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TGIT Returns

Christmas is over. New Year’s is done and it’s time to get back to business. That means it’s time for TGIT! Tomorrow night our Thursday ABC faves return.  Special kudos go out to Joe Morton for his NAACP award for Best Supporting Award in a Drama for his role as the evil Rowan on “Scandal.” Also catch that sexy ex POTUS , Tony “Fitz” Goldwyn on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

When we last left the staff of Grey-Sloan on “Grey’s Anatomy”, a computer hacker had put a ransom of bitcoins and locks on the patient files.  Bailey races to try to save the computers as well as the drugs that require computer codes to dispense. This precarious situation jeopardizes a peds patient as Karev and Jo try to track down the last nurse to take care of him. The young boy requires a drug dose and no one is sure when or what his last dosage was. Finally tracking down the last nurse, Jo texts Alex the important message that they need. But before she can do that, she finds out that her ex hubby has arrived in Seattle. Will the young boy die? What does Jo’s ex arrival mean for the young couple? Will Alex lose in love yet again?

With nine episodes and counting down, the clock winds down for “Scandal.” We are looking forward to the upcoming cross over with “HTGWM” . With these two powerful women, it promises to be an episode to be remembered and will be directed by none other than TG. Olivia is truly at the crossroads as the search for Quinn continues. Thinking the worst, the gladiators search through dead bodies for her. Alliances are formed as well as reunions. David admits why he is scared to reunite with Abby since she is constantly surrounded by danger. The walls finally come down.  Marcus talks to Mellie and convinces her to work with the Grant Foundation. Together the two Grant Presidents work to bring criminal reform to the table. Mellie is in her glory as she succeeds to do what six Presidents have failed to do and that is bring peace to the Middle East. She tells Olivia there is nothing they can’t do. Olivia is playing a dangerous game with her father. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” She reminds him. She also tells him he has destroyed her and made her in his own image. He also made the fatal mistake of taking away the only man she ever loved and killing his son. Don’t test a POPE! The next thing we hear is two shots. Is Quinn dead? And can Olivia be saved by her white knight?

It’s business as usual as usual on “How to Get Away With Murder.” The Keating Four  is trying to avenge Wes’s death. They have hatched an elaborate plan to put a firewall up  and bankrupt Laurel’s father’s company. Analise is still trying to exoricise some old ghosts and reconcile with Bonnie . Oliver admits the truth to Connor and then he promises not to tell her the whole plan. Simon gets in the way of their plans and admits his feelings to Oliver. Simon finds the gun in Laurel’s bag and shoots himself . Laurel flees the scene and then goes into labor. She gets stuck in an ancient elevator which leaves Analise to save the lives of Laurel and Wes’s unborn child. Frank has also been trying to reach her. At the party, Asher is questioned in Simon’s shooting and arrested. The surgeons fight to save Simon’s life . Will Asher pay the ultimate price? Will Laurel’s baby live? 


Return to TGIT ‘s Glory Days Again With the Originals – DVD Reviews



Fans of TGIT are all in a tither since the precious eight/nine oclock time slot that is usually occupied by the OMG show “Scandal” . won’t be back until mid season. Last year, Shonda Rhimes made history by being the first woman in prime time to completely occupy an evening on a major network. The public couldn’t get enough of these stars and the magazines raced to put them on as many covers that the fans could buy. The highlight of last season was a promo that showed the stars of “Grey’s Anatomy” , “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder” dancing and having fun. This was quite a stretch from the sickness , death, and murder that the public was used to seeing each week from these characters. It also spotlighted the couples that everyone loved.

Return to the year where everything changed . Return to when Meredith Grey was dealing with the death of her husband. Feel the romance as Fitz and Olivia can finally come out into the light as a couple. Go on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime with Professor Keating and the Keating “Five” as they defend a case and Wes learns a terrible secret. ABC Studios and Shondaland proudly present “Grey’s Anatomy Season 12”, “Scandal Season 5” and “How to Get Away With Murder Season 2.” Several weeks ago, I spent a summer night drinking wine and revisiting  my favorite shows. if you are fans of Shonda’s characters, these are your must see DVDs.


