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Well…. Olivia Pope is the Biggest Bitch in the Whole Wide World

Well gladiators, have you recovered yet?  Last night had to be a new low in Shondaness. Rule Number One in television has been broken, never make your hero or heroine the most hated character on the show. Everyone hates Olivia. Even Rowan isn’t immune and Olivia has become her father.  Worst of all, Fitz is not welcome.  The most popular line of this week is go home Fitz! But does he ? No, Fitz will have Olivia and  he  is the only one who recognizes that this isn’t the real Liv.

Meanwhile Mellie is trying to sell a war. But that might not be so easy. President Rashad is willing to work with Mellie to get back his country. There is only one problem, his niece must be removed from Dartmouth and will be under the watch of QPA. Olivia is playing a very dangerous game and even though he wont leave, Fitz goes and tells Mellie all about the assassination of Luna Vargas and B613. Madam President orders her to shut it down. Cyrus is beginning his political lessons for his new boyfriend. Things are definitely heating up. Fenton has also been doing some homework and telling Cyrus that a war will be a waste financially.

“I want my bones.” Is what Rowan screams. Has Olivia actually “Outpoped”  dear old Dad? ‘

The two Naval buddies meet and share a drink. Fitz and Jake at this point are being civil , but how long will that last?  It is no surprise that Jake wouldn’t want Fitz in DC. The two of them trade jabs , subtle as they may be. Jake says callously that Fitz can’t accept who Liv is and wants her to fit his image of her and go back in time. He tells Fitz that this is where she is destined to be and that is command. Olivia continues to use her boy toy for Mellie  and her war.Liv is fearful of the budding relationship between the two leaders. The President ‘s niece runs away and she has a little secret, she is a lesbian and ran away from QPA to say goodbye to her girlfriend. Liv and Cyrus have it out as well. Cyrus tries to appease Liv as her friend.Fitz knows this isn’t her and no matter how rotten she is to him, he isn’t going. She asks when is he going to go back and he says “when I see someone I recognize.” Mellie discusses things with the President Rashad and the conversation heats up to a steamy kiss.

In a conversation with Quinn , Liv gets the message and goes to talk to Mellie. In asking her, she finds out that Mellie wants the peace treaty and President Rashad safe. Liv is very ominous about handling the problem. Mellie sends her new lover and his niece back to his country via Turkey. The two part with a promise that this relationship will not end.

Olivia has taken care of everything , except now Mellie tells her ex to go back to Vermont. He has lost the privilege and listening to her talk to him this way, sounds like she has taken a page from the book of Olivia. Cyrus hates to admit that his new boyfriend will make one hell of a politician. Quinn and Charlie take the President’s niece to the plane and watch her get on only to see the plane blown up. But who did it and did the two some get out of the explosion?  Liv has also some bad news, her fuck boy has dumped her. He said she was not human. Now she truly is alone… will she sit down and search her conscience. ?

You have to admit that when someone is in love, they don’t care how they are treated or what people say. They are addicted to love. For more than ten years, Fitz has been in love and he has suffered for this love. He has had many people as obstacles trying to pull them apart. He has had the optics and prison of the Presidency to pull them apart as well. He has had to watch the love of his life suffer and be kidnapped and tortured because of him. He had to save his Presidency by having a child , which meant more time apart and he also lost his son at the hands of Command. If that isn’t true love, then I don’t know what is. Tonight, we saw a man who was insulted and harassed and basically told he wasn’t wanted anymore. But will this man give up? He should have long ago and also he should have torn down or sold the house in Vermont. Vermont is not a place, it’s a dream that he had a million years ago. He can’t see himself as the bitter old man with the gun and living alone, he sees himself with his Liv and two or three kids. He sees her making jam and at this point, it is just a fantasy. Is this what this show has come to because of the embittered creator who can’t seem to find happiness , so she transfers it to her characters. Cristina Yang of “Grey’s” is another character who can’t be happy , so she works. With Amelia gone, Owen should pack a bag and head to Switzerland. Is Fitz wrong for the way he is acting or is he just a fool in love? No , he has hope. Let’s try to have a little hope too, gladiators. And that is why my MVG this week for his treatment , persistence, and love is Fitz.



Let’s Hear It for TV’s Career Gals


Today one of television’s pioneers passed into immortality, Mary Tyler Moore. I had done a few years ago a tribute for her birthday, so I decided to think about what she has meant to me and what contribution she has given to television and to women themselves. Mary was one of the very first independent career women. She had played a loving housewife in “The Dick Van Dyke Show” as Laura Petrie and made a large leap for women at that time as well. She was the first female television character who wore pants on screen. Those tight capri pants were all hers.


