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Till Death Do Us Part..Mr. and Mrs . Harris?

header gladiator report

I just got down from tonight’s ride and wow what a trip. After a wait of two weeks, we were once again presented a episode to remember. We have learned about the family of Diego Munoz, we have seen the evolution from Lindsay Dwyer to killer Quinn Perkins, and we have found out about the destruction of the marriage of Mellie and Fitz. Tonight we add one more story to the fire. That is the story of Pete Harris aka Jake Hamilton Ballard.

We have been told that Jake and Fitz were Navy buddies. We have also had explained to us about Operation Remington and the beginnings of B613. Tonight we were treated to the back story of Jake and why he felt that he should devote himself to Rowan. Jake eating chicken was just so he could save his energy for this episode.  We start the episode with a young Jake .A young boy is seen playing with army men as his parents are arguing and his father abuses his mother. To escape this life, young Jake enlists in the Navy. This is probably where he met Fitz . They see that Jake has some real talent, so then we are witness to his early days in B613. (We saw this earlier when we saw the history of Huck)  Charlie was actually in B613 with Jake. Rowan was the one who recruited Jake when he kept getting arrested and thrown in the brig for drunken brawls. He gave him a choice between going back to his abusive father and joining B613. He naturally joined the evil spy organization.

Meanwhile Jake is also preparing for his wedding to Vanessa. It is the equivalent of the Royal Wedding as all of Washington will be there when the power couple marry in a grand ceremony. But Olivia is still healing from her ordeal.  In the beginning, Olivia looks like she did when she was kidnapped. She lays in bed and has Jake feeding her toast. Finally she gets some energy and goes for a run. It seems like Olivia is playing her father and meets her team . The game is on. Jake and Olivia talk and she tells him that he can’t marry Vanessa because he doesn’t love her. They argue and then end up kissing. (Bleech) Jake confesses his love to Olivia. and then the two of them plot to have him dump Vanessa very publicly at the altar. At a party at the White House, Jake and Fitz have a conversation about Vanessa . He asks him if he loves her. No answer. Then Jake asks him how it is with him and all he says that he is free. Fitz is in denial for the one who he wants and that is Olivia.

It’s wedding day and Jake and Olivia are putting their plan in motion. But we finally find out Rowan’s evil plan. Edison will run for President and Jake will be his VP. Vanessa will be the perfect political wife. Jake wants to cut ties and wants to do this. Rowan is not stupid and tells Olivia that if Jake doesn’t get married , he will kill him. Once again, Olivia makes the supreme sacrifice and tells Jake that she doesn’t love him and that she will always love Fitz. She sends him to marry Vanessa and runs from the ceremony. On the way out, Fitz once again asks if she is alright? She runs past him and says she can’t stay there. So as the President of the United States hands him a ring, Jake and Vanessa marry and a evil dynasty has begun.

And how did it all begin, Jake went home after his sister hung herself and then shot and killed his father… then he was in B613…the sad part was that most of the cast was MIA with the exception of Huckleberry Quinn. Everyone continued their tweeting and the best tweet of the night came to Mr President. A gladiator asked Tony if Fitz if still had the house in Vermont. His answer ? Yes and still waiting  for squishy babies. There is hope!

Next week: It’s the battle of the gladiators as the candidates are pitted against each other. GRANT and POPE and ROSS and WHELAN!!!


olivia looks like shit

Recovering from her ordeal, Olivia has come to her poppa’s house to heal. Or has she come to foil her father’s latest evil plan?

olivia and jake

Olivia wants Jake to admit that he doesn’t love Vanessa and stop the wedding . A lot of stuff has brought Jake to this point and we find out what made him the way he is.

olivia gets wise

Rowan  ( Joe Morton )tells Olivia that this is Jake’s fate and if he would try to leave , he would be killed. She tells him that she doesn’t love him to save his life. Rowan has put all of his hopes on Jake since Olivia is such a disappointment.

jake gets married

So Jake and Vanessa get married and Rowan’s evil plan rolls along.(Hey gladiators I had to get in Tony in at least one pic) LOL


Working My Way Back to You, Liv

header gladiator report

A triumph ! No other word could describe tonight’s episode. Despite a fandom that is still split apart, “Scandal” moves along. One person that should take credit for tonight’s episode is first time director Scott Foley. This is the first time that Foley took the helm of the SS Scandal and he proved that he can definitely play with the big boys. (Verica and Goldwyn) Scott has directed in the past but this is the first time he is on the home field. Kudos to Rhimes for tonight’s script and bringing the game back to the show. It is the closest this show has come to pre Season 3. and the best non Olitz episode this season.