It has been a difficult year for Meredith Grey. She has had to mourn the love of her life and take care of three children while being super surgeon. Her best friend is  now on the other side of the world and she has a new “person” in Alex Karev. She has plenty of support including her sister, Maggie and Derek’s sister , Amelia. All the girls are involved in the extra curricular activity that Grey Sloan is known for-sex. Amelia struggles in her relationship with Owen. Maggie has a conflict over her relationship with D’Amico and being his  superior. Life is definitely not rosy for other doctors as Callie and Arizona gear up for the fight of their life and Jackson and April divorce and then find out that they are going to be parents again. Resident “Penny” shakes things up when she comes with Callie to Meredith’s dinner party. The doctors find out that she is the doctor that was taking care of Derek when he died. It’s the usual medical drama and romance as these surgeons explore new procedures and use their talents when one of their own is attacked. The box set doesn’t have the usual fun features like actor spotlights but fans will enjoy the deleted scenes and watching their favorites on the gag reel.


The staff rushes to the aid of Meredith when a patient attacks her


April and Jackson rejoice at the birth of their baby.Will it be enough to bring them back together?


The White House is in turmoil. Fitz has fired Cyrus and thrown out Mellie. He is happy because finally Olivia and him can be together. They can come into the light finally. So begins Season Five on “Scandal” . It’s the season that starts out with hearts and flowers but alas the course of true love never runs smooth. This is especially the case for Olivia Carolyn Pope and President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant 3 . Fitz serves Mellie with divorce papers and then Olivia gets cold feet about coming out as Fitz’s girlfriend. Olivia is still suffering from PTSD from her kidnapping with disastrous results for the evil former Vice President. Most of the season is relevant in this election year as Fitz’s days in the White House are numbered and the race for the Oval is on. We finally learn the truth about the jaded past of Jake and why he is involved with Rowan. Viewers become spectators at the wedding of Jake and the mysterious Vanessa. Olivia and the gladiators get a new member as Cornelius Walker Jr. joins OPA as Marcus Walker.. He is remembered from last season’s acclaimed episode “The Lawn Chair.”  As the candidates are eliminated, Mellie finally fulfills her dream as she becomes the first woman to run for the White House. You will grab the tissues for the lovers and stay for the drama as the old Olivia is gone forever. Fans will laugh as the gladiators cut up on the gag reel . More drama is promised in the deleted scenes. My favorite is when Tony Goldwyn jumps on the couch and declares his love for Olivia mirroring the Tom Cruise “Oprah” moment.


There is no stopping Fitz and Olivia now that Mellie is history . Will there be trouble in paradise ?


Mellie has blackmailed Olivia into taking her all the way to the White House. Is B613 behind the election after all and will Olivia realize its her father pulling the strings once again? Join fans as we wait patiently for the results. Will it be Grant-Ballard or Vargas-Beene?


The plot thickens in the second season of “How to Get Away With Murder.”  Emmy award winning Viola Davis continues to teach her students the ins and outs of criminal law. On the way to class though, even the teacher has secrets. Annalise explores her wild side with a female lover who returns to her life. Wes finds out horrible truths that his teacher has tried to keep from him when we find out why Wes was made a member of the team. Mourn with Annalise and the late Sam when their baby is tragically killed. Oliver and Connor continue to flourish while Bonnie and Asher explore passion. Frank questions past actions. The talented Tom Verica returns again as the late Sam Keating. as well as Cicely Tyson as Annalise ‘s mother, Ophelia .  Watch as the team unites to defend a brother and sister in the murder of their adoptive parents. But don’t stick around when the season ends. There is no where to run so the team tries to discover their truths by returning home. This includes Analise as she realizes that you truly can’t return home again. Her abusive father has returned to woo Mom and Analise isn’t having it. Fans can laugh at cast members in the gag reel and dig a little deeper with deleted scenes.


Why does Annalise have a baby? Find out the reason in Season 2 of “How to Get Away with Murder?”


The team has done enough so now they need to get away. Annalise goes home and tries to save her mom. Frank examines his actions of the past. What lessons will Annalise teach the kids in the upcoming season? Hang in there because we only have to wait for two more weeks.

The Carousel Never Stops

greys anatomy logo

 As a long time fan of “Grey’s Anatomy,” I was quite excited to see how the great Shonda Rhimes would bid farewell to GA’s romantic lead. It was quite a shock when she blatantly killed off  one Derek Christopher Shepherd. It has become almost a yearly thing for the show to have at least one character bite the dust. People had just gotten used to Christina Yang leaving the show and believe me she is missed. True fans of the show can’t stand to see Owen with Amelia because we know that their love is deep and true. It is one thing when a minor character is killed off , but when one of the major leads is disposed of then fans question everything that they know. It has even cast a shadow over Shonda’s other show “Scandal” who is disposable, after Dempsey’s sudden exit, no one is safe. Sorry Mr President.

