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United We Stand…Divided We Fall

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Wow! Mouth still dropped from tonight. There is no doubt in my mind that Shonda is making her way back with fans. Shonda is trying to patch up all major relationships and make things right while the evil Peus ruins the White House. There is also plenty of good old “Scandal” OMG twist and turns to make everyone happy.  I also get the feeling that Shonda is trying to convey her own message to the Asshole in Chief.  That this country would be in better shape if Hillary would have taken over. That women can take charge better than men. Tonight was definitely about women empowerment.

Our show started out with a delicious sight and that is Liv wearing the ever popular NAVY shirt . Yes, Olitz is definitely back. Not only that, we were treated to the most delicious sight . America got to see a naked POTUS asleep in his bed.  The funny thing is when he was with Mellie and FBI whore, Fitz wore a shirt. When he is with his Livvy, he always sleeps without a shirt. (We assume that’s not all).

liv and fitz in bed

It has been a long time coming but Liv has everything withing her grasp. She will get Mellie into the Oval and then be with the man she truly loves.

But it time to wake up to reality, Liv goes to visit her father who is prisoner in the White House for shooting Frankie Vargas. Rowan has a breakfast fit for a king, but then he is given a nauseating site. He is greeted by his daughter’s boyfriend whom he hates kissing Liv. He doesn’t want to have any part of Fitz’s suicide mission. He wants to run and disappear. He mentions Zanzibar where he sent Liv after Fitz’s son was killed.But Fitz does have a plan to liberate Mellie and also an idea to unite for the first time, OPA, the White House, and B613. They  are all on board except Rowan.

rowan doesn't like this one bit

Rowan doesn’t appreciate this one bit. He did not raise Olivia (Kerry Washington) to settle for an ordinary man like Fitz (Tony Goldwyn)

But more alliances are being ended, Abby has called its quits with Leo. David only stays with Samantha so he can give the “Alliance” a heads up of what is going on. For the first time, the three powers join forces, OPA, The White House, and B613. Politics does make strange bedfellows as Cyrus and Rowan share wine. But look, each of them want to kill the other one. Huck is back and in action as he sends a drone over the White House. Secret Service sends everyone to the bunkers, but Samantha and Mellie are separated so she can’t know about the plot to overthrow Peus. For the first time, we see the members of the “Alliance.”

the alliance

Olivia  and Fitz have the White Hats and B613 on their team. With people like Rosen (Joshua Malina) , Jake (Scott Foley),  Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) and the worst of the White House Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry)

But the Alliance has its flaws , especially how uneasy Rowan is with Fitz. He just can’t stand him and refers to the people in the room as “Losers”  He also stooped so low to call his own daughter a whore. Uh oh! guess who didn’t like that? Soo at that point, Rowan better move because he has angered the President. You don’t dish Liv. And who came to his rescue but Sonny boy , Jake. The Gladiators have their own dilemma as Huck drives the Drone. Charlie is doubting Quinn’s feelings for Huck since he recovered from his psycho girl friend.  He is actually jealous of him and Quinn’s history. But Quinn assured him that he is the man for her. Mellie is terrified since she was the one who saw Lizzie murdered. She has been warned and the newest development is that they want Jake to resign as Veep. They know him and dont trust him. Peus will be her Veep. Well, they don’t know what its like to deal with Olivia Pope. She is not afraid of Peus. Fitz gives advice as the man in love, he tells David not to trust himself unless he is really in love with the girl.Does this mean that he is willing to give Abby another try? But Mellie needs to be Mellie again. Another relationship is rekindled as Mellie is given a pep talk by Marcus.

mellie reunited with marcus

Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr. and Bellamy Young ) talks to Mellie to get her to be the woman he fell in love with.

Mellie has decided its time to take charge. Abby was in the bunker with Samantha so she could block her from doing anything. Jake decides to resign as Veep, but Mellie has another candidate in mind. Someone the country will embrace and hasn’t done the things they have all done. She has a super team in mind. She will run the country, her VEEP will be the widow of Frankie Vargas, and the new Chief of Staff will be Olivia .

the confrontation

“You DON’T take Olivia Pope….Olivia Pope takes you!” Liv tells the Mystery Lady (Zoey Perry)  that she plans to fight.

