kids blackishTracee Ellis Ross , daughter to Motown legend , Diana Ross ,plays hippie child Rainbow on “Blackish” Rainbow is mom, doctor, and wife as she deals with her children and her immature husband and his overbearing mother

mary cooper bbt

Let’s hear it  for Steppenwolf member and Emmy award winning Laurie Metcalf. Laurie has endeared us as the Bible loving mother to Jim Parsons “Sheldon” on “The Big Bang Theory.” Mary has had to depend on her Lord and Savior to deal with her genius son.

beverly hofstadter  bbtChristine Baranski tears your heart out as the psychologist mother of Leonard on “BBT” . Her clinical approach to child rearing has caused him a lot of embarassment through the years. Now Beverly prepares to welcome her son’s wife into the family and then use her for study as well.

betty draperJanuary Jones is finishing her run as sixties mom, Betty Draper on “Mad Men” Betty has had to be mother to her children and perfect housewife in the turbulent late sixties to her unfaithful husband.

joan holloway and sonIt has been tough being a single mother and career gal but Joan Holloway has done it on “Mad Men” Christina Hendricks “Joan” has provided very well for her son.

cookie lyon and jamalFox’s new hit “Empire” has Taraji P Henson as “Cookie Lyon” . Cookie has made many sacrifices in her life for her husband and children. Her pride and joy is her son Jamal who has talent and her love because he is gay.

lois griffin family guy

Cartoon families have moms too and there isn’t a cooler or sexier mom than Lois Griffin in “Family Guy”

marge simpsonAnd there isn’t a more endearing mom than Marge Simpson on “The Simpsons” You need a smart mom when your dad is an idiot like Homer.

sharon and rusty major crimesMary McDonnell is mom to her adopted son on TNT’s “Major Crimes” Sharon Rayder is the head of the major crimes unit in Los Angeles .

rizzoli and isles and lorraine braccoLorraine Bracco is mom to the girls on “Rizzoli and Isles” As Angela Rizzoli , she serves up friendly advice to her daughter, Jane  and her partner in crime. Maura .

Donna BodenEamon Walker of “Chicago Fire” just became a husband and a new father. Chief Boden’s wife is played by Melissa Ponzio

Laura DiamondDebra Messing made a return to television this year as mom and detective on NBC’s “The Mysteries of Laura” As Laura Diamond , she has her hands full as mom to twins and assigned to the same precinct as her ex husband.

mom allison janneyAllison Janney formerly of the drama “The West Wing” makes a hilarious return to television in “Mom” She is the former addict Bonnie who drags her daughter and granddaughter into her trials weekly. This is not daughter , Kristy’s first time as mom on television. Anna Faris will always be remembered as young mom Erica from the last season of “Friends” . She was the birth mother to Chandler and Monica’s babies.

mollys mother swoozie kurtzMelissa McCarthy is “Molly” on Mike and Molly. Life is trying enough with her family, especially her mother , Joyce, played by veteran Broadway and television actress , Swoozie Kurtz

The Good Wife - Family PhotoFinishing our salute to television’s mothers is Julianna Marguiles of “The Good Wife” She was a mother before on “ER” as the mother to George Clooney’s twins . In this picture , she is joined with her children and her mother played by Stockard Channing. Stockard was formerly the FLOTUS on “The West Wing.”

The Carousel Never Stops

greys anatomy logo

 As a long time fan of “Grey’s Anatomy,” I was quite excited to see how the great Shonda Rhimes would bid farewell to GA’s romantic lead. It was quite a shock when she blatantly killed off  one Derek Christopher Shepherd. It has become almost a yearly thing for the show to have at least one character bite the dust. People had just gotten used to Christina Yang leaving the show and believe me she is missed. True fans of the show can’t stand to see Owen with Amelia because we know that their love is deep and true. It is one thing when a minor character is killed off , but when one of the major leads is disposed of then fans question everything that they know. It has even cast a shadow over Shonda’s other show “Scandal” who is disposable, after Dempsey’s sudden exit, no one is safe. Sorry Mr President.