Mary Richards was a true pioneer. Prior to her there was no women on television that were not mothers or housewifes. Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie was also one of those pioneer gals because she would move into New York to make it as an actress. She also took a bunch of crazy jobs while she struggled like most actresses do. Unfortunately for us, the last we ever saw of her was that Donald proposed and she accepted. We never got to see if Ann turned him down for Hollywood or gave it all up for a home in Tarrytown.


Of course, Nichelle Nichols was a pioneer carrying two banners. She was the first African American woman who had a lead on a major network television show that wasn’t a maid or domestic. She also beat those “Lost in Space” chicks by one year. Many a middle aged man’s fantasies began with Lt Uhura on “Star Trek”


Mary had a bff who was another career gal. It was her friend, Rhoda. Rhoda was artistic and a fun gal. She was also every woman because she griped about her weight next to a perfect Mary. She made us realize for the first time that not every woman was perfect. Her pride and joy was her window displays and we loved her hair wraps and bohemian looks.


 The next woman to try to make it as a career woman was Loretta Swit of M*A*S*H* . Her Margaret Houlighan started out as bitchy “Hot Lips” Houlighan but matured with the help of her nurses to become the compassionate Army Major who had managed to make the Army a career . Her nursing skills helped her to attain the rank of Major in the Army and in the forties and fifties, that was indeed a rare thing.


They weren’t secretaries , or waitresses , or shop girls, they were just two plain old bottle cappers from Milwaukee . Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams were the two girls who liked to vo-de-do and just have fun in the late fifties,” Laverne and Shirley “


Linda Lavin was a divorced mother who took her son and headed for Hollywood with her talent. She drove from New Jersey to Phoneix where her car died and she decided to settle down. Her whole life was the diner where she worked on “Alice.” The show also ushered in the feistiest female on tv to date and that was her best friend “Flo” played by Polly Holiday. She would think nothing at all to yell at their boss , Mel to “Kiss my grits.”(I got a lot of abuse in junior high because my name is Melanie)


 The eighties were the era of the nighttime soaps and the first female villains. It was an era of big shoulders and big broads. Jane Wyman carried the banner as one of the bad girls of this era as Angela Channing on “Falcon Crest” . Angela was a vintner in the Napa Valley who would do anything to save her family and her wine. I mean anything.She also cemented her place in history by being the ex wife of President Ronald Reagan


Cybill Shepherd was the ultimate career gal as model turned detective Madeline “Maddie” Hayes on “Moonlighting.” Her partner, David traded barbs and had smart conversations. Ultimately he won her over, but he could never break her spirit. She was still the strong , career woman with the detective agency , even when she was with him.


Linda Bloodworth Thompson was a pioneer herself. She had first made her mark in television with an award winning M*A*S*H*script  called “The Nurses.” She also created an early tv series that was a spoof of the era of “Dallas” called “Filthy Rich” Two of the female stars of the show would bring Thompson fame for her story of four smart career women and forever broke the stereotype of dumb Southern women with the classic “Designing Women.” Here is the late Dixie Carter, Delta Burke, Jean Smart, and the secretary of the real “Ghostbusters.” Annie Potts.


Diane English broke more female ground as she created the ball busting, alcoholic, Murphy Brown.” Murphy Brown” as played by Candice Bergen,  was a serious journalist who worked on a 60 minutes type show called “FYI” . She was a pioneer in her field in the same way as Barbara Walters. Murphy was also the first working woman mother on television and took a lot of flack for it since she had no desire to get married when she had her baby. Murphy also had a special guest on her pilot show that viewers would recognize as a young Tony Goldwyn from “Scandal”


“FRIENDS” brought three girls together as they dealt with careers and men. The actresses themselves made their way into pop culture and exploded along with the male actors of the show into superstardom . The sexy sextet were the creation of another female writer Marta Kaufman. The break out star of the show was Jennifer Aniston and her hair do the Rachel was the do everyone wanted. Rachel was a career gal who started out as a waitress and ended up being hired by Louis Vuitton and moving to Paris . She never made it because she chose Love over career and got off the plane.


 Another career gal was Jewish interior decorator , Grace Adler on “Will and Grace” . Debra Messing also was the first fag “hag” or “fruit fly” on television. Grace had decided that if she couldn’t get a man , she would settle into life with her gay best friend.


“ER” was another show that was busting through all sorts of stereotypes. One of the biggest was when one of the actresses had made a name for herself as a director as well. Linda Gray had directed on “Dallas” but was dismissed shortly after.Laura Innes continues to direct as well today on shows such as “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” , “The West Wing” and “Scandal” Her character , Dr Kerry Weaver also was a woman who was crippled and also the head of the ER


 Shonda Rhimes was the next power broker and was the first woman to have her shows dominate an entire night of prime time television. Her Shondaland had a wealth of powerful and strong women in all of her series. The first show was “Grey’s Anatomy” which was the story of one Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) whose mother was the first woman surgeon and pioneer that she could never feel like she would ever be as good as her. Her best friend was also a rock star in the OR Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) . Their teacher was another powerful woman who would be another woman director on the show (Chandra Wilson) The surgeons worked and loved in the hospital where on call rooms became passion pits .