There is no doubt that the MVG is Olivia. I think after she was made powerless after the kidnapping. She had her insane moments like the abortion and the murder of Andrew Nichols. She felt trapped while she was in the White House and Fitz’s move to make her First Lady without asking her permission. Perhaps she even had the abortion because she knew that her father wouldn’t care if it was his grandchild, he hated the father that much.  She felt that she owed Mellie for taking the one thing that Mellie had and that was her husband. Fitz and Liv knew that Mellie only wanted one thing, the White House. Liv is a champion and she also wanted Mellie to win fair and square. There would be no Defiance , but things spun out of control. For the first time, Olivia stands to have it all. She will have the Oval and she is finally steps away from having the happiness she deserves, Will Shonda let Liv have the fairytale and Prince Charming? Time will tell. For a while, Liv was the villain , but with one line she redeemed herself. “You don’t take Olivia Pope! Olivia Pope takes you.


Is Olivia really close to having it all? The Oval and the man she loves?



Much More than Jackie – a pictorial tribute to Steppenwolf’s Laurie Metcalf

laurie m hs

This year’s Women in the Arts honoree is the versatile and talented Laurie Metcalf. Most people will remember her as “Roseanne’s ” sister Jackie on the 90’s sitcom. But Laurie’s acting career started long before that . As a member of the original ensemble at the Steppenwolf Theatre , Laurie found her place on the stage. She also found love with her first husband, Steppenwolf founder , Jeff Perry.


laurie metcalf and jeff perryThis picture was taken today at the Steppenwolf Women of the Arts luncheon. Laurie was introduced by her former husband, Jeff. Today, Jeff is one of the stars of the ABC hit “Scandal.

balm of gileadHere is another one of the founder’s of Steppenwolf , Gary Sinise, of the former CBS series “CSI New York.” in a production of “Balm of Gilead’ by Lanford Wilson.  Laurie won critical acclaim for her role as “Darlene.”

Desperately Seeking SusanLaurie was also in the now classic “Desperately Seeking Susan” with Madonna. Here she is with Mark Blume. She played the sister in law  to Roseanne Arquette.

roseanne laurie mBut the role that brought fame to Laurie was as the sister to Roseanne Connor on the show “Roseanne” Laurie was the beleaguered sister , Jackie  This is where Laurie met her second husband  and won three Emmy Awards .

scream 2Laurie played a killer in the Wes Craven franchise ‘s “Scream 2” She was the mother of Billy Loomis’ who was killed in the first movie.

Laurie in toy storyLaurie lent her voice to the cartoon”Toy Story” as the mother.

nanny g frasier and cheersShe also appeared as the first wife and children’s host “Nanny G” on “Frasier” and “Cheers.”Here she is with her hubby , Kelsey Grammer

desperate housewivesOnce again Laurie carried a gun on “Desperate Housewives”She held a supermarket hostage.

susie in jfkHere is Laurie in her role of Susie Cox in Oliver Stone’s “JFK”

zoe and mom opening nightHere is Laurie with her daughter on their opening night . Laurie is very proud of her daughter, Zoe Perry and her career.

beatrice carter grey's anatomy

Laurie also appeared on “Grey’s Anatomy” as a mother who was preparing her daughter for her impending death

jim and laurie

Here is one of my favorite roles of Laurie’s . She has a semi regular role on “The Big Bang Theory ” as Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s Texas born again Christian mother.


I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Laurie when she did “Detroit”at Steppenwolf. I remember being awed at her talent in theatre after seeing her for years on television and movies.

getting onCurrently she is appearing in the HBO series “Getting On” with “Family Guy’s” Alex Borstein. She plays repressed Dr. Jenna James

love lauries dressWhatever is in her future, we will keep on watching this inspiring and talented actress. Chitownstarconnections is proud of this Chicago gal