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TV’s Hottest Men


Television brings to us every week some of the most gorgeous hunks. They make it a pleasure to watch and drool at their ripped bodies. There are so many of them to choose from as well. There are firemen and cops, detectives and doctors, musicians and politicians. There is even a President in the mix. Jen and I had fun with this post and we hope it will entertain you. If your faves aren’t here, let us know and then we can do a second article .


My pick for the hottest guy on television is the POTUS on “Scandal” . Fitzgerald Grant or Tony Goldwyn. Now that he is divorced , there has been even more shirtless scenes in the White House as he explores his new freedom. Hopefully we will see him with the love of his life , Olivia Pope again in Season Six. Tony has also starred in the movie , “The Belko Experiment.”


Jen’s man is that man about town and space, Nathan Fillion. Nathan is currently doing a recurring role on another ABC hit , “Modern Family” . Rainer Shine is the local weatherman and he is dating the daughter of Phil. Nathan has also starred on “Castle” and “Firefly”He has also guested on “Brooklyn Nine Nine and played himself on “The Big Bang Theory” Nathan is also a voice in “Cars 3” for Di


Jussie Smollett is the smokin hot piece of chocolate that plays the gay son on “Empire” , Jamal Lyon. Talented , sexy , and gay …we don’t care he likes the boys. He is still great to look at.


Bryshere “Yaz” Grey is the baby of the Lyon family, Hakeem on “Empire” . He is a rapper , a fighter, and a lover. He actually became a daddy very recently.


Olivia Pope has had a difficult decision for about three years now. Scott Foley is part of the Presidential love triangle on “Scandal” as Capt Jake Ballard. Will she choose Jake or his buddy, Fitz?  Jake is also now poised to be VEEP to Mellie Grant’s POTUS. Who will rule the Oval?


How can a guy be sexy as a gay man and a daddy? Well just ask the star of Fox’s “24 Legacy” , Dan Bucatinsky. He is an author , producer, and Emmy award winning actor. Dan is the computer geek Andy Salowitz that helps the team. Before this, Dan won his Emmy for playing sweet, naive James Novak , hubby to political monster, Cyrus on “Scandal” .


It’s been a rough go for Justin Chambers as Dr Alex Karev on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Alex is one of the two original interns of the show. He is leaning toward being with his fellow classmate, Meredith. He has been her person since Cristina left and Derek died.Now Alex is fighting his feelings for Meredith.


It has taken viewers a while to warm up to Cornelius Walker Jr as Olivia’s newest gladiator on “Scandal.” He started as a community agitator on “The Lawn Chair.”  Eventually , he made his case and was brought on when Olivia was trying to defend her image during the whole “mistress” arc. There is one person who has managed to steal Marcus’ heart and that is the former First Lady, Mellie . He and Bellamy Young’s love scenes steam up the screen.


 Jen and I first saw Ed Quinn when he was the futuristic Capt Max on an episode of “Castle.” Ed is now the on again off again boyfriend of Max on “Two Broke Girls” , Randy. Ed was a former model and we hope he will be the guy that sweeps Max away but lets her visit Han and the gang at the diner.


Jack Falahee sizzles up the campus with his scenes on “How to Get Away with Murder.” His love  scenes with his lover, Oliver , have made them the new hot gay couple. Connor definitely belongs with the other ‘boys” in the Keating Five.


“Once a gladiator, always a gladiator.” is the motto on “Scandal.” Abby was the true hero concerning Liv’s kidnapping. She called Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick)  to come and rescue her with the men who wanted to auction her off to the highest bidder. Stephen managed to accomplish the one thing that Jake and the gladiators and the White House couldn’t do, he liberated Olivia and brought her safely back to DC. That’s a real hero.


Kevin McKidd has long been a fixture on “Grey’s Anatomy” ever since he came in and literally swept Cristina Yang off her feet. That’s a real man and so is Owen Hunt.  He is an Army man and was a surgeon over in Afghanistan. Kevin is also a singer and he comes from the land of my ancestors, Scotland. Love to hear that sexy brogue.


There is nothing hotter than someone who risks their lives daily and for five seasons , Taylor Kinney has been causing women to sweat when he fights fires in the Second City on “Chicago Fire.” As Firefighter Kelly Severide, he has been through quite a few personal traumas as well as professional.


Eric Dane was first known as the on call room romeo as Dr Mark Sloane on “Grey’s Anatomy” . But then Eric fell victim to another Shondaland death and Mark was dead. But we can still enjoy Eric on TNT’s “The Last Ship” . Every girl loves a man in uniform.