Our story begins with everyone’s favorite right wing nut job , Sally Langston bringing the three Republican candidates on to debate. Hollis stands alone, Mellie has her cheerleaders ,Olivia and the gladiators, and Susan has Lizzie Bear and the White House. It becomes a mud fest between the three candidates with low blows like  Hollis Doyle bringing up Mellie ‘s sins and Ross panning his labor practices. Ross wins the round. But Lizzie Bear wants to play political matchmaker and talks Susan into taking back David. It’s a fight though when she flips him the bird and then calls him “Stupid face”. Ross further humiliates him when after he declares his love , she calls him a prop. Ouch!!!

Olivia has been a naughty girl as well. She has met with Vargas ‘s brother and has some dirt on Ross. The precious father and the story about the fallen husband is nothing more than a lie. Her daughter’s real father is in prison. Olivia salivates at this news and can’t wait to use it. The gladiators are getting scared and they see her heading to dark places where she can’t come back from. In the meantime, Mellie is defeated and Olivia ‘s job is to bring her back and make America love her. They have only seen her as the cold, unlovable bitch that has been unreachable. Olivia books her to go on Kimmel and sends Marcus to work with her. They  give her some of her own nasty tweets which will allow her to make fun of her image and after a thrashing with Marcus, she is a hit. Edison has been brought out with an addiction to pain pills. He is livid and calls Rowan on the carpet about Olivia’ YOU DON”T DO THAT so its a safe bet that Edison is either gone or an accident will happen. No body takes down command or his daughter. The most comical scene of the show is when Jake watches the whole encounter and is gnawing on a piece of fried chicken. No Gettysburger tonight.

No question who takes the prize for Most Valuable Gladiator tonight and that is the POTUS himself. Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington bring fire to the screen anytime whether they are fighting or F@#$@! Fitz is finally realizing things that he should have learned about five years ago. He sees what is happening with Susan and he doesn’t want her to make the same mistakes he did. He tells her to bring out the truth and tells her how he wants her to earn the Presidency. He then makes a confession that may come back to haunt them and says he didn’t earn the office . Ross just stands there floored. But that isn’t all. The gladiators are scared that Liv is headed somewhere she doesn’t want to go. She is taking pages from Rowan’s playbook and tells Mellie that she will make her President come hell or high water. Hmmm! sounds familiar. Since she is out of control, it’s time for an intervention. Olivia walks in and sees Abby, Quinn, Huck , and two large men who of course are SSA. And there he stands in all his glory… Fitz.

The looks are there as he begs Olivia not to be this way .. He starts by using the phrase “Let’s get real.” Olivia makes fun of this by saying you should fire who said that. He calls attention to the fact that she barged into his office and told him off. This was the brief period when he had hot and cold running whores going in and out of the White House. He wants her to stop playing dirty. He tells her this isn’t really who she is . He also shows hope for the first time since the break (“Baby It’s Cold Outside) . He uses the phrase us and has that look of begging again.  It’s obvious he is still a man in love and he wants to see that they are on the same page. Bad news though, Susan’s real love kills himself and its a question of is it suicide or murder? After this happens, Olivia calls a truce and says she wants a fair fight and wants to win squarely this time. She pours a celebratory drink for the two of them and the exes toast to the election. With that smirk that kills he smiles and says “I’m going to kick your ass.” She toasts and then gives him that coy look. For the first time in a long time, Olivia and Fitz smile at each other.  Vermont is real again!! foley takes the helm

Here is Scott Foley directing his first episode. Previous to this, he has directed “Felicity” as well as his first movie that he wrote, starred, and directed “Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife”

the race is on

All three Republican candidates debate on “The Liberty Report” The debate starts as mudslinging but in the end Susan (Artemis Pendami) takes it.

tom and cyrus

People watch out because you never know what these two will do in the quest for the Oval

back atcha livvy

Gladiators that look is still there. There’s hope….

