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Disney Wins the Race with Cars 3


Disney has another winner with the third movie in the “Cars 3” trilogy. It looks like Lightning McQueen has finally hit the end of the road.  Actor Owen Wilson (“Zoolander” Marley and Me” “Wedding Crashers” has resumed his role as the hero of the Disney classic. After crashing in the big race, everyone has basically said that the old racing car is done. The new game in town is Jackson Storm (voiced by Armie Hammer) . He is everyone’s new star. And who gives the stats for the racers ? Only the lady who knows her stats and that is Natalie Certain. Natalie is voiced by none other than beauty icon and Washington fixer, Kerry Washington. Kerry has said in interview after interview that she is excited about being in her first animated cartoon, especially for Disney.  But Kerry isn’t the only ABC star that is in the Pixair movie.  “Goldberg’s star Jeff Garlin, “Blackish” star Jennifer Lewis and former “Castle” star , Nathan Fillion as the dashing Sterling called in to rescue Lightning ‘s career.  Sterling has a team of experts including , trainer Cruz Rasmirez. Cruz is voiced by Cristela Alonzo, who was the star of the short lived ABC series by the same name. Cruz is a tough trainer, but she has higher aspirations then just being a trainer. She has worshipped McQueen and dreamed of the day she raced. But people have taught her she can’t race and must settle. Hmmm sounds like a message movie to me. Women have been taught to settle. McQueen has one last chance to prove himself and he and Cruz work together to prepare. Does he win the race? You will have to see the movie to find out. Disney favorites Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks, and Bonnie Hunt also voice characters.

kerry and natalie

ABC’s own “Scandal” star, Kerry Washington voices Natalie , the car that knows the stats.

nathan and sterling

Nathan Fillion , who was last on the late great ABC show , “Castle” , is the fan that gives McQueen a second chance, Sterling.

lightning and cruz

Can Cruz help Lightning win the big race? You will have to see the movie to find out. What a great movie to take DAD to and the whole family will enjoy. Browncoats and Gladiators will also enjoy the movie with its awesome cast.


For Caskett Fans- There Is an “Always”

Castle cast photo 6

Last night, the doors of NYPD Precinct 12 closed forever. “Castle” fans have been outraged ever since it was announced that stars Stana Katic and Tamela Jones had been fired from the ABC crime drama. Fans have been very active on social media and made it known that they have not been happy with this decision. Some had gotten quite literal and took their anger out on actor , Nathan Fillion. But last week, ABC had made their final decision and decided that this Monday would be the last show. Fans were very happy with the happily ever after for the couple. In salute to this show,  Chitownstarconnections is proud to present “Castle’s Best Moments” A Journey.”

castle meets beckett

In “Flowers For Your Grave” the detective and writer meet for the first time. Beckett is to solve a murder that mirrors Richard Castle’s novels. Castle is mesmerized by the woman and wants to use her for his next novel as the character . Nikki Heat

nanny mcdead

Season One also brought in the episode “Nanny McDead” . This included two stars from the ABC family. “Grey’s Anatomy’s ” own April Kepner was the murderous nanny.

george on castle

George Newbern of “Scandal” was the philandering husband.

home is where the heart stops

In “Home is Where the Heart Stops” , “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Amelia, Caterina Scorsone is the daughter of a murder victim.

katie lowes castle

Quinn from “Scandal” was also in Season One as a socialite. Katie Lowes was in the same episode as Caterina.

darby as abby

Today Darby is the power behind the throne on “Scandal” as Abby. But Darby also played Meredith Castle, Alexis’s mother and Castle’s first wife

mistress always spanks twice

The gang explores the world of S and M in “The Mistress Always Spanks Twice”

vampire weekend

“Vampire Weekend” was a fun Halloween episode.

boom  castle

Castle saves Beckett’s life for the first time in a two parter, “Tick Tick Tick” and “Boom”


