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Murder and Mayhem Can Be Fun!!!


Yesterday, ABC unveiled their newest promo. It involved the stars of TGIT!!! Stars dancing and having fun? The whole idea took me back to the seventies which was the last time that these kind of promos were used. ABC seems to be in love with Shonda Rhimes and Thursday night. The last time a network owned a night was in the late nineties when NBC ruled the roost for almost twenty years with “Must See TV”. Now ABC seems to be proud as a peacock that they have taken over the crown. Shonda has prided herself on being water cooler worthy.  Seemingly though, fans of other ABC shows are not happy with these promos. They want the same treatment for their heroes and haven’t been shy about mentioning it on social media.

For three shows that are traditionally known for death, murder, and heartbreak, this promo seems to be out of character for the heroines of TGIT. Meredith Grey is a widow, Analise Keating still doesn’t know who murdered her husband, and Mellie Grant has been thrown out of the White House. This would be the last thing that they would be doing except for getting drunk. ABC has three shows on this night, yet it seems that only certain members of the other two shows are featured in the promo. The tent pole show of the night seems to be “Scandal”. “Scandal” is the show that seems to have the most loyal audience. They would have to be to put up with the crazy plots and evil alliances that the show promotes as OMG. Cast members delight in tweeting to their fans while they view the show. Sometimes they will even tweet while they are on set working between scenes. Cast members like Kerry Washington and Bellamy Young have turned up in popular magazines lately to quench fans desire for anything “Scandalous.” When “President” Tony Goldwyn was off of Twitter, fans clamored and panicked until he returned. Gladiators are a loyal bunch.

Obviously , the highlight of the video is the sweethearts of “TGIT”. Last Spring, Shonda shocked everyone by shaking up the world of Washington. Fitz had grown tired of their antics and decided as Cyrus had said before to “grow some Presidential balls.” First he threw out Mellie (Bellamy Young) and then fired “the queen of me, himself. (Jeff Perry) . Finally he could have the one thing that everyone (including Rhimes) kept away from him. The last scene that gladiators saw was the lovers in each others arms on the Truman balcony. What made the video fun to watch was the actors dancing , throwing popcorn, and tossing wine playfully. The actors seem to take on their on screen personas personalities. Mellie and Jake (Scott Foley) seem to be looking at their exes with disgust. Former lovers are reunited when Abby and David play games (Darby Stanchfield and Joshua Malina) and gladiators known for torture are having a good time. (Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz) Gladiators even get their first look at new cast member, Cornelius Smith Jr. Enemies are joined together as Portia Di Rossi and Jeff Perry throw popcorn instead of threats at each other. (DiRossi’s character took over as Grant COS when Cyrus was let go from his position.) Perhaps the most obvious sign that this is truly a new day in Shondaland , is when on screen lovers Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn flirt shamelessly and Olivia leads Fitz around by his tie. The relationship has traditionally been hidden and now it is brought into the fray. This might also be a new day since traditionally Fitz has been the chaser in the relationship. Now Olivia can call her lover boy.

Whatever is the purpose of the promos , viewers can satisfy their love for their show by watching dvds, social media, and just being patient. Either way , this gladiator will be sitting in front of the television in twenty one days with her glass of wine. Let the games begin.

TGIT returns on September 24.

shonda land familyThe Shondaland family with Mama Shonda in red


Up Until This Point…. Shonda Dominates Thursdays!!!!


 It has been two weeks and TGIT is a smash !! People have been getting their fill of roller coaster drama, possibly the best acting on television, and the return of old friends and new acquaintances. Here is my take on TGIT as a longtime Grey’s viewer , a gladiator, and getting comfy with the gang at Middleton.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey and  Kelly McCkeary as  Maggie Pierce clash over the treatment of a patient

Maggie has been having trouble being the new kid on the block. It is also especially hard to fill the shoes of Cristina Yang. At least , Derek and Meredith won’t be heading out to DC soon. (Does that mean no scotch with Fitz?) Derek will be staying in Seattle. Richard spilled the beans at an AA meeting that Amelia was attending about his daughter. It’s Evil Spawn vs the Nazi as Bailey and Karev compete for the shares and board position that was left by Yang. Callie and Arizona have been seriously considering having another baby. Is Sandra Oh’s exit being felt by the show? The answer is definitely YES…. Meredith ‘s “person” is now Karev… and Jo doesn’t like it  a bit….


mellie and fitz

Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant sees over his “wife” Mellie (Bellamy Young) as she grieves for their dead son

It has been almost a new show since we premiered two weeks ago. Olivia has returned to DC for the funeral of Harrison Wright. She has been a naughty girl and not in a good way. I have a feeling that Jake knows she has just been using him and that will be addressed soon. The White House remains a mess with Fitz trying to hold himself together. (He tried to kill himself) but it seems that Mellie is the one that is losing it . She is not the designer wearing First Lady anymore. She strolls the Residence in Uggs and a bathrobe eating fried chicken and chewing on Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato chips. With losing his son, the love of his life, and everything , he still must be Commander in Chief. Cyrus is trying to move on but he may be in for a surprise when he finds out he is being set up.  The acting on this show in the past few weeks has been at Emmy capacity. Bellamy Young has turned the evil “my husband and his whore” Mellie to one who spouts the best lines on the show. We all know she is grieving, but you just can’t help but laugh at the line about her unshaven area described as 1976 down there. Tonys’ facial expressions still tell the story of the pain this man is going through, staying with his wife and still pining for his Livvy. Right now you could freeze ice cubes in the scenes between Fitz and Liv, let’s hope the fire returns soon. Add to the mix , Rosen as Attorney General and Abby working as Press Secretary, and its a totally different “Scandal” Portia Di Rossi sporting a new do has evil in mind for the WH.

How to Get Away With Murder

how to get away with murder 2

Viola Davis as Analise Keating teaches future lawyers how to try cases and look for evidence

This show is tearing up ratings and setting records. Davis’ teaching methods prove to be on the unorthodox side and pits students against each other. Sometimes the competition gets just plain cutthroat and sex is in the mix whether it the one future lawyer seducing a guy for information or Keating’s affair .Keating’s husband is played by Tom Verica who is another Shondaland actor who has taken up the directing chores for such shows as GA, Scandal, and the late lamented Private Practice. He seems to be no angel as well. The last time we saw Analise’s assistant , Bonnie (Liza Weil) was on a slab in the morgue on “Scandal” Weil’s claim to fame was playing troublemaker and Presidential play thing Amanda Tanner . Surrounded by a young cast and some of the most gruesome scenes on tv , this show promises drama and mystery. I might have to watch a few more episodes before I can make a better judgement call.