Happy Birthday to Bellamy Young – “Scandal’s Survivor and Possible POTUS”


Another one of our Scandal faves is having a birthday. Today we celebrate the wonder and the talent of Bellamy Young. Bellamy plays the ambitious , conniving former First Lady Mellie Grant. Mellie is beginning her quest for the White House with a very unlikely ally at her side.  With Olivia’s guidance , she has almost made itback  to the White House. She has also found love in the guise of Marcus Walker repeating how her ex found love as he ran for President. Now with the death of Frankie Vargas, Mellie and Cyrus battle for the Oval.

Born Amy Marie  Young,  Bellamy is truly a flower of the old South. She was born on February 19, 1970 in Asheville , North Carolina to adoptive parents. Her mother was her teacher from the fifth to the eighth grade. She changed her name to Bellamy when she joined SAG because there was already an Amy Young. Bellamy graduated from Yale Drama in 1991. Following this, she continued her education at Oxford. In 1987, Bellamy won the title of Miss Junior Miss North Carolina.

Bellamy has used her talents in many ways through the years and in many different mediums. She has conquered the stage, the big screen, and the small screen.

bells sings at the lighting of the Christmas tree washington

One of Bellamy’s most recent accomplishments was when she was invited to sing at the lighting of the National Christmas tree in Washington DC. She is an accomplished singer as well recently releasing her own album “Far Away So Close”.



Bellamy had a role on “Criminal Minds” as  Beth which made her recurring for six episodes


Former beauty queen, she was behind the scenes on “Castle” when the duo is solving a murder at a beauty pageant


Bellamy was hilarious as a surgeon on “Scrubs” Here she is with the cynical Dr Cox (John C McGinley)


Bellamy would start her education in politics on “The West Wing” with Bradley Whitford

bells on private practice

She had her introduction to Shondaland when she appeared on “Private Practice” as a woman whose husband wouldn’t touch her.


Here is Bellamy in her current role as Senator Mellie Grant on “Scandal” This has really been a breakout role for her since she was only originally slated for three episodes. In the fifth season, her character has went through a major life change. She won a seat in the Senate as Virginia’s Jr Senator, she has been divorced from her Presidential husband(Tony Goldwyn) , and now she is running for the Presidency herself. Mellie has also found love in the guise of Marcus Walker (Cornelius Walker Jr.)


 Here is Bellamy with her co star and campaign manager, Kerry Washington (Olivia) These frenemies have been through the ringer. She blackmailed her into being campaign manager and because of releasing her father , Olivia became the former First Lady’s campaign manager in her quest for the Presidency. The girls have had the opportunity many times to discuss the man they shared for four years. Here they dance to victory.


In real life, Bellamy is pictured with her baby, Bean.She has several fur babies and is an advocate for shelter adoptions. Bellamy has also practiced a healthy lifestyle by being a vegan since 1988.

bellamy and bean

Bellamy has been quite a fixture on the talk show and game show circuits. Most notably, she won Celebrity Jeopardy and 50, 000  dollars  for her favorite charity. Operation Blankets of Love.  She dominated the literature category . Not surprising since she and “Scandal ” co star Joshua Malina went to Yale. Go Bulldogs!  Bellamy is passionate to help our furry friends and like the other gladiators, was a huge part of the Hillary campaign last summer. After all, both gals were both former First Lady’s who ran for the White House.


Bellamy has had many doors open as a result of playing the fictional First Lady. This includes getting a chance to be invited to the White House with other celebrities for the White House Correspondence Dinner. Here she is with former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and her own fictional POTUS ex Tony Goldwyn.


 Bellamy Young has become quite the cover girl . She has graced fashion magazines , political magazines and was also part of the EW shoot of 2015 Who was she on the cover with? Only her ex and his new girlfriend from “Scandal” , Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn in the tormented love triangle of the ABC hit now in its sixth season. Hurray we get to see Bellamy and the gang for another year as “Scandal” gets another season. Thanks ABC!