For the first time in almost fifty years, an African American female was a lead character in prime time. Washington fixer, Judy Smith was the co producer of this series about a Washington DC fixer who helped create a President, with one small catch, the candidate was stuck in a loveless marriage for power and fell madly in love with his campaign manager. Kerry Washington is Olivia Pope and has won acclaim for her portrayal as well. Bellamy Young and Kate Burton have also made their marks as women who make runs for the White House as America’s first female President.


Viola Davis had made her mark as a movie star. She as of this date is the first African American woman with three Oscar nominations. She also received a star on the Walk of Fame. But the role that has launched her into the tv stratosphere is law professor Analise Keating on another one of Shonda’s shows “How to Get Away with Murder” . She was also the first African American woman to win an Emmy for leading lady in a drama series.

Viola Davis

Stana Katic is the bad ass Capt Kate Beckett on “Castle” Kate was a detective who was on a case based on a mystery novel.She asked for help on the case from the author who turned out to have a flare with crime himself. He asked his friend , the Mayor if he could shadow the detective. From there a romance blossomed.


Taraji P Henson is the career woman who sacrificed for her man. Came back from prison and fought for her stake in the family business. Today Loretha or “Cookie” is the diva of “Empire” music .


Emily Deschnel is also a pioneer as an anthropologist who studies bones to solve crimes on “Bones.” As Temperance Brennan  , she works for the Smithsonian who sometimes helps the FBI. One of these times , she managed to meet the man who would become the love of her life. Today Emily and Booth (David Borreanz) solve crimes and raise their daughter and son.


Kara came from Krypton with her cousin who would be known as Superman. The cousin would make it to Earth , but Kara was lost in the Phantom Zone. Decades later, her cousin found her and brought her to settle in on Earth. Since there was already a superhero, she felt the need to hide her powers. Well with all the evil in the world and evil aliens, Kara decides that it is time to show the world that she is indeed Supergirl. Like the ever popular Lois Lane, Supergirl’s alter ego also works as a reporter. Melissa Benoit is “Supergirl.”


And finally wrapping things up, Rayna James had made a career as the sweetheart of country music. She started that meteoric climb with her partner , Deacon Claybourne. Deacon and her eventually fell in love . Unfortunately it was not a happy ending because Deacon became an alcoholic with all the pressure of the road. When she found out she was pregnant , Deacon crashed and she needed a hand so she married another man that she stayed with for twenty years. Finally her and Deacon reconciled and he found out her oldest daughter was his. Teddy and Rayna divorced and today Deacon and Rayna are married. Connie Britton is producer and also Rayna James on “Nashville”  on CMT.

rayna and deacon sing.jpg

Love Is In the Air.. TV’s Ten Best Gay Relationships

gay heart

Everyone loves a lover , especially on television. We all have our favorites Castle and Beckett, Meredith and Derek, or Fitz and Olivia. But we also root for those couples who love whoever they want. We all know about NPH and David , Portia and Ellen, Dan and Don Roos, but for the first time in television history , we ship couples who are in gay and lesbian relationships. They represent the new normal and tell the world that they love who they want. So for gay pride month, Chitownstarconnections is proud to present OUR favorite gay /lesbian television couples

cyrus and james scandal

Cyrus Beene and James Novak- (Jeff Perry and Dan Bucatinsky )  Scandal – Jeff Perry may still be straight , but he has given one of the best tormented gay performances on television. Cyrus held in his secret for forty years . Two relationships came from that fateful trip on the Trail, one was Fitz and Olivia and the other was these two. James tried to advance his career and he found a friend and lover in Cyrus. Cyrus would give him little bites and their relationship led him all the way to the  White House Press Secretary’s office. But every little relationship has its dirty little secrets especially in Washington. James had the potential to explode two stories that would shatter the Grant Administration . Cyrus played his own little game and pacified James’ curiosities by giving him little Ella. On the day of her christening, two of the guests were having their own party in the White House. But unfortunately, this love story did not end happily. James had found out that the VP murdered her husband and had Cyrus cover up the murder. James found out  the truth and disguised himself as Publius . Unfortunately , James was shot while Jake Ballard stood over his bleeding body . He talked to  him as he slipped into  unconsciousness  . Is James really dead or in the hole ? Well it will be quite a surprise for Cyrus when James would walk in to catch his husband in bed with his new husband, Michael.

