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It’s A Different Show Now…Who’s Running the Show?

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We start the Gladiator report tonight with good news. All of your TGIT favorites will be coming back! That’s right. The doctors of Grey’s, the Keating five, and OMG twisty turny drama that you crave will be back . ABC renewed  all three shows . The main reason is that all three shows have won ABC the night in the 18-49 demagraphic. Last night, ABC tied with CBS with the two powerhouses “Mom” and “Scandal.” Ever since the return from the hiatus, our show has gone from the bottom and is making waves again. But before you dust off that suit for the Grant – Pope wedding, be warned that you are not watching the lovesick President anymore. In fact, its a whole new show. Shonda has made it that we see what has happened before Inauguration Day. We see all the drama of the election and the assassination of Frankie Vargas. It changes alliances and destroys friendships. Power becomes the catalyst. Power has also destroyed relationships and people have killed in the pursuit of it. People have also ended up dead for the sake of it.

In five seasons, we have seen the who were the evil people were. We have also seen the innocent victims. In the pursuit of power, people have lied, cheated, and murdered for it. Each character has a dark side and each character has either killed, thought about having it done, or had someone else do it. We started out on the journey of Olivia Pope, her fixing ability and how she couldn’t fix her own life. How she found a man who had as much passion as her and how that passion almost destroyed him . Olivia was no longer a woman, she became “Helen of Troy” and she was sold to the highest bidder . Now we watch as four people fought for the Oval, there can only be one winner. The weakest candidate was killed and now two others have battled for the Presidency. One was a seasoned politician and the other a newcomer to the political arena. Her only experience was back seat to her husband as he climbed from the Governor of California to the White House. Cyrus is a monster and his only liability was the fact he is gay. Fitz has had to become King Solomon to decide the fate of the country and make the call since the electoral college legally couldn’t elect the popular vote. He makes a decision and makes Cyrus President. One problem, there is a tape of Frankie Vargas threatening him when he finds out about the staged shooting to convince him to run. Add to that a phone call from Jennifer Fields  that accuses Bean of murdering Vargas. Following that, Fields is blown up.

Olivia thinks that her father is her rescuer now. She wants to see Cyrus pay for his crimes. Oh gladiators, let’s not forget that any of the candidates could go down for the crimes. That means you too, Mr President. If Cyrus is taken down, then he might open his mouth about the kidnapping and Remmington. Fitz wouldn’t being going to Vermont, Olivia would be making conjugal visits to prison. Someone could also find out about Mellie and Defiance as well . She also had the twelve jurors murdered as well. OH and lets add that little forgery that she did when Fitz was shot. She forged the President’s signature to reinstate him as POTUS. Jake has all of the people he has murdered as well. (He shot Cyrus’ real hubby James) . It’s all cylinders people as Olivia has drafted the gladiators to find the proof she needs to hang Cyrus. Her main reason is that if Cyrus is in prison, Mellie becomes President and she would be back in the White House. With this tape, she has convinced Fitz to have David conduct an investigation. (Once again, Fitz listens to Olivia as always) With the proof, Fitz offers him a deal. Resign and leave politics or be arrested, convicted, and then executed.Fitz literally makes Cyrus sick.He will resign only if Mellie does the same. He can’t let Olivia win.   Olivia was convinced that Cyrus had done something to get on the ticket in the beginning and told him she wouldn’t stop until she found out what dirty trick he pulled to get to be Vargas’ running mate. Cyrus had made a claim that he was the run who ran the country , knew way too much about Olivia , and watched them grope each other like cheap porn.