David Boreanaz started life as a vampire on “Angel” then he graduated to the FBI and Temperance ‘s work partner and eventual  love interest on “Bones.” As Seeley Booth, he helps Emily Deschnel solve crimes. Sadly, this is the final season of the forensic drama.


Peter Crause is the suave and sexy con man Benjamin Jones on “The Catch” . He plays a dangerous game as he woos Alice . But she is never sure who he really is . He is sexy as he is slimy. “The Catch” is part of ABC’s TGIT line up.


All of the Lyon sons of “Empire” are gorgeous. The oldest son, Andre, is the troubled and manic depressive one. You have to feel sorry for how bad he is and want to hold him. Trai Byers plays him to perfection. But hands off ladies, Trai married his co star back in December, Grace who is the temptress “Boo Boo Kitty.” Andre is currently embroiled in a plot that involves getting rid of his father and taking over Empire records.

ryan from quantico

There are men and women everyday who fight for justice and defend our country against enemies of the state and terrorists. They are the FBI agents “Quantico” Jake McLaughlin as Agent Ryan Booth fights  and romances the exotic Alex .

guillermo diaz

It’s been touch and go and he still isn’t out of the woods for “Scandal’s” Guillermo Diaz as Diego Munoz or “Huck” . He has such a sweet face that hides the heart of a trained killer. But he is also a sexy Hispanic man, who loves Madonna . In other words, sorry gals like Jussie and Dan, he has a devoted man.

deacon claybourne

Charles Esten plays the typical country music star , a songwriter with a broken heart . He has had enough tragedy in his life between his alcoholism and his wife’s tragic death. But Charles is also an awesome and sexy guy in real life. Deacon of “Nashville” works with a cause dear to my heart, “Light the Night for Leukemia.”

ben feldman

 Ben Feldman is a Jewish hottie and I love a little kosher in my men. First , he was heavenly as “Fred” , on “Drop Dead Diva” , then he went back in time on the super hit, “Mad Men” . Now he is glad to serve you on the NBC comedy, “Superstore” as “Jonah”

avery on nashville

We first saw Jonathan Jackson as the son of  soap opera icons “Luke and Laura” on “General Hospital” Today he plays the devoted hubby and producer Avery Barkley  on CMT’s “Nashville” which was renewed for another season.


 Harvey had a good friend  like Jon Huertas when he was on “Sabrina” and the gang on TGIF. But Jon made a bigger splash when he was cast as ex Army “Javier Esposito” on “Castle” .  He would accompany Rick and Kate on almost every case. But now Jon has a new role on the runaway hit , “This is Us” as “Andrew”

koothrappali on bbt

Geek is the new “sexy” and that is exactly what the boys on “The Big Bang Theory” are is a group of overgrown geeks that are scientists. Kunal Nayar is the Indian astronomer , Dr Raj Koothrappali . With that smile and those twinkling eyes, what woman wouldn’t want to gaze at the stars with this man.?

matt mcgorry asher

 Matt McGorry kept the peace on “OITNB”. Now he is the confused law student  Asher Millstone as a member of the “Keating” five on “How to Get Away With Murder” . He is the perfect entitled , spoiled preppy boy who is so adorable.

mon el and caraIt can get lonely when you are galaxies away from home, whether it is one planet or Krypton. But Mon El can find comfort and love in his girlfriend, Kara on “Supergirl”. Hey we can all use someone to rescue us, and if it is someone as hot and cool as Chris Wood.

jackson avery

Jesse Williams is not only an actor , but an activist. He plays the rich boy surgeon, Dr Jackson Avery on “Grey’s Anatomy”. He is also sweet and sensitive , the best kind of guy.

jason george ben

Jason George is one sweet piece of chocolate . He is also the man who swept Miranda Bailey off her feet on “Grey’s Anatomy” Look at him, that wasn’t hard to do. I think we would all like to have him to do that to us.


And last but not least is the very handsome and sexy patriarch of the Lyons clan on “Empire” ,” Luscious Lyon  “Terrence Howard is an older man who is still virile and active. Plus look at those clothes, nothing sexier than a sharp dressed man.

Romantic Beginnings…

clip art romance

All television couples have to start somewhere. They have to be hired to work for someone, be just a boy and a girl who meet in a bar, or fixed up. In honor of Valentines Day, we are honoring the humble beginnings of television’s most beloved couples.

