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The Grass Is Always Greener

For seven years, we have seen President Fitzgerald T Grant 3 in the White House, fighting with his ex wife, discussing policy with Cyrus Beene and making love to Olivia Pope. But just as Miss America has to give back her crown, each President has to leave the White House. Martin Sheen just disappeared on “The West Wing” when his term ended. He also had staffers stay and work for the next POTUS as well as return to  their old lives. Well you might as well say that this is Grant 2.0. The former First Lady is now POTUS , the former Chief of Staff is VEEP, and Fitz’s former girlfriend is Chief of Staff. Tonight , we got to see a look into the world of a President after the glitter fades.  Bravo to cast , especially Joe, Cornelius, and of course Tony himself. Bravo should also go to Scott Foley for undertaking such an original idea as the last time he directs the show.

Fitz made a promise to everyone that he would stay off the radar for 100 days. It was the least he could do for Mellie. All Fitz had done for eight years is talk about how he wanted to leave and even called it “America’s royal prison.”  He , of course , is referring to the Presidency. It is obvious that he didn’t envision the way things would turn out. In his mind, Liv and him would be living in the Vermont house with her making “big fat, squishy babies.” After all, the man is in his fifties. Reality check is that he is standing in this big  mansion and he is alone. He wakes up the following morning to find out that he has a staff and do you know what Ms. Independence does? He fires them!  For years, he has been waited on and now he wants to do things for himself.  He takes things that we take for granted like making a sandwich or cooking and tells his aide that he doesn’t need them. There are endearing scenes like Fitz driving down the road and boppin to “Shake That Groove Thing and hilarious ones like the President at the grocery store not knowing how to use a debt card. Enter Marcus, who unlike Fitz has not been in mourning for  Mellie. He has been in Cuba and having fun.

Fitz starts going through the many boxes in storage that he will use in his library. (Hey Shonda and Lyn Paolo where is that Naval uniform?)  He gets more depressed and then he finds the gun that his dad gave him when he became governor. This was also referenced in Season One when Cyrus talks about how he will one day blow out his brains with that gun after he is no longer President. Fitz hates the house that he built for the woman he loved and has Marcus begin as his aide. In this episode, Foley does his best to present a picture of a man who just wants to be normal. He does this when Fitz is chewing on a Gettysburger and drinking a beer with Marcus.  They begin to talk about the women they left behind and it is not a good topic for either.  Remnants of the romance that once fueled the show are still mentioned and true gladiators will smile when Marcus says that a house has Christmas lights that spell out OLITZ.The world has witnessed the former  POTUS playing tonsil hockey with Ms Pope and speculate how the romance will play out. There are even tabloids showing the kiss “seen round the world” at the grocery store.  Marcus asks Fitz blatantly where is Olivia in his story. He saves her the pain by coldly saying that she was my communications director and ran both my campaigns.

It is very obvious that both Fitz and Marcus are troubled men. Marcus thinks of Fitz as privileged and lazy and not knowing how to do anything but order people around. This is interesting because Marcus made the same kind of accusations to Olivia in “The Lawn Chair.” He called her entitled, called her on her Prada bag and then said that she should not call herself black. Fitz entertains and asks Marcus to bring some scotch for the donors. Marcus sees red and calls Fitz on wanting to have him as a valet instead of his aide and partner. The two of them fight and Fitz gets a shiner. Marcus calls Mellie and she schools him on Fitz and why people can’t deal with him. He decides to come back. But Fitz also has another visitor, it is Rowan. Rowan is scared for his daughter and tells Fitz that she is command. She is out of control and he doesn’t know where it will stop. Fitz can deny it all he wants but now Rowan admits it. He knows that Fitz and Liv are the real deal. Olivia needs to be rescued by her white knight. So after he helps out a young African American man with his cause, he returns to DC.  He goes to her apartment and the elevator opens with her making out with cable boy. He can only say , “Hi.” And that is where we left off.