It was classic Shonda in the way that she dealt with the death. She loves the flashback and feels her characters can tell their story by letting the audience go back in time. A major part of the show kept going back to when Meredith was a child and when her mother found out she was pregnant with Maggie. It was also when Richard Webber told her it was over and she lost it. Our story started with the funeral and then Meredith disappearing. It turned out that is exactly what her mother Ellis did. Bravo to the always fabulous Kate Burton as the troubled Ellis Grey. The show then followed the doctors for an entire year and once again emphasized the family that Derek left behind. Owen returned to the military and took April with him. Most people were enraged by this chopped up version of tribute to Shepherd. But Rhimes prides herself on telling the story with flashbacks. . On HTGWM , she spent most of the season telling the story of Sam’s murder in flashbacks and on “Scandal” , critical plotpoints were emphasized in “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” , “The Trail,” “Happy Birthday Mr President,” and more recently “Should Have Put A Ring On It.” She is quite comfortable with this method of story telling and viewers were confused by this. It was a treat for longtime fans because there was plenty of MerDer flashbacks that took us through their relationship. History was not ignored as characters that viewers could have pictured easing the pain of Derek’s death were mentioned. (Cristina, Thatcher, Addison) The basic message was that life has to go one when someone dies and that was shown through the two burn patients and their surgical journey. The doctors showed their love and concern when Meredith disappeared. It turns out that Meredith was pregnant and Derek had left his legacy. The true ties of the show were also shown when Meredith finally decided to return to Seattle with Alex. Catherine Scorsone also was featured  in this episode with her feelings about her brother’s death. Her breakdown was memorable. The relationship with Owen was very clearly demonstrated when she finally let him in. (Note to Shonda: Military flashbacks for Scandal. I think it is time we saw Captain Ballard  and Fitz in military uniforms)

It remains what the future of “Grey’s” is going to be at this point. Losing a character of this magnitude will definitely test the viewers loyalty. Many people have already said that they are done with the death of McDreamy . This could quite possibly be the end of the show but with eleven seasons, it has been a good run. Shepherd will cement Dempsey into the class of actors that will be known for that role for the rest of their career. Let’s hope this role won’t be his curse because he is a very talented and charismatic actor. As for MerDer, we cheer Meredith as she moves on with all the tragedies in her life. Ellen Pompeo has got a lot to play out yet. For Shonda and all of her couples, there will be two that will be immortalized as great love stories, Olivia and Fitz and Meredith and Derek.

Grey-Sloane- Shepherd Hospital?


Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) contemplates her future while the carousel turns.

ellis and meredith

One of Shonda’s best treasures is Kate Burton . Whether she is playing the troubled Ellis Grey or the power mad Sally Langston , she shines.


Meredith holds her new daughter , Ellis Shepherd. Life has come full circle for her.


The last of the two interns have been through hell and back, but Meredith and Alex(Justin Chambers) have been there for each other through it all.


In the show , Owen (Kevin McKidd) trades his scrubs for fatigues as he returns to help in a war zone. He takes April with him

Mer in Derle

Meredith prepares for surgery, she brings a piece of Derek with her. She now wears his ferry boat scrub cap

Love Returns Finally. . . to the Capitol

Scandal logo

If you are a true gladiator like I am, you are still cheering tonight’s episode. It reminded me of Season 2 , which I consider the best season of the series. It had a great storyline and contained flashbacks of our favorites. It showed a lot of back story and answered important questions about the two most important relationships in the show. It also gave Olitz fans hope.

Mellie has started her run for the White House , but I think that working with Lizzie Bear is a mistake. She should take a book from her husband’s playbook and have Liv run her campaign. It worked before. Michael has been a bad boy and played around at a gay bar in DC. As a result, Cyrus and him will have to get married. But the episode also had a lot of tender and sentimental moments as well. Bravo to the return of the fabulous Kate Burton as Right wing lovin Sally Langston. She showed that you can’t keep a lunatic down and went after the White House with her talk show. You could only laugh at her and her antics. (Hey didn’t she forget it was Cyrus who helped her cover up murdering her husband?)

Jeff Perry definitely was the MVG tonight. (Most Valued Gladiator) . Cyrus was definitely in conflict about his upcoming nuptials and that resulted in some great flashbacks. We finally got to see some history of Cyrus and his relationships. This would be his third marriage.His first wedding resulted in one of the worst toupees ever seen on television. Emily Bergl of “Shameless” was introduced as Janet, Cyrus’s heterosexual wife. Janet represented normality and everything that his Republican party stands for. It was charming to see the interaction between him and his wife. We also saw the end of the Bean marriage when she realized her husband was gay. Another treat was the return of the well loved and definitely missed Dan Buckatinsky as James Novak. It made me sad to see how this marriage tragically ended and how it was stillobvious how much he was still loved. Cast members and fans alike tweeted how much they loved and missed him tonight. But another couple was spotlighted with the James and Cyrus story as well, the iconic couple of “Scandal” Olivia and Fitz.