Dr Derek Shepherd and Dr Meredith Grey- Grey’s Anatomy

derek and meredith  grey's

Even though Derek is now deceased, theirs is one of television’s greatest love stories. Hard to believe that next day job anxiety caused this couple to have their first hook up. Meredith was drinking her precious tequila at Joe’s where she met the recently separated Derek. Imagine her surprise when she shows up at work and finds out her new boss was her one night stand. All fairy tales should start this way.


monica and chandler friends

Monica Geller and Chandler Bing  FRIENDS

In 1987, Monica’s big brother , Ross brought his roommate home for the holidays. Monica had a crush on the debonair Chandler Bing, but her size slowed things down considerably. Flash forward a few years and its Ross’s wedding day, the friends become friends with benefits and love develops. Chandler moves in, proposes, and then the couple get married with their friends in attendance.

castle and beckett meet

Richard Alexander Rogers  aka Richard Edgar Castle  and Katherine Houghton Beckett Castle- CASTLE

Katherine’s life had been turned upside down since the death of her mother, JoAnna. There was one salvation in her life and that was enjoying the mysteries of Richard Castle. One day she went to the book launch of “Flowers For Your Grave” where she requested the help in solving a murder that had a scene eerily similiar to the book’s setting. It is also where she met the author. Needing inspiration, Castle asks his friend the Mayor to tag along with the detective and use her as the muse for his next novel. Four years later, the two finally dance a horizontal tango and then marry.

deacon and rayna

Rayna James and Deacon Claybourne – NASHVILLE

They make beautiful music together and have been doing it for years. Deacon and his sister Beverly, used to perform together until he met Rayna. They left their southern town and headed to Nashville where they started their careers. The pressures of stardom got to Deacon , so he hit the bottle . Rayna couldn’t handle his drinking , so she put him in rehab. She found out she was pregnant with his child. Instead of giving Deacon another chance, she married Teddy. Years later, Deacon finds out that Maddie is his. After a divorce from Teddy, Deacon proposed and Rayna accepted. They will be marrying soon .

fitz and olivia meet

Fitzgerald Thomas Grant iii and Olivia Pope -SCANDAL

One of the most tempestuous romances on television began with a phone call to Olivia from her mentor. Cyrus called her to come and help with the campaign of his candidate, Fitzgerald Grant as he runs for the White House. The California governor is a true dark horse going into the primaries. But with her magic, Olivia makes this Naval hero a contender. Another con is that Grant and his wife can’t stand to be in the same room. Olivia notices this and forces them to play nice. While all of this is happening, Olivia and Fitz begin to fall for each other. He is in a loveless marriage that was arranged by his father. Olivia truly makes him a better man. Now divorced and at the present time, single, will Olivia and Fitz find their way back to each other?

cookie and luscious

Loretha “Cookie” Hathaway  and Lucious Lyon of EMPIRE

Loretha was born in Philly in the hood and was heavily into the drug business. This is where she met aspiring musician  Lusious Lyon. Lyon was also a dealer and eventually the two fell in love and married. They became parents to three sons, Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem. They were so successful that Cookie put up the money for the budding Empire dynasty. Unfortunately, Cookie would take the rap and was imprisoned. Returning to society, she finds out that her ex has some boo boo kitty and her sons have forgotten her. Cookie makes her demands and returns to Empire. Now the family Lyon is caught up in scandals that threaten their very existence. Will the Empire survive?

sheldon and amy

Dr Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler “The Big Bang Theory”

 Sheldon’s friends Raj and Howard had made a bet that they could find a woman who would go for him. Sheldon is a little eccentric and has quirks like no one sits on his part of the couch and roommate agreements. When the two of them filled out a questionaire for an on line dating service, only one woman showed up and that was Amy. It has been a rough road with one breakup and a first kiss on VD , but they have finally made it. They had coitus. What is next for this interesting couple.