Obviously the MVG for this episode is Tony himself. This is a brilliant work to culminate his time on the series. He shows a man who is trying to hide the pain by acting the way he was taught to act. He is a fish out of water and a man without a country. It also gave the gladiators and  Cyrus a well deserved rest. They were the brunt of the Sixth Season with the election and Kerry shadowed both Tony and Scott to prepare for her directing debut. Before this series, he was only known for “Ghost” and never mind his other great roles on stage and in the movies. This is a role that he should be proud to say he owned. I may be accused of being a fan girl, but I want to have half the talent this man has.

But can Fitz save her? And will Mellie and Marcus reunite?  Tune in gladiators next week ..same Scandalous time…same Scandalous channel.

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It Was Quite A Night at the White House

The show may have mostly been a big yawn fest. Well actually, I was curious to see how a WH State Dinner was going to go in the Grant 2.0 White House. After all, there is no First Lady and the President and Chief of Staff are both women. Liv seems to become a new person (Has she ever gotten help for that PTSD from the kidnapping? Doesn’t look like it. ) The show opens with Liv leaving her hotel room with her new boy toy still in bed. Are the two of them using each other? She is using him for some good press for Mellie and he is using her for some WH scoops.

Remember how much Liv hated pulling together events when she was trying to be a First Lady? Well nothing has changed. She also has to tell Cyrus that he is being seated by a big fat cat that will benefit him when it’s his turn to run for the Presidency. Mr. Glacklan also has requested Cyrus since he is also gay. Is this the beginning of another Cyrus Beene relationship?  Matthew Del Negro is no longer in the cast so Michael is gone. (Unless Shonda wants to resurrect James from some hole in B613.) Mellie is busily getting ready for the dinner and from this scene comes one of the best Mellie monologues of all. Mellie talks about her loneliness and how she has a burning in her loins. She sees how Fitz sees the office and actually calls it prison. It is obvious that both Mellie and Liv are lonely.

Abby has a date to the State Dinner, courtesy of her ex David. She also wants to get the other gladiators in so they can drum up some business for QPA. The problem is that two of the gladiators are murderers and can’t go into the White House as themselves. Fake invites are drawn up for Charlie and Huck. The guest of honor is the President of Bashran. There is friction between the two countries. Everything is going well for the gladiators, except Huck. Quinn plays the Ivy League wife and paints a rosy picture of her Stanford educated hubby that loves polo. Huck has trouble chatting and getting people to talk unless he is torturing them.  He does find a fellow serviceman to talk to, but then he notices something weird. The man was never in the service , he is a plant. Huck asks Abby if she misses the White House, she smiles and then admits she is happiest as a gladiator.

Cyrus has his guest want a tour of the White House, rather than listen to the music. He takes him to the Oval and the gay millionaire tells how he wouldn’t mind being President  as he forces his way into the President’s chair. He makes it seem like any millionaire can be POTUS and Cyrus explodes. It is his dream and passion that chair and he doesn’t appreciate that he talks about million dollar paintings and Presidencies like they were nothing. Cyrus has worked hard to get his people there and he is so close himself. He has the second best monologue of the evening  .Cyrus receives a gift from the man. It’s the painting he admired. Is this the start of a new relationship?  The writers definitely went back to the old formula of Season One “Scandal.” There was definitely plenty of OMG moments , mixed in with some couple moments as well. It is obvious that Shonda is trying to wrap things up .  Jake also shows Liv the new “secret” room or B613 ‘s White House headquarters. Liv is also trying to dig up some dirt on the POTUS of Bahrain. That back fired on her because of the PM telling him about what Liv was really like. He called her the devil.  That beautiful gown was designed by Stella McCartney.

But romance isn’t dead on the show. The featured singer begins to sing and then David takes Abby’s hand. It is obvious that he still has feelings for her. Is there hope for these two? Quinn and Charlie have a moment at QPA. She wants to get married, now! Even the President of Bahrain starts to flirt with Mellie. But thanks to observant Huck, the President of Bahrain is saved by Jake and his men. Mellie gets the POTUS to think about the peace treaty. Over “Hooch” , she gets him to agree if he can get his enemies to the table as well. He agrees.

Liv gives her “Boy toy” reporter the scoop of the century about the peace treaty. He dumps his date and the two of them celebrate by going to her apartment. They kiss in the elevator , but Liv gets a surprise. It’s FITZ!!!!