Recently the “Scandalous”lovers haven’t been so cozy. They have acted more like exes. Olivia has been experiencing PTSD and been having nightmares and fantasies about her experience . In her dreams, it always goes back to one man and that is Fitz. Wem also were told the beautiful history of the “Ring”. Funny Shonda said a while ago,that it was just a ring. Tonight, we found out about that ring that Liv threw at Fitz. It started with James and Cyrus’ wedding and how Liv had just left the White House. Fitz gave her a beautiful story about how he couldn’t commit to her but wanted to give her this ring that belonged to his great grandmother from her  father.He told her he couldn’t give it to Mellie because something didn’t feel right to give it  to his wife. The ring was called  doux bebe or “sweet baby.” it was  bought it at auction. This was a treat for Olitz fans as we traveled back to the pilot and the real meaning of “Sweet Baby.” (The name of the first episode of the series) Olivia seemed to be getting back to her old form as she played fixer for her friend , Cyrus and put the spin on the gay White House wedding to beef up the First Lady’s political image.

The wedding went off with out a hitch, but not without some cold feet and the groom telling the groom he would be there for him and he wasn t  alone . Ella made an appearance as the flower girl . With Cyrus and Michael standing together, Olivia and Fitz eye each other with the passion that only they could have.Always the politician, he shakes some of the guests hands and then he sees it.  When she walks by, a smile comes to his face . She coyly smiles at him and he sees that his ring is back. There is hope…..

Next week: Jake goes loco…

Cyrus and JanetMr and Mrs Cyrus Beane … dig that crazy toupee His wife played by Emily Bergl

JamesCyrusWeddingThe true love of his life … James Novack played by the Emmy award winning Dan Buckatinsky

cyrus and michaelCyrus talks with his new husband Michael played by Matthew Del Negro


We not only got Cyrus flashbacks, but an Olitz one as well.  We learned the history of the ring and saw that Olivia had put it back on.

theringThe ring was called doux  bebe or sweet baby . It was bought at auction and it is an heirloom in the Grant family that Fitz couldn’t give to his wife, he was saving it for someone special. This little ring means there’s hope.

Hail to the Chief ! TV and Movie Portrayals of the President

 presidential logoWith great television shows and movies depicting the behind the scenes of Washington, we decided to compile a list of our favorite Commander in Chiefs…

martin-sheenMartin Sheen as Josiah Bartlett on the Aaron Sorkin classic “The West Wing” Bartlett was a sage philosopher and political genius . It was also where we saw actors like Allison Janney of “Mom” and Josh Molina of “Scandal”

trumanGary Sinise , one of the founder’s of Steppenwolf played Harry S Truman in an HBO movie “Truman” Coincidentally , another future television President would be in this movie as well, Tony Goldwyn

primary colorsJohn Travolta won critical acclaim portraying  an unnamed candidate that is speculated to be Bill Clinton in “Primary Colors” The late Larry Hagman appeared in this movie as his opponent

cliff barnesKen Kercheval played the President twice. Once as James Madison in “The Adams Chronicles ” and the second time was in the final episode of the original “Dallas” as JR saw that if he would never have been born Cliff would have been President

night at the museumOne of the last roles that Robin Williams played was his beloved “Teddy ” Roosevelt in “the Night at the Museum ” series. Here he is pictured with Ben Stiller

morgan freeman deep impactMorgan Freeman has played the Almighty and he has also played President in the movie “Deep Impact”

swing vote kelsey grammerKelsey Grammer best known as “Frasier” played in the movie “Swing Vote” as the President

chasing liberty mark harmonMark Harmon of “NCIS” also played the Chief  Executive in “Chasing Liberty” Piven alum and star of the upcoming “Entourage” movie Jeremy Piven was a Secret Service agent

william-devane-jfkWilliam Devane has played the President on “24” and also in this classic television drama he played JFK in the “Missiles of October”

dempseyLong before he was breaking hearts and opening brains, Patrick Dempsey played JFK in” JFK Reckless Youth”

 selleck-bald-eisenhowerTom Selleck currently is on “Blue Bloods” here he is as Dwight D Eisenhower

michael-douglas640Michael Douglas is the “American President”

mars attacksJack Nicholson showed the President’s funny side in “Mars Attacks” His” President” had to deal with terrorizing aliens

josh-brolin-w_1004893cJosh Brolin stands out as the former President, George W Bush, in “W”

independence-day-bpullman_lBill Pullman played the President in “Independence Day”

holbrooklincolnHal Holbrook , television and theatre actor portrayed the sixteenth President , Abraham Lincoln . He is also known for portraying Mark Twain.

