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Television’s BFF’s ….Happy Best Friends Day


 We all have besties . They are the ones who are with you through thick and thin. Sometimes you want to kill them , but you know you are nothing without them. Television shows present and old school is full of them. So on this bff day, we at Chitownstarconnections are saluting our favorite best buds….

Jen had to salute her favorite show and that is the late great “Castle.” What would the writer detective be without his partners? Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, and Jon Huertas

castle esposito and ryan

These two are as close as best friends can be , without being related. They were part of the “MAGIC” that was “Grey’s Anatomy.” Dr. Cristina Yang and Dr. Meredith Grey….”The Twisted Sisters.” Here are stars TR Knight, Katherine Heigl and the Twisted Sisters … Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh.

007 with the girls

What is really great is that in real life “Empire’s” Becky and Jamal are really best friends. Gabourney Sidibe and Jussie Smollett are bffs.

becky and jamal

They have known each other for twenty years in real life , but they also play best buds on tv. Together they ran the country for most of seven years on “Scandal”, They are Jeff Perry and Tony Goldwyn or Cyrus Beene and Fitzgerald Grant.

the band is back together

They were raised together like brothers, but they had remained best buds all during med school. They shared everything, including Addison. Mark eventually ended up in Seattle and had also slept with all of Derek’s sisters. “Grey’s Anatomy” couldn’t had closer buds then the late Dr. Mark Sloane (Eric Dane) and the late Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)

the elevator ride from hell

 There was never a better group of friends than the four sexy gals from NYC… Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, and Carrie…. “Sex and the City”

sex and the city

There isn’t two more perfect and drunk bff’s in all of Britain than those lovable addicts Patsy and Edwina (Jennifer Saunders and JoAnna Lumley) of “Ab Fab”


They are all geniuses with women problems. But they can count on each other, no matter what. They are Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Leonard (Johnny Galecki) Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayaar)


 They are total opposites , the one was raised in poverty and the other in the lap of luxury, but poverty brought Max and Caroline together. Now they are just “Two Broke Girls” (Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings)

max and caroline

 That’s what friends are for … like the fun foursome who return to NBC this fall on “Will and Grace” … Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullahy, and Sean Hayes…

will and grace

They may have been cousins, but they are the best of buds in ritzy Bel Air… Carlton and Will of the “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”

will and carlton

 They are four women from Atlanta with a lot of class and style…Mary Jo (Annie Potts) Charlene (Jean Smart) Julia (the late great Dixie Carter) and Suzanne (Delta Burke) “Designing Women”

designing women

There is no better group of friends than the sexy sextet from the series that is named “Friends” … Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. true classics …


They are gbbf’s in real life and have played lovers on the screen… they are “Huckleberry Quinn” or Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz of “Scandal”

quinn and huck.jpg

Two women who were forced to be together when their ex husbands decided to come out are the hilarious stars of Netflix “Grace and Frankie” Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda


 There seems to be a lot of reboots on tv and one of the most popular on Netflix is the reboot of “Full House” called “Fuller House” Dave Coulier , Bob Saget , and John Stamos have reprised their roles as much of the cast has… DJ and Kimmy have grown up and have kids of their own

full house 2

They were the cast with the show about ‘nothing” best of buds…. on “Seinfeld” Jerry, George, Elaine, and the inevitable Kramer..

seinfeld cast

The wisdom that they spot is pure gold… they are the old ladies who know what’s what.Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and of course Sophia..”The Golden Girls”

cast of golden girls

They are the girls  who live a singles life in a 90’s kind of world … she’s glad she’s got her girls… Maxx, Regine, Kadejah, and Sinclair… Living Single…

Living Single Cast


Finally we end with two buds on the hit CMT show “Nashville” , both are looking for that neon rainbow and chasin that honky tonk dream… Sam Palladio and Chris Carmack

chris carmack and sam palladio

Did we include your favorite tv buds ? If not write and tell us about them… here is my bff picture… it’s Jen….15589834_10157834996700577_8153654855180318187_n Happy besties day!!!




Mazel to you Joshua!!! You are Golden!!!


This is a golden year for some of television’s favorite actors. Many of your faves hit the big 50 this year. Sixty six seemed to be the year that a bunch of actors made their debut. Last week, was Patrick Dempsey. Today we are celebrating the life and career of one Joshua Charles Malina. Josh has been a television and movie fixtures for many years. Currently, he is the Attorney General with the White Hat on ABC’s “Scandal”  , David Rosen. Join with us as we walk down memory lane of the life of this beloved actor.



Joshua was born on January 17, 1966 in New York City to Fran and Robert Malina . Show business seemed to be in his blood since his father was an investment banker/ Broadway producer. Malina grew up in Scarsdale . He made a comment that people usually didn’t know that his name was Jewish, they usually thought he was Latino with his name. Malina in polish means “Raspberry.” He graduated from Yale University with a BFA in Theatre.