It was classic Shonda in the way that she dealt with the death. She loves the flashback and feels her characters can tell their story by letting the audience go back in time. A major part of the show kept going back to when Meredith was a child and when her mother found out she was pregnant with Maggie. It was also when Richard Webber told her it was over and she lost it. Our story started with the funeral and then Meredith disappearing. It turned out that is exactly what her mother Ellis did. Bravo to the always fabulous Kate Burton as the troubled Ellis Grey. The show then followed the doctors for an entire year and once again emphasized the family that Derek left behind. Owen returned to the military and took April with him. Most people were enraged by this chopped up version of tribute to Shepherd. But Rhimes prides herself on telling the story with flashbacks. . On HTGWM , she spent most of the season telling the story of Sam’s murder in flashbacks and on “Scandal” , critical plotpoints were emphasized in “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” , “The Trail,” “Happy Birthday Mr President,” and more recently “Should Have Put A Ring On It.” She is quite comfortable with this method of story telling and viewers were confused by this. It was a treat for longtime fans because there was plenty of MerDer flashbacks that took us through their relationship. History was not ignored as characters that viewers could have pictured easing the pain of Derek’s death were mentioned. (Cristina, Thatcher, Addison) The basic message was that life has to go one when someone dies and that was shown through the two burn patients and their surgical journey. The doctors showed their love and concern when Meredith disappeared. It turns out that Meredith was pregnant and Derek had left his legacy. The true ties of the show were also shown when Meredith finally decided to return to Seattle with Alex. Catherine Scorsone also was featured  in this episode with her feelings about her brother’s death. Her breakdown was memorable. The relationship with Owen was very clearly demonstrated when she finally let him in. (Note to Shonda: Military flashbacks for Scandal. I think it is time we saw Captain Ballard  and Fitz in military uniforms)

It remains what the future of “Grey’s” is going to be at this point. Losing a character of this magnitude will definitely test the viewers loyalty. Many people have already said that they are done with the death of McDreamy . This could quite possibly be the end of the show but with eleven seasons, it has been a good run. Shepherd will cement Dempsey into the class of actors that will be known for that role for the rest of their career. Let’s hope this role won’t be his curse because he is a very talented and charismatic actor. As for MerDer, we cheer Meredith as she moves on with all the tragedies in her life. Ellen Pompeo has got a lot to play out yet. For Shonda and all of her couples, there will be two that will be immortalized as great love stories, Olivia and Fitz and Meredith and Derek.

Grey-Sloane- Shepherd Hospital?


Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) contemplates her future while the carousel turns.

ellis and meredith

One of Shonda’s best treasures is Kate Burton . Whether she is playing the troubled Ellis Grey or the power mad Sally Langston , she shines.


Meredith holds her new daughter , Ellis Shepherd. Life has come full circle for her.


The last of the two interns have been through hell and back, but Meredith and Alex(Justin Chambers) have been there for each other through it all.


In the show , Owen (Kevin McKidd) trades his scrubs for fatigues as he returns to help in a war zone. He takes April with him

Mer in Derle

Meredith prepares for surgery, she brings a piece of Derek with her. She now wears his ferry boat scrub cap

Thanks For the Memories Patrick – A Tribute to McDreamy

title pic

They once called it Seattle Grace Mercy Death. Well tonight the Seattle hospital earned its name once again. Sadly one of the original cast members left in a flurry of controversy . Shonda dealt with the actor by killing off the beloved character of Dr Derek Christopher Shepherd played for all eleven seasons by Patrick Dempsey. All of America and the world is still in shock, but in true Shondaland tradition, Chitownstarconnections presents a tribute to Derek from the first time we saw him on our screens… in all his naked glory… pilot

This is where he earned the title of “McDreamy” he was just a guy in a bar and she was just a girl in a bar

meredith and derek

But that was also the day he met the love of his life , Meredith Grey, the mother of his children

derek and addison

But there was one little thing that Derek forgot, his wife in NY, Addison (Kate Walsh). After she cheated on him , she wanted to be forgiven and given another chance

pick me choose me love me

But Derek had a choice to make , and that was between his wife and the woman he loved, she asked him to “Pick Me , Choose Me, Love Me.”

the prom

 Derek made his choice and they made love at the prom that everyone had for the Chief’s niece who was dying of cancer

mark and derek

Derek’s best friend and brother was Dr Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) . Mark had slept with Addison which was why Derek ended up in Seattle. Mark died from injuries sustained in a plane crash a few years ago, now they are together again.