 Dr Ben Warren was an anesthesiologist at Seattle Grace and he started to fall for the newly divorced Dr.  Miranda Bailey.  The two began a romance that ended right after the shooting in Season 6. Bailey felt they needed a break so she could fix herself after the trauma. She then started to see a nurse and then Ben found out. He wanted to fight for her and she came back to him. Then he tried to propose with a crossword puzzle and there was the long distance romance while he interned in LA. He came back and the two married.

james and cyrus dance

James Novak and Cyrus Rutherford Beane -SCANDAL

Just like the ill fated marriage of Meredith and Derek, this story ended tragically . But it started at the same time of another great romance. Cyrus was the campaign manager of Governor Grant, as he , Olivia , and the Grant team were on the Trail. Unbeknowst to Fitz, another romance was budding. James was a reporter hired to cover the campaign and candidate. Cyrus had spent many years denying who he was and flirted with the young reporter. Love hit and the two were married in Vermont. It made an interesting marriage as Cyrus hid his secrets from James and took care of his own child, the married President who wanted to rendevouz with his former Communications Director. Cyrus and James became the fathers of a little baby girl  while James sought to find the truth about Defiance. One fine day, James’ sleuthing resulted in Jake killing him and covering it up as a car jacking. James will always be the love of Cyrus ‘s life.

ross and rachel friendsDr Ross Geller and Rachel Green – FRIENDS

They had only known each other forever. She was the best friend of his baby sister and when he turned 15, something changed. Ross was in love . But Rachel just saw him as her friend’s geeky older brother. Flash ahead a few years and Rachel is more mature and realizes Ross is in love with her or as Phoebe says “Her Lobster” . It is a roller coaster ride as Rachel and Ross break up, Ross gets married, they have a baby, she dates Joey etc.. Rachel makes Ross take note when she is leaving for Paris and he begs her not to go. She thinks and then she gets off the plane.

grey's anatomy cristina and owen

Dr Owen Hunt and Dr Cristina Yang- GREY’S ANATOMY

Cristina had decided that she was cursed and would die alone. She also cursed her twisted sisters decision to have Derek move in to her house. Fate stepped in and an icicle stabs her in the belly. But after that, a soldier comes to her rescue. Major Owen Hunt is brought in and takes charge of the situation of a wounded soldier. Cristina is turned on by his cave man approach and falls hard. The relationship is not without its problems as Owen fights PTSD from Afghanistan. Cristina and him finally marry but the problems continue since Owen wants children and Cristina doesn’t.  Finally after he cheats on her, the two separate , and he has to divorce her so his friends can collect from the airplane crash. Today, Cristina is in Switzerland, but not far from his heart. One day  we hope they will reconcile.


grey's anatomy mark and lexie

Dr. Mark Sloan and Dr. Lexie Grey- GREY’S ANATOMY

Lexie had come to SGMW Hospital to better know her half sister, Meredith. She had started a relationship/friendship with George O Malley. George saw her as only a friend to help him study for his boards. After wards he dumped her, then she started a flirtation with the older surgeon. Passion took over and then the two started toward a relationship. Mark had other fish to fry as his teenage daughter returned pregnant. Lexi wans’t ready to be a grandmother and ended things. Next Mark gets his lesbian best friend, Callie pregnant and couldn’t be happier. The two fought their feelings until they were forced together on a plane that crashed. Today the two are together united for eternity after Mark died from injuries sustained in the crash. The hospital was renamed Sloan- Grey after the courageous doctors who perished.

Geek 101 or Chitownstar Visits Wizard World


I hate to admit it, but I am a geek snob. I have my allegiance to my shows and could never understand what these people saw in shows like “Star Trek” or “Star Wars.” One fine day I realized that they were just like me. We both have our favorite characters and can quote scenes.

I have heard stories about Comic Con and was actually a little bit scared of the participants. These are people who abandon their mundane lives for one day or a weekend and they become superheroes . They idolize actors and worship them for roles that they play. They travel near and far to gather with their fellow geeks and meet these actors that play their heroes. They spend hundreds of hard earned dollars to buy merchandise or get that pic with a star. Basically they are just like me.

Spend a day with me and Jen as we explore Comic Con Chicago.

welcome 22

People have waited all year for this gathering of lovers of all things fantasy. They buy or make their own costumes . This year the chosen have gathered at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

batgirlThis young lady has decided to dress as the Batgirl from the 1966 ABC series. Sadly enough, the actress who played the role , Yvonne Craig had died days before. This costume was in tribute to her.

People dressed not only as super heroes, but as aliens. Many television series were also represented at the event. These shows included “Star Trek” and it’s many versions, “Walking Dead”, Supernatural”, True Blood” and the former sci fi series “Firefly” The participants love to talk about their favorite shows and dress as their favorite characters.

jayne lil Malcolm

wash and lil jayneWizard World is fun for all ages. Families dress up to show their love for their favorite characters. Here are some loyal “Browncoats” celebrating the show “Firefly”

the flintstonesThis family brought back sweet memories for me. The first comic that I loved was the 60’s hit “The Flintstones”

gold bikiniConsidering it is now a pop culture cliche, geek boys had a lot to look at like this Princess Leia in the gold bikini.