Bellamy has also tried to step out of playing the role of the scorned First Lady and has played many roles in her career. Her latest was a Lifetime movie called “The Night Stalker” . She has also done a lot of indies as well.


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the role of Mellie Grant will be her standout role. Mellie made a complete turn as the shrewish First Lady in a historical episode called “Everything is Coming Up Mellie.” In this episode it was revealed that Mrs Grant had been raped by her father in law played by Barry Botswick.This event was a major turning point for the show. “Scandal” prides itself on telling the story with flashbacks. Here she is with her new hubby, “Fitz” (Tony Goldwyn) and the man hired to send him on the road to greatness. Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry)


The role won her acclaim and also a Television Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.  Not bad for someone who was only supposed to be on three episodes. Like most of her castmates, the Academy has only honored two people from “Scandal” . Bellamy should definitely be honored more for her work.


But now Bellamy has busted through her own glass ceiling as Mellie tries to be the first woman to be elected as President. With the same woman helping her that helped her ex husband win the White House, she is in the final stretch. But she can’t help but win with a national hero like Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) as a running mate. (But does she know who is really running the show)


From all of us at Chitownstarconnections Happy Birthday Bellamy…. we love you!

Olivia-Gate Season 5 Part Two

header gladiator report

Hello gladiators!! For those of you who are true gladiators , I wanted to see the show from last night before I did my review . That way I would be able to give my true feelings on the return of “Scandal”. ABC had went out of its way to help this show with a day that started with two hours of cast on GMA and ended with a special appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” with our own President, Tony Goldwyn.  He should have definitely gotten MVP for his character and also the actor last night.  Tony started the day at 2 AM with an Instagram takeover for People, Good Morning America, table read, live tweets for the show, ending the day with Jimmy Kimmel and then learning his lines for episode 5.16 . Whew!! As Fitz, he shows his broken heart has been broken too many times.

It is definitely a new day in Washington since six months have passed and America’s sweethearts are history. Olivia is now a celebrity for breaking up with Fitz. She is back at OPA and lovin it. She has also won the respect of her father who seems to have his own little agenda. He is envious that his little girl had the Oval and the power. Rowan loves Power and he also values his new son as well. Yes gang, Olivia is screwing her brother. And that isn’t the only one that Jake boy is playing. He is playing a few people. He is a truly a snake loose in the garden.

Fitz has decided to become strong in his last days of his term. But the problem is that he has never been alone before. He had Mellie for part of the ride, but she has her own agenda now. Mellie is on a one way road back to the White House with the help of Olivia. She has written a book with her agenda and coming clean for the American people. But will Mellie really tell all of her nasty secrets? Fitz does have a new woman but not for his bed. He has decided to make Abby his work wife and she ain’t having it. MVP number two is Darby Stanchfield as Abby. Abby is tired of taking on the duty’s of the Chief of Staff and First Lady as well as her duties as Press Secretary. She has a heart to heart with Olivia as they drink Fitz’s scotch. Olivia tells her that she was the last person that he trusted. But Abby has a life and reminds Fitz that she does and once again Fitz is left by a woman. So much for America’s most eligible bachelor.

Olivia has been hired by General Diane Peters because there is a leak called Project Mercury . Her assistant Billy has released this leak that copies of files from the world’s leaders. It basically says that we are spying on those leaders and is very dangerous. Abby is informed that the Post has found out about the secret project which has leaked as well. Fitz is nervous and asks for her resignation. But while everyone is looking for Billy, he shows up dead in the freezer. Olivia remembers that Jake was there looking for him earlier. She puts two and two together and realizes that Jake murdered him. Diane resigns and then a new head of the NSA is found. Jake and Fitz have a buddy chat and Jake lies through his teeth that he is talking to Liv. Fitz has yet to trust Cyrus , so he admits that he trusts Jake. Voila! the new head of the NSA is Jacob Hamilton Ballard. Oh Mr President, what did you do?