harrison-ford-in-airforce-oneHarrison Ford takes command in “Air Force One”

geena-davis80586Geena Davis played the”Commander in Chief” on the former  ABC series of the same name

chris-rock-head-of-stateChris Rock  hilariously plays the President in “Head of State” Tamala Jones of “Castle” plays his girlfriend in the movie

jamie-foxx-white-house-downOscar winner Jamie Foxx is a bad ass Chief Executive in “White House Down”

constance goodrd stae of affairsAlfre Woodard is a President who wants answers in “State of Affairs” as Constance Payton

kate burton as vp sally langstonKate Burton first was the tough surgeon mother of Ellen Pompeo on “Grey’s Anatomy” then she became VP who was President for a short term on Shonda Rhimes mega hit “Scandal” – Sally Langston

lieb shriebr johnson“The Butler” provided many actors opportunities to portray famous Presidents. Here is “Ray Donovan” himself Liev Shrieber as Lyndon B Johnson

james marsden jfkJames Marsden was Prince Charming in “Enchanted” and Liz Lemon’s husband on “30 Rock” here he is as JFK

john cusack as nixonPiven graduate John Cusack played Nixon

anthony hopkins as nixonand Anthony Hopkins played Tricky Dicky as well in “Nixon”

kevin spaceyKevin Spacey has really been making waves as President Frank Underwood on the Netflix sensation “House of Cards” . He just recently won a SAG award and Golden Globe for the series that returns in February

hot tonyHere is my personal favorite for television President ..he is charming, troubled ,and sexy … “Scandal” ‘s President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the third … Tony Goldwyn

Pick Me Choose Me Love Me…Meredith Grey and Derek Christopher Shepherd

mere derr

 Dr Meredith Grey certainly had her life cut out for her. Her mother, Ellis was a groundbreaking surgeon and Meredith was starting as an intern in the very hospital where her mother had worked. She had moved back to Seattle from Boston to start at Seattle Grace . But the night before she was to start, something happened that would change her life forever.

Derek had just come to Seattle from NYC. Heartbroken, he left New York to erase the memory of seeing his wife, Addison and his nest friend, Mark in bed together naked. Derek had accepted a position at SGH as the attending neurosurgeon with possibility to advance to Chief of Surgery. Just wanted to relax, he wanted to enjoy his favorite scotch and sit down at Joe’s Emerald City Bar . While he was there, he met an incredible intelligent, funny, and beautiful woman. They drank too much, went to bed together at her house and he woke up naked on her living room floor. Meredith just brushed it off as a drunken mistake and told Derek she wanted him gone before she finished showering.

Filled with rosy pictures of lots of surgeries and with a new group of friends, Meredith was terrified to find out she had slept with her new boss. She told him to keep his distance and they would get along. But then fate stepped in, Derek had been given a case of a young beauty queen who was experiencing seizures with no explanation. Puzzled, he asked the young interns to help him crack the case with the promise of assisting him in surgery. Eager to prove her ability, Meredith and her new bff Cristina set out to find the clues to cure the girl. Meredith had promised Cristina if they did find a cause, she would be glad to let Cristina operate in her place. Problem solved , brain bleed. Derek doesn’t want Cristina in the surgery, he thinks he likes this messed up dark girl and Dr Grey and Dr Shepherd do their first surgery together.

While Derek comes from a semi normal family where he lost his father from an armed robbery, Meredith ‘s family is a nightmare. Her mother told her she could never be ordinary and she would never be as brilliant as her. Her father had abandoned his family to start another one when he discovered his wife was having an affair with a fellow surgeon. Later in Meredith’s life, she would meet the half sister her father had with another woman, Lexi. She would also have the pleasure of meeting the sister her mother had given up for adoption. Coincidentally , both sisters were also doctors. Another coincidence , Lexi would fall in love with Derek’s best friend, Mark. (For the full story see Mark and Lexi Tragic Lovers) Derek and Meredith stopped fighting it and then began to date and fall in love. Their love had to be a secret since interns could not date their attendings. When Bailey found out ,she was bent on making Meredith’s life a living hell. Happy to exist in their little love bubble, Meredith and Derek were happy. That is until Derek found out that he was still married to Addison and she had come to Seattle to try and repair their marriage.

derek and addisonAddison is called in on an case and considers it fate that she can repair the damage that she caused to her marriage  to Derek. She arrives with unsigned divorce papers and then convinces Derek they still have a chance. Meredith backs down and the Shepherds work at repairing their marriage despite the fact that Derek is in love with Meredith.

merdith and ellisMeredith returned to Seattle to take over the affairs of her mother after she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s . This is also where she will make a home with Derek and her family including the doctors at SGH. Super surgeon , Ellis Grey was played by the phenomenal actress, Kate Burton. Kate returned to Shondaland on” Scandal” as VP Sally Langston . It is speculated that Kate will be returning to this role this season.

daddy bitch babyHere we have Meredith’s father , Thatcher and the half sister she didnt think she had, Lexi. Thatcher was played by the extraordinary  actor , Jeff Perry. Jeff is now one of the major power players on “Scandal” as Presidential Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beane.