T Shirts, original art works, and autographed photos were available for purchase by fans. Here is a photo of the cast from “Firefly’ and in the same place, I found a picture of my favorite actor.

minionMinions are so hot right now and there were plenty of them at Rosemont

wingsI had to marvel at the work that went into these costumes. This girl told me that she made the costume herselfhoward and bernadette

Here I am getting into the spirit with a fellow fan who is dressed as Howard Wolowicz on “The Big Bang Theory”

mr and mrs fillion

But the best part of all is when these actors that we watch every week make a girl dream come true. Jen got to meet her favorite actor , Captain Malcolm of “Firefly” and the star of ABC’s “Castle” Nathan Fillion

Happy Besties Day….My Top Ten BFFs

… Television has been filled with bffs… actually too many to name. I am going to narrow it down to my top ten bffs….past and present Here are my top picks for my favorite television female best friends

ab fabThese two gals are all about fun, booze, and now wanting to act their age. They are the two besties from across the pond. Edina and Patsy from “Absolutely Fabulous”

sex and the city girlsThese girls talk about men, drink cosmos, and shop for fabulous clothes. Well now that they all have husbands and kids, they still make time for each other. Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda the gals of “Sex and the City”

friends girlsMonica and Rachel have known each other forever. Then Phoebe moved into their lives. They have been through boyfriends including Monica’s brother and his best friends as well. They are true “Friends”

katie and lainieLainie and Kate of “Castle” are best buddies. Lainie was the one who told Kate not to fight her feelings about Rick Castle

designing womenThey are the  original  “Steel Magnolias” they are Mary Jo, Charlene, Julia, and Suzanne “Designing Women”

2 broke girlsCaroline and Max are trying to make their dreams come true in the Big Apple. They always have fun even though right now they are “Two Broke Girls”

bbt girlsThese girls all love nerds and each other.. they are the fun loving girls of the “Big Bang Theory” Penny, Bernadette, and Amy

the golden girlsThese women are classics and golden, “The Golden Girls”

abby and oliviaThey met in school and have been friends ever since. Olivia took care of Abby’s abusive husband and Abby takes care of Olivia now. She called Stephen to rescue her and informs Fitz about Olivia as well. They go over a cliff for each other …Abby and Olivia of “Scandal”

greys anatomy m and cBut you can’t talk about besties without talking about these two girls. They are the twisted sisters… Meredith and Cristina on “Grey’s Anatomy”

We Salute Pride Month with Our Favorite Lesbian and Gay Actors

happy pride monthJune is a celebration of GLBT Pride and we at Chitownstarconnections are ready. We want to start out our celebration with a series of articles all about actors and actresses and movies and television shows that celebrate pride. There are a lot of great actors and actresses who are part of the family and we want to salute our favorites.

rex lee We start off with the adorable Rex Lee who is reprising his role as loyal and harassed assistant to Ari Gold , Lloyd on “Entourage.” The movie opened recently  nationwide.

jennifer aniston and ellenEllen Degeneres made headlines in the nineties coming out on her own sitcom “Ellen” Today she has the hottest stars and the coolest people on her talk show “Ellen” . Here she is with Jennifer Aniston .


Portia Di Rossi is married to Ellen DeGeneres but that isn’t the reason we love her. We love her as she plots for power on “Scandal” as Elizabeth North. “Lizzie Bear” just got a promotiion as the new Chief of Staff after President Grant fired Cyrus Beane.  Here she is with former First Lady Mellie Grant  (Bellamy Young)

007 with the girlsTR Knight was the affable George O Malley on “Grey’s Anatomy” . It was a sad day when he became a real hero and gave his life to save a stranger. TR is currently wrapping up a run on Broadway and was reunited with his co star James Pickens Jr. in the movie “42”

sean hayesSean Hayes made us laugh as the very gay Jack McFarland on “Will and Grace” His partner in crime is Karen and his best friend is Will (Eric McCormack) . After the show ended, Sean made his way to Broadway and “Promises Promises’ with Kristin Chenowerth and a certain actor who would be involved in a “Scandalous” White House romance. Sean is also a producer who sees his first hit “Hot in Cleveland ” end this week.