The very talented and gorgeous star of “Scandal” , Bellamy Young made an appearance in “Pretty Dead” as a pageant official

jonathan slavin

And “Dr Ken’s” very funny nurse , Jonathan Slavin was a pageant coach


Laura Prepon of “Orange is the New Black” was an actress who wanted to play  Nikki Heat in the movie based on Beckett.


becketts mentor

Jason Beghe of “Chicago PD” played Mike Royce , Beckett’s mentor

to live and die in la

After Royce’s murder, Castle and Beckett visit Hollywood in “To Live and Die in LA”

one life to lose castle

“Chicago Fire’s ” David Eigenberg was a writer in a tribute to the dying art of soaps in “One Life to Lose” . The title was a nod to the long running soap “One Life to Live” which Nathan starred on as Joey Buchanan.

frozen castle

“Countdown” was an episode where Beckett and Castle were thrown together in a freezer where they would die together

when beckett was shot

At Montgomery’s funeral, Beckett is gunned down as Castle tells her he loves her in “Knockout”.

heartbreak hotel

Castle and the boys investigate a murder in Atlantic City in “Heartbreak Hotel”

the blue butterfly

 Flashback to the forties in “The Blue Butterfly” . Tamala Jones’s gorgeous singing voice was spotlighted in this episode as well

47 seconds  castle

In “47 seconds” Castle finds out that Beckett knew he told her he loved her. This was a major setback in their relationship.


In “Headhunters” Nathan is reunited with fellow Serenity shipmate, Adam Baldwin. Baldwin is a reckless cop by the name of Slaughter who takes on Castle as a temporary partner while Beckett prepares for trial.

always  castle

In “Always” ,  the walls come tumbling down and the couple consummate their relationship.

final frontier  castle

“Final Frontier” was when Beckett and Castle were investigating a murder at a Sci Fi convention. Captain Max , Ed Quinn was recently seen as Max’s boyfriend on “Two Broke Girls” .

castle  hunt

Alexis has been kidnapped and Castle travels all the way to Paris to rescue her in “Hunt” . The husband of pop diva , Barbra Streisand , James Brolin first appeared as Jackson Hunt. Hunt was the father of the famous writer.

the wild rover tom

Ryan goes undercover as a member of the Irish mob in “The Wild Rover.” He helps to trap a vicious mob member who is played by “Scandal” star, Brian Letscher . Brian is best known as Tom , the former Secret Service agent who was a double agent for B613.

still castle

The clock ticks when Beckett is stuck on a bomb with a limited amount time before it explodes. But Castle shows he loves her in “Still” . She tells him that she loves him for the first time.

the fast and the furriest castle

Castle usually has crazy theories and in “The Fast and the Furriest” , he encounters a killer that mirrors the legend of “Bigfoot” .

watersshed castle

Season Five ends in “Watershed” when Beckett receives an offer to join the FBI in Washington . She contemplates the move and the direction their relationship has gone. Castle makes the next move and proposes.

valkyrie  season 6

Season Six began with “Valkyrie” Beckett accepts Castle’s proposal and off she is to Washington and working for the FBI. Lisa Edelstein of Bravo’s awesome show , “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce” is her new partner as they try to preserve the republic.

under fire

“Under Fire” welcomed the first baby to the team. Esposito and Ryan were trapped in a fiery building while Jenny gives birth with the help of Lainie . The little girl was named Sarah Grace. Jenny Ryan is played by real life wife of Seamus Dever, Juliana Dever.


dressed to kill castle

In “Dressed to Kill” the team is called on to solve a fashion magazine editor’s murder. At the same time, Castle must make a decision on the place for the wedding. It turns out Beckett used to model and Francis Fisher plays the Vogue type editor who recruits Beckett and as a reward gives her the dress of her dreams.

smells like teen spirit castle

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” takes Castle back to his prep school days and solving a crime as well as taking Beckett to his dance.

they try to kill beckett in the belly of the beast

Beckett plays a dangerous game in “The Belly of the Beast” as her mother’s murderers try to eliminate her. She poses as a dangerous drug dealer.