rescued by derek

Derek rescued Meredith from drowning from a ferry boat accident

candle house

Meredith was finally ready to commit when she made this house of candles. Derek was building a house for them and their children


Derek asked his mother for a blessing on him and Meredith. When she gave him her ring, he proposed in the hospital elevator surrounded by brain scans that the two had worked on together.

the post it wedding

Giving their wedding to Alex and Izzie, Meredith and Derek decided to get married in the locker room and write their vows on a post it. The post it hung in a frame above their bed.

derek gets shot

A disgruntled husband of a deceased patient went on a rampage in the hospital which resulted in Derek being shot and fatally wounded. The person who saved his life was his wife’s “person” , Cristina .

derek and meredith go fishing

When she was suffering from PTSD from the shooting, Derek took Cristina fishing so she could get away for the day. She caught a big fish and then broke down for the first time since the shooting.

zola and derek

From all the African kids that Karev brought to America, one of those kids stole Derek’s heart. Her name is Zola

get married

The two decided to get married for real so they could adopt Zola. They got married the same day as Callie and Arizona.

zola and shepherds

Here is the happy Shepherd family with Zola . She is officially theirs.

plane crash

Tragedy strikes again when the doctors are in a plane crash . Derek is injured and his career is in question. His sister , Lizzie (Neve Campbell) gave him her nerves so he could operate again.

perfect family

In the middle of a storm , Meredith gives birth to their little boy, Bailey Shepherd. They named their son after him when Miranda Bailey does surgery to save Meredith’s life.


Derek has five sisters , but his baby sister , Amelia (Caterina Scorscone) came from California right before Derek was called to Washington to work with the President and the brain mapping program. Amelia took over as Chief of Neuro.

how to save a life

After a long separation from Meredith , he was headed home from Washington for the last time. On the trip back, he saw an accident and in true Derek fashion he was the hero and took care of the people involved. But then Derek ‘s car was smashed into and he was taken to the hospital. He ironically died with a brain aneurism because the hospital wasn’t trained for trauma. He leaves behind his mother, his five sisters, his two children, Bailey and Zola, and his beloved wife Dr Meredith Grey. He also leaves us with a lot of memories from eleven years. He will be missed

derek shepherd 1966-2015

Pick Me Choose Me Love Me…Meredith Grey and Derek Christopher Shepherd

mere derr

 Dr Meredith Grey certainly had her life cut out for her. Her mother, Ellis was a groundbreaking surgeon and Meredith was starting as an intern in the very hospital where her mother had worked. She had moved back to Seattle from Boston to start at Seattle Grace . But the night before she was to start, something happened that would change her life forever.

Derek had just come to Seattle from NYC. Heartbroken, he left New York to erase the memory of seeing his wife, Addison and his nest friend, Mark in bed together naked. Derek had accepted a position at SGH as the attending neurosurgeon with possibility to advance to Chief of Surgery. Just wanted to relax, he wanted to enjoy his favorite scotch and sit down at Joe’s Emerald City Bar . While he was there, he met an incredible intelligent, funny, and beautiful woman. They drank too much, went to bed together at her house and he woke up naked on her living room floor. Meredith just brushed it off as a drunken mistake and told Derek she wanted him gone before she finished showering.

Filled with rosy pictures of lots of surgeries and with a new group of friends, Meredith was terrified to find out she had slept with her new boss. She told him to keep his distance and they would get along. But then fate stepped in, Derek had been given a case of a young beauty queen who was experiencing seizures with no explanation. Puzzled, he asked the young interns to help him crack the case with the promise of assisting him in surgery. Eager to prove her ability, Meredith and her new bff Cristina set out to find the clues to cure the girl. Meredith had promised Cristina if they did find a cause, she would be glad to let Cristina operate in her place. Problem solved , brain bleed. Derek doesn’t want Cristina in the surgery, he thinks he likes this messed up dark girl and Dr Grey and Dr Shepherd do their first surgery together.