arizona and callie greys anatomy

Arizona and Callie- Grey’s Anatomy( Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw ) – Callie had just ended her marriage with the late George O Malley when she found out he had slept with BFF Izzy. She had discovered one other thing , she liked to sleep with women as well as men. There were a few relationships along the way, including a budding one with her male bff , Mark. But the one woman who had captured Calliope’s heart was Dr Arizona Robinson . She was gorgeous and best of all she worked with babies and kids. What woman wouldn’t want that?Apparently , not Dr Robbins she had no desire to have her own family.  But then Arizona trotted off to her fellowship in Africa and left Torres. The end of the relationship resulted in a drunken night of sex with Mark which got her pregnant. Arizona returned to find out that Callie was expecting Mark’s baby. Quite a shock needless to say. Arizona prepared herself for this unconventional family and together they took care of Callie during her pregnancy. Caught up in the baby madness, Arizona proposed to her and on the way to the bed and breakfast the two of them ended up in an accident. Calllie was severely injured and Sophie had to be taken from her , so they could concentrate on saving her life.. On a warm spring day the couple was married by their friend Miranda, when the priest was in a car accident. The bride’s parents were still having trouble accepting their daughter’s relationship and granddaughter born outside of wedlock , so they bailed on Callie. Mark stepped up and gave away his best friend. At the reception, Callie was surprised by her father who said how he dreamed of the day he would dance with his little girl on her wedding day. The trials continued for this couple. Arizona lost her leg, cheated on Callie with a resident, lost interest as she advanced her career, and many other things. Sadly the couple divorced and now Callie is on her way to NY with someone else. Hopefully it may not be too late.

carol and susan friends

Carol and Susan-  Friends( Jane Sibbett and Jessica Hecht)- The song goes “if she would have been faithful, if she would have been true , I would have never known real love, I would have missed out on you. If Carol would have stayed married to Ross, there would have never been a Ross and Rachel. Carol married Ross and the two were madly in love. At the same time, Ross was pursuing a Phd and spending time with his roommate Chandler from college. He was also spending time with his sister and her friends. Carol discovered something, she found out that she loved women. She started spending time at book stores with Susan and one thing led to another. Carol and Susan even tried to let Ross enter their bedroom in an effort to save her marriage. Finally, Carol admitted her truth and divorced Ross. This proved to be beneficial to Ross because at the same time, his childhood crush , Rachel , left her groom at the altar. Ross was still trying to save anything left to his marriage, including seducing Carol. This seduction resulted in Carol giving birth to a little boy , Ben Bunch Willis Geller. We assume that Ben is enjoying a healthy relationship with his father, his stepmother, and his baby sister.

connor and oliver htgwm

Connor and Oliver- How to Get Away With Murder( Jack Falahee and Conrad Ricamore)  Connor needed some info for a case and he knew that Oliver could help out with a case by allowing him files. Unfortunately just like with so many relationships, it began with Connor using his charm to get the files from Oliver. Connor tries to get the info by flirting with another guy which ticks off Oliver . Finally, Oliver gives him the files and as a reward he sleeps with him. For a while , the couple goes back and forth. When Connor comes back from burning Sam Keating’s body , he lays it all out to Connor. He tells him that he uses sex as a weapon and also of his drug problems. One other thing,  Connor is beginning to fall in love with Oliver as well.  Oliver has been dating another guy and Connor is told in no uncertain terms that it is none of his business. Oliver has more bad news , he is HIV positive.  Connor and Oliver makes the next step and then move in with each other. But once again Oliver has aided Connor and the Keating 5  and now he might go to jail. Such is the trials of true love.

will and vince w and g

Will Truman and Vince D ‘ Angelo  on Will and Grace

(Eric McCormack and Bobby Cannivale )

This has to be one of my favorite gay relationships of all. What makes it so great is that the two actors that portray this couple are both heterosexuals. They are also truly soulmates in all sense of the word. Their story started on a day that Will was summoned by Karen to give her driving lessons. Karen got fresh with a cop (Vince) and then Will was forced to go to court. The case was dropped because Vince didn’t sign the ticket, but the two found out that they were supposed to go out with each other. (Joe and Larry fixed them up)  The couple settled into a relationship that included Grace. Vince had trouble keeping jobs and was getting depressed . While he had job losses, Will was getting more success and he couldn’t deal with it. With all these problems, Will suggested that they “take a break”. Sadly the two broke up. When Will lost his dad, Vince showed up in support  Then the couple got back together and planned a future. But more trouble arrived when Grace found out that she was pregnant by her ex Leo. Grace had made a plan to let her and Will raise the child with Vinnie helping. Leo found Grace and was overjoyed at the prospect of being a father and then asked her to go to Europe with him. A few years later, Will and Grace made up . Vince and Will got married and then they had a son, Ben.  Talk about kismet. Ben grew up and got married to Lily, making Will and Grace in laws.