that seventies show  castle

Castle and his cats investigate a murder from the days of disco in “That Seventies Show” The star witness claims to be in a time warp so to get him to be a witness, Castle turns the 12th into a precinct from the 70’s. Junior from “The Sopranos”, Dominic Chianese and Dawn Lewis from “A Different World ” are guest stars.

veritas beckett gets bracken

Bracken is finally tracked down as Beckett finds out his Presidential campaign is funded by drug money and murderers in “Veritas”. You might recognize the actor who played Bracken as Jack Coleman. Jack was on “Dynasty”, “Heroes” and most recently the deceased husband of Sally Langston , Daniel , on “Scandal”

for better for worse season 6 ending

Season Six ended with Kate Beckett on the happiest and saddest day of her life. It was supposed to be her wedding , but she sees her grooms car burst into flames with him in it.

the time of our life castle

Channeling “It’s A Wonderful Life” , Castle lands in an alternate universe where he never existed. In the course of the episode, he finds his way back and in the presence of his most loved ones , him and Kate are married.

once upon a time in the west

 Nathan embraces his OLTL roots in “Once Upon Time in the West”. On their honeymoon, the couple investigate a murder at a dude ranch.

reckoning castle

In “Reckoning” Kate is kidnapped  and Neiman wants to take her face.


In “The Wrong Stuff” there is a murder in a Mission to Mars simulator and the team dons spacesuits to help solve the crime.


“At Close Range” mirrored a “Scandal” episode. Ryan takes a job as security at a political fundraiser. The campaign manager is murdered to cover the affair with the candidate. Ricardo Chivera plays the candidate. He is most known for Gabby’s lover on “Desperate Housewives’ but currently he is Mellie ‘s opponent for the run for the White House on “Scandal” .

dead from new york carly rae jensen

Singer Carly Rae Jensen serenaded a fake late night comedy audience in “Dead From New York” . The team investigates a murder of the show’s legendary producer. Gregory Harrison and Jaleel White are the guest stars.


A murder in the woods takes Castle back to his childhood in “Hollander’s Woods”. He is also honored for his writing at a banquet as Season 7 comes to an end.

xy  castle

The final season began with Beckett’s promotion to Captain and then her sudden disappearance that he investigates with the team. A new member joins the team as Captain Gates leaves the show.

cool boys castle

“Cool Boys” reunited the former “Firefly” buddies , Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion


Castle is the ‘king of the world” as him and Beckett are on a cruise ship and are trapped with a killer in “Mr and Mrs Castle”

And in the series finale, the audience is made to think that Castle and Beckett are shot, but surprise we are taken seven years into the future to see the Castle family….

caskett family

The couple is together and they are joined by twins , Reese and Jake and daughter , Lily

This is a show that has surely made its mark. Fans have been enchanted by the romance and mysteries that have been part of the show for eight seasons. It has won People Choice Awards and more importantly , it has made its mark by making statements on pop culture. It has done wonders for the world of sci fi with legendary actors from this realm playing parts and Nathan being reunited with stars from “Firefly” Many of the stars in the television realm played earlier parts on this show before they played the characters that they were known for. These include Sarah Drew, Caterina Scorsone from “Grey’s ” Bellamy Young , Brian Letscher, Katie Lowes, and George Newbern from “Scandal” . It will definitely be missed and at least in this fandom , their couple gets a happy ending. So we hope to see these talented actors and actresses on the screen soon. I have a feeling we will.

 We will remember these lovable characters  “Always”

castle fan art


“Castle” and TGIT Faves Can Be Yours to Enjoy.. DVD Reviews

abc studios logo



 It’s the week when your favorite shows return, so its time to catch up. The wonderful folks at ABC have a great way to bring you back up to speed about your favorite ABC shows. Since Jen and I are such big fans of a few ABC shows, they sent us our faves to watch and cherish the moments we laughed, we cried, and when we were caught up in the romance. Prior to this week, we got a chance to watch and here is my spin on each of them.


greys anatomy

The eleventh season of “Grey’s ” will make you cry. Relationships fall apart and the staff at Grey- Sloan is forced to say goodbye to one of their own. Callie and Arizona fall apart, Jackson and April face tragedy that pulls them in different directions and when Derek returns to Seattle, he becomes a hero by rescuing a car accident victim but losing his own life. Meredith must face life alone as a single mother.