Next week, the race for the Oval begins… the days of Fitz are now numbered.

jake and fitz in white house Two Navy buddies or two deadly enemies?  Meet the new head of the NSA  … Captain Jacob Hamilton Ballard. Also the son of Eli Pope and fuck buddy of Olivia Pope.. what is his game?

the gladiators are bqackOlivia is in control? But the gladiators are back and fixing more than ever..Huck wants to protect Marcus and not get too close to new gladiator , Marcus. He is a “normal” and not us.

olivia and fashion choicesLyn Paolo has made some bold choices with our favorite fixer. Her muted colors and white hat are gone forever. This change started in the White House before the holidays. Love the ESCADA coat with the floral print. This change in wardrobe means that Olivia sees herself as strong and independent . She wants the power now thanks to Dad.

the new mellieLyn has also made a shift in the former First Lady’s as well. Gone are the power suits of red and bold colors. For the time being, Mellie is in pastels as she begs for the forgiveness and gain sympathy from the American voter. In this powder blue Caroline Herrera , she does this as she begs for Olivia’s help.

cast on GMAIt was SCANDAL day yesterday on ABC  as the day began with a cast session on “Good Morning America” .. Mr Social Media also took over Instragram for the day as well when Tony took fans through the day…

tony on jimmyAnd Tony ended his day on Jimmy Kimmel…such is the life of an actor

Seven Days till OMG…. Scandal ‘s OMG Season!!!!

scandal poster

Alright Gladiators! It’s seven days and counting! Everyone is scrambling to watch those final episodes. Magazines have been flying off the newsstands with our faves on the cover and ABC has been spreading the gospel of Olitz. But let’s not forget where we started before the balcony scene , the kidnapping, back to the beginning of season 4. So before we are watching Washington’s hottest lovers, let’s take a stroll back down memory lane from a season where it all changed.

harison's funeral;

Olivia and her gladiators mourn Harrison’s death. Her and Jake have returned from the island of Zanzibar for this funeral. Jake wanted Olivia to leave Washington  following the funeral but she was asked to help someone . But while she was in the Capitol, she runs into a familiar face

the walk through

There is no way she leaves now!!!

fried chicken mellie

The usually ambitious First Lady is now mourning the death of her son and has become crazy Mellie. Here she is enjoying her fried chicken on the Truman balcony. She pulls herself together with Abby’s help for the State of the Union address

the state of the union

Fitz praises his wife at the State of the Union address. It is the first time that him and Olivia talk . She proofreads his speech.don't ever leave me again... i almost died

Olivia is to the rescue again when Karen is caught on a sex tape and needs her help. It is also the first time that Fitz has Liv alone in the Oval again. He tells her that he almost dies without her. She tells him she didn’t go alone. He is crushed.

the key

Tom is arrested and confesses that he was given the order by Jake to kill Jerry. Jake is immediately arrested and pleads his innocence to the President. Jake chides him on about his real issue , being with Olivia. Fitz beats the crap out of him.

fitz beats the shit out of him

the phone call

Finding out that there is indeed hope for them… Fitz makes one of the hottest phone calls of the year . He tells Olivia what she can expect if she would come over to the White House.

helen of troy speech

Olivia tries to save Jake and visits Tom in prison. He tells her that Fitz tried to kill himself and she is floored.

winter finale

Tired of trying to get her father, she dances to her independence and tells Jake she wants to make love on the piano. But then she is abducted

vp and kidnapping

Andrew tells Fitz that Olivia has been kidnapped so he will declare war on West Angola.

And here is the winner of the best speech of the year … from Where the Sun Don’t Shine

bitch baby

Yes? I need you to listen to me very carefully because I’m going to speak to you right now the way the Cyrus Beene I know would speak to you.
When did you decide to let them ruin you? Excuse me? So your life’s unfair.
So what? That’s how it is.
So, they’re mean-girling you in the press, they’re calling you names that hurt your little soft spots deep inside? Well, so what? That’s how it is.
So you lost someone you loved.
You lost the one person who felt like family.
Well, guess what grow the hell up because that is how it is! The Cyrus Beene I know doesn’t hide in his half-empty closet and wet his pants like a little bitch baby.
The Cyrus I know is a patriot.
He bites the bullet, and he does what it takes to serve the Republic at all costs.
So, I want to know, right now, in this moment, who you are.
Because the pathetic shell of a person I’m looking at right now doesn’t deserve to stand on the presidential seal in the oval office, let alone tell the president what to do.
– Who are you, Cy? – Liv.
Who are you, Cy?! – Liv! – Who are you, Cy? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Who are you!? I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Oh, yeah? So, you’re not a bitch baby? I run this country.
I’m nobody’s bitch baby.
I don’t know.
You still sound like a little bitch baby to me.
I am not a little bitch baby! Then show me! Prove it to me right now! Show me who you are, Cyrus Beene!