“Pressing the Flesh” was directed by the awesome and star of next week’s episode … Tony Goldwyn

Black is Beautiful !!! Especially on Prime Time Television


Tonight was a milestone for television actresses. Viola Davis attended Julliard , but has spent year in roles in television shows and movies. She paid her dues , got acclaim for her movie roles , and achieved the biggest coup of her career by landing the role of Analise Keating in “How to Get Away with Murder”. She showed that the gutsy professor can be flawed and even at her age can be sexy.She is an example of the Shondaland school of strong and powerful women. Tonight , she climbed the mountain and took the trophy for all of those who have gone before her and those to come. It is an age of empowerment  as she described a speech that was made by Harriet Tubman that reminded her of the road she went down as an actress. Ego was not exercised as she praised her fellow actresses who have made marks of their own. Empire actress Taraje P Henson stood up and cheered when Ms Davis took the stage and accepted the Emmy for Best Leading Actress in a Drama. She was the first black actress to do so.

viola davis

Davis works for one of the most diverse producers in Hollywood, Shonda Rhimes. Rhimes has basically only made hits that break the norm. “Grey’s Anatomy” was a show that promoted a diverse cast and introduced the viewers to men that were too handsome for words. “Scandal” introduced the public to a strong woman who was an interloper to the halls of power and to some of the hottest love scenes on prime time television. She has proved that older men and women can still be sexy and powerful.


Henson shows that sexy doesn’t mean stick figure. She shows she got ass!

richard and catherine

James Pickens Jr and Debbie Allen are wed on “Grey’s Anatomy” . Older black couples are not pushed to the back, but given romantic storylines

jamal and his lover

Jussie Smollett’s (Jamal) character on “Empire” embraces a long taboo part of black culture , being gay.

don't ever leave me again... i almost died

Once taboo and even laughable, interracial couples have been embraced by society thanks to Shonda Rhimes and “Scandal” Kerry Washington is a woman who fixes everyone else’s mess, but has trouble with her own, including her love affair with the married President of the United States.

chandra director

Miranda Bailey is a woman in the man dominated world of surgery on “Grey’s Anatomy” Actress Chandra Wilson is similiar to her in some ways but she shows her power when she directs . Along with Wilson, Debbie Allen and Regina King  direct for Shondaland shows. Wilson recently directed for “Scandal”.

shonda land cover

The queen sits with her girls as they grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly

empire cast

“The family that plays together” , its not this one. Fox “Empire’ has broken sales records for ratings and the show’s soundtrack.  The cast has been acclaimed for their roles in the drama.

anthony anderson

Anthony Anderson was nominated for “Blackish” for best leading male in a comedy. The show lifts black stereotypes and also makes fun of them.


Joe Morton plays the most evil man on television, Rowan Pope. Last year, Morton won an Emmy for his role on the ABC show, “Scandal” Khandi Alexander was nominated this year, but sadly didn’t win


Murder and Mayhem Can Be Fun!!!


Yesterday, ABC unveiled their newest promo. It involved the stars of TGIT!!! Stars dancing and having fun? The whole idea took me back to the seventies which was the last time that these kind of promos were used. ABC seems to be in love with Shonda Rhimes and Thursday night. The last time a network owned a night was in the late nineties when NBC ruled the roost for almost twenty years with “Must See TV”. Now ABC seems to be proud as a peacock that they have taken over the crown. Shonda has prided herself on being water cooler worthy.  Seemingly though, fans of other ABC shows are not happy with these promos. They want the same treatment for their heroes and haven’t been shy about mentioning it on social media.

For three shows that are traditionally known for death, murder, and heartbreak, this promo seems to be out of character for the heroines of TGIT. Meredith Grey is a widow, Analise Keating still doesn’t know who murdered her husband, and Mellie Grant has been thrown out of the White House. This would be the last thing that they would be doing except for getting drunk. ABC has three shows on this night, yet it seems that only certain members of the other two shows are featured in the promo. The tent pole show of the night seems to be “Scandal”. “Scandal” is the show that seems to have the most loyal audience. They would have to be to put up with the crazy plots and evil alliances that the show promotes as OMG. Cast members delight in tweeting to their fans while they view the show. Sometimes they will even tweet while they are on set working between scenes. Cast members like Kerry Washington and Bellamy Young have turned up in popular magazines lately to quench fans desire for anything “Scandalous.” When “President” Tony Goldwyn was off of Twitter, fans clamored and panicked until he returned. Gladiators are a loyal bunch.

