For Caskett Fans- There Is an “Always”

Castle cast photo 6

Last night, the doors of NYPD Precinct 12 closed forever. “Castle” fans have been outraged ever since it was announced that stars Stana Katic and Tamela Jones had been fired from the ABC crime drama. Fans have been very active on social media and made it known that they have not been happy with this decision. Some had gotten quite literal and took their anger out on actor , Nathan Fillion. But last week, ABC had made their final decision and decided that this Monday would be the last show. Fans were very happy with the happily ever after for the couple. In salute to this show,  Chitownstarconnections is proud to present “Castle’s Best Moments” A Journey.”

castle meets beckett

In “Flowers For Your Grave” the detective and writer meet for the first time. Beckett is to solve a murder that mirrors Richard Castle’s novels. Castle is mesmerized by the woman and wants to use her for his next novel as the character . Nikki Heat

nanny mcdead

Season One also brought in the episode “Nanny McDead” . This included two stars from the ABC family. “Grey’s Anatomy’s ” own April Kepner was the murderous nanny.

george on castle

George Newbern of “Scandal” was the philandering husband.

home is where the heart stops

In “Home is Where the Heart Stops” , “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Amelia, Caterina Scorsone is the daughter of a murder victim.

katie lowes castle

Quinn from “Scandal” was also in Season One as a socialite. Katie Lowes was in the same episode as Caterina.

darby as abby

Today Darby is the power behind the throne on “Scandal” as Abby. But Darby also played Meredith Castle, Alexis’s mother and Castle’s first wife

mistress always spanks twice

The gang explores the world of S and M in “The Mistress Always Spanks Twice”

vampire weekend

“Vampire Weekend” was a fun Halloween episode.

boom  castle

Castle saves Beckett’s life for the first time in a two parter, “Tick Tick Tick” and “Boom”


The very talented and gorgeous star of “Scandal” , Bellamy Young made an appearance in “Pretty Dead” as a pageant official

jonathan slavin

And “Dr Ken’s” very funny nurse , Jonathan Slavin was a pageant coach


Laura Prepon of “Orange is the New Black” was an actress who wanted to play  Nikki Heat in the movie based on Beckett.


becketts mentor

Jason Beghe of “Chicago PD” played Mike Royce , Beckett’s mentor

to live and die in la

After Royce’s murder, Castle and Beckett visit Hollywood in “To Live and Die in LA”

one life to lose castle

“Chicago Fire’s ” David Eigenberg was a writer in a tribute to the dying art of soaps in “One Life to Lose” . The title was a nod to the long running soap “One Life to Live” which Nathan starred on as Joey Buchanan.

frozen castle

“Countdown” was an episode where Beckett and Castle were thrown together in a freezer where they would die together

when beckett was shot

At Montgomery’s funeral, Beckett is gunned down as Castle tells her he loves her in “Knockout”.

heartbreak hotel

Castle and the boys investigate a murder in Atlantic City in “Heartbreak Hotel”

the blue butterfly

 Flashback to the forties in “The Blue Butterfly” . Tamala Jones’s gorgeous singing voice was spotlighted in this episode as well

47 seconds  castle

In “47 seconds” Castle finds out that Beckett knew he told her he loved her. This was a major setback in their relationship.


In “Headhunters” Nathan is reunited with fellow Serenity shipmate, Adam Baldwin. Baldwin is a reckless cop by the name of Slaughter who takes on Castle as a temporary partner while Beckett prepares for trial.

always  castle

In “Always” ,  the walls come tumbling down and the couple consummate their relationship.

final frontier  castle

“Final Frontier” was when Beckett and Castle were investigating a murder at a Sci Fi convention. Captain Max , Ed Quinn was recently seen as Max’s boyfriend on “Two Broke Girls” .

castle  hunt

Alexis has been kidnapped and Castle travels all the way to Paris to rescue her in “Hunt” . The husband of pop diva , Barbra Streisand , James Brolin first appeared as Jackson Hunt. Hunt was the father of the famous writer.

the wild rover tom

Ryan goes undercover as a member of the Irish mob in “The Wild Rover.” He helps to trap a vicious mob member who is played by “Scandal” star, Brian Letscher . Brian is best known as Tom , the former Secret Service agent who was a double agent for B613.

still castle

The clock ticks when Beckett is stuck on a bomb with a limited amount time before it explodes. But Castle shows he loves her in “Still” . She tells him that she loves him for the first time.

the fast and the furriest castle

Castle usually has crazy theories and in “The Fast and the Furriest” , he encounters a killer that mirrors the legend of “Bigfoot” .

watersshed castle

Season Five ends in “Watershed” when Beckett receives an offer to join the FBI in Washington . She contemplates the move and the direction their relationship has gone. Castle makes the next move and proposes.