But there is one person who stands between Cyrus and the White House, Tom. You remember him?  He is B613, Rowan’s loyal soldier, and the one who killed Jerry Jr. He also developed a crush on Mr Beene. and he sees himself the same way as Olivia saw herself with Fitz . This is why he barked. He is the dog on the leash that is not good enough to be Cyrus ‘ husband. Tom admits he took care of the staffer to punish Cyrus . Some of the most dramatic moments of the hour was when Tom held the gun in Cyrus’s mouth. I was on the edge of my seat thinking that Cyrus would be joining his real hubby in heaven. (Or Hell) But Tom took the fall again , like he did for Jerry’s death for Rowan. Tom blamed Cyrus for Vargas death and then he was arrested. The innocent victim in this of course is the young, Ella Novak Beene. Ella has had one father killed and now her other father is going to prison. Now she is being raised by a literal stranger. But this also might be the catalyst to bring together her godparents aka Olivia and Fitz. I think one of the strangest relationships to change is the whole Cyrus and Olivia relationship. Cyrus was the person to call Olivia to help this unknown governor win the WH. Cyrus has been her bedrock all along even in the days when Fitz hated her guts. Cyrus has also had his days when he wanted to destroy Olivia. He has had her arrested and also possibly killed. It is very odd to see her wanting to completely destroy her drinking buddy.


There is no question of who is the MVG of this week and that is the founder of Steppenwolf Theatre, Jeff Perry. So many of the actors on these shows have been around for years and they are finally coming into their own. Jeff is one of those actors. His monologues have been one of his shining examples of what makes him such an outstanding actor. He began as such a sweet guy and has metamorphised into a man who is as evil as Rowan Pope himself. Did he trap his sweet James into a relationship in his quest of getting Fitz into the White House. Before he was Cyrus, Jeff had made an impression on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Thatcher Grey. Thatcher had suffered and finally left his wife and daughter when he found out about her affair with Richard Webber. In time, Thatcher also became a drunk and his two daughters had to suffer with his addiction. Perry knows how to capture the scene and give it the intensity it deserves. He also knows how to make the viewer feel sorry for him as well as wanting to see him get what ‘s coming to him. He has definitely taking the acting spotlight from Tony to him. Cyrus is a very complicated character because he has spent his whole life struggling. He struggled to comform to the world in his quest for power. James got him to admit what he was and he loved him the more for it. He could pick up a phone and order a hit on his husband and at the same time, cuddle his baby daughter. He has definitely been someone to watch all along. If you haven’t seen the whole show, I suggest a binge watch of the show from the first season and see how all of the characters have changed.  The show ended last night with Cyrus being arrested  and being read his rights by Attorney General, David Rosen. Before this as a touching version of the old Negro spiritual “Wade in the Water.” played, Cyrus tearfully says good bye to his little girl, Ella. Haven’t the Beene’s suffered enough.


Hold on there Fitz! There’s a New President in Town-Designated Survivor


You have to say this about Presidents on shows , there seems to  be   one for every taste. You have the evil President who rules the country with deceit and a wife that is just as evil. Another President has spent most of his term chasing a woman and now is getting ready to be succeeded by his ex wife. Kiefer Sutherland joins the POTUS Parade as President Tom Kirkman. in ABC’s newest political thriller “Designated Survivor”.

When the President makes the State of the Union address, there is one person that is left behind in case something happens like an explosion. The person that was picked to stay behind was a Cabinet member who was slated to be fired. But the most incredible thing happened , Tom Kirkman was the lone man standing and then he was sworn in as President. So begins the story of this new show.

Fresh from being Jack Bauer of 24, Sutherland has that quality that makes the viewer want to cheer for this President. He is not filled with ego, he actually is quite nervous about taking on this much responsibility. There are people who praise him, but there are others who want to see him gone. Natascha McElhone plays his devoted wife, a government lawyer who has also been thrown into an impossible situation. Imagine ! a First Lady without an opposite agenda for herself. Tanner Buchanan and McKenna Grace round out the First Family as Leo Kirkman and Penny Kirkman . Leo is a typical rebellious teenager and it remains to be seen how he handles the constant surveillance of the Secret Service. Penny is definitely her father’s daughter. Stoner movie favorite Kal Penn is Seth Wright. Wright grows to be one of Kirkman’s biggest advocates. Maggie Q is Hannah Wells , another graduate of Quantico who is investigating the attack. She is convinced they are not done yet. Kevin R McNally and Virginia Madsen seek to overthrow the government. Madsen is the most evil Republican since Lizzie Bear and they want POTUS gone.

This remains to be seen as this year’s biggest hit of the new crowd. It has already received the 22 show pick up. The show on the bottle of the barrel is “Notorious.” The viewers have obviously not embraced the “Scandal” replacement and want their show back. Until TGIT returns us to the Grant White House, I am just going to have to stay here with a true patriot.