run a bra saves

Olivia is kidnapped and held hostage. Using her bra, she tries to escape


While she is kidnapped, she has dreams about Vermont and being married to Fitz..

fitz declares war

it works ! Fitz declares war

steven rescues olivia

Stephen rescues Olivia after he bids to win her back. Once a gladiator , always a gladiator

fight with fitz

There is no happy homecoming . Olivia blames Fitz for her kidnapping and yells at him for declaring war. She throws her ring he gave her at him.

the lawn chair

“The Lawn Chair” was a timely episode about a father whose son was shot because he was black. Courteney B Vance played the father.

vice president

Fitz gets his third Vice President in Susan Ross. She is picked by Mellie as she begins her climb to the White House

put a ring on it

Cyrus looks back on his past weddings as he gets ready to be married. Olivia puts back on the ring and hope is alive again.

finale scene one

Fed up with all their games, Fitz cleans house by throwing out Mellie and firing Cyrus . Mellie is now the junior Senator for Virginia .

quinn shoots huck

Quinn realizes that Huck was the one who killed the jurors and she threatens to shoot him.

finale scene

With Mellie and Cyrus gone, Fitz goes to find happiness and finds it.

What happens now?

promo onepromo two

to be continued

Murder and Mayhem Can Be Fun!!!


Yesterday, ABC unveiled their newest promo. It involved the stars of TGIT!!! Stars dancing and having fun? The whole idea took me back to the seventies which was the last time that these kind of promos were used. ABC seems to be in love with Shonda Rhimes and Thursday night. The last time a network owned a night was in the late nineties when NBC ruled the roost for almost twenty years with “Must See TV”. Now ABC seems to be proud as a peacock that they have taken over the crown. Shonda has prided herself on being water cooler worthy.  Seemingly though, fans of other ABC shows are not happy with these promos. They want the same treatment for their heroes and haven’t been shy about mentioning it on social media.

For three shows that are traditionally known for death, murder, and heartbreak, this promo seems to be out of character for the heroines of TGIT. Meredith Grey is a widow, Analise Keating still doesn’t know who murdered her husband, and Mellie Grant has been thrown out of the White House. This would be the last thing that they would be doing except for getting drunk. ABC has three shows on this night, yet it seems that only certain members of the other two shows are featured in the promo. The tent pole show of the night seems to be “Scandal”. “Scandal” is the show that seems to have the most loyal audience. They would have to be to put up with the crazy plots and evil alliances that the show promotes as OMG. Cast members delight in tweeting to their fans while they view the show. Sometimes they will even tweet while they are on set working between scenes. Cast members like Kerry Washington and Bellamy Young have turned up in popular magazines lately to quench fans desire for anything “Scandalous.” When “President” Tony Goldwyn was off of Twitter, fans clamored and panicked until he returned. Gladiators are a loyal bunch.

Obviously , the highlight of the video is the sweethearts of “TGIT”. Last Spring, Shonda shocked everyone by shaking up the world of Washington. Fitz had grown tired of their antics and decided as Cyrus had said before to “grow some Presidential balls.” First he threw out Mellie (Bellamy Young) and then fired “the queen of me, himself. (Jeff Perry) . Finally he could have the one thing that everyone (including Rhimes) kept away from him. The last scene that gladiators saw was the lovers in each others arms on the Truman balcony. What made the video fun to watch was the actors dancing , throwing popcorn, and tossing wine playfully. The actors seem to take on their on screen personas personalities. Mellie and Jake (Scott Foley) seem to be looking at their exes with disgust. Former lovers are reunited when Abby and David play games (Darby Stanchfield and Joshua Malina) and gladiators known for torture are having a good time. (Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz) Gladiators even get their first look at new cast member, Cornelius Smith Jr. Enemies are joined together as Portia Di Rossi and Jeff Perry throw popcorn instead of threats at each other. (DiRossi’s character took over as Grant COS when Cyrus was let go from his position.) Perhaps the most obvious sign that this is truly a new day in Shondaland , is when on screen lovers Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn flirt shamelessly and Olivia leads Fitz around by his tie. The relationship has traditionally been hidden and now it is brought into the fray. This might also be a new day since traditionally Fitz has been the chaser in the relationship. Now Olivia can call her lover boy.