Obviously , the highlight of the video is the sweethearts of “TGIT”. Last Spring, Shonda shocked everyone by shaking up the world of Washington. Fitz had grown tired of their antics and decided as Cyrus had said before to “grow some Presidential balls.” First he threw out Mellie (Bellamy Young) and then fired “the queen of me, himself. (Jeff Perry) . Finally he could have the one thing that everyone (including Rhimes) kept away from him. The last scene that gladiators saw was the lovers in each others arms on the Truman balcony. What made the video fun to watch was the actors dancing , throwing popcorn, and tossing wine playfully. The actors seem to take on their on screen personas personalities. Mellie and Jake (Scott Foley) seem to be looking at their exes with disgust. Former lovers are reunited when Abby and David play games (Darby Stanchfield and Joshua Malina) and gladiators known for torture are having a good time. (Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz) Gladiators even get their first look at new cast member, Cornelius Smith Jr. Enemies are joined together as Portia Di Rossi and Jeff Perry throw popcorn instead of threats at each other. (DiRossi’s character took over as Grant COS when Cyrus was let go from his position.) Perhaps the most obvious sign that this is truly a new day in Shondaland , is when on screen lovers Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn flirt shamelessly and Olivia leads Fitz around by his tie. The relationship has traditionally been hidden and now it is brought into the fray. This might also be a new day since traditionally Fitz has been the chaser in the relationship. Now Olivia can call her lover boy.

Whatever is the purpose of the promos , viewers can satisfy their love for their show by watching dvds, social media, and just being patient. Either way , this gladiator will be sitting in front of the television in twenty one days with her glass of wine. Let the games begin.

TGIT returns on September 24.

shonda land familyThe Shondaland family with Mama Shonda in red

The Carousel Never Stops

greys anatomy logo

 As a long time fan of “Grey’s Anatomy,” I was quite excited to see how the great Shonda Rhimes would bid farewell to GA’s romantic lead. It was quite a shock when she blatantly killed off  one Derek Christopher Shepherd. It has become almost a yearly thing for the show to have at least one character bite the dust. People had just gotten used to Christina Yang leaving the show and believe me she is missed. True fans of the show can’t stand to see Owen with Amelia because we know that their love is deep and true. It is one thing when a minor character is killed off , but when one of the major leads is disposed of then fans question everything that they know. It has even cast a shadow over Shonda’s other show “Scandal” who is disposable, after Dempsey’s sudden exit, no one is safe. Sorry Mr President.

It was classic Shonda in the way that she dealt with the death. She loves the flashback and feels her characters can tell their story by letting the audience go back in time. A major part of the show kept going back to when Meredith was a child and when her mother found out she was pregnant with Maggie. It was also when Richard Webber told her it was over and she lost it. Our story started with the funeral and then Meredith disappearing. It turned out that is exactly what her mother Ellis did. Bravo to the always fabulous Kate Burton as the troubled Ellis Grey. The show then followed the doctors for an entire year and once again emphasized the family that Derek left behind. Owen returned to the military and took April with him. Most people were enraged by this chopped up version of tribute to Shepherd. But Rhimes prides herself on telling the story with flashbacks. . On HTGWM , she spent most of the season telling the story of Sam’s murder in flashbacks and on “Scandal” , critical plotpoints were emphasized in “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” , “The Trail,” “Happy Birthday Mr President,” and more recently “Should Have Put A Ring On It.” She is quite comfortable with this method of story telling and viewers were confused by this. It was a treat for longtime fans because there was plenty of MerDer flashbacks that took us through their relationship. History was not ignored as characters that viewers could have pictured easing the pain of Derek’s death were mentioned. (Cristina, Thatcher, Addison) The basic message was that life has to go one when someone dies and that was shown through the two burn patients and their surgical journey. The doctors showed their love and concern when Meredith disappeared. It turns out that Meredith was pregnant and Derek had left his legacy. The true ties of the show were also shown when Meredith finally decided to return to Seattle with Alex. Catherine Scorsone also was featured  in this episode with her feelings about her brother’s death. Her breakdown was memorable. The relationship with Owen was very clearly demonstrated when she finally let him in. (Note to Shonda: Military flashbacks for Scandal. I think it is time we saw Captain Ballard  and Fitz in military uniforms)