The features are great too. There is an extended version of the finale “You’re My Home.” Laugh with the cast as they cut up in places beside the OR  with “In Stitches.” See some more great scenes that didn’t make it to the screen. Shonda Rhimes tells why she killed off Derek in “How to Say Goodbye.” Finally, series regular Catherine Scorsone is spotlighted when she discusses her relationship with Owen Hunt and what its like to be on two hit series. She also discusses Amelia’s relationship with her brother , Derek and how it affects her role on the show. Catherine plays Dr Amelia Shepherd.

how to save a life

 Meredith sits vigil as Derek remains in a coma . She sits and waits to say goodbye in “How to Save A Life”



 The season began with Kate looking for her missing groom who was last seen in a burning car. But that is just part of the mystery and romance of Castle and Beckett. Finally married, the Castles continue solving mysteries , escaping the bad guys and adjusting to life as a married couple. Castle adds a fun loving touch as he becomes a PI and opens his own office.

As in the past, the extras are always something cool. Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas channel boy  bands  as they premiere their new video with “Definition of Love” You will love seeing the boys dance and sing. Laugh as you watch the webmercial that burned up the internet. “Raging Heat” Bloopers and deleted scenes are always a hit with fans. The unsung heroes of television, background actors , are saluted in “The Cast Behind the Cast.” Stand ins and permanent members of the cast are interviewed .As someone who has been background on two series, i appreciate the hard work these actors do on a series and the great rapport they have with the cast.

castle wedding

It’s a joyous day when Katherine Houghton Beckett and Richard Edward Castle are finally wed  Only the family was invited to the ceremony.


scandal season 4

The show that put the OMG in TGIT is back in Season Four of Scandal. Tragedy hangs over the Capitol as the Grants try to recover from the death of their son. The President also has been searching for Olivia as well. But the gladiators have a job to do and that is to take down B613. Fitz faces an international and personal crisis when Olivia is kidnapped and held for ransom. He must declare war or she will be killed. There are so  many twists and turns along the way as the plot builds to a surprise ending.

    Learn what its like to be a gladiator and wear the white hat from the cast in “The Fixer.” See fifteen minutes of unseen footage from the exciting episodes “No More Blood” and the dramatic finale “You Can’t Take Command.”  You can’t stop dancin as you groove to the cast dancing on a special “Scandallous” blooper reel. There isn’t a hipper President and First Lady around as Bellamy and Tony shake their groove thing.

finale scene

After he has fired Cyrus and thrown out Mellie, Fitz finally goes for what he wants instead of being told what he needs.He and Olivia are finally together .

All of the box sets are currently available or can be ordered through abc.go.com

The Countdown Begins …


Okay , the countdown has now gone to single  digits for the return of America’s favorite shows. The media has been loaded with images of lovemaking, familiar faces, and hot men. Facebook pages now boast salutes to count down the number of days to wait. Anticipation grows…

But wait, maybe you can’t remember what happened before the season started. It might have been earth shattering or made no affect at all. Maybe it was just so long ago, like in the case of “How to Get Away With Murder.” you haven’t the foggiest notion what happened. (That show ended in February) .But have no fear, for the next week I will updating you on your faves. Tonight it is seven days for the return of that crime fighting duo, “Castle” so we will feature the highlights of last season…

driven she finds the car

The season began with Beckett wondering where her groom was. The show ended last season with Castle getting into a car and then Beckett seeing that the car was in flames. Castle returned , but the question remained where was he.


One of Castle’s most unusual cases was when he engaged himself at a pre school to solve a murder.. His childlike demeanor fit in perfect as he tried to solve the case and find out which child was a witness to the crime.