Joshua ‘s first acting role was in “A Few Good Men ” on Broadway. The play was written by prolific writer , Aaron Sorkin. Josh’s parents made the suggestion that Malina look up Sorkin since he was a high school classmate of one of his cousins. The cousin has spoken to Sorkin about Josh and he was encouraged to audition. Joshua was cast in the play and here is in the motion picture. Joshua went to appear in several of Sorkin’s projects in his career.


Joshua was Jeremy Goodwin on “Sports Night” He appeared with “Good Wife’s” Josh Charles


Joshua also was on Stargate as “Cicero”


Joshua also appeared in the HBO’s mini series “From the Earth to the Moon” . He would work with a lot of the talented actors in the show like George Newbern, Tom Verica, and Tony Goldwyn.


Josh also showed his comic side as he played the gay flight attendant , Randy Jones  Gweneth Paltrow in “View from the Top”.


Josh made quite a name for himself as Will Bailey in “The West Wing” Here he is with Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford)


Josh was also the President of Cal Tech on “The Big Bang Theory” . Here he is so rudely interrupted by Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Kripke (John Ross Barie)

Law and Order SVU Episode Thought Criminal 15023 12

He embraced his creepy side as a child pornographer on “Law and Order SVU”

joshua malina on grey's

Joshua’s first visit to Shondaland was on “Grey’s Anatomy”. Here he is with Alex Karev  (Justin Chambers) as he helps his wife with an unusual request for transplant. Josh also appeared on “Private Practice”




Currently Josh is appearing as David Rosen, Attorney General on “Scandal” Here he is with President Grant (Tony Goldwyn) when he was appointed for the office.



David may currently be with Lizzie Bear and have the Veep Susan Ross crushing on him but the love of his life is clearly Abby, (Darby Stanchfield)


Joshua is an animal lover and family man in real life. He has two children , Avi and Isabelle. Here he is with his lovely wife, Melissa who is the owner of Isarose, a flower shop in Pacific Palisades. You might even see Josh there in the shop on one of his days off.


From putting Vaseline on Martin Sheen’s phone to pranking Jimmy Kimmel on his birthday, Joshua is the jokester of his set. He sent flowers to Jimmy Smits and signed them from Bradley Whitford and put fake names on his “Scandal” castmates trailers. Here he is last Halloween as Olivia Pope.



Joshua is a great guy . How do we know this? I was fortunate to chat with him on the phone and interview this talented and fun guy. So on your golden birthday, Joshua, Chitownstarconnections wishes you Mazel and Happy Birthday.

Guess Where You Saw Them 2015 Edition!!!

star pic art

It’s fall and that means time for the start of a new television season. In the next few weeks, we will look back to get caught up on your faves. We will also give my opinions on the great new box sets that have recently been released. You can also count on me to be there when the shows return. Another fun thing that we do is we is salute the stars of the new series by looking back on movie and television roles they did before now. So let’s go down memory lane and at the same  time get acquainted with the new shows.

Blood and Oil… I am a little leery of this show because it is a show about oil and money. Hey if America wanted to watch oil barons and feuding family members on television, “Dallas” would have survived. Still ABC, home of tragic doctors and horny Presidents wants America to watch. The patriarch of the family is Don Johnson.. yes that Don Johnson.

don johnson sonny crockett

Don was a fashion icon of the eighties as the dapper Sonny Crockett on “Miami Vice” He also starred with another ABC star in the show “Nash Bridges.” One of his cast members was Jeff Perry aka “Cyrus” on “Scandal cast.

nash bridges cast

blood and oil cast

Here is the cast of “Blood and Oil” including Don. The other familiar face in the cast is Jeremy Sisto. He has done many shows including the original “Law and Order’ and also played Jesus. Don plays Hap Bridges the patriarch.

jeremy sisto clueless

Jeremy is also remembered as Elton in “Clueless.”

ken jeong as dr ken cast

 ABC is bringing the funny back to Fridays with “Dr Ken.” There are quite a few television vets in the cast, including the good doctor.

role models ken jeong

Ken Jeong was the King in the hilarious movie “Role Models.”

 dave foley and sean hayes

Dave Foley (hey not to be confused with hunky Scott Foley) played Jack’s boyfriend on “Will and Grace.” In this show , he plays Pat.

tisha campbell martin gina

Tisha Campbell Martin  who plays Desdemona will be remembered as the love of his life in the classic “Martin”

angel from hell

Ever heard of a guardian angel?. Well no one ever had one like Amy( Jane Lynch)in the CBS show “Angel From Hell”

sue and mr shuster from glee

Here is Jane when she was the mean cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on “Glee” She is pictured with Matthew Morrison.