It remains what the future of “Grey’s” is going to be at this point. Losing a character of this magnitude will definitely test the viewers loyalty. Many people have already said that they are done with the death of McDreamy . This could quite possibly be the end of the show but with eleven seasons, it has been a good run. Shepherd will cement Dempsey into the class of actors that will be known for that role for the rest of their career. Let’s hope this role won’t be his curse because he is a very talented and charismatic actor. As for MerDer, we cheer Meredith as she moves on with all the tragedies in her life. Ellen Pompeo has got a lot to play out yet. For Shonda and all of her couples, there will be two that will be immortalized as great love stories, Olivia and Fitz and Meredith and Derek.

Grey-Sloane- Shepherd Hospital?


Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) contemplates her future while the carousel turns.

ellis and meredith

One of Shonda’s best treasures is Kate Burton . Whether she is playing the troubled Ellis Grey or the power mad Sally Langston , she shines.


Meredith holds her new daughter , Ellis Shepherd. Life has come full circle for her.


The last of the two interns have been through hell and back, but Meredith and Alex(Justin Chambers) have been there for each other through it all.


In the show , Owen (Kevin McKidd) trades his scrubs for fatigues as he returns to help in a war zone. He takes April with him

Mer in Derle

Meredith prepares for surgery, she brings a piece of Derek with her. She now wears his ferry boat scrub cap

Pick Me Choose Me Love Me…Meredith Grey and Derek Christopher Shepherd

mere derr

 Dr Meredith Grey certainly had her life cut out for her. Her mother, Ellis was a groundbreaking surgeon and Meredith was starting as an intern in the very hospital where her mother had worked. She had moved back to Seattle from Boston to start at Seattle Grace . But the night before she was to start, something happened that would change her life forever.

Derek had just come to Seattle from NYC. Heartbroken, he left New York to erase the memory of seeing his wife, Addison and his nest friend, Mark in bed together naked. Derek had accepted a position at SGH as the attending neurosurgeon with possibility to advance to Chief of Surgery. Just wanted to relax, he wanted to enjoy his favorite scotch and sit down at Joe’s Emerald City Bar . While he was there, he met an incredible intelligent, funny, and beautiful woman. They drank too much, went to bed together at her house and he woke up naked on her living room floor. Meredith just brushed it off as a drunken mistake and told Derek she wanted him gone before she finished showering.

Filled with rosy pictures of lots of surgeries and with a new group of friends, Meredith was terrified to find out she had slept with her new boss. She told him to keep his distance and they would get along. But then fate stepped in, Derek had been given a case of a young beauty queen who was experiencing seizures with no explanation. Puzzled, he asked the young interns to help him crack the case with the promise of assisting him in surgery. Eager to prove her ability, Meredith and her new bff Cristina set out to find the clues to cure the girl. Meredith had promised Cristina if they did find a cause, she would be glad to let Cristina operate in her place. Problem solved , brain bleed. Derek doesn’t want Cristina in the surgery, he thinks he likes this messed up dark girl and Dr Grey and Dr Shepherd do their first surgery together.