Finally after six seasons , Castle marries his muse in a very private and beautiful ceremony. Kate was given away by her father.

the honeymoon

Only the Castles would turn their honeymoon into a mystery. Kate and Rick head to a wild west ranch to solve a murder.


3xk is at it again , but this time he has an accomplice. Beckett is kidnapped by his girlfriend, Kelly Nieman. Nieman is a plastic surgeon who wants to steal Beckett’s face.

the wrong stuff

Castle and the team suit up as the solve a mystery of a space team member’s murder. They didn’t even have to leave earth

at close range

Ryan wants to earn some extra money, so he becomes a bodyguard for a political official. I liked this episode because it reminded me a lot of “Scandal”

matt letscher in sleeper episode

Matt Letscher who was formerly the VP’s Chief of Staff on “Scandal” was a man who was responsible for Castle’s disapperance in “Sleeper”

dead from new york

Singer  Carly Rae Jepsen adds to the fun when Kate and Rick solve a murder involving a late night comedy show.

huntington woods

The season ended with Rick being honored with all of his friends and family present. The question that was asked was whether Kate would become Captain or run for the Senate?  In seven days , the answer on Castle

Geek 101 or Chitownstar Visits Wizard World


I hate to admit it, but I am a geek snob. I have my allegiance to my shows and could never understand what these people saw in shows like “Star Trek” or “Star Wars.” One fine day I realized that they were just like me. We both have our favorite characters and can quote scenes.

I have heard stories about Comic Con and was actually a little bit scared of the participants. These are people who abandon their mundane lives for one day or a weekend and they become superheroes . They idolize actors and worship them for roles that they play. They travel near and far to gather with their fellow geeks and meet these actors that play their heroes. They spend hundreds of hard earned dollars to buy merchandise or get that pic with a star. Basically they are just like me.

Spend a day with me and Jen as we explore Comic Con Chicago.

welcome 22

People have waited all year for this gathering of lovers of all things fantasy. They buy or make their own costumes . This year the chosen have gathered at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

batgirlThis young lady has decided to dress as the Batgirl from the 1966 ABC series. Sadly enough, the actress who played the role , Yvonne Craig had died days before. This costume was in tribute to her.

People dressed not only as super heroes, but as aliens. Many television series were also represented at the event. These shows included “Star Trek” and it’s many versions, “Walking Dead”, Supernatural”, True Blood” and the former sci fi series “Firefly” The participants love to talk about their favorite shows and dress as their favorite characters.

jayne lil Malcolm

wash and lil jayneWizard World is fun for all ages. Families dress up to show their love for their favorite characters. Here are some loyal “Browncoats” celebrating the show “Firefly”

the flintstonesThis family brought back sweet memories for me. The first comic that I loved was the 60’s hit “The Flintstones”

gold bikiniConsidering it is now a pop culture cliche, geek boys had a lot to look at like this Princess Leia in the gold bikini.


T Shirts, original art works, and autographed photos were available for purchase by fans. Here is a photo of the cast from “Firefly’ and in the same place, I found a picture of my favorite actor.

minionMinions are so hot right now and there were plenty of them at Rosemont

wingsI had to marvel at the work that went into these costumes. This girl told me that she made the costume herselfhoward and bernadette

Here I am getting into the spirit with a fellow fan who is dressed as Howard Wolowicz on “The Big Bang Theory”

mr and mrs fillion

But the best part of all is when these actors that we watch every week make a girl dream come true. Jen got to meet her favorite actor , Captain Malcolm of “Firefly” and the star of ABC’s “Castle” Nathan Fillion

Browncoats It’s A Way Of Life

fireflyIf you’ve never heard of Firefly its okay climb out from that rock you were living under and read on.

Firefly is a scifi drama that blends space and the wild west. It was created by the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon. The show revolves around a crew of 9 who live on the Serenity. Even though Firefly only lasted one season it still has a loyal fan following as well as big in pop culture with memorabilia and collectibles available, the show has even been referenced many time on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” and ABC’s “Castle”

Firefly_class_shipThe Serenity is home for the Captain and his crew.