life in pieces james brolin dianne wiest

Nobody’s family is normal and that is the message of “Life in Pieces.” a CBS comedy which features James Brolin and Dianne Wiest.  Brolin plays John Short.

james brolin marcus welby

Brolin first was first noticed on the seventies show “Marcus Welby MD.” as the dashing Dr  Steven Kiley.

as castle' s dad

Most recently , he was the CIA absentee father of Richard Castle on “Castle”

dianne wiest the bird cage

Diane Wiest was the political wife in “The Bird Cage.”

code black

It’s a show with the rush of “ER” and the drama of “Grey’s Anatomy” It’s “Code Black” .CBS’s new medical drama. Academy award winner , Marcia Gay Harden leads the cast as Dr. Leanne Rorish

how to get away with murder marcia gay harden

Here she is as Sam’s sister coming to find out about his disappearance on “How to Get Away With Murder.” with Viola Davis.

bonnie summerville friends

Cast member Bonnie Summerville will also be remembered as one more woman to come between Ross and Rachel on “Friends.” She played Mona.

SMASH -- Pilot -- Pictured: (l-r) Raza Jaffrey as Dev Sundaram, Katharine McPhee as Karen Cartwright -- Photo by: Will Hart/NBC

Raza Jeffrey last appeared on “Homeland” . Here he is as the diplomatic Dev on the late NBC series “SMASH” He was also man servant to Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City 2”

nothing like the holidays luis guzman

Luis Guzman starred in the movie “Nothing Like Home for the Holidays.” that was filmed here in Chicago.


An all star cast is on board for the latest comic book entry with “Supergirl.” Supergirl even has a celebrity daughter on their writing staff. Anna Goldwyn, the same daughter to “Scandal” star , Tony Goldwyn.is one of the writers on this show that is bound to be a hit. The girl who plays the heroine herself is Melissa Benoit.

melissa benoit glee marley rose

Benoit was the girl with the plus size mom, Gwen on “Glee”.

Others in the cast include

supergirl calista flockhart

Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant

ally mcbeal

She will be best remembered as career girl, Ally McBeal

chyler leigh supergirl

Chyler Leigh returns to television as Alex Danvers

chyler as lexie with eric dane

She melted our hearts as Dr. Lexi Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” . Here she is with her man, Eric Dane of “The Last Ship.”

dean cain and helen slater

Helen Slater and Dean Cain as Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers have super roots of their own.

helen slater as supergirl

Helen has played the gal from Krypton herself in the movies.

dean cain and terri hatcher

Dean was the heartthrob of the nineties as the man of steel in “Lois and Clark, the new Adventures of Superman”. Here he is with Lois. (pre” Desperate Housewives”) Terry Hatcher

dr daniel charles chicago med

The latest entry to the Chicago trilogy is “Chicago Med” . In this spin- off to the popular Dick Wolf trilogy, Oliver Platt plays Dr. Daniel Charles. His character first appeared on “Chicago Fire.”

ready to rumble  oliver platt

He has done numerous roles in shows like “West Wing”, and movies. Here he is in the movie “Ready to Rumble” with David Arquette and “Hawaii Five O’s ” Scott Caan.


What is more traditional than John Stamos with kids? John Stamos is “Grandfathered ” on Fox

full house

Here is John as the adorable Uncle Jessie in “Full House”

Two tv vets play brothers who will make you laugh in “Grinder” Fred Savage is Stewart Sanderson and Rob Lowe is Dean Sanderson, a Hollywood actor who moves home to take over the family law firm. But his brother Stewart and his father don’t think he is qualified since he is only an actor.William Devane returns as their father and head of the law firm.


SH06E143WESTWING May 9, 2006 _ Janel Moloney, Bradley Whitford and Rob Lowe star on "The West Wing." (SHNS photo by Mitchell Haddad / NBC)

Rob was  Sam Seaborn on “The West Wing” . Here he  is with Janel Moloney and Bradley Whitford

kevin and winnie

Here is Fred as the adorable Kevin Arnold on the classic “The Wonder Years”

dean sanderson jr  william devane knots landing

William Devane will always be remembered as Gregory Sumner from the tv soap classic “Knots Landing” Remember the naked croquet game with Nicolette Sheridan?

fargo cast

We finish up with “Fargo” . Even though the show is in Season 2, two very important additions were added. Jean Smart as Floyd Gearhart and Ted Danson as Hank Larsson . Danson just wrapped up his stint on the original “CSI” .


He will forever be known as the love em and leave em bartender in the place where “everyone knows your name”, Sam “Mayday ” Malone. Here he is with Diane (Shelley Long) on “Cheers”

jean smart designing women

We finish our salute with Jean Smart in one of my favorite shows. Smart had previously won an Emmy for her work on “Frasier”. Here she is with her girls on “Designing Women.” as Charlene Frasier Stillfield .