cyrus and james

Dan Bucatinsky is one of the actors we adore. We miss him on “Scandal” in his Emmy award winning role as James Novak . Here he is pictured with his hubby , Jeff Perry. In real life , Dan is an advocate for gay families along with his children and real life husband , director Don Roos

james parsons and kaley cuocoJim Parsons plays it straight as the neurotic braniac Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory” . He has also appeared in the television movie “The Normal Heart” and is also appearing on Broadway. Kaley Cuoco is his roommate Leonard’s fiance, Penny.

niles and daphne craneDavid Hyde Pierce got the laughs as Niles Crane. He originally was cast as Frasier’s younger brother on “Frasier” because of his resemblance to star Kelsey Grammer. Viewers followed the romance between the henpecked doctor and free spirit physical therapist Daphne Moon straight to the altar. Jane Leeves played his wife.

jane lynch as sue with beckyJane Lynch most of the time she plays the evil Sue on “Glee” , but sometimes she shows that she does have a heart. In real life, Jane is an advocate of gay rights as well and host of “Hollywood Game Night.”

dot marie jones as coachDot Marie Jones played the coach with a heart on “Glee” .

chris colfer gleeIn his portrayal of gay teen Kurt Hummel, Chris Colfer has lived a lot of what his character had gone through on “Glee” Chris is an accomplished singer, performer, and author. He also helped his bff Lea Michele get through her fiance’s death.

guillermo diaz as huckGuillermo Diaz plays Diego Munoz aka Huck on ABC’s “Scandal” He is the gladiator to go to when you need someone to talk. Guillermo is an advocate for gay rights.

jussie smollett jamalJussie Smollett plays the middle son Jamal Lyons on new superhit “Empire” Jamal is the gay son of Lucious Lyons and also now the head of Empire records. Jussie is super talented and is on his way as a maker of hit music

nph on himymNeil Patrick Harris first came into the public’s eye as the adorable Dr Doogie Howser . He has performed on Broadway, hosted the Emmys and Tonys, and also is  a cult favorite as Dr Horrible in the web series “Dr Horrible ‘s Sing a Long Blog” . Most notably, he was the lovable louse Barney Stinson on “How I Met Your Mother.” Neil is married to his spouse David and father to two adorable boys.

big boo oinbLea DeLauria is one of the gals in the cell block on “Orange Is The New Black”. As Big Boo, she is the lesbian who has a heart of gold. Lea is from Illinois and is a comic, actor, and musician

nathan laneNathan Lane is a national treasure with his talents. From his comic role in “The Bird Cage” to his theatrical performances. He is truly a consummate performer. I actually have the privilege of seeing him on the stage here in Chicago. He has endeared audiences of all ages with his role in Disney’s “The Lion King” .

george takei from entourageGeorge Takei is truly an icon. He was Sulu in the original “Star Trek” series and made headlines when the actor came out years later. George had a cameo in the new “Entourage” movie as the minister who marries Lloyd at Ari’s house

cynthia nixonCynthia Nixon helped set the style for gals as one of the ladies of “Sex and the City”. Out and proud, she married a gay politician and is also a mother. Cynthia is also a cancer survivor and an advocate for it as well.

rupaul charlesRuPaul Charles has been an entertainer and an actor. She is most known for her glam girl persona and as the host of Logo’s long running hit “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. She remains a role model for boys who want to be glamorous divas.sarah paulsonWe love Sarah Paulson because she is gorgeous and so talented. Plus she got the chance to kiss Matthew Perry on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” . She also played a young Ellis Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” in a flashback.

modern familyWe end our tribute with Jesse Tyler Ferguson the adorable lawyer Mitchell on “Modern Family” Jesse is also the celebrity advocate for same sex marriage. Him and his husband, Justin  started their own company called Tie the Knot selling bow ties . The company benefits the cause of same sex marriage. Jesse has won many awards for his role on “Modern Family”

Our Salute to Television’s Mothers


Well today is Mother’s Day and we wouid like to wish all mothers everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day. Jen is cooking dinner for hers and mine will celebrating from Heaven . Television has also a great assortment of mother’s be they gems or jokes.. We salute television’s current crop of mothers, from singers and sinners. Mothers that live in NY lofts and the White House. Let’s take a look at some of these inspirational women.

beverly goldberg

Let’s take a trip back in time to the grand eighties for our first mom. Beverly Goldberg played by the fun loving Wendi McLendon -Covey.on ABC’s “The Goldbergs” Beverly takes her love a little too far when it comes to her kids. Also love those neon jazzercise duds.