Malcolm-Reynolds-malcolm-reynolds-26243916-2060-2560Malcolm Reynolds is the captain of the Serenity. Nathan Fillion portrayed the captain, He has been playing writer Richard Castle on the ABC hit “Castle” going into his 8th season this fall. Nathan still hits the comic con scene greeting Browncoats as well as Castle fans.

zoe_referenceZoe Washburne played by Gina Torres is Malcolm oldest friend she severed under him in the Unification war and is now the second in command aboard the Serenity. Gina has guest starred on “Castle” and still hits the comic con scene from time to time.

WashHoban “Wash” Washborne played b Alan Tudyk is the pilot of the Serenity he’s married to Zoe. Alan has recently developed a web series “Con Man” with Nathan Fillion. He is big in the comic con scene.

InaraInara Serra played by Morena Baccarin is a companion known as an escort in modern times. Inara hides feelings for Malcom. Morena can currently be seen on Showtime’s “Homeland”Jayne2

Jayne Cobb played by Adam Baldwin is a mercenary with a heart he is seen wearing an orange and yellow hat that was a gift from his mother.He also has a love for the ladies. Adam has guest starred on Castle and is currently staring on TNT’s “The Last Ship” He too is`still big on the comic con scene.

Kaylee_sitKaylee Frye played by Jewel Staite is the ship mechanic she’s sweet and keeps the Serenity flying.

SimonDr. Simon Tam played by Sean Maher is a trauma surgeon who gives up his future in the medicine for his sister, he breaks her out of a research facility.

River River Tam played by Summer Glau is a child prodigy and sister to Simon. Simon does everything he can for her. Summer is still big in the comic con scene.

shepherdDerrial “Shepherd” Book played by Ron Glass a shepherd also known as a pastor in modern times.

Next a few of our favorite moments

ShindigShindig.. Inara goes a society dance that Malcolm attends as well. Why its a favorite? The costumes are reminiscent of those in ” Gone with the Wind”  and we see Malcolm in a fencing duel.

firefly-jaynestown_gallery_primaryJaynestown.. A planet where Jayne is a folk hero. Why we like it, there’s a statue of Jayne and of course the song! A Man They Call Jane!

Firefly-110-FullWar Stories.. Mal and Wash are taken hostage and tortured due to Mal’s failure to finish a job. Why we like it, we learn the history between Mal and Zoe, and we see the friendship and loyalty between Mal and Wash.

nathan fillion nude firefly

Trash.. Saffron returns using a scheme to get the crew of the Serenity to help her steal a rare antique weapon from a man who happens to be her husband. Why we like it all we have to say is Nathan Fillion in his birthday suit!

Heart of GoldHeart of Gold..The Serenity crew is called upon to help protect a Brothel ran by a friend of Inara’s. Why we like it, Simon delivers a baby, Jayne taking up with two of the residents of the brothal and watching Inara ‘s heart break after learning Malcolm slept with her friend.

Firefly-Panel Firefly is alive and well at comic cons every where, Here are Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at a recent comic con.

firefly-serenity-full-cast-dvdbash-20Stay shiny Browncoats! We’ll see you aboard the Serenity!

Castle, Before They Fought Crime

castle___recoloured_by_ghostlinz-d69kxejFor 7 years they’ve been a family fighting crime, falling in love and defying the odds but what what was our favorite crime fighting cast doing before Castle? Read on to find out!

oltlBefore Nathan`Fillion was a ruggedly handsome writer he was romancing Dorian Lord as Joey Buchanan the youngest son of Dorian’s arch enemy Viki Buchanan on the daytime drama “One Life to Live”

Firefly  After he left Llanview, Nathan took up residence in space aboard the Serenity. Hie took charge as Captain Malcolm Reynolds on “Firefly” The show was cancelled after just one season but its still a pop culture phenomenon. It has even been referenced on Castle several times.

cute-castleNathan is now the ruggedly handsome writer Richard Castle who recently married the love of his life, his muse Detective Kate Beckett.