Designated Survivor can be seen on ABC on Wednesdays


Hail to the Chief ! TV and Movie Portrayals of the President

 presidential logoWith great television shows and movies depicting the behind the scenes of Washington, we decided to compile a list of our favorite Commander in Chiefs…

martin-sheenMartin Sheen as Josiah Bartlett on the Aaron Sorkin classic “The West Wing” Bartlett was a sage philosopher and political genius . It was also where we saw actors like Allison Janney of “Mom” and Josh Molina of “Scandal”

trumanGary Sinise , one of the founder’s of Steppenwolf played Harry S Truman in an HBO movie “Truman” Coincidentally , another future television President would be in this movie as well, Tony Goldwyn

primary colorsJohn Travolta won critical acclaim portraying  an unnamed candidate that is speculated to be Bill Clinton in “Primary Colors” The late Larry Hagman appeared in this movie as his opponent

cliff barnesKen Kercheval played the President twice. Once as James Madison in “The Adams Chronicles ” and the second time was in the final episode of the original “Dallas” as JR saw that if he would never have been born Cliff would have been President

night at the museumOne of the last roles that Robin Williams played was his beloved “Teddy ” Roosevelt in “the Night at the Museum ” series. Here he is pictured with Ben Stiller

morgan freeman deep impactMorgan Freeman has played the Almighty and he has also played President in the movie “Deep Impact”

swing vote kelsey grammerKelsey Grammer best known as “Frasier” played in the movie “Swing Vote” as the President

chasing liberty mark harmonMark Harmon of “NCIS” also played the Chief  Executive in “Chasing Liberty” Piven alum and star of the upcoming “Entourage” movie Jeremy Piven was a Secret Service agent

william-devane-jfkWilliam Devane has played the President on “24” and also in this classic television drama he played JFK in the “Missiles of October”

dempseyLong before he was breaking hearts and opening brains, Patrick Dempsey played JFK in” JFK Reckless Youth”

 selleck-bald-eisenhowerTom Selleck currently is on “Blue Bloods” here he is as Dwight D Eisenhower

michael-douglas640Michael Douglas is the “American President”

mars attacksJack Nicholson showed the President’s funny side in “Mars Attacks” His” President” had to deal with terrorizing aliens

josh-brolin-w_1004893cJosh Brolin stands out as the former President, George W Bush, in “W”

independence-day-bpullman_lBill Pullman played the President in “Independence Day”

holbrooklincolnHal Holbrook , television and theatre actor portrayed the sixteenth President , Abraham Lincoln . He is also known for portraying Mark Twain.

harrison-ford-in-airforce-oneHarrison Ford takes command in “Air Force One”

geena-davis80586Geena Davis played the”Commander in Chief” on the former  ABC series of the same name

chris-rock-head-of-stateChris Rock  hilariously plays the President in “Head of State” Tamala Jones of “Castle” plays his girlfriend in the movie

jamie-foxx-white-house-downOscar winner Jamie Foxx is a bad ass Chief Executive in “White House Down”

constance goodrd stae of affairsAlfre Woodard is a President who wants answers in “State of Affairs” as Constance Payton

kate burton as vp sally langstonKate Burton first was the tough surgeon mother of Ellen Pompeo on “Grey’s Anatomy” then she became VP who was President for a short term on Shonda Rhimes mega hit “Scandal” – Sally Langston

lieb shriebr johnson“The Butler” provided many actors opportunities to portray famous Presidents. Here is “Ray Donovan” himself Liev Shrieber as Lyndon B Johnson

james marsden jfkJames Marsden was Prince Charming in “Enchanted” and Liz Lemon’s husband on “30 Rock” here he is as JFK

john cusack as nixonPiven graduate John Cusack played Nixon

anthony hopkins as nixonand Anthony Hopkins played Tricky Dicky as well in “Nixon”

kevin spaceyKevin Spacey has really been making waves as President Frank Underwood on the Netflix sensation “House of Cards” . He just recently won a SAG award and Golden Globe for the series that returns in February

hot tonyHere is my personal favorite for television President ..he is charming, troubled ,and sexy … “Scandal” ‘s President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the third … Tony Goldwyn