bailey and tucker

Chandra Wilson is one the moms on the long running hit “Grey’s Anatomy” As Dr Miranda Bailey , she is a surgeon and the mom of her son , Tucker George. She also is a mother figure to her interns as well.

calzona momsSara Ramirez as Callie and Jessica Capshaw as Arizona  are lesbian mothers that share custody of their angel , Sophia. on “Grey’s Anatomy” She is the result of a night of passion from the late Mark Sloan., Callie’s bff.

jackson and katherine  greys

The legendary Debbie Allen has come to Grey – Sloan as Katherine Avery, mother to Dr Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) She is also one of Shondaland ‘s best directors and the wife of Richard Webber.on the show .

ellis grey

 Kate Burton, daughter of the late Richard Burton has been playing moms for years. Here is one of her most endearing roles as the mother of Meredith Grey, Dr Ellis Grey. She also gave birth to Meredith’s recently discovered sister, Dr Maggie Pierce

meredith grey My vote for the bravest mother on television has to be this woman, Dr Meredith Grey played for eleven years by the wonderful Ellen Pompeo. She is raising three children all alone since the untimely demise of her husband , Derek and continuing her career as a surgeon.

maya popeOlivia Pope of “Scandal” has had bad luck all around with parents. But she thought that her mother had been on a plane that had been shot down. Surprise, she had been in a hole for about twenty years by her husband. When she got out, she became a terror that is bent on ruining her daughter’s life. Khandi Alexander is Momma Pope.

mellie grant scandalIt is not easy being married to the President , especially when you are the other woman in his life.Bellamy Young shines as supermom Mellie Grant on “Scandal.” Mellie is running for Senate but she has had a hard year with the death of her son and dealing with her husband’s whims as well.

rayna james and daughters nashville Connie Britton is superstar mom Rayna James on “Nashville” Like most country legends, she is a survivor . . Rayna has lived through a manipulative father, a divorce, and having to chose between two men. Now she must be strong for the man she loves as he faces life saving surgery.

Juliette babyHayden Pantierre as country diva Juliette Barnes has just become a mom on “Nashville.” But there are problems as she fights post partum depression and tries to return to her music career.


Susan Sullivan is another mom who has went from “Falcon Crest” to “Dharma and Greg” . Currently , Susan is the drama queen mother, Martha Rodgers  to Richard Castle on “Castle.” Recently she acquired a daughter in law , Kate Beckett.

stepmother kate to alexis

 Stana Katic as Kate Beckett Castle has a new role , stepmom to her husband’s daughter. Alexis has thought of Kate as a mother figure since her own mother abandoned her and Castle years ago.

rainbow and her kids blackishTracee Ellis Ross , daughter to Motown legend , Diana Ross ,plays hippie child Rainbow on “Blackish” Rainbow is mom, doctor, and wife as she deals with her children and her immature husband and his overbearing mother

mary cooper bbt

Let’s hear it  for Steppenwolf member and Emmy award winning Laurie Metcalf. Laurie has endeared us as the Bible loving mother to Jim Parsons “Sheldon” on “The Big Bang Theory.” Mary has had to depend on her Lord and Savior to deal with her genius son.

beverly hofstadter  bbtChristine Baranski tears your heart out as the psychologist mother of Leonard on “BBT” . Her clinical approach to child rearing has caused him a lot of embarassment through the years. Now Beverly prepares to welcome her son’s wife into the family and then use her for study as well.

betty draperJanuary Jones is finishing her run as sixties mom, Betty Draper on “Mad Men” Betty has had to be mother to her children and perfect housewife in the turbulent late sixties to her unfaithful husband.

joan holloway and sonIt has been tough being a single mother and career gal but Joan Holloway has done it on “Mad Men” Christina Hendricks “Joan” has provided very well for her son.

cookie lyon and jamalFox’s new hit “Empire” has Taraji P Henson as “Cookie Lyon” . Cookie has made many sacrifices in her life for her husband and children. Her pride and joy is her son Jamal who has talent and her love because he is gay.

lois griffin family guy

Cartoon families have moms too and there isn’t a cooler or sexier mom than Lois Griffin in “Family Guy”

marge simpsonAnd there isn’t a more endearing mom than Marge Simpson on “The Simpsons” You need a smart mom when your dad is an idiot like Homer.

sharon and rusty major crimesMary McDonnell is mom to her adopted son on TNT’s “Major Crimes” Sharon Rayder is the head of the major crimes unit in Los Angeles .

rizzoli and isles and lorraine braccoLorraine Bracco is mom to the girls on “Rizzoli and Isles” As Angela Rizzoli , she serves up friendly advice to her daughter, Jane  and her partner in crime. Maura .