robert and sol grace and frankie  Frankie and Grace- Robert Hanson and Sol Bergstein (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson) Martin Sheen will always be remembered for two things. His crazy son, Charlie and playing probably one of the best portrayals of a President on television.  Here he is a man who is in his twilight years who discovers that he is in love with his law partner, Sol played by Sam Waterson. The victims here are their wives who are complete opposites and have decided to live together as well. If you haven’t seen this delightful Netflix comedy, please do. Oh and did I mention it was created by Marta Kaufmann who also  created a little show called Friends.


kurt and blaine glee

Glee- Kurt and Blaine  (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss)

Kurt had made any efforts to fit in at McKinley High. He wanted to make his father proud even to the point of being a member of the football team. But Kurt loved fashion and singing popular songs in New Directions. Finally he came out to his dad, who was trying since he was a single dad. Kurt wanted to make sure that the boys would win in a boys vs girls competition. . While with the award winning boy group, Kurt fell in love with one of their members. Blaine. He demonstrated his love by having the group sing “Teenage Dream” to Blaine. He realizes that he is also in love with Kurt and transfers to Mckinley to be near the one he loves.  Just like all couples, Blaine and Kurt break up for a while. Amid a huge “Beatles” production number to the song “All You Need is Love”, Blaine proposes to Kurt. Then the couple has to encounter one of the biggest problems that couples have, a long distance relationship. Kurt graduates and then moves to New York and leaves Blaine to finish his classes. Once again , the couples separates. When their friends Santana and Brittany get married , the couple decide to join their friends and get married also.


Nashville – Will and Kevin (Chris Carmack and Kyle Dean Massey)  In this show, almost all of the romances start because someone wanted to collaborate with someone. This couple is no exception. Luke fixed up Kevin and Will because he thought that the two could make some great songs.  Kevin is openly gay , but is perfectly glad to stay hidden since Will was still in the closet. The two are caught by cameras and this makes Will think that it time to come out . This turns out badly for Will . No one wants a gay country singer. He begins to feel sorry for himself and then Kevin can’t take his self loathing so he breaks up.  Will tries to embrace his new persona as country’s newest “Gay” singer. It has been hard for him because the Christian right wing has taken pot shots at him and some concerts have gotten down right violent.  Now that he has finally accepted his sexuality, Luke has gotten him and Kevin back together. Will seems sad because he hears that Kevin is happy with his new boyfriend. The reconciliation is a success and the two realize that they both have feelings for each other and kiss. I will be very curious to see how their relationship will continue when it returns to its new home CMT. this fall.


empire  jamal and d major

Empire -Jamal and D Major (Jussie Smollett and Tobias Truvillion)  Lee Daniels has received many kudos in the creation of the character of Jamal. In the Black culture, homosexuality is less tolerated than in White culture. We have learned the history that this character has had and how his father has treated him because of his gayness. Along with his acting ability, Jussie has proven to be a real cash cow to the show for his voice. I myself have several of his songs on my phone. He is an excellent ambassador for the show. D Major or Derek is the latest of boyfriends that Jamal has had. At this point, he could be the one . Both of them share a love for music. At this point though, the two of them must stay low. I am very anxious to see how this relationship progresses. Jamal deserves to be happy . Someone on that show does.


brittany and santana glee

 Glee- Santana and Brittany  (Naya Rivera and Heather Morris)  Brittany and Santana started out like so many teen girls do. The two Cheerios were besties . But after a sleepover, the two realised that they loved each other. They were so cute with their matching backpacks and jewelry and their special little pinky lock. I am also sure that many a young boy felt something with this special relationship. They also encouraged young girls to be themselves and come out like their heroines. More things that these girls did before they came out was to date a boy and also be worried about their reputation.  The girls relationship is tested one more time when Santana goes to college and Brittany has to repeat her senior year. Once again, modern culture uses the term “on a break” to describe a separation between characters when they stop seeing each other. Soon after, the two reunite, go on a vacation together and then move in. The twosome were later married in an elaborate ceremony with all their Gleers, including the two who also get married, Kurt and Blaine.

“You Called Her Sweet Baby?” The Start of OMG

season 1 cast

Evolution of the seasons. In the beginning Henry Ian Cusick was a gladiator until the end of the season . Bellamy Young wasn’t even considered lead cast yet. Also notice the positioning through the seasons.



Four years ago, we met a young woman as she walked into a bar on a presumed blind date. The guy she met led her to a world filled with kidnappers, blackmail , and secret rendevouz with the President. Since then , we have been taken on the roller coaster of our lives thanks to Shonda Rhimes. We have also been treated to some of the greatest monologues on television and the sexiest scenes on network television.

