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Drama Is Part of Their Lives . . . TV Actors Who Direct TVs Best Dramas

drama-masksPreviously , we talked about the actors who made us laugh and then directed. Now with brilliant shows like “Mad Men” “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” , many of the actors who play on television currently on dramatic shows have been on  the other side of the camera as director .

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABesides being married to TV’s Laura , Jonathan Frakes has directed many episodes from the “Star Trek” franchise. Currently he has directed an episode from the ABC hit “Castle” and also the TNT show “Falling Skies.”

eric-mccormack-perceptionEric McCormack earned his tv fame for playing Will Truman on “Will and Grace” , now he continues on as the brilliant Daniel Pierce on TNTs “Perception” Using his mind to solve crimes, McCormack has joined the fraternity of actors who have directed their own series. Eric also had a reunion with his former “Will and Grace”  co star, Debra Messing on “The Mysteries of Laura”

kevin-mckiddKevin McKidd has been a part of the Grey’s family for quite a few years now. He has a fantastic singing voice that he got to use  in the musical episode. He has also directed at least seven episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” where he portrays Dr. Owen Hunt.

chandra-wilsonAs Bailey on “Grey’s Anatomy”, Chandra Wilson  knew how to control her interns. She has taken that knowledge to heart by directing at least ten episodes of GA.

debie allen

Debbie Allen is no stranger to either side of the camera. She has directed from “A Different World” to her own show “Fame” Currently she appears as Catherine Avery on “Grey’s Anatomy” . She has directed GA as well as sister show “Scandal” and most recently “Empire”

tom vericaTom Verica has acted in movies and television for years. He is currently one of the producers of “Scandal” and has also directed the hit series. Tom spent this past season as Sam Keating on “How to Get Away With Murder.”

roger-and-don-mad-menAs Roger and the infamous Don Draper, Jon Hamm and John Slattery are partners in directing as well. They have both taken turns directing the AMC soon to be classic “Mad Men.” The show is in its final season.

laura-innesLaura Innes is really true to her Chicago roots. She graduated from Northwestern University, went on to star as Dr. Kerry Weaver on “ER” and also directed the series. I had the pleasure of being directed by this all business girl. She has also directed “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” “The West Wing” and most recently “How to Get Away With Murder”

On Location For "Law & Order SVU" - December 15, 2011Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order SVU is truly a power woman. As well as playing the tough but tender detective Olivia Benson , she has been at the director’s helm at least twice on her series.

eriq-la-salleEric LaSalle has proven himself as a director as well as an actor. As well as “ER” he has directed “The Night Shift” , CSI Cyber” , and “The Night Shift” most recently.

"Insomnia" Premiere

Paul McCrane began his career with the song he sang in the movie “Fame” But then his career took him to the classic series “ER” as Dr Rocket Romano pursuing the beautiful Dr Elizabeth Corday. Following his demise, he has directed for ‘ER” “The West Wing” “Scandal” “Glee” and “Nashville” as well “The Closer” and “Major Crimes”


Anthony Edwards was the pal to Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” lead the “Revenge of the Nerds” and cemented his place in television history pre Greys as the “hospital” show as Dr Mark Greene on “ER” . His television death brought tears to my eyes. He directed four episodes of the series that lasted a record fifteen seasons.

paul_adelstein_2007_05_15 When the show “Private Practice” ended, Paul Adelstein had another job at Shondaland . He became Leo Bergen , Sally’s henchman during the election on “Scandal” Paul directed an episode of his series “Private Practice.” Didn’t know Paul was a Chicago boy.

dan-bucatinsky-400x600Dan Bukatinsky was well known as a producer, writer, and director even before his Emmy winning role as “James” on “Scandal” He has served with the consulting  producer title on “Grey’s Anatomy” for many years. He has also directed the Showtime series of pal Lisa Kudrow’s “Web Therapy” .He will also be a part of Lisa’s show “The Comeback.” on and off camera as well. The HBO show that was unjustly cancelled will be returning in November. Dan is also on “Marry Me”

scott-foley-felcity-and-monkScott’s character may have spirited away the fair Olivia from Washington and her true love, but Scott Foley’ doesn’t have anything less than his competition. Scott has actually taken the lead in the upcoming movie “Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife” . He stars, directs, and has written the movie in post production. Scott has directed “Felicity” and “Monk”

AndrewNichols1VP Elect Andrew Nichols, on “Scandal”  has captured the First Lady’s heart , but Jon Tenney has also helmed behind the camera on his two former series . They are the TNT hits “Major Crimes” and “The Closer” .

jeff-perry-adAs the right hand man to the President , Cyrus Beane , Jeff has a finger in every body’s pie. It should come to no one ‘s surprise that he has directed as well . He directed the late great series “My So Called Life” and is also one of the founders of the world famous Steppenwolf Theatre here in Chicago.

TonyLast but certainly not least, we come to the consummate director and actor. Tony Goldwyn has proven himself on and behind the camera. From the bad guy in ” Ghost” to his current role as President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant on “Scandal” Tony has played a variety of roles , directed many movies and series as well as his own ,with his favorite leading lady.Tony has also excelled in theatre and sang on Broadway in the musical “Promises, Promises”