Donna BodenEamon Walker of “Chicago Fire” just became a husband and a new father. Chief Boden’s wife is played by Melissa Ponzio

Laura DiamondDebra Messing made a return to television this year as mom and detective on NBC’s “The Mysteries of Laura” As Laura Diamond , she has her hands full as mom to twins and assigned to the same precinct as her ex husband.

mom allison janneyAllison Janney formerly of the drama “The West Wing” makes a hilarious return to television in “Mom” She is the former addict Bonnie who drags her daughter and granddaughter into her trials weekly. This is not daughter , Kristy’s first time as mom on television. Anna Faris will always be remembered as young mom Erica from the last season of “Friends” . She was the birth mother to Chandler and Monica’s babies.

mollys mother swoozie kurtzMelissa McCarthy is “Molly” on Mike and Molly. Life is trying enough with her family, especially her mother , Joyce, played by veteran Broadway and television actress , Swoozie Kurtz

The Good Wife - Family PhotoFinishing our salute to television’s mothers is Julianna Marguiles of “The Good Wife” She was a mother before on “ER” as the mother to George Clooney’s twins . In this picture , she is joined with her children and her mother played by Stockard Channing. Stockard was formerly the FLOTUS on “The West Wing.”

Happy Birthday to the Captain!!

nathan fillion

Today is a special day . In 1971, an actor was born that would make an impact in daytime/ prime time/ and science fiction.. On this day, Nathan Christopher Fillion was born in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) So many of our finest actors come from the North and Nathan is no exception. One of those Canadian actresses is the lady he shares billing with on “Castle” , Stana Katic. His biggest supporters are his parents Cookie and Bob, who are both retired English teachers.

enathan and dorian

Nathan started his television career as Joey Buchanan on “One Life to Live” . He was actually nominated in 1996 for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Young Actor in a Drama Series. Here he is with his mother’s mortal enemy Dorian Lord played by Robin Strasser

private ryan

One of his most critically acclaimed performances was as “Minnesota Ryan” in Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan”

caleb on buffy

He also appeared as an evil priest named Caleb on the final season of Joss Whedon’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

firefly  capt malcolm

But the role that has brought the most joy to Nathan as an actor is his role as the courageous space cowboy Captain Malcolm Reynolds on Joss Whedon’s “Firefly”. Pictured is Morena Baccarin,, Summer Glau, Allan Tudyk, Sean Maher, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin, and Gina Torres


Nathan appeared in the movie “Waitress” that went to Sundance in 2007. This is where he played a gynecologist who was married and had an affair. Coincidentally the actress that played his wife was “Scandal’s” Darby Stanchfield. Darby also played Castle’s first wife , Meredith, the mother who abandoned Alexis.


Nathan also appeared for 12 episodes on “Desperate Housewives” as Dr Adam Mayfair. Also pictured is “Mad Man’s  John Slattery , Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, and James Denton

dr horrible capt hammer

Nathan appeared in another of Joss Whedon’s productions “Dr Horrible ‘s Sing Along Blog” as hero and enemy of Dr Horrible  Captain Hammer, here he is with Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day.

castle cast

In 2009, Nathan started his role as the writer who found his muse and his love , “Castle.” Here he is pictured with Molly Quinn, Seamus Dever, Susan Sullivan , Stana Katic, Jon Hueves, Tamala Jones, and Penny  Johnson  Jerrald


Nathan was reunited with his “Firefly” co star in a fourth season episode of “Castle” called “Headhunters” Adam Baldwin played a renegade cop that worked with Castle.

much ado about nothing

Working with one of his favorite people , Joss Whedon, he appeared in the indie film “Much Ado About Nothing ” based on the Shakespeare play of the same name. He played Dogberry.


Nathan lent his voice to Johnny Worthington in the sequel of “Monsters Inc.” “Monsters University” for Disney

nathan on the big bang theory

Nathan ‘s most recent television appearance was on the hit “The Big Bang Theory” . He appeared as himself as Leonard and Raj ran into him and in BBT tradition, he was pissed off at them.

nathan and stana

So let’s drink a sip at the Old Haunt and wish Nathan a Happy Birthday.