April 5, 2012 Scandal premiered. I have to admit I was a little confused the first time I watched it. But the one thing that drew me in like so many others was the romance that has driven the show. What kind of woman would have the ability to be able to seduce the President of the United States? And what exactly is a political fixer? In the early days , Washington fixer Judy Smith was a producer on the show. This was to bring realism to the situations on the show. Kerry was an established movie star that had been lured to television . The rest of the cast were relatively unknowns with the exception of Joshua . He was a name because of “West Wing” and “Sports Night.” Two characters were slated for early exits but their performances were so strong that they were saved. One of those actors had so much chemistry that he literally sets the screen on fire with his love scenes with Kerry . Bellamy Young wasn’t even considered a major character. Mellie was originally set for three episodes and she is now one of the characters carrying the show. Fitz was to die after the assassination , but he was saved when the Olitz relationship drove the show and the ratings. Another interesting fact is that Jeff Perry didn’t know until the sixth show that his character was gay. Now as we end Season 5 and head into Season 6, the hot storyline is the election.  So grab your wine glass and lift it to the air as we celebrate that first episode .

do you want to be gladiator in a suit

The show starts with Quinn (Katie Lowes) being recruited for OPA. Harrison( Columbus Short)  asks her do you want to be a gladiator in a suit? She answers the call.

i need your help

 Olivia is called by her friend Cyrus (Jeff Perry) He needs your help.” I don’t work for the White House any more.”

amanda tanner

Olivia and Quinn go to confront Amanda (Liza Weil or Bonnie on “How to Get Away With Murder”) Amanda Tanner is set on bringing the President down and Olivia has been asked to threaten her.

camp david

For the first time we are introduced to the couple that will drive this show. No one knew anything except that Olivia used to work for the White House  and quit.

sweet baby ...

Perhaps this was the reason. Of course Olivia had been having an affair with the very married President (Tony Goldwyn) For us gladiators, this was the beginning of the story. It wouldn’t be until later in the season that we would learn about the Trail.


Season Two includes Joshua Malina as David and now Bellamy is a full cast member as Mellie Grant. Kerry takes center as Olivia.


season 3 or 4

Now we are into Season 3 and we have added Scott Foley as Jake. Also notice Tony Goldwyn’s Fitz is also at center next to Olivia.

season 4 castSeason 4 dresses the cast up in their finest and moves Mellie away from her husband. Now Columbus Short is no longer a cast member and gone

season 5 cast

In the current season , Olivia has traded her white for some color. To the cast we have added Portia Di Rossi as Elizabeth North and Cornelius Walker Jr. as the newest gladiator Marcus . As the established leads now, Fitz and Olivia remain at the front and center


The Evangelization of Fitzgerald Grant

header gladiator report

Somebody has been a bad boy! Ever since Fitz has gotten his heart broken , he has let someone take over his body, his Father. Abby has a new job, Presidential pimp. Her job is to usher the parade of bimbos through the White House to Fitz’s bed. Well, he is a healthy , heterosexual male and girls it is a shame to waste all that sex appeal. The line forms in the rear to play Presidential whores. But the Commander in Chief isn’t the only one who wants to play , his boys want to play as well. Unfortunately, the party gets out of hand and there is a dead body at a Secret Service party. Instead of it getting back to the media, Abby calls in the calvary. Finally the “gladiators” are back on the job in the White House.

Unfortunately, there are costs to Fitz’s new freedom. He forgets that Mellie is coming over for Teddy’s visit and Mellie catches him with a girl. Mellie reverts back to her old self, and tells Fitz “you can screw all the whores you want, but keep them away from my child” Mellie picks up her child and takes him away from his philandering daddy. Fitz returns to his bedroom and the flavor of the day. But this girl has some news about Olivia working with Mellie. The two are working on the release of Mellie’s memoirs. Since the breakup, Olivia has changed her behavior as well. She has become Jake’s stalker . Crouching behind the wheel of her car, she watches Jake on a date with a woman. Jake sees her and then comes over to tease her. He knows this is killing her.

The race to the White House continues with trickery, truth, and sex. Rosen continues his affair with Susan and also with Lizzie Bear. Cyrus has made Governor Francisco Marcus his project and has even gotten the Governor on the Liberty Report . Cyrus has also been doing some digging and finds out that the Governor has one very sick little girl. He knows he won’t run.So Cyrus  The governor also has an education program for free college that he is trying to push. Fitz is not impressed by him at all. Liz talks David into making Susan go on Sally’s show and talk about the same plan. Once again she is being played.