While Derek comes from a semi normal family where he lost his father from an armed robbery, Meredith ‘s family is a nightmare. Her mother told her she could never be ordinary and she would never be as brilliant as her. Her father had abandoned his family to start another one when he discovered his wife was having an affair with a fellow surgeon. Later in Meredith’s life, she would meet the half sister her father had with another woman, Lexi. She would also have the pleasure of meeting the sister her mother had given up for adoption. Coincidentally , both sisters were also doctors. Another coincidence , Lexi would fall in love with Derek’s best friend, Mark. (For the full story see Mark and Lexi Tragic Lovers) Derek and Meredith stopped fighting it and then began to date and fall in love. Their love had to be a secret since interns could not date their attendings. When Bailey found out ,she was bent on making Meredith’s life a living hell. Happy to exist in their little love bubble, Meredith and Derek were happy. That is until Derek found out that he was still married to Addison and she had come to Seattle to try and repair their marriage.

derek and addisonAddison is called in on an case and considers it fate that she can repair the damage that she caused to her marriage  to Derek. She arrives with unsigned divorce papers and then convinces Derek they still have a chance. Meredith backs down and the Shepherds work at repairing their marriage despite the fact that Derek is in love with Meredith.

merdith and ellisMeredith returned to Seattle to take over the affairs of her mother after she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s . This is also where she will make a home with Derek and her family including the doctors at SGH. Super surgeon , Ellis Grey was played by the phenomenal actress, Kate Burton. Kate returned to Shondaland on” Scandal” as VP Sally Langston . It is speculated that Kate will be returning to this role this season.

daddy bitch babyHere we have Meredith’s father , Thatcher and the half sister she didnt think she had, Lexi. Thatcher was played by the extraordinary  actor , Jeff Perry. Jeff is now one of the major power players on “Scandal” as Presidential Chief of Staff, Cyrus Beane.

Try as they might, they date other people and work in the same hospital. This results in one of the iconic GA moments where Meredith asks Derek to make a choice. But she hopes in her heart that the choice he makes is her.

pick me choose me love me

If there is one thing that this couple has had to confront it is tragedy. One of the interns once joked and called the hospital “Seattle Grace Mercy Death” They weren’t wrong. Meredith and Derek both have had to operate in the same room as an exploding bomb. Meredith has also drowned , Derek has been shot, both of them survived a plane crash and Meredith delivered her son in an electrical storm.

derek gets shot

Derek and Meredith worked together as they tried to find a way to treat Alzheimer and cancer patients. They grow closer and closer together. Meredith fights it and dates the vet who treats her and Derek’s dog , Doc. At the hospital prom, Meredith and Derek make love and he is ready to tell Addison he is done. When he arrives at her hotel room , he gets another surprise , Mark appears from the bathroom in a towel . The marriage is now over. Meredith now has two men fighting over her. She continues to see a therapist to find out why she is so messed up. Derek tires of waiting for her so he decides to date Nurse Rose. Meredith now decides she is ready for a commitment. As a symbol , she goes up on the hill where Derek has land and makes a house of candles.

candle houseGreys-Anatomy-Tyne-Ellen Meredith finally gets a chance to meet Derek’s mother played by Broadway legend Tyne Daly.GA prides itself on casting legendary actors like Hector Elizondo and Debbie Allen as parents of the staff. She approves and gives Derek her ring for Meredith. Since so many of their encounters take place in an elevator , Derek proposes in an elevator that he has plastered with catscans of the many cases they have worked on. She naturally says yes.

proposalAt the same time , Meredith’s fellow class mate Izzy Stevens is going through the fight of her life as she battles cancer. The only bright spots of the day for Izzy is when she gets to play wedding planner for the happy couple. Realizing that Izzy and Alex’s time may be limited, they let them have the wedding that she planned for them. They still get married , but with no time they make their vows on a post it in the locker room. Now the couple have teamed up on a drug trial to cure the disease that Meredith may someday get. They also get involved in Karev’s project of surgeries on kids from Africa. One of these little kids steals their hearts and her name is Zola. This ebony princess is the reason that the two of them decide to get really married at City Hall.

zola and derek

get married

The Alzheimer’s test comes under scrutiny when Meredith tampers with the drug and gets the trial suspended. Derek is furious until he realizes that she did this so Adele Webber could be treated. Alex tries to right the wrongs and gets Zola back with the Shepherds. Finally the family is reunited.

zola and shepherds

Tragedy rears its ugly head again when the team gets on a plane and then it crashes. The crash kills Lexi and then Mark perishes soon after. Arizona loses a leg and Derek ‘s hand is injured as well. This crash will cause untold chaos for a long time. Owen takes the blame on behalf of the hospital, the plane company settles and pays the doctors millions of dollars. With financial troubles taking over the hospital , the doctors unite and buy the hospital naming it Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital in honor of Mark and Lexi. The Shepherds are now on the board and own a hospital.