The_Librarian__the_Curse_of_the_Judas_Chalice Stana Katic played vampire Simone in the TNT movie “The Librarian The Curse of the Judas Chalice”. She tried to sink her fangs into ER’s Noah Wyle.

Castles-Kate-BeckettFor the last 7 years Stana has played bad ass detective with a troubled past Kate Beckett. Kate has since left her past behind thanks to a writer who never took no for an answer. He helped her fight her demons and they fell in love along the way.

Espo Before he was busting bad guys Jon Huertas was hanging out a teenage which. Brad Alcerro was Harvey Kinkle’s best friend on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”

Army Wives - Season 2, "Leaving the Tribe" - Catherine Bell as Denise, Seamus Dever as Chris 'Getti' Ferlinghetti - Alfeo Dixon/Lifetime Television

. Before he was one of NYPD’s finest Seamus Dever played motorcycle riding Dr. Chris Ferlinghetti on Lifetime’s “Army Wives”

the boysJon and Seamus are now seen every week as detectives Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan. These two have quite the bromance. They not only each others backs but they have Castle and Beckett’s backs too. As Esposito said intheseason6 episode Veritas “We’re family”


Tamala Jones played Alicia Mitchel the wife of comedian Tracy Morgan on the short lived comedy “The Tracy Morgan Show”

lanieThese days Tamala is playing medical examiner and best friend to Kate Beckett, Dr. Lanie Parish. Lanie doesn’t take crap from anyone, she also has an on and off romance with Detective Esposito.

deep space 9Nathan wasn’t the only one who took up residence in space. Penny Jerald Johnson is known to scifi lovers and trekkies as Kasidy Yates on “Star Trek Deep Space Nine”

Victoria-CastlePenny is now the no nonsense captain of the12th precinct Victoria Gates. She joined the team after Captain Montgomery’s untimely murder.

gal-america-ruben-santiago-hudson1Ruben Santiago-Hudson was a street hustler who stole Eddie Murphy’s royal possessions in the movie “Coming to America”

RoyRuben played the captain of the`12th Roy Montgomery until Roy’s death at end of season 3. Roy added Castle to their team changing Kate’s life forever.

Susan Falcon CrestSusan Sullivan portrayed wife and mother Maggie Gioberti-Channing for 6 years on the long running nighttime soap “Falcon Crest”

CASTLE - "Secret Santa" - When a bearded, rotund man in a red Santa suit with an ID reading Kris Kringle falls from the sky in Central Park, Castle and Beckett are on the hunt to find the person who killed Santa. But everything isn't holiday cheer, as they discover St. Nick may have been more naughty than nice. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett prepare for their first Christmas together, on "Castle," MONDAY, DECEMBER 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. (ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT) NATHAN FILLION, SUSAN SULLIVAN

Now Susan plays actress Martha Rodgers, mother of Richard Castle. She’s a drama queen who loves her craft and her family.

CoryRandallScott Paulin played Professor Corey Randall at California University on “Beverly Hills 90210” he assigned Brandon Walsh to tutor a young promising athlete D’Shawn.

katejimHere is Scott as a proud father, Jim Beckett walking is only daughter Kate Beckett down the isle to her one and done, her writer.

Jack-Coleman-vuelve-a-Heroes-y-es-una-buena-noticia-5Some may remember Jack Coleman as Steven Carrington son of Blake Carrington on the 80’s nighttime soap opera “Dynasty” but pictured here is his character Noah Bennett in the scifi drama “Heroes” that is returning to NBC this fall. Most recently fans of “Scandal” will remember Jack as former vice president Sally Langston’s closeted gay husband who she murdered Daniel Douglas Langston.

BrackenJack played crooked politician Senator William Bracken the man responsible for the murder of Kate Beckett’s mother when she was just 19. Bracken wreaked havoc on the detective’s life attempting to have her murdered more then once. it took 16 years but Kate finally brought Bracken to justice arresting him herself during his live press conference.

Castle will return for an eight season this fall Mondays at 9/10 on ABC