Whatever is the purpose of the promos , viewers can satisfy their love for their show by watching dvds, social media, and just being patient. Either way , this gladiator will be sitting in front of the television in twenty one days with her glass of wine. Let the games begin.

TGIT returns on September 24.

shonda land familyThe Shondaland family with Mama Shonda in red

The Stars in Wes Craven’s World….A Tribute to the Master of SCREAMS!

wes craven

 Today the world of pop culture lost a true icon as well as the world of horror films. At the age of 76, Wes Earl Craven died this morning of brain cancer. Craven will always be remembered for his horror masterpieces, “The Last House on the Left”, “Nightmare on Elm Street” and the highly successful “Scream” franchise. A lot of today’s hottest actors and actresses have appeared in Craven’s films. Let’s just take a look at some of those movies in tribute to him.

drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore was the scared girl Casey in the very first “Scream” movie. Say do you know what is your favorite scary movie?

neve campbell

Neve Campbell plays the beleaguered heroine of the “Scream” series , Sidney Prescott. Sidney’s mother was murdered in the first movie and she is terrorized all through the series. Campbell would work with Dempsey on “Grey’s Anatomy” as his sister, Lizzie.

gale and dewey

Scream had a love story too. In real life “Friends” star Courteney Cox and her former husband David Arquette met on the set of the first movie and then dated and got married. Fun fact: Arquette was not originally slated to play the part of Dewey, another actor was. But the producers thought it would be weird if that actor played Cox’s love interest, The actor was David Schwimmer who played her television brother on “Friends” Schwimmer would be mentioned in “Scream 2 and 3.”

buffy in scream

Sarah Michelle Geller was a sorority girl in “Scream 2” she is most known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer

portia de rossi  scream 2

Here are some more Greek gals from “Scream 2” Rebecca Gayheart is the wife of actor , Eric Dane. The blonde is none other than Portia Di Rossi wife to Ellen Degeneres and the new Chief of Staff on “Scandal” Lizzie Bear.

cotton  weary

Ray Donovan’s own Liev Schreiber was in three of the movies as Cotton Leary.

omar epps and jada pinkett in scream 2

Omar Epps and Jada Pinkett Smith were victims in the second “Scream ” movie. Jada is the wife of actor , Will Smith.

scott foley scream

Roman may have been the killer in “Scream 3”, but today Scott Foley is heart throb and spy on “Scandal” as Jake Ballard


Before he was the heartthrob McDreamy on “Grey’s Anatomy” Patrick Dempsey was the handsome Hollywood detective in “Scream 3”, Mark Kinkaid.

henry winkler from scream

Henry Winkler returned to pop culture in “Scream” as the principal

laurie metcalf

Steppenwolf Theatre’s own Laurie Metcalf was the killer in “Scream 2” as Mrs Loomis, Billy Loomis was killed in the first movie and his mother wanted to avenge his death.

hayden pantierre in scream 4

“Nashville’s own diva, Hayden Pantierre was in “Scream 4” as Kirby Reed

anthony anderson

 Anthony Anderson of “Blackish” was one of the loyal cops of “Woodsboro” in “Scream 4”


“A Nightmare on Elm Street” introduced the world to a young Johnny Depp

tony goldwyn last house on the left

There were two versions of “The Last House on the Left” . The remake starred Tony Goldwyn, America’s hottest POTUS of “Scandal”

wes on castle

Wes himself did a guest appearance on the show “Castle”

To the Craven family, we give our sympathy.