It is painfully obvious who tonight’s MVG is and that is President Fitz Grant himself. Tony’s performance once again showed a troubled man who didn’t know how to handle rejection. He is a man caught between women and it is still very obvious that the “Fixer” holds a place in his heart. For the past two weeks, the network had teased about a showdown between the former lovers. He has spent his entire term being a man who is torn between being his own man and being someone’s puppet. With no partner , he is confused because he has been with someone for so long. He reverts back to the only male role model he has known and that is his father. When Olivia entered the Oval, you could cut the air with a knife. Then the couple greet each other like they had before with their traditional “Hi”. The eyes tell the story as we could almost see the tears welling up in Fitz’s eyes as he stares at her. Olivia calls him on the carpet about his behavior. At first, he tells her that she has no right to question his behavior. But then she reminds him of who he is and how he needs to be an example to Teddy. She also asks him if he wants to be remembered for being wreckless. Once again her words make the POTUS think, especially when she compares him to his father. Fitz calls Susan into the Oval and then tells her to be true to herself and not to let people play her. He also says that she will want his endorsement when the time comes . After this , he addresses the press and tells that he does not endorse the actions of his SSA and there will be consequences. Olivia sits by a television and watches her “man” be the President she knows he can be. Maybe there is hope yet, gladiators. The spark is still there.

Olivia starts her week by going to her dad’s. Eli is surprised to see her . She walks into the house and sees Jake and his new girlfriend. Eli proposes a toast to Jake and Vanessa, his fiance. Jake is getting married!!! Olivia’s mouth is agape.

It is no secret that our favorites are backing Hillary Clinton . Tony himself has followed Madam Secretary on the campaign trail . (I am sure that he can relate to this because of Fitz and the Trail)  Tonight , viewers were treated to their favorite gals of TGIT. (Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis) talking about strong women. Shonda herself explained why she is backing Hillary and how the nation needs her as President. The gals were directed by that awesome “Scandal” director and Kerry’s leading man, TG. Gladiators were also given a treat last night . TV One aired a special episode of “Unsung” featuring Joe E Morton. The hour showed how versatile the actor was and told the tragic story about his father’s death. Joe has certainly had a long and glorious career. The important thing is that Joe could have settled for playing roles that demoralized African Americans, but he held out for positive black role models instead. Joe was praised by several of his cast mates , including Kerry, Scott, and Tony. If you get a chance, definitely watch this special hour. it will allow you a chance to see what Joe has put into his roles and give you a new understanding into his process.

mellie and her book

Mellie (Bellamy Young) has finally finished her memoir and what a book it would be. I know gladiators that I would want to read it and all those juicy secrets she hides. ABC already markets books that are marketed by the show “Castle” so this would be a win win for Shonda.


But while Mellie starts her quest for the Oval, her ex( Tony Goldwyn) has been counting days until his departure. He also has been counting girls that he has slept with . Mellie won’t tolerate this and while she doesn’t give a damn about who he screws, she warns him to keep his “whores” away from her children. Is Olivia responsible for his bad behavior?


scandal_video_2830999_362x204_1457652471859But Olivia gets the shock of her life when she gets to Eli’s house for dinner and Jake (Scott Foley) announces that he and Vanessa are engaged. How will this woman participate in Jake’s plans.

thumbnail_PicsArt_03-12-02.43.11 Looks like the exes may not look so ex. Each of them is just too stubborn to start talking but the eyes tell the story and it is obvious that the story is far from over. Gladiators, we just have to wait and we will be rewarded.  Olivia sat in her office watching Fitz on television and drank a toast to him returning to the man she knows he really is.

tgit gals directed by TGIT guy Heading into some of the major contests of this election, Hillary Clinton has some all star support. A disclaimer was broadcast and TGIT queen mother , Shonda Rhimes enlisted her girls to show their support for Ms Clinton. Each of them talked about how their characters have struggles but have come out strong. The ad was directed by Shonda’s go to guy Tony Goldwyn , who is once again on the trail this weekend in Arizona.


Say Yes to Shonda-A Book Review of “Year of Yes”

the year of yes

There has been a lot of controversy about Shonda Rhimes this past year. It has been a banner year for Rhimes as her television shows have managed to become one of the most popular topics on social media. Rhimes managed to push the envelope once again. Back in November, Rhimes managed to address another social issue on one of her shows. Despite the fact that Olivia Pope was in a relationship and healthy, she underwent an abortion. During this procedure, the beloved Christmas carol “Silent Night ” played. Rhimes has cemented her place in history by being the first African American showrunner to have her shows take over an entire evening of prime time television. Thursdays belong to Shonda and TGIT! These shows include “Grey’s Anatomy” Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”

I was excited and skeptical to read “Year of Yes.” When I heard that Rhimes was publishing her book, I decided months ago I wanted to read it. Rhimes is definitely her own woman and a woman to remember. She is the creator of some of television’s most brilliant and prolific characters. She is also a role model for young women of all races. Americans plan their weeks around her TGIT line up and all of her shows have brought accolades to Rhimes and alll of her casts.