Meet One of The Cops on Chicago’s Beat -Marina Squerciati


NBC is proud as a peacock about its hit “Chicago Fire.”  It is one of the only shows that survived from last season and remains a fan favorite. Here in the Windy City, people can’t stop talking about the boys at 51.  Dick Wolf has decided to capitalize on this love affair with our fair city by making a spin off. “Chicago PD” picks off where “Chicago Fire” left off with a couple characters that were introduced on the show. (But more about that later) The other day , I got the privilege to chat with a really nice girl from NW who made it big. Marina Squerciati has taken her Wildcat training and allowed it to bring her back to her Chicago as Kim  Burgess, flight attendant turned cop.

Marina is so excited to be back in Chicago. She is especially honored to be working with Dick Wolf and the great cast of Chicago PD. Marina says that they have been doing a lot of bonding with the “boys” at 51 aka the cast and crew of “Chicago Fire” “We have taken a lot of our cues from them. We are the new kids on the block.” she smiled. Needless to say, both casts have been bonding and showing up in some of Chicago’s best eateries.  Even though, Marina has worked with Wolf as a guest star on his other series, she considers herself very lucky to be part of this cast. “Everyday feels like Christmas . Dick is so smart and has so much vision. We are so proud of what we are doing.”

When she was asked about her character on the show, Marina showed her theatre training by comparing her character to Nina in Chekhov’s “The Seagull” “Nina is a caged bird , not unlike Kim as a former flight attendant who has traded all that for a uniform.” She also compared the show to classical Chekhov as well. “It is something so real and magical, yet in this day and age, every play is a family story. We make it relatable .”  Her theatre background is a strong force in her life and wants to attend as much of our flourishing theatre scene as possible. Trading theatre stories, I asked if she had any memorable Wildcat stories. “Well as cold as it is, at Northwestern, you get to know people’s eyes because they are always all bundled up.”  she laughed. On that particular night , she was looking forward to attending a play at Steppenwolf with her former acting teacher.  Another cast member, LeRoyce Hawkins also got his training on the Goodman stage.

Well whether she is dining at Sunda or attending a play here in town, Marina is looking forward to a long hitch as a member of the  “Chicago PD”  . With Captain Dick Wolf at the helm, that’s a strong possibility.


Moniqua Has the Desire To Inspire

Moniqua Plante - jpeg

Television is filled with strong female characters and the ABC hit “Nashville” is no exception. These are women who have it all. They are mothers, business women and hit makers. They also know how to stand on their own against their men. Story lines are peppered with a country sound and no city since “Dallas” has been more identified with a location than “Nashville.” The city, with its great music, can definitely be described as a character on the show.

Today I had the pleasure to chat with one of the stars of “Nashville,”  Moniqua Plante. Moniqua plays “Natasha” the love interest of “Mayor, Teddy Conrad.”  Moniqua had nothing but good things to say about her fellow castmates. She counts herself very fortunate to work alongside talented people like Connie Britton, Hayden Panettierre, and Charles Esten. As for Eric Close, her leading man, Moniqua told me that she was originally cast for only three episodes. But, she also said, “The chemistry between Eric as Teddy and me as Natasha has been incredible. He is so giving and he is very easy to work with. I’m actually flying back this week to shoot some more scenes with him.” And about spoilers between the hooker and the Mayor? Moniqua laughed and said that even she doesn’t know what’s next in the plot.

Since “Natasha” was introduced by Jeff, Moniqua sees the relationship as “doomed.” But she also thinks that their story is far from over. “Teddy is in search of true love. He is looking for something real.” That’s why she is sure that she is not the one for Teddy. Their relationship is a secret that Jeff is holding over Teddy’s head. Secrets like these are reminiscent of the grand old era of night time soaps that fuel television shows like “Nashville.”

Moniqua admitted that she also likes the strength that her character has and said, “These are all women who have strength and like that. These are the kind of roles that I gravitate toward.” And she said, ”Callie Khouri, (the show creator) is well known for characters like that.”

Acting isn’t the only thing on her plate. Moniqua was quite excited about a script that she is working on with a partner. She explained that it was a full length comedy. Plus, Moniqua has also gone back to school to get her degree in holistic nutrition which remains her other true passion. She told me that it was her desire to teach people how to keep their bodies healthy and make people feel good inside and out.

But with the popularity of her character on “Nashville,” I have a feeling this isn’t the last we will hear of Ms. Plante. Her star is definitely on the rise.


Teddy-Natasha-CMAs1Here is Moniqua with her leading man, Eric Close who plays Mayor Teddy Conrad