plane crash

 Derek has surgery on his hand thanks to nerves that are donated from his sister. The surgery is a success and then Meredith gives him the news that he is going to be a father. Bailey Derek Shepherd is born in the middle of a storm in true “Grey’s ” fashion.. Meredith bleeds out on the table and Bailey saves her.

perfect family

CATERINA SCORSONEThe Shepherds receive some help when Derek’s sister arrives from LA and “Private Practice” . Canadian actress , Catherine Scorsone portrays Dr Amelia Shepherd.. She moves in to help with the Shepherd kids and ends up staying . Derek is asked by the President to come to Washington and work on his project on brain mapping, Derek accepts and then leaves. Feeling guilty, he returns to Meredith and the kids. Meredith doesn’t want to be the one to hold him back so she throws him out and tells him to go back to Washington.

meredith tells derek to go

Now Meredith and Derek are at a cross roads in their marriage. Will he come back or is it off  to Washington and the end of his marriage? Find out on Jan 29 when “Grey’s” and your other TGIT favorites return. What do you expect ? It’s Shondaland!


Its Been a Scandallous Year- Images of 2014

scandal cast season 2Alright gladiators , it is the middle of winter hiatus with 30 days to go. Since we are looking at NYE, I thought it would be fun to look at the best of our show for this year. Things seem pretty dire right now I admit, but we have to have hope that the endgame isn’t that far off. Enjoy!

where the sun dont shineFitz just can’t seem to catch a break… he is given an ultimatum war or resign. The bargaining chip is the one thing that he can’t do without … you don’t mess with Fitz’s woman!

dont anwer thatWith the knowledge that her mother had killed her lover’s son and everything , Olivia decided to get on a plane and take off … she leaves with her boy toy Jake and returns months later

in the oval  price of a free and fairLosing his son and the love of his life on the same day proves too much for the President as he ponders it all on the seal in the Oval Office

kiss kiss bang bangJake has a job – to kill the one who threatens the republic as he digs for the truth about the Vice President’s husband’s death. That person unfortunately is Cyrus’s husband and Ella’s father James Novack

mellie and chickenShe is no longer the glamorous, ambitious First Lady , Mellie Grant loses it and becomes Smellie Mellie and a national joke ..have some chicken

fitz aandrew and mellieA winning team ? Hardly ! Fitz finds a new running mate after Sally turns on him. It is Andrew Nichols who proves  to be more trouble than he is worth and endears himself to the First Lady.

fitz beats Jake Jake is fingered for the death of the President’s son but things get really bad when Jake eggs on Fitz about being with Olivia… then Fitz becomes bad ass POTUS and sexy! Jake Ballard gets a can of whoop ass- Grant style

randy red julia and superfreakThe season began when Olivia returned to the funeral of Harrison Wright . Here the gladiators reunite to say farewell to the original gladiator in a suit

PAUL ADELSTEIN, KATE BURTON Sally decides she is done with Fitz and declares her candidacy for the Presidency. She utilizes the wonder boy Leo Bergen to help her defeat Fitz

DYLAN MINNETTE, BELLAMY YOUNG, MADELINE CARROLL, TONY GOLDWYNTrying to win the Presidency can be hard . especially with kids like Karen and Jerry Jr . But the most famous part of this episode is when Fitz screams “I’m talking to my wife” to Olivia. BIG MISTAKE

you are a boyFitz interrogates Papa Pope and chides him on as he describes in detail what he has done to his daughter and his response is that he is nothing more than a BOY!

olivia chillingSometimes a girl just needs to get away… while Washington goes to hell , she relaxes on the sun with Jake

the kissIn the privacy of the bunker, Fitz wants Olivia to kiss him…. old feelings return

the walk throughNo matter how hard they try to forget each other…fate brings them together

late night phone callsNothing like a late night phone call to get you all hot and bothered… then …..i  think we all were fanning ourselves after that calldont step on my dance floorIf anyone has seen this woman -please call the White House…Olivia declares she is her own woman and then vanishes….