“Year of Yes” was the result of a challenge that was thrown down to Rhimes last Thanksgiving by her sister, Delorse. She dares her to not to say no for an entire year.She shares with readers her discoveries from the journey. Readers who follow her on screen media will enjoy excerpts from her many speeches and honors.  She gives humorous accounts of how she ended up on Jimmy Kimmel to promote her show. Shonda also encourages those who are starting on the journey of weight loss by describing her own experience of losing over a hundred pounds herself.

TGIT fans will love her references to her favorite characters she has created. She goes into detail about her love affair with “Grey’s Anatomy” character, Cristina Yang. She also says that if she was rich beyond her wildest dreams , she would be living in Vermont , making jam with Derek, Fitz, Jake or Burke.

I think every woman should read this book and use it to conquer the fear in their life. It was inspirational and the perfect book to read to start the year off. It is also a great present for that young lady for graduation. No matter your age, Shonda will inspire you to a be a better you.

cristina yang with fish

Shonda takes you on a journey which includes her love affair with Cristina Yang.(Sandra Oh) Yang reminded her a lot of herself and shares a lot of those qualities with the super surgeon.

rhimes and her girlsble l

In her “Year of Yes” Rhimes tells of things she would never do. One of these things is allowing herself to be more visible including appearing on the front cover of “Entertainment Weekly” with her leading ladies Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington, and Viola Davis

McDreamy Has a Birthday!


happy birthdaypd1



Today is a special day for the folks at Shondaland. There are two birthdays being celebrated on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy”, creator of GA and “Scandal”, Shonda Rhimes and everyone’s favorite surgeon , Patrick Dempsey. Since everyone seems to be in love with McDreamy, we thought we would celebrate with some of his favorite roles on the screen and in real life. Plus it was fun to look at all those pictures .

Patrick Galen Dempsey was born in Lewiston , Maine on January 13, 1966. At an early age, he excelled as a skier.He also was diagnosed at an early age as a dyslexic. Today , Patrick memorizes all those complicated medical terms in his scripts. He is the youngest of three children. Patrick’s father was an insurance agent and his mother, Amanda , was a school secretary. With his mother’s cancer diagnosis, Patrick has become a champion for cancer by establishing the Dempsey Challenge bike race.  Acting has always been a passion for Patrick. His career began in the early eighties as a teen actor. It wasn’t until the start of the new millennium that Patrick ‘s career skyrocketed. In 2005, Patrick became the Prince Charming in scrubs as neurosugeon, Dr . Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy on “Grey’s Anatomy”  He has also appeared on “Once and Again”, “Will and Grace” and “Private Practice.”  He has become a romantic leading man in such movies as “Made of Honor” and “Enchanted” and appeared with Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette in “Scream 3”. Patrick has proven himself to be quite a competitor on the racing circuit in biking and race car driving.  At home, Patrick plays his favorite role, daddy to his three children, Tallulah, and twin boys, Darby and Sullivan. This is his second marriage to Jillian Dempsey.

Chitownstarconnections wants to wish Miss Shonda and Patrick a very happy birthday.

Here are the two birthday buds, Patrick and his boss, Shonda at the TV Land Awards. Both were born today.


Here is a young Patrick. Before he wanted to be an actor, he wanted to go to clown college. It seems how he always wanted to entertain.

young Patty

Here is Patrick when he was in eighties movies as a geeky teen.  As you can see, he has come a long way.


Here he is with Eric McCormack of “Perception” on “Will and Grace. Patrick was Matthew, a lover of Will’s who refused to come out of the closet.



Here he is as Detective Kinkaid in “Scream 3”. Neve Campbell returned the favor by appearing on “Grey’s Anatomy” as the sister who donated her nerves for his hand.


Here he is as Robert in “Enchanted. Disney loved him so much , that they created a doll based on his character in the movie.


Here he is as Tom in “Made of Honor” with Michelle Monaghan and Kevin Kidd. He would end up working with McKidd in a few years as Dr Owen Hunt.



One of Patrick’s loves is racing. He loves to drive fast cars and competes on a regular basis.

race car driver

Here he is in “Sweet Home Alabama” Now who ‘d want to dump him?


Here he is with his real family, his wife, Jillian, daughter Tallulah and twins Darby and Sullivan.


MV5BMjE5NDg3NjIyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDIxNzE0Nw@@._V1_SX640_SY720_Derek is consulting with a patient when he visits LA on “Private Practice”

derekBut the role he will most be known for is as super neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd  on ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” he vacated this role at the end of the 11th Season but not to worry look for Patrick on the big screen soon in Bridget Jone’s Baby!


Happy Birthday Patrick!!!B7QLll-IcAAXayd.jpg small!!!!