While Derek comes from a semi normal family where he lost his father from an armed robbery, Meredith ‘s family is a nightmare. Her mother told her she could never be ordinary and she would never be as brilliant as her. Her father had abandoned his family to start another one when he discovered his wife was having an affair with a fellow surgeon. Later in Meredith’s life, she would meet the half sister her father had with another woman, Lexi. She would also have the pleasure of meeting the sister her mother had given up for adoption. Coincidentally , both sisters were also doctors. Another coincidence , Lexi would fall in love with Derek’s best friend, Mark. (For the full story see Mark and Lexi Tragic Lovers) Derek and Meredith stopped fighting it and then began to date and fall in love. Their love had to be a secret since interns could not date their attendings. When Bailey found out ,she was bent on making Meredith’s life a living hell. Happy to exist in their little love bubble, Meredith and Derek were happy. That is until Derek found out that he was still married to Addison and she had come to Seattle to try and repair their marriage.

derek and addisonAddison is called in on an case and considers it fate that she can repair the damage that she caused to her marriage  to Derek. She arrives with unsigned divorce papers and then convinces Derek they still have a chance. Meredith backs down and the Shepherds work at repairing their marriage despite the fact that Derek is in love with Meredith.

merdith and ellisMeredith returned to Seattle to take over the affairs of her mother after she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s . This is also where she will make a home with Derek and her family including the doctors at SGH. Super surgeon , Ellis Grey was played by the phenomenal actress, Kate Burton. Kate returned to Shondaland on” Scandal” as VP Sally Langston . It is speculated that Kate will be returning to this role this season.

daddy bitch babyHere we have Meredith’s father , Thatcher and the half sister she didnt think she had, Lexi. Thatcher was played by the extraordinary  actor , Jeff Perry. Jeff is now one of the major power players on “Scandal” as Presidential Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beane.

Try as they might, they date other people and work in the same hospital. This results in one of the iconic GA moments where Meredith asks Derek to make a choice. But she hopes in her heart that the choice he makes is her.

pick me choose me love me

If there is one thing that this couple has had to confront it is tragedy. One of the interns once joked and called the hospital “Seattle Grace Mercy Death” They weren’t wrong. Meredith and Derek both have had to operate in the same room as an exploding bomb. Meredith has also drowned , Derek has been shot, both of them survived a plane crash and Meredith delivered her son in an electrical storm.

derek gets shot

Derek and Meredith worked together as they tried to find a way to treat Alzheimer and cancer patients. They grow closer and closer together. Meredith fights it and dates the vet who treats her and Derek’s dog , Doc. At the hospital prom, Meredith and Derek make love and he is ready to tell Addison he is done. When he arrives at her hotel room , he gets another surprise , Mark appears from the bathroom in a towel . The marriage is now over. Meredith now has two men fighting over her. She continues to see a therapist to find out why she is so messed up. Derek tires of waiting for her so he decides to date Nurse Rose. Meredith now decides she is ready for a commitment. As a symbol , she goes up on the hill where Derek has land and makes a house of candles.

candle houseGreys-Anatomy-Tyne-Ellen Meredith finally gets a chance to meet Derek’s mother played by Broadway legend Tyne Daly.GA prides itself on casting legendary actors like Hector Elizondo and Debbie Allen as parents of the staff. She approves and gives Derek her ring for Meredith. Since so many of their encounters take place in an elevator , Derek proposes in an elevator that he has plastered with catscans of the many cases they have worked on. She naturally says yes.

proposalAt the same time , Meredith’s fellow class mate Izzy Stevens is going through the fight of her life as she battles cancer. The only bright spots of the day for Izzy is when she gets to play wedding planner for the happy couple. Realizing that Izzy and Alex’s time may be limited, they let them have the wedding that she planned for them. They still get married , but with no time they make their vows on a post it in the locker room. Now the couple have teamed up on a drug trial to cure the disease that Meredith may someday get. They also get involved in Karev’s project of surgeries on kids from Africa. One of these little kids steals their hearts and her name is Zola. This ebony princess is the reason that the two of them decide to get really married at City Hall.

zola and derek

get married

The Alzheimer’s test comes under scrutiny when Meredith tampers with the drug and gets the trial suspended. Derek is furious until he realizes that she did this so Adele Webber could be treated. Alex tries to right the wrongs and gets Zola back with the Shepherds. Finally the family is reunited.

zola and shepherds

Tragedy rears its ugly head again when the team gets on a plane and then it crashes. The crash kills Lexi and then Mark perishes soon after. Arizona loses a leg and Derek ‘s hand is injured as well. This crash will cause untold chaos for a long time. Owen takes the blame on behalf of the hospital, the plane company settles and pays the doctors millions of dollars. With financial troubles taking over the hospital , the doctors unite and buy the hospital naming it Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital in honor of Mark and Lexi. The Shepherds are now on the board and own a hospital.