Try as they might, they date other people and work in the same hospital. This results in one of the iconic GA moments where Meredith asks Derek to make a choice. But she hopes in her heart that the choice he makes is her.

pick me choose me love me

If there is one thing that this couple has had to confront it is tragedy. One of the interns once joked and called the hospital “Seattle Grace Mercy Death” They weren’t wrong. Meredith and Derek both have had to operate in the same room as an exploding bomb. Meredith has also drowned , Derek has been shot, both of them survived a plane crash and Meredith delivered her son in an electrical storm.

derek gets shot

Derek and Meredith worked together as they tried to find a way to treat Alzheimer and cancer patients. They grow closer and closer together. Meredith fights it and dates the vet who treats her and Derek’s dog , Doc. At the hospital prom, Meredith and Derek make love and he is ready to tell Addison he is done. When he arrives at her hotel room , he gets another surprise , Mark appears from the bathroom in a towel . The marriage is now over. Meredith now has two men fighting over her. She continues to see a therapist to find out why she is so messed up. Derek tires of waiting for her so he decides to date Nurse Rose. Meredith now decides she is ready for a commitment. As a symbol , she goes up on the hill where Derek has land and makes a house of candles.

candle houseGreys-Anatomy-Tyne-Ellen Meredith finally gets a chance to meet Derek’s mother played by Broadway legend Tyne Daly.GA prides itself on casting legendary actors like Hector Elizondo and Debbie Allen as parents of the staff. She approves and gives Derek her ring for Meredith. Since so many of their encounters take place in an elevator , Derek proposes in an elevator that he has plastered with catscans of the many cases they have worked on. She naturally says yes.

proposalAt the same time , Meredith’s fellow class mate Izzy Stevens is going through the fight of her life as she battles cancer. The only bright spots of the day for Izzy is when she gets to play wedding planner for the happy couple. Realizing that Izzy and Alex’s time may be limited, they let them have the wedding that she planned for them. They still get married , but with no time they make their vows on a post it in the locker room. Now the couple have teamed up on a drug trial to cure the disease that Meredith may someday get. They also get involved in Karev’s project of surgeries on kids from Africa. One of these little kids steals their hearts and her name is Zola. This ebony princess is the reason that the two of them decide to get really married at City Hall.

zola and derek

get married

The Alzheimer’s test comes under scrutiny when Meredith tampers with the drug and gets the trial suspended. Derek is furious until he realizes that she did this so Adele Webber could be treated. Alex tries to right the wrongs and gets Zola back with the Shepherds. Finally the family is reunited.

zola and shepherds

Tragedy rears its ugly head again when the team gets on a plane and then it crashes. The crash kills Lexi and then Mark perishes soon after. Arizona loses a leg and Derek ‘s hand is injured as well. This crash will cause untold chaos for a long time. Owen takes the blame on behalf of the hospital, the plane company settles and pays the doctors millions of dollars. With financial troubles taking over the hospital , the doctors unite and buy the hospital naming it Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital in honor of Mark and Lexi. The Shepherds are now on the board and own a hospital.

plane crash

 Derek has surgery on his hand thanks to nerves that are donated from his sister. The surgery is a success and then Meredith gives him the news that he is going to be a father. Bailey Derek Shepherd is born in the middle of a storm in true “Grey’s ” fashion.. Meredith bleeds out on the table and Bailey saves her.

perfect family

CATERINA SCORSONEThe Shepherds receive some help when Derek’s sister arrives from LA and “Private Practice” . Canadian actress , Catherine Scorsone portrays Dr Amelia Shepherd.. She moves in to help with the Shepherd kids and ends up staying . Derek is asked by the President to come to Washington and work on his project on brain mapping, Derek accepts and then leaves. Feeling guilty, he returns to Meredith and the kids. Meredith doesn’t want to be the one to hold him back so she throws him out and tells him to go back to Washington.

meredith tells derek to go

Now Meredith and Derek are at a cross roads in their marriage. Will he come back or is it off  to Washington and the end of his marriage? Find out on Jan 29 when “Grey’s” and your other TGIT favorites return. What do you expect ? It’s Shondaland!