valkyrie  season 6

Season Six began with “Valkyrie” Beckett accepts Castle’s proposal and off she is to Washington and working for the FBI. Lisa Edelstein of Bravo’s awesome show , “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce” is her new partner as they try to preserve the republic.

under fire

“Under Fire” welcomed the first baby to the team. Esposito and Ryan were trapped in a fiery building while Jenny gives birth with the help of Lainie . The little girl was named Sarah Grace. Jenny Ryan is played by real life wife of Seamus Dever, Juliana Dever.


dressed to kill castle

In “Dressed to Kill” the team is called on to solve a fashion magazine editor’s murder. At the same time, Castle must make a decision on the place for the wedding. It turns out Beckett used to model and Francis Fisher plays the Vogue type editor who recruits Beckett and as a reward gives her the dress of her dreams.

smells like teen spirit castle

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” takes Castle back to his prep school days and solving a crime as well as taking Beckett to his dance.

they try to kill beckett in the belly of the beast

Beckett plays a dangerous game in “The Belly of the Beast” as her mother’s murderers try to eliminate her. She poses as a dangerous drug dealer.

that seventies show  castle

Castle and his cats investigate a murder from the days of disco in “That Seventies Show” The star witness claims to be in a time warp so to get him to be a witness, Castle turns the 12th into a precinct from the 70’s. Junior from “The Sopranos”, Dominic Chianese and Dawn Lewis from “A Different World ” are guest stars.

veritas beckett gets bracken

Bracken is finally tracked down as Beckett finds out his Presidential campaign is funded by drug money and murderers in “Veritas”. You might recognize the actor who played Bracken as Jack Coleman. Jack was on “Dynasty”, “Heroes” and most recently the deceased husband of Sally Langston , Daniel , on “Scandal”

for better for worse season 6 ending

Season Six ended with Kate Beckett on the happiest and saddest day of her life. It was supposed to be her wedding , but she sees her grooms car burst into flames with him in it.

the time of our life castle

Channeling “It’s A Wonderful Life” , Castle lands in an alternate universe where he never existed. In the course of the episode, he finds his way back and in the presence of his most loved ones , him and Kate are married.

once upon a time in the west

 Nathan embraces his OLTL roots in “Once Upon Time in the West”. On their honeymoon, the couple investigate a murder at a dude ranch.

reckoning castle

In “Reckoning” Kate is kidnapped  and Neiman wants to take her face.


In “The Wrong Stuff” there is a murder in a Mission to Mars simulator and the team dons spacesuits to help solve the crime.


“At Close Range” mirrored a “Scandal” episode. Ryan takes a job as security at a political fundraiser. The campaign manager is murdered to cover the affair with the candidate. Ricardo Chivera plays the candidate. He is most known for Gabby’s lover on “Desperate Housewives’ but currently he is Mellie ‘s opponent for the run for the White House on “Scandal” .

dead from new york carly rae jensen

Singer Carly Rae Jensen serenaded a fake late night comedy audience in “Dead From New York” . The team investigates a murder of the show’s legendary producer. Gregory Harrison and Jaleel White are the guest stars.


A murder in the woods takes Castle back to his childhood in “Hollander’s Woods”. He is also honored for his writing at a banquet as Season 7 comes to an end.

xy  castle

The final season began with Beckett’s promotion to Captain and then her sudden disappearance that he investigates with the team. A new member joins the team as Captain Gates leaves the show.

cool boys castle

“Cool Boys” reunited the former “Firefly” buddies , Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion


Castle is the ‘king of the world” as him and Beckett are on a cruise ship and are trapped with a killer in “Mr and Mrs Castle”

And in the series finale, the audience is made to think that Castle and Beckett are shot, but surprise we are taken seven years into the future to see the Castle family….

caskett family

The couple is together and they are joined by twins , Reese and Jake and daughter , Lily

This is a show that has surely made its mark. Fans have been enchanted by the romance and mysteries that have been part of the show for eight seasons. It has won People Choice Awards and more importantly , it has made its mark by making statements on pop culture. It has done wonders for the world of sci fi with legendary actors from this realm playing parts and Nathan being reunited with stars from “Firefly” Many of the stars in the television realm played earlier parts on this show before they played the characters that they were known for. These include Sarah Drew, Caterina Scorsone from “Grey’s ” Bellamy Young , Brian Letscher, Katie Lowes, and George Newbern from “Scandal” . It will definitely be missed and at least in this fandom , their couple gets a happy ending. So we hope to see these talented actors and actresses on the screen soon. I have a feeling we will.

 We will remember these lovable characters  “Always”

castle fan art



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