plane crash

 Derek has surgery on his hand thanks to nerves that are donated from his sister. The surgery is a success and then Meredith gives him the news that he is going to be a father. Bailey Derek Shepherd is born in the middle of a storm in true “Grey’s ” fashion.. Meredith bleeds out on the table and Bailey saves her.

perfect family

CATERINA SCORSONEThe Shepherds receive some help when Derek’s sister arrives from LA and “Private Practice” . Canadian actress , Catherine Scorsone portrays Dr Amelia Shepherd.. She moves in to help with the Shepherd kids and ends up staying . Derek is asked by the President to come to Washington and work on his project on brain mapping, Derek accepts and then leaves. Feeling guilty, he returns to Meredith and the kids. Meredith doesn’t want to be the one to hold him back so she throws him out and tells him to go back to Washington.

meredith tells derek to go

Now Meredith and Derek are at a cross roads in their marriage. Will he come back or is it off  to Washington and the end of his marriage? Find out on Jan 29 when “Grey’s” and your other TGIT favorites return. What do you expect ? It’s Shondaland!


Up Until This Point…. Shonda Dominates Thursdays!!!!


 It has been two weeks and TGIT is a smash !! People have been getting their fill of roller coaster drama, possibly the best acting on television, and the return of old friends and new acquaintances. Here is my take on TGIT as a longtime Grey’s viewer , a gladiator, and getting comfy with the gang at Middleton.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey and  Kelly McCkeary as  Maggie Pierce clash over the treatment of a patient

Maggie has been having trouble being the new kid on the block. It is also especially hard to fill the shoes of Cristina Yang. At least , Derek and Meredith won’t be heading out to DC soon. (Does that mean no scotch with Fitz?) Derek will be staying in Seattle. Richard spilled the beans at an AA meeting that Amelia was attending about his daughter. It’s Evil Spawn vs the Nazi as Bailey and Karev compete for the shares and board position that was left by Yang. Callie and Arizona have been seriously considering having another baby. Is Sandra Oh’s exit being felt by the show? The answer is definitely YES…. Meredith ‘s “person” is now Karev… and Jo doesn’t like it  a bit….


mellie and fitz

Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant sees over his “wife” Mellie (Bellamy Young) as she grieves for their dead son

It has been almost a new show since we premiered two weeks ago. Olivia has returned to DC for the funeral of Harrison Wright. She has been a naughty girl and not in a good way. I have a feeling that Jake knows she has just been using him and that will be addressed soon. The White House remains a mess with Fitz trying to hold himself together. (He tried to kill himself) but it seems that Mellie is the one that is losing it . She is not the designer wearing First Lady anymore. She strolls the Residence in Uggs and a bathrobe eating fried chicken and chewing on Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato chips. With losing his son, the love of his life, and everything , he still must be Commander in Chief. Cyrus is trying to move on but he may be in for a surprise when he finds out he is being set up.  The acting on this show in the past few weeks has been at Emmy capacity. Bellamy Young has turned the evil “my husband and his whore” Mellie to one who spouts the best lines on the show. We all know she is grieving, but you just can’t help but laugh at the line about her unshaven area described as 1976 down there. Tonys’ facial expressions still tell the story of the pain this man is going through, staying with his wife and still pining for his Livvy. Right now you could freeze ice cubes in the scenes between Fitz and Liv, let’s hope the fire returns soon. Add to the mix , Rosen as Attorney General and Abby working as Press Secretary, and its a totally different “Scandal” Portia Di Rossi sporting a new do has evil in mind for the WH.

How to Get Away With Murder

how to get away with murder 2

Viola Davis as Analise Keating teaches future lawyers how to try cases and look for evidence

This show is tearing up ratings and setting records. Davis’ teaching methods prove to be on the unorthodox side and pits students against each other. Sometimes the competition gets just plain cutthroat and sex is in the mix whether it the one future lawyer seducing a guy for information or Keating’s affair .Keating’s husband is played by Tom Verica who is another Shondaland actor who has taken up the directing chores for such shows as GA, Scandal, and the late lamented Private Practice. He seems to be no angel as well. The last time we saw Analise’s assistant , Bonnie (Liza Weil) was on a slab in the morgue on “Scandal” Weil’s claim to fame was playing troublemaker and Presidential play thing Amanda Tanner . Surrounded by a young cast and some of the most gruesome scenes on tv , this show promises drama and mystery. I might have to watch a few more episodes